How long would you last with her?

How long would you last with her?

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90 minutes

i want to make her a mother of 5 children so badly

I'd much rather be her

I'd cum before even putting it in

Jesus. That would wreck her body.

As in you cum on the first date when you go to pick her up.

Probably an eternity after all of them dog penises she's taken down there

I'd do every one of her holes, no matter if it's classified as rape or not.

fuck off daily slut thread

I want to be her baby.

Eternity, we are both sex incarnate

>there are anons RIGHT NOW who aren't sex gods to their waifus/some other anime girl

She is literally the Stacy of anime. She only dates Chads and doesn't know I exist.

I'm below you

I want to be her to call em otou-san

*call me

The fuck

literally how would i know

Girls like nibutani is the reason I life.

5 seconds. To quick punches in this bitch's face and she'd be down for the count.

I usually can't last 10 minutes to her doujins so I wouldn't expect much.
Good thing I'm a virgin haha.


who's talking about date?

I want to grab deko's cute butt

I'm not a manlet. I'd fuck her ass up real quick.


I would cum immediately when she started making fun of my small penis, then again when she started talking about all the other guys she's going to fuck instead of me.

Ha! This bitch is 10 years too old to make me cum!

I'd make it a point to try to bring out the chuuni she locked away through constant teases and vague references.

How strong is Shinka's back?


0. Seeing her makes me cum immediately.

I'd probably last 4 hours at a time, but I'd definitely be fucking her every single day.


Anywhere between three minutes and ten seconds, probably.

depends on the last time I masturbated and how degenerate she's being

How long would you last with Deko?

I wouldn't be able to get it up for her.

I want to breed these two.

365 seconds

I don't think she'll allow it to be up to me. My body will last as long as she needs it to

She'd crush my dick.


I would ejaculate the moment her tongue touches the tip of my penis and once again when I prod the entrance to her vagina.

A sensible chuckle.

I'll trade her in for Rikka

Is Rikka gonna develop like Touka?
Because a more dominant but still chuuni Rikka with big tits would be too much for my dick to handle

Tits are just bags of flesh

youre a bag of flesh

Between an hour and a half and three. All depends on if I happen to jack off that day, as well as how many times

How many times what?


How many times I jack off during the day, of course

So 5 hours, then? Because that's about how long it actually took for that planet to explode

40 seconds from handjob
30 seconds from assjob
20 seconds from titjob
10 seconds from blowjob
0 seconds from vaginal
0 seconds from anal

How long would you last in her?


Five minutes while thinking of the most repulsive things in an attempt not to cum.

That doesn't sound too enjoyable

My entire life.

Would cum within microseconds.

a lifetime

Friendly reminder she is canonically a lesbian.

Friendly reminder that that is the anime and not the LN, which are completely different.

Honestly, Yuuta is a fucking idiot.

Kyoani make the Chuu2, not the LN.

Yuuta is being realistic and rational. Shinka is like Cheerleader on top of the school pyramid hierarchy. You will be challenged or threaten all the time by yankee or her fans. Last but not least, risk for NTR is pretty high.

On the other hand, Rikka has fat butt.

She's a victim of an obsessed lesbo


Trying to pleasure women with your penis while trying not to cum early usually isn't.

Still feels good though.

Probably 10 seconds if i'm lucky, i'm just a pathetic virgin whitey after all.

>Kyoani make the Chuu2, not the LN
Yeah ok, so what's your point? That's what I said. The anime and LN are 'very' different. I never said that Kyoani made the LN, I just said that the anime and LN are different.

Why are you replying to me?

So emotionally disturbed.

Surely this early ejaculation thing will lessen overtime.

So naive.

you all so fast dont mind


I think that's you my friend.
I gave a reminder that the anine and ln are very different
>Kyoani make the Chuu2, not the LN
But I never even implied that this was the case, I just said the anime and ln are different. Are you a retard?

I just want to grab them.

>she only dates Chads
fuck off.

I'm sure she'll fall in love with me if I'm nice enough

A fraction of a femtosecond

I still dont get this.

You don't sound very nice.


What the fuck are you into, 5 year olds?

I've already fapped to her 4 times today and I'm still touching myself right now and thinking of my 5th session of her. I need help.

one Planck time

We are the faceless Shinka!

