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It's Hugo Time

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First for DSOD


>tfw kicked in the groin by crudest Ruri


Well, thanks user

Cred Forumsrc-v sings Vision when? Last OP/ED were meh.

Why the fuck is Edo still doing shit? Just get rid of him already, he's a disgrace.

So, Ash still single? I tought that this time he wound fug someone.

He's dying to ZarcYuya next episode.

Herr Doktor is having the time of his life.

Since they look like they're older than the counterparts are now, that should mean Yuya will STILL be shorter when he and Yuzu are older.

He wanted Yuya, but his brain ate the bug ;_;

Its October already. When can we expect the new summaries? The 7 right? I want to know of Yugo will get nom or not already

Just wait a week, and both him and the manlet will be right next to Yuya when he starts going berserk.

Latest 7th. It could be leaked anytime between now and then.

My heart, sweet jesus I love this boy.


Why the hell is the pendulum glowing this time? Pendulum Dimension?

Probably Zarc trying the tell Yuya to bust down the bars and organize a meet-up with Yugo and Yuri

What the fuck is wrong with his eyes

The Yuzu deprivation is reaching a critical mass.

This is a semen demon

This is an actual demon

This is a cute cabbage.

Just an ancient evil taking over his body, as well as this.


He's also a semen demon.

Cabbage is also a semen demon.

no he is a pure angel

So the writers have something plan for him? Cause i think it was kind of silly how he survived

Why is there a nigga and lion in my card game commercials?

he;s going to make a nice mindbroken toy for Yuri.

Anyone hoping this is him finding out his father was the villian all along

Yes. I think he's gonna meet his ultimate end against Zarc. Who knows

The writers have him set up to lose to Zarc or the demon in the next few episodes.

>we wuz lion tamers and shit.

That's Leo before he had his smile and optimism taken away from him


What happening here?

Same plans they have for Gon, Sawatari, and Shun, he's a member of the eternal peanut gallery.

Or he might make good on his promise, who knows.

>Arc-V remaining episodes will be about Zarc killing all of Yuya's friends kind of like what happened with the Supreme King and Academia + Lancers joining forces to stop him alongside Ray
Can't wait

Thought we were doing based off the results of strawpoll.me/11351088/r By the looks of it vision never ever "

Serena is too crude and strong for Yuri to handle.

she's making a sweeping motion with her arm, one and Yuri is short enough that it goes right over his head


>and Yuri is short enough that it goes right over his head

Fucking manlets.

he's fun sized. and she's a freakishly large bara girl.


Just another slifer slasher cutting some weed. Moving on

Except for those hair pieces she cut off

How is this going to be done?

Some user in the previous thread said he would mix it. Don't know if he is in this thread

Not even that. He looks even more childish in the next series. Kind of what they did to Ben 10.

If Leo's a nigga, then does that mean Reiji's adopted, have a Big Black D/D/D, or both?

Aqaba Rage is a white nigga from his mother's side

How do you think they will actually look like? Besides the silhouettes, I mean.

Wonder if the hair color/eye color theory is relevant again

So you'll get at best 9 recordings for this Cred Forums sings, great.

Similar to Xiangke/Xiangsheng Magician.

What do you suggest, user?

Black and white?


so ygo is going china?

Considering Yuto had Yuya's red demon eyes this episode, I think it's more than likely he will have red eyes. Don't forget when roger triggered berserk that red eye appeared destroying the city.

You know what also has red eyes?

mating ritual

Fuck. Guess that means Ray will have Blue/Green Eyes.

Cred Forums sings really has fell in popularity so I'd be against it unless it's something really popular that would guarantee at least 30 participants, since the ones with fewer almost always sound like shit. The Re:Zero one could have worked since it was popular enough but it also turned out shitty because of the mixer.
But hey if you really want to, knock yourself out.

>Just wait a week
More like two weeks.

Removing those antennas for science

what if zarc isn't evil

literally only following at this point to see the designs those two will have

He isn't. The thing possessing him is the true evil.

