Chocolate or vanilla

Chocolate or vanilla

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Chocolate. Vanilla icecream tastes mostly like sugar, but chocolate is chocolate.

My black ass love vanilla.

>Whips out 9 inches of fuck stick to get a double boobjob/blowjob combo.

This is by the artist that begins with Fue, right?


Why not mix them into one?

Reminds me, I haven't had chocolate milk in years. I should actually go drink one again for nostalgia's sake.


How about between these two?

If a black guys fucks a girl she get BLACKED, but if a strong brown girl fucks a unwilling male what happens?

Why not one of each? I'd be in a chocolate and vanilla sandwich.


Chocolate but Vanilla fine too tho

I need sauce on that image op

this is an autistic post

But the brown girl is doing the fucking not the male. He's just a tool for pleasure




>From Okinawa
She's about as brown as your average Italian, mate.

>Vanilla icecream tastes mostly like sugar

Even your tastebuds are dense, Shirou. Vanilla ice cream tastes like Vanilla, which is better than chocolate.

Vanilla with chocolate.


Strawberry, unironically. Also, carrot cake.

How does this translate into anime girls? Just fiery redheads like Asuka?


This. I need that contrast.

>tfw immunity cat

This, feels good man.

>thread is literally seconds before being archived
>suddenly five new posts in quick succession
Always makes me wonder if there is some kind agenda behind keeping this artificially alive.

i need full picture of this


I take milk with my coffee.

you're welcome

Dark elves are naturally slutty and good for use a public cum dumps in massive orgies. High elves are good for raping in front of their husbands and young elf children and enslaving so that they too can become good public cum dumps.


Literal nigger.

shit misclick i mean


Wanting to get between pure love should be made a crime.

Chocolate for rape,
Vanilla for breeding

But I'd there's milk in the coffee, then there's no need for cream? Fuck them.

If real dark girls ever looked like anime dark elves white people would have died out long ago

Both with a preference for chocolate. They have to be real brown though. Not that light tan bullshit.

Give me that African Queen.


Can't get any more correct than this.

Brown elves are for loving and cherishing.

Both is the only answer.

That's wrong though. Either you are the white, which means you need two browns, or you need to be a nigger.

why hasn't this been translated yet


the mc in this series is disgusting

┬┤The entirety of this series is disgusting.

me in the middle desu

That was a nice doujin, sad thing the MC kills off a bit of the fun on it, hell even an old fat would appeal more than that little shit give him the same persona and circunstances.


>old fat

those are the best for this kind of story

I get what you're saying.

They're lesbians.

Good thing they are elves so you are free to rape them into submission or at least bisexuality.