Why is this sort of creature so attractive?

Why is this sort of creature so attractive?

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Being smaller makes them more concentrated

How anime and manga related they and how punchable their midriffs are.

Whats going on? Garbage SJW mods is at it again?


why does loli olev microbikini

Because you have awful taste

Loli/dfc/small tits/etc. is dieing unfortunately. Oppaifags are taking over and ruining everything. We've lost, user.

>the very existence of this show
Now the japs are just blatantly encouraging pedophilia

How many orders they are better than the dried up old hags who get angry about them.

Cute, portable, puffy.

My cute wife Chino and her equally cute friends.

You do know ballet exists in real life, right

Business as usual, huh?
The 2D industry in Japan should just jump ship to GNU Social.

Where are they taking those creatures?

Anyway, I'm not the tournament user, but figured I should repost the bracket and current polls.
>Astarotte Ygvar vs. Kafuu Chino
>Sharo Kirima vs. Kuramoto Chinatsu
>Mashiro Mitsumine vs. Flandre Scarlet
>Illyasviel von Einzbern vs. Remilia Scarlet

>Furude Rika vs. Ika Musume
>Shinobu Oshino vs. Tsukasa Hiiragi
>Kinomoto Sakura vs. Hachikuji Mayoi
>Koiwai Yotsuba vs. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi

To get their brains fixed.

Might as well.
>Kokoro, Kokonoe, ??? and Miyu lost

Or just go back to futaba/niich style BBS, like they were before, as it worked better and the mods never cared about loli.

I guess nobody wants to put penis in Kokoro-chan - or any MIlky, for that matter - anymore.

I want to dick all of G4.

Still waiting for that movie everyone died for.

Because you're a filthy pedophile who should be behind bars.

Aren't you tired of repeating yourself everyday?

too big, TOO BIG

The worst is that Kokoro isn't even losing to a loli, either this is one of those proxy cases or you faggots are really just voting for the latest girls you saw.

>all the same person

All the coverage you need at an affordable price!

You can cover more ground with your tongue in one go

Big breasted slut.

Oh god, I just noticed that the pictures of the losing loli changed to them being angry/sad at the results. I feel bad now.

Bubukka, the king of lolis in micro bikinis.


Megu is my waifu!

And in real life when smelly fat strange men barge into loli ballet practice they get arrested

Not if they remember their tutus and ballet slippers. The trick is to be incognitus

My wife Chino is so cute.

Some lolicon with lots of money should create a 2D Foundation, which funds courses on drawing cute 2D girls (to pick up the slack when the 2020 Olympics roll by) and awards grants to H-doujin artists.

Asanagi pls

Does she know Mimika wants the cunny?

People need to vote for these cute semen vampires.





What if I like them bigger?

>Sharo vs Chinatsu
It's too hard to decide between them.

God, I loved this show.

Loli vampires stronk.

Wait, when did Chinatsu beat Sherlock? Last I checked Sherlock was in the lead.
A shame too, Kokoro look so delicious.

>Sharo Kirima vs. Kuramoto Chinatsu
Fuck, how do I choose.

Mimika already died of a heart attack and went to loli heaven.

Remi is actually putting up a fight against Illya. Maybe it's not completely hopeless.

Fuck this list. Shinobu isn't cute, she's just too popular not to vote for.

All my money on the lil semen demon.

>Sharo Kirima vs. Kuramoto Chinatsu
>Kinomoto Sakura vs. Hachikuji Mayoi
Probably the hardest decisions I'll ever take.

Sakura vs. Hachikuji

Are they pitted against each other because they both had vehicle-related deaths?

Hail satan

Loli love exotic plants.


>kokoro knocked out in the first heat
What sort of shit taste is this?

The voice acting was bonerific in that scene.

are you excited for halloween?

What did they see?

It's the cute, expandable peehole

Megu has always been the most developed one of the group, you can bet she'll become a titty monster when she grows up. Maya on the other hand is perfectly flat and will at most get breasts about as big as Sharo's, whine Chino is sort of half-way through and might become slightly smaller than Cocoa.

I look forward to the influx of Halloween theme loli arts.

>Tsutsukakushi against the Cloverslut

Koume is such a fine sperm sommelier, would treat her well during Halloween.

Me on the right

It's time for Koume by the bucketful.

But then you'll be haunted the entire night.

My body is ready.

Don't post compressed images on Cred Forums.

The what?
Are you sure, it's really scary.

Loli hate plant life.