Something is evil, that's for sure.
If Zarc isn't then he was corrupted by the dragons or whatever evil Leo's referring to as "Pandora Box".

You're joking, right? Please tell me you're joking. I don't want fucking Googles in my show, Gallagher was difficult enough to accept being in the show but at least he was a minor character despite being in the OP and I can largely ignore him since he's in a filler arc. Plus I don't want Reiji to be half-black, I can really imagine myself as him and I don't want to have someone I idolize be mixed-race.

It's Leo, same facial structure

Himika got WHITED or YELLOWED. Leo a cuck.

How have you not noticed Leo has dark skin until now?

Jokes about Reiji's nigger genes were made the same day Leo appeared for the first time. You're late.

>nig genes
is that why he wears loafers with no socks?

He isn't. He's just pissed that his waifu separated him.

>we wuz keikaku n shit

Nah, but it's why Leo ditched his kid and his battered wife ended up with a Liberian white-skinned boy.

>when you suddenly realize Reira is Raiden and Odd-Eyes is a monster to go beyond Metal Gear

Yuri: And the fandom wonder why we never interact.

Good amazoness support when?

So Reiji is the result of an episode of Springer?

Pray for Fusion Enforcers.


does it have anything other than the fusion monsters?

all i need is better card advantage in the field/hand so i can abuse amazoness swordswoman ;_;

I suspect the dragon (the real evil) and zarc are completely separate individuals that got merged for some reason.




>Yu-Yuya..you gotta...gotta break out of this cage. Com on, we got some genocide to do. Go find Yugo and Yuri and summon your dragons.

>"Don't listen to that fucking professor over there! That dumbass is ruin an entire academy of crazy psychopaths, one of which HAS your woman. He's not in a position to discuss who is the real evil here.

>Also you're welcome for preventing a creepy older man from trying to brainwash you btw. It's not like this wasn't the first time and this has happened to you before on multiple occassions-oh wait.

>Leave it to your friends? Who the fuck told you t- Okay I'm gonna be real with you Yuya and do what your father should have done and give you real advice. Don't depend on your friends, don't listen to anyone but yourself and by extension me since I am you.

>Well...actually you're just a copy of me...a miserable copy that was given 14-15 years of terrible advice from a deadbeat dad and a clearly delusional wife. The only good they done is made you and that's it.

>And let's talk about your so called friends.You hang out with the literal embodiment of incompetence. Let's see, you got a giant meat shield with a retarded deck, a rich clown who can never win a duel, an angry birdman who jobs like a Flying-Type pokemon, a candy loving midget who never once won an onscreen duel based on his skills alone, and formally you had a Ninja who was the most useful of your brunch get carded by Tarzan. Nice Lancers Reiji.

>...Yes my name is Zarc. What? Did you think Hitotsu-Ni was all that I can say? Don't be an Aquaba.

So it's basically confirmed that the DM GX 5D's and Zexal universe split into four dimmensions?

the doctor sure loves his ruris

End thyself.

Ebina wanted to give him an exhausted look.


They're clearly wearing casual clothes, so nope. Xiangke and Xiangsheng are probably their incarnations from the Han era.

Is Arc-V turning out to be a love story?
>All the Yuus love their Ruris and all the Ruris love their Yuus(well, except for those that barely know each other)
>Zarc and Raya are put next to each other in both the OP and the ED

A really shitty one if that's the case.

The show's made it as obvious as it can without turning into an actual romance anime. I'm willing to put money on Yuri and Serena having something bullshitted out for them too, especially based on the ED.

It'd be the only YGO series to actually focus on romance and I think it has succeeded in making the Yuus and the Ruris likable so I don't see why it'd be shitty.

Who the hell is Zarc and Raya? Is this fanfiction?

Zarc is SEJGSEJ Yuya and Raya is some new character voiced by Grace's VA


>spend a 100 episodes on EGAO crap
>with the exception of Yuya the rest of the clones are non-characters

You've got to be joking at this point.

