Day 4
a plan is afoot

tomo looks so cool in that 4th panel

i think i'm gay for tomo now

>Day 4
Isn't it day 5 though?

Title: Unexperienced Zone
Panel 1:
Tomo: Where are you planning to go on the train?
Carol: Huh? I don't know.
Tomo: What do you mean you don't know?
Panel 2:
Carol: You see, I've never rode a train before.
Tomo: Seriously?!
Carol: Yes, seriously!
Panel 3:
Carol: When I said that to Misuzu...
Misuzu And you're a high schooler? ...hmph.
Panel 4:
Carol: I decided to ride the train!
Tomo: You don't like to lose either, huh...


see you all tomorrow

>Carol and her boyfriend

on second thought, it might as well be day 4 for all the progress we made today


Might as well be day 0 then.

Such a beautiful smile.

Yeah, that's silly.
I'll continue on with the boat-lost-at-sea idea, then.

>Panel 3:
>Carol: When I said that to Misuzu...
>Misuzu: And you're a high schooler? ...How Cute

Got your back there m8.


I want to molest misuzu's bun

What a cute couple.

I wish to know more about Mysterious Backpack Stranger in Background.

I expected nothing I'm still disappointing

shut the fuck up dewey

George costanza holding a bat

you're defending this shit arc?


>how cute

When will Misuzu get her Shirogane?

>how cute
she doesn't actually say that, she just lets out a little laugh

Mizizizizizu thought it would be funny to send out Carol to be raped. How can you NOT defend it?

>Misuzu smiles at Carol
What does this mean? She really smiles at Jun because he's a moron, and not because she wants to NTR Tomo?

>And you call yourself a highschooler? How cute

I really think she should have been thinking to herself saying

>She's never been anywhere by herself? This gives me an idea

She's breaking Carol mom conditioning.


they are going to get molested on the bus

by Misuzu

>they are going to get [SPRAYED] on the bus

NTR fags need to die

I want to grab Tomo's manly arm.

>Double D's Tomboy

Do her parents know she's wearing such a vulgar shirt?


Her mom bought it.


>Her mother plays with her boobs and offers to give her her own private underwear

She got a matching one

I feel like since the hiatus ended the drawings have been gorgeous.

It's a reference.

so misuzu is a lesbian
pretty much proven by the past-arc
her interest might shift from tomo to cotton candy
too bad cotton candy is an autistic asexual

>Pretty much proven by

You don't just make a claim without backing it up sufficiently and she has almost quite literally told Tanabe she would show interest in him if he stops being a faggot

>wants to pound the fuccboi

We've known she was a lesbian for a while. Remember during the start of the Crossdressing Arc when she was doing Tomo's makeup? She got her heart pierced by the Ladykiller.

this was quite suggestive, don't you think?
I wouldn't be surprised if she is pregnant a few chapters later



Nah, fix that dirty mind of yours.

Are you upscaling these with something?






Ah, I just searched scale_tta only at first and got nothing. Thanks

>its a smug chapter

This chapter confirms that Misuzu really IS a shitstain that has no place in the dynamic of the story.

All she does is cause problems and act all high and mighty when she literally has nothing but her pride. She's perpetually in her period.

She should be removed from the story to make room for better characters.

But Misuzu has driven much of Tomo's attempts at Jun, aka the general plot of the series. If we didn't have Misuzu, Tomo would still be sitting on the bench thinking of how she can spontaneously hug Jun from behind.

How do you make a story when nobody has any problems?

she wants cotton candy to feel despair

she can do that during their practices

But she'd have no one to push her like Misuzu has. I wouldn't be surprised if we go back and see Misuzu is holding everything together by her pressure on Tomo.

The problem wasn't with Tomo in the first place though, it was all with Jun. He literally crushes all the flags he makes by his own hands, and refuses to acknowledge Tomo as a woman (because he probably won't be able to control himself and end up making her pregnant even before they finish highschool).

Her mom seemed to want a grandchild so what's the problem again?