I just hope Yamada no something will release another cutelewd Halloween-theme pic this year.
>that profile
I fucking love this guy.

I'm sure my dick would cry after 15 minutes but I like to be "scared".

>Halloween theme loli arts

That's not cute at all.

But these ones are!

Loli hate bukkake

You're right, those are kinda cutelewd.

that's it Cred Forums

I'm calling the police

The ordering of character names seems not consistent. For some characters you use their surname first
>Kafuu Chino
>Furude Rika
while for others you use it second
>Sharo Kirima
>Mashiro Mitsumine

Am I not getting something?


>Sherlock beaten suddenly on the last minute
Can you guys at least be subtle with your proxies?

>Astarotte losing

I like her and all but she is simply not realy cute. I'd say even her dad is cuter than her.


>her dad is cuter than her
That is irrelevant.

Out of everything that has been posted here, is it really Halloween themed art what makes call the police?

Best sisters are both losing too. I guess it's expected since this is Cred Forums and not /jp/ and their opponents are really strong, but it still hurts.

It can't be helped, this is a popularity contest afterall and there's not as many people that read Lotte's manga compare to those that watch Gochumon.

>Kokonoe lost 1st round to seasonal nobody
You bunch of underage b8s don't even know your underage baits

Isn't Kokonoe an adult by now?

Still the body of a loli though so it's fine.

How did this happen? Kokonoe was an after and before

Mashiro is better and cuter than this adult cum gargling slut.

The shit taste of some people will never stop amazing me

>tons of little girls everywhere in various lewd and cute outfits
Of course I am, Halloween is fantastic.

I'd like some more kafuu chino.

I'd like to drink some hot cocoa out of Cocoa's cocoaholemore, to be honest with you.

Where is the FBI when you need them?

On Cred Forums mostly.

>thinks Gochuumon is pedo

Newfag detected.

There's hardly any real fanservice in the series. It's almost all gags and slice of life moments. There is a lot of mofumofu however.

>look like kindergarteners
>They are 16 years old, I swear!
>tons of porn
Yeah, totally not pedopandering.
Don't get me wrong, I fap to an inexcusable amount to chimames, but you are wrong.

There is nothing pedo about 16-year-olds, unless they have a severe glandular problem.

Sup brah :^)

Because you are mentally ill.

They aren't, those are big breasted sluts.

>pitting sakura against snail
Fucking rigged.

You forgot your Hansen-picture, normalfag.

>rin losing to le dog girl


Can someone tell me what happened to this artist? He was totally erased from the sites I had him bookmarked on.

He was arrested.

I feel bad for anyone pitted against Yotsuba. We all know who's going to win.

>not Naru
>not Ushio
>not Maria
>Kobato losing to a stinky 2hu
Yeah, you are just trying to make some people really mad.

>implying Sakura wouldn't kick her sorry ass

I do wonder how far Yotsuba's status as the 404 girl will carry her. I don't expect her to make it to the final with Sakura and Shinobu coming up against her.

>Kobato losing to a stinky 2hu

Shit taste. Remilia is best girl.
Kobato may be cute, but a chuuni fake vampire can't beat an actual vampire.

Maria was in the prelims I think, but she didn't make it into the round of 32. Only the top 2 from each group of 6 advanced.

Here's the prelims.

is anyone else purposely voting against yotsuba on the principle of giving the other girls a fair chance?

I don't think Yotsuba is the strongest contender, it's not 2010 anymore. I think Illya and Shinobu are both stronger.


>a literal who beat the original semen demon
fuck this poll and fuck you

Chubby semen demon loli.

Tummy loli.

She was actually winning until the last day the Chinatsu got a sudden bump.

the last day when*

So how do you guys feel about the end of loli?

I still don't get what the big deal is.


>guys, they are drawing girls and sexualizing
>this is an serious issue that should be banned because it is clearly a danger toward society and we should do something
Real life is sometimes more bizarre than you would normally think.

I want to fuck Niko in the vagina, and I don't even watch her show.

>new laws

I didn't noticed this on pixiv but those roots hands and feets are really disturbing.

If you watch the show you might hate her because she is fucking annoying

Actually, as of past few years I have come to expect the least logical courses of action when it comes to society.

Well, as stupid as it is, it doesn't seems to matter anymore.

Loli is eternal

The quote is from 2014, the program isn't.

The Japanese text doesn't say anything about loli or underage though, it just says that it's shocking that Japan is view as a nation that really sexualize female by foreign news and then it ask why Japan is reported of in that way. I'm guessing that the 2014 image is just one of many shown.

poor miuna

Not really. Halloween has gone to shit, barely anyone goes out anymore.