Super Egaojin God Super Egaojin

Look at the cast list for next episode and then the silhouettes in pic related. It's pretty clear that Zarc is the "Omni-Yuya" and Raya is the "Omni-Yuzu" that people have speculated about for the past 2 years.

Do you even know what that means?

nigga just call it SEB

Needs more chaos

Omni-Yuya and Omni-Yuzu, but Raya is not voiced by Inamura and that makes really sad.

>Yuzu's VA cucked by Grace's VA

>tfw I remember one time when the autism levels reached an all-time high and some guy was denying the existence of both Omni-Yuya and Yuzu

Eh, Yuya, Yuzu, Yugo, Selena, Rin, Yuto, and Yuri have all had their characters fleshed out to varying degrees.

The only huge issue is Ruri herself, funny enough.

I do agree that it would've been nice for them all to have greater importance and focus though.

It's an odd choice but maybe they just wanted to try something different, or get more mileage out of a VA they probably won't be using otherwise.

Is that the Pandora Box, Leo has been talking about?

Whatever happened to jack?

Only thing that was ever really in contention is Omni-Yuzu since they really should have done more with that set of counterparts to set up for that.

I remember. It was around episode 99-100 right?

he became Gorgonzala's walking stick

Looks like not!numeron code to me

Why won't arc v respect 5D

Yugo, Serena, Rin, Yuto, Yuri and Ruri have barely done anything. Rin has not had her character fleshed out. Most of what we know of her is from flashbacks. In the present she's been brainwashed the whole time. Yuto has been dead longer than he's been alive and Yuri barely started doing anything. The problem with these relationships is that they all happen in quick little flashbacks that do nothing to show us the chemistry of the characters.

>fleshed out to varying degrees.

That's being very generous considering how irrelevant most of them have been so far. Yuri, Rin and Ruri were basically nobodies before this last arc.

How on earth you're getting a successful love story out of this is beyond me.

No. As far as we know the original Arc-V dimension doesn't have anything to do with those.

Also Zexal probably doesn't take place in the same universe as the three first series, because of how different the world's origin story is, with the Numeron Code and all.

It's funny that this is probably why he'll last the longest of the cameo characters. Two are dead and two more are involved in the plot again. Jack is away from the plot right now so he'll survive the longest.

Why are the people who defend ZEXAL so cancerous?

We have approved opinions on Cred Forums. If you want to have your own opinion go back to le raddet or Tumblr.

Zexal was terribad. Either agree with this fact or leave.

Who cares about Zexal? The only series that matter to most of us are DM and Arc-V. GXfriends need not apply.

>If you want to have your own opinion go back to le raddet or Tumblr.

Is this a joke post or have you people reached new levels of delusion?

This is probably bait.

Arc-V > Zexal > 5D's > DM > GX

what the fuck

Very cool, user.

MOTO is fucking great. that one new?

This is quite edgy, but God knows I love edgy shit.



>the Shun meme

That is a very obvious and low quality bait.
It's sad how people still fall for it.

Sounds like you need a safe space and a Cred Forums-feelings-approved anime

Did anyone else notice that this isn't Heartland at all but a completely new city (and dimension)?

Also the song's lyrics state (based on different translations) either that Pendulum is what binds the dimensions together or that Pendulum is a dimension.

It's the EGAO dimension.

I'm betting this is what the original dimension looked like.
Maybe there's a piece of it left, or Leo will succeed in recreating it. I doubt the next 20 something episodes will be spent inside Academia.

>I doubt the next 20 something episodes will be spent inside Academia.
>50 episodes in standard
>50 episodes in synchro
>12 episodes in xyz
>12 episodes in fusion
fucking ono

>Yuri actually read's his duel disk for card effects
>is actually strong as fuck and has the right to be cocky
>Serena doesn't read duel disk
>wears slifer red jacket
>is fucking dog shit and should learn her place
>she thinks she has the right to be cocky
women s m h

That's what happens when girls have no father figure to beat the discipline into them.