There are problems with both of them. What you described with Jun, but also with Tomo's inability to act like a girl, among other things. Remember, Misuzu had to convince her not to beat the shit out of Jun for treating her like a dude.

He refuses to acknowledge her as a girl because he wants to beat her as a guy
Also I don't think he is that horny

>not liking misuzu

>I don't think he is that horny

The man has a godlike ability to kill his boner with a double slap to the face.

>Misuzu would date Tanabe if he change chapter
But that was just a bad translation.

>Misuzu drove Carol to almost getting oldman raped on a train

What's Miszu's endgame?


I didn't say date. I said show interest in him. But what is the correct translation then if that's wrong?

Have you seen how he reacted to long-haired dolled up Tomo? He had to force himself to say that the girl wasn't Tomo even when he noticed quickly that it was her.

He's just like every other highschool boy, a horndog.

Though it is true that he's still chasing after this ideally strong image of Tomo that he's had since childhood, even though Tomo herself says that he's already surpassed her now.

trying to ship carol and tomo for the possibility of threesome lesbian sex

Chapter ~175
Panel 3


If you do that(stop being a faggot and come at her seriously). Then I will give you a smile when I turn you down.

With the context being Tanabe is trying to make Misuzu smile.

>crowd moving through time
That was a nice detail. I'm guessing the spiky hair guy is also the silhouette

By come at her seriously she meant rape, right?

Why is こと necessary here?

The context of making her smile. With the subcontext a page earlier where she says to him

>You like me, don't you?

carol a shit

you a shit

he's not wrong
literally nothing important happened


Living with ADD must be tough.

Why the author keeps shiting on Misuzu? She was by far the best girl 200 chapters ago.

He realized girls like Misuzu are SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTT

misuzu is an unpure slut
she slept with everyone

Gosh I'm so happy that Carol provides Tomo with all the casual girly contact her heart desires.

I bet you are a carol fag

>tfw will never fuck carol's ptp and impregnate her

>You know what they say about big feets

She still is.

She's just not overwhelmingly so.


big hearts?

Misuzu's just jealous that Carol rides in a limo all day while she has to take public transport.

>There will never be a futa Tomo-chan doujin

>literal top heh





The more things change...

>how cute
So the author is fan of Kaguya too? Well, at least he have good taste.

>implying someone will steal prez from kaguya

You want a bloodbath dont you?

More like the translator.
The original line is more like "huh"

still, is a sign of good taste, good one translator.

Anyone have that page where Misuzu gets pushed into the rain?


Damn, it's been so long already.

Still the best page.

MizusuMisuzu's heart is as hard as an anvil
and just as flat

I want to see more like this.

Jun bullying Misuzu? There are three more pages that I can remember. Two hairband ones and the flick

Yes, I meant more new stuff though.

The series isn't going to rest on its laurels. It's just going to drive itself into the ground with CC arcs instead.

mizusu makes a perfect ex to hatefuck

One hilarious misunderstanding later, they are on the first-class express Shinkansen to Kyoto.

they are at the age where you masturbate right?
what do girls masturbate to

its kinda cute how Misu seems to think that riding a train makes a person more adult.

>Carol is carrying around gold bricks in her purse
>Tomo has to explain this is not a valid form of currency

I wonder what Tomo did with the bricks

Did you see how *dokidoki* he got as a kid towards Tomo despite believing she was a boy?

He's thirsty as hell, just really good at suppressing it.

put away for dowry

>Tomo's inability to act like a girl,
we still aren't sure that this is a problem. cite pic related.

She didn't accept them. Instead the money went to making Tomo more feminine.

>Tomo becoming a generic girly girl
Fucking why? She's perfect just the way she is.

Humans are built to function certain way
genes will make you want a family and women do it by being feminine

Foxes, I think.

Then how do you explain Tomom raising a family?

Sexual tension you could cut with a knife between Jun and Misuzu WHEN

Something about this smug is making me extra hard about her. What is it? The cheeky cheeks?

She tamed her wolf without feminine wiles.