Loli is forever

Why are there non-lolis in there?

I don't know if this girl has exceptional willpower or if she is incredibly weak on that aspect.
On one side she looks as if she is gonna jump to have sex with Yuzumori at any moment, on the other she actually stopped herself from kissing her and hasn't really done a lewd thing despite the girl being all alone in her house.

>Akari's name


I kinda like how the whole story is about Mimika being torn between being a good friend to Yuzumori and tapping that loli ass.

So when is Mimika going to figure out she's being toyed with?

I don't think "toyed around" is the right expression. I bet on Yuzumori knowing something is going with Mimika and liking it.

High court already weighed in and said that loli would never be able to be made illegal without significant changes to the constitutional charter.

That feel when you'll never be able to have children with your favorite loli.

what kinda monster would impregnate a loli?


Because you're sick in the head.

absolute milf.

>what kinda monster would impregnate a loli?

For me that depends on the loli. I would impregnate most eternal lolis.

Remilia has the body of a child younger than 10 at least, you probably wouldn't be able to impregnate her even if you wanted

>he hasn't seen the list of youngest mothers
You'd be surprised.

That's why I said probably. Exceptions doesn't mean it will always happen.

Fair enough.

current results

>Astarotte and Flandre lost
It's like you people have shit taste in purpose

>Chino vs Sharo
It's like taking a shit and after choosing between stuffing it back or eating it.

>Chino vs Syaro
That's too cruel.
They should have put one on each side and both would have rightfully dominated their way to the final.

>Remilia has the body of a child younger than 10 at least, you probably wouldn't be able to impregnate her even if you wanted

Remilia can manipulate fate, she could probably even impregnate me if she wanted to.

>Vampire sisters both lost

Sharo being there at all is still pretty stupid. Compare her with any of the other girls and there is a big difference.


Cutest fucking ED in existence. A regular prescription of daily dosing has proven results of keeping away depression and improving libido.

So Chino is going to win?

And Nanoha wasn't on the actual contest while Fate wasn't even there as an option since the beginning. The one who did that thing is a faggot. Only one Ichigo being there is also a sign of it.

We had a preliminary round with like 100 lolis.
The 32 on that chart are the top 2 from each of the 16 groups we had there.

>vote for cutest "loli"
>only 3 girls in the quarterfinals are younger than 15

My nigga. I haven't even watched Gochuumon but i listen to tokimeki poporon everyday in the morning and fap to these cute bunnies every night.

I will stop visiting loli threads for a while, this is just gonna get me more and more angry. Fucking final is going to be Illya or an usagi vs Shinobu, fuck you all.

I guess you need that in prison if you want to stay alive.

Loli is a body type

Sharo vs. Yotsuba

Can I get a sadpanda to that nico ni doujinshi?

I've been saving up semen for a month now Cred Forums give me something good to release my huge load onto!

>Kuro losing to squiddy
>Kokonoe losing to mashiro

what are these shit tastes?


It ain't gonna suck itself.

It's a cute competition, not a sex competition

Perfect, thanks. Here it goes!

Let's cum together, user!

Why do cocks smell so good?

I started watching GochiUsa when the show was midway through S2.
I with I could have seen the first S2 threads where anons reacted to the reveal of that ED.

Sause pls fampai onegai kudasai

She's cute not annoying

Retarded dragon girls.

>MaSHITro winning

Fucking proxyfags


The fact that 99% of my lolis are voiced by 30 year old women irl has always been a constant boner killer for me. Anyone else have this autism?

The preliminary round didn't have all Mashiros or Fate though, and Fate is a former winner of an international moe contests. The one who did the chart is a faggot.


her hair is retarded

ur retarded

you are mom is retartde


>mfw there actually are people who vote for trash.

thanks for the backup m8 :DDDD

where are the strawpolls to keep voting

bayo pls

Is there anyway to actually stop proxy voting from messing with polls?
It sounds like an impossible task.

>implying you even need a proxy when dynamic IP's are a thing

Loli is objectively disgusting. Off yourself.

I'm willing to bet the polls are being manipulated.

Chino beating Lotte and Mashiro beating Flan aren't big surprises though. There's probably some proxyvoting going on in this contest, but I don't think it decided those 2 polls.

Soft, fluffy loli haor

These lolis look so small. Can they actually fit an adult in them?


There was no way she'd beat Chino.

What lolis have some of your favorite outfits?