>yfw Original Dimension has this guy in it

Yeah... Sure.

I last watched Arc-V during Yuya and Edo's fight, so what's with Zorc?



Watch and find out

Zarc, not Zorc. It's a retarded as fuck name but it's real. At least Ray/Raya works as a name.

Zarc. Though it's probably spelled Z-Arc (as that was shown onscreen on files Reiji was reading in a flashback) and the cast list or the translators fucked up.

It's something related to the four Yuya counterparts, as there is Ray-A which is related to the Ruris.
As they appeared on the cast list for next episode, and it will be about the original dimension, it's almost sure they are the original beings the counterparts split off from.

>original dimension
Can't wait. It looks aesthetically great.


It was probably spelled ザック and the translators had no way to know there was a hyphen.
They probably didn't mess up on Ray's name, since it had to be spelled as "Rei".

>yfw the Doktor will finally know which Ruri has the biggest Ruris

>beat Dennis who she thought was Xyz scum (Dennis trying to hide he's Xyz and also trying to hide he's academia)
>beat tony "I normal summon plaguespreader zombie" simmons
>would have lose to Yugo's lvl 4 synchro if it wasn't for Roger (still lost in the end and couldn't destroy Clear Wing unlike Rin who outplayed the fuck out of Yugo)
>had to get saved by a literal kid
>When she loses, resorts to physical violence like the loser she is

>All the Ruris in the ED are wearing their original outfits
>Except Ruri herself who isn't wearing her pre-invasion dress
This shit makes my autism flair up like crazy

probably, since Z-one was pronounced zone

Is Ray's cup size equal to the combined size of all the Ruri's ruris?

She's wearing it in some of them.

When will Hitotsu-Ni turn to Hitotsu-REEEEEEE

Now take Yuzu for instance. Since she has a father figure she is much more humble and willing to play with others, even if she doesn't win a lot, she is not a sore loser.

Yuzu is a bitch who physically abuses people.

Yes. Omni-Yuzu's yuzus

>physically abuses Yuu's

Does the same apply to Zarc's dick?

Congrats boys you can finally be average sized.

You're right, they don't qualify as people.

They're all retards, they deserve everything they get.

Sure doesn't apply to his height because Raya is STILL taller.

Did the doctor rape the ruris?

He's an eternal manlet, that's why he's so angry all the time.

I'm pretty sure she hit her dad too.

It's not her fault that they're weaker than her.

>one cour 'til finished
>still no Bee Force OCG

Was Neo Tachyon's effect being revealed worth the long wait it took?


Zarc is going to be based and make smug faces.

how the fuck do i read the moonrunes? Vertical or horizontal?

its oriented like a vagina

Horizontal, from top to bottom starting with the upper right character.

HIragana and kana are easy but when you hit me with a kanji i feel like shinking. TextMoji to the fucking rescue always

So 8 hours ago, Hiro attempt 'Hitotsu Ni'. He revert it back and prove to us that hitotsu ni is bad and shouldn't be done.
Yes this actually happens. Check threads in /vp/ if you being sceptic

So he wanted to fuse /jp/ /c/ /m/ with Cred Forums?

This is the SD manga, right? What's Shun angry about?

He didn't get his Ruri hug that morning.

Try KanjiTomo

Is there a limit to a Onee-Chan's love?

*cute noises*
*shota smile*
Magic cardo~~
Yuuugo hatsudou!!

>*cute noises*
>*shota smile*
>this much autism
kill youself

Be honest, do you think we'll finally see what Sky Magician does?

i bet its a normal card :^)

We know it's an effect monster.

I like this user

We'll see what it does right before it and Yusho get blown the fuck out by Zarc.

It leaves the duel only to return 10 turns later doing nothing at all.

Who's hyped for Reiji vs Zarc?

>Reiji loses to self-burn

Same people that are hyped for Ritual dimension.