I'd give her the old one month trial relationship and see how that goes. If acts like less of a cunt with me than her friends, we might be together for years, but the way she normally acts would result in a couple rounds of hate sex and never speaking to her again and avoiding her in the hallways at school

also, i would make her come before me, every time. not even the hottest girl in her show, i have my eyes on the hot chef with the choker

>reason I life
are you trying to give me an aneurysm user

He sounds exactly like the type of chump she's into. besides, rikka is where the real money is...

or kumin

Friendly reminder that Dekomori is not actually canon and does not exist at all in the Light novel along with some other characters like pillow girl and Rikka's sister.

Kyoani added these characters so that they could have enough material. Friendly reminder that Shinka being lesbian is only canon according to the anime made by Kyoani

Please stop shitposting.

>I am cum

thanks for reminding us that kyoani literally saved the show by adding those characters. the show would have been boring as SHIT without deko and rikka's sister is still one of the hottest things kyoani has ever drawn

>I havent read the LN
>I dont know how to pirate the LN because im an idiot.

what do?

But I'm not, I was being almost serious there.

>KyoAni made the source better
Color me surprised.

Probably not that long. I mean she's a girl so I don't think it'd be too hard to beat her up.

Are we talking single ejaculation or entire length of lovemaking session? Cause I'm pretty sure I've got three rounds in me if its her. Call it 60 minutes total?

She would be pregnant within a week.

Stop it. I can't help but get rock hard when I see this image. It's really inconvenient.

If it's Shinka, I would be insatiable. She'd be popping out my kids until her womb was barren.


I don't think it was bad, but Kyoani also havr works which they fucked up.

underrated post

Volume 1 and 2 are pretty easy to find and translated, volume 3 is not translated.

There is a rumour that at the end of Volume 3, which is probably the last volume that Shinka cucked Rikka.

>rikka's sister is still one of the hottest things kyoani has ever drawn

Well deserved
Rikka belongs in a mental institution

>shinka cucked rikka
Please elaborate

literally the cringiest thing i've read today, and it's almost the end of the day

dubs never lie

that one time where she ninja rolled out from under his bed with all his porn in hand? i would have pounced on her right then and there

at least say NTR'd, you sound like you're from Cred Forums

elaborate, don't believe it to be 100% since a lot about volume 3 and it's content is for some reason unkown or hard to find.

At the end of the ChuuLN or volume 3, Yuuta and Shinka had sex, with Yuuta roleplaying as the dark flame master through the whole thing. This sounds like a fucking dojinshi of you ask me. But it would make for a good fucking laugh if it's true.

dat butt

you have to be a bit dim if you cant see that that's a blatant lie

Yuuta isn't a "Chad" yet he could've fucked her pussy if he really wanted to.

Tell me about Shinka, why does she wear the clip?


>you have to be a bit dim if you cant see that that's a blatant lie
>This sounds like a fucking dojinshi of you ask me.

Yes, that is highly likely. But when regarding all the differences between the anime and the LN, storywise and character wise, I can't just call it a lie.

Are you talking about Shinka implying she wanted the fuck Yuuta at some point.

Yuuta could've taken her heart is what I mean.

Could you give an example?

The are parts of the story where Togami could have raised romance flags but didn't. They had their sweet moments.

I can think of some moments, but I cannot recall that could have had that development. If you're talking about the anime, could you give me an episode?

I once read a book about a guy who had a sexual relationship with a dolphin
According to him no man would be able last 30 seconds in one

lotta loyalty for a 4 year old anime

Is "slightly" delusional. Therefore belongs in an asylum... what?

>Shinka cucked rikka

No, no fucking way thats horrible no, get this NTR bullshit outta here.

Eat a dick you fucking lightlweight.

Keeping her away from proper treatment is sheer cruelty.

She's no more of a fucking manchild (or womanchild) than anyone here is user.

There was a thread going on a while ago that Chuu2 should have ended like pic related and that it was a mistake, because absolutely nothing had happend or actually advanced.

And then some user said that that's how ChuuLN ended, like pic related.

Come to think of it I still have the link for that thread:

You seriously believe any random shit posted on Cred Forums?

Oh no, I don't believe this. I am patiently waiting for volume 3, if that's ever going to get translated.