It's happening, and it's going to be his first and last loss. He's also going to duel Yuya at the very end and the duel will be inconclusive.


Has Reiji ever lost a duel on-screen?

Does forfeiting count due to other matters interrupting the duel?

>He's also going to duel Yuya at the very end and the duel will be inconclusive.
At the rate he's going he'll be lucky to get another duel at all, let alone the last one of the series.

I'm sorry, kid, but you're wrong. That makes too much sense to happen in Arc-V.

The new ED is pretty nice

Not a fan of the OP



Last duel will either be Yuya vs Yusho or Yuya vs Yuzu.

No. It'll be Yuya vs Reiji while Yuzu watches.

Battle Royale between the Yuu boys.

I wanna see Reiji go full Aigami and take on Ray, lose, then take on Zarc, and lose, then take on Ray and Zarc, and... lose

As expected from Reiji.

OK, time ti decide:
Only happy ending variation for this time.

All the Yuus and Ruris definitely deserve to be their own selves. But they're good friends so I don't want them to be separated by some dimensional bullshit.

I think they will keep being themselves and the dimensions remain separated, with no way of traveling between them anymore.

>All the Yuus and Ruris definitely deserve to be their own selves.
So you are for physical death of Zarc and Ray?

>All the Yuus and Ruris definitely deserve to be their own selves.

The only ones who deserve anything are the originals.

Well, yeah. I really like the Yuus and the Ruris.

Too early to tell. Would like to see was Zarc and Ray are like before I decide.

>This is wise user.

The OP is good. You're all hating on it because you expected something bad and don't want to come back on your words.

It's garbage m8.

The song isn't great but it has a great dynamic with the visuals which are seriously good.

>which are seriously good.

If bland stills are your definition of good, then sure.

But the visuals are the worst part.

I actually like the song's tune, it's just that whoever mixed it didn't do a good job. The chorus is pretty catchy.

Explains how he got Super Poly.

Your eyes must have trouble following movement. The visuals are better than anything I've seen this season.

Judai is a fucking pervert

>The visuals are better than anything I've seen this season.

So you only watch Arc-V. No surprise there.

Nice projection

It seems to be a Cosmic Romance Story with card games. And a shitty one at that.


Actually, if Arc-V turns out to be a love story, then it's pretty good.


RATE-JP062 超戦士の萌芽 Chou Senshi no Houga (Super Soldier Origin)
Ritual Spell Card
This card can be used to Ritual Summon any “Black Luster Soldier” Ritual Monster. You can only activate “Super Soldier Origin” once per turn. Send monsters from the following locations whose Levels totalled together are exactly 8, then Ritual Summon 1 “Black Luster Soldier” Ritual Monster from your hand or Graveyard.
● 1 LIGHT monster from your hand and 1 DARK monster from your Deck
● 1 DARK monster from your hand and 1 LIGHT monster from your Deck

Weird how we didn't get another BLS Ritual this set.

Depends on how they handle Zarc/Raya, really. But I'm betting that that's the one thing that Arc-V will be able to handle since the ENTIRE SERIES has been leading up to that.

Plot twist! Zarc and Raya will turn out to be siblings.

Even better.

That would be silly considering none of the dimensional pairs are siblings.

Say what you will about Arc-V, but it rarely, if ever, does dumb twists.

>not tribute, meaning the BLS doesnt get buffed by the mini-Knights nor does it trigger the Gaias and Kuribohs

Into the trash it goes

Admit it; you'd LOVE to look that cool.

Inter dimensional sister dicking

who's the fastest between yusho and shun?

Shun is the master of faster.

Calm down Ruri.

Imouto Man.

H-he's fast!

>dueling Yuya
>his eyes start glowing red and he says "Battle da."
What do?

Incest is wincest

Play this, set Anti-spell and Wire tab.

That blast behind him actually melted concrete..

Really, the only thing up in the air about Zarc/Raya is if there's actually romance involved since it is a kid's show after all. But considering you have Yugo explicitly having feelings for Rin, Yuto going on dates with Ruri, and Yuya going full apeshit only when Yuzu is harmed, I'm inclined to believe they might actually be going for it.


>yfw Yuya and Yuzu are the only Yuu/Ruri pairing to not get a happy ending

Is Shun a better fighter than Yusei?

Can Shun outrun Clear mind Yusei?

this the second time in the series we've seen someone actually use physical violence to solve an issue in the series right?

Has Shun surpassed Card Game Jesus in finding non-Children's Card Game methods to solve problems?

The only pair that isn't going to get a happy ending is Zarc/Raya and even then that one will just be bittersweet.

So, which brother-sister pairs are the most incestuous and why?
>Jonouchi and Shizuka
>Fubuki and Asuka
>Rua and Ruka
>Shark and Rio
>IV and III
>Shun and Ruri

>this the second time in the series we've seen someone actually use physical violence to solve an issue in the series right?
Yuya was ready to punch Reiji's shit in over Yuzu before Reiji went all "nah scrub that's not how we solve our problems in this universe." So I guess that counts too.

>literally street fighter.

Rua/Ruka and Shark/Rio, probably. Shun/Ruri is definitely just a meme after we've seen Ruri on a date with Yuto both in the series and in the new ED.

Shun also did this, took out LITERAL piles of guards in Trashtown and was still One Shotted by Yuto.

Also Yuya attempted to overlay his fist on Reiji face but got blocked.

Jounouchi and Shizuka had an healthy relationship, Fubuki wanted people to bang his sisters, Rua and Ruka were good friends, Shark was very protective of Rio, IV and III weren't incestuous at all. So I'm going for Shun and Ruri.
You forgot Kaito and Haruto btw


Is Shun batman?

I would count Yuya, if only his attempt to punch Reiji wasn't so damn pitifully weak.

>Shark was very protective of Rio

He's spiderman.

Upon closer inspection they appear not to actually be roses but my point still stands.

If Zarc could morph into a Dragon, what would Raya morph into?

who the fuck names their kid Shark

So are we going to get some Clear mind action with Yugo or is he just going to add more tuners to Clear/Crystal wing?

His name is Ryoga.

His real name is Ryoga. Shark is his nickname, probably due to his shark-themed deck

Watgh Zexal you shitty Arc-vfag

Would Shuzo accept Yuya as Yuzu's bride?

His formal Earth name was Kamishiro, Ryoga. People just called him Shark (except Rio).

The real question is who refers to their own family members by codenames even while in private?

Is that even a question?

I'm pretty sure both Shuzo and Yusho have accepted that their kids are going to be together forever. In fact they're probably betting on who makes the first move.

Yes. Yusho is his idol, and Yuya is Yusho's son.
He also entrusted him with the task of saving his daughter. When Yuya succeeds, he'll actually want him to marry Yuzu.

Will Masumi be the best man(girl)?

I kinda want it to be Shun, but it'll probably be Gon.

Who the fuck is zarc?

Nope. The best Man must always be the Man, Gongenzaka.

Zorc's retarded little brother.

The twin brother of cordy.

Shun will the best man for Yuto and Nanone-San will be the priest for Serena and Yuri's 'wedding'

Zorc as a bishonen with YGO hair. What's not to like?

Person on left pictured here

I am still just as confused, and all the other responses were memes.

Zarc is Omni-Yuya. The one on the right is his waifu and enemy, Raya, also known as Omni-Yuzu.

Omni Yuya? This isn't making it easier to comprehend.

All the Yuyas merged as one single being.


This needs to have Yuya's jacket.

But it's not.

>Only one person wants keep current status of things.
Professor has so many supporters here.


Which protagonist has the best/coolest signature card(s)?



Yusei, followed by Judai and Yuma.
Yuya and Yugi's cards don't do much for me.

Does the 3 Divine cards still have no printed effect on their cards?

Yuya and Yusei. Konami ruined the other aces for me.

Yuma. Hope > All

Black Magician and Stardust. Rest is garbage.

There's been effect versions of the God cards that have been legal for awhile. In fact Ra has all three of its forms out as cards.

Though right now in terms of usefulness as cards it goes Obelisk>Ra(all three forms put together)>Osiris>Ra(just base version).

Isn't Ra Sphere Mode good because it allows you to tribute your opponent's monsters while having nothing he can do against it?

>that milticoloured lesbian hair
Now as someone who has seen the OG yugi-oh anime as a kid let me tell you...
>this is some bullshit

Hope and Odd-Eyes. Rest is nostalgia garbage that can go fuck itself

Sphere mode > all other gods

nice bait haha

Yugi still has the most ridiculous hair in the franchise.

What does pot of greed do?

You think I'm...

Get you thrown out of locals.

Removes two random cards from your opponents deck from play.

nah man his hair is cool and has
How fuck did you get dubs on my watch?

>if you win we'll listen to what you say
>haha jokes on you imma gonna kick you in the gut and run the fuck away
Brainwashed Ruris are dishonorable scum who don't hold their end of the bargain.


Yes, the Sphere mode is good, however that requires that you draw into it and dedicate more of your deck space to Ra itself. I rated them by the individual cards themselves except for if you happen to own the Ra set.

Why does Selena even duel if she's much better at just beating people up?

>running Ra with sphere mode
Baka, you just run sphere mode to remove towers like monsters, Ra itself is not involved.

They are all also incredibly durable too
>Yuzu gets into a motorcycle crash
>Even though she was rescued she suffered little to no injuries

>Ruri gets into a war on her city
>Survives all the while shilling her egao propaganda

>Rin has been living in poverty in the worst conditions imaginable for 14 years
>Still alive and with a 10/10 body to prove it

>Serena goes through Academia's harsh training for 3 years
>The crudest and strongest Ruri of them all

And then we have yesterday's episode
>Serena and Ruri get blasted by arguably Yuya's most savage and fearsome attack, so powerful that it melted the room, destroyed every insect tank and insect inside, and blew a hole threw the castle
>99% fine besides small burns and well enough where they can get up 5 seconds later and dash off

Raya must have put up with a lot of Zarc's shit.

Jojo reference????

Becaused there's a chance she can get GASSED

It's like Ono realizes that Yuya has to suffer set-backs, but is completely unwilling to have him lose to a girl

>next episode
>both Kaito and Yugo are lying on the ground defeated by Yuri (offscreen)
>just when everything seems hopeless suddenly 227 appears and gasses Yuri

Judai and Yuma, they have the most varied.

Fuck yeah. Girls can't play card games as well as BOYS.

Beating the ever loving shit out of them, on the other hand, seems like fair game

>Real guns
>sleep gas
>stun guns
Why do we even bother with card games again?

TFW u hype for Ray and Zarc but know deep down that Ono will fuck it up

it's the same VA

Ono has moments of brilliance. I like him better than Kuwahara.

Ono = oh no

I can't be the first to make that joke.

Will Serena's crude and strong attitude balance out Yuri's smug and brash bravado?

This is so terrible I laughed.

The end of the series is Reira going full /k/ and just shooting everyone

That joke was first applied to the Beatles. It's probably older than your dad.


You idolize me and I'm Hispanic.

Because monsters don't require ammunition or fuel. A few Shuns could bring a small country to its knees.

Reira's flashbacks were a mistake.

I can tolerate "everything in the world is decided by a children's card game" silliness as long as its internally consistent but Reira's flashbacks acknowledging that REAL wars and REAL weapons exist in Arc-V just took the magic out of it all.

And yet the characters still run everywhere instead of riding their monsters except on the rare occasion they need to look cool.

And why bother dueling when you can literally kill your opponent by carpet bombing them instead?

>A few Shuns could bring a small country to its knees.

>Reira is later revealed to be from a dimension where children's card games are nothing more than simple children's card games

Academia soldiers were the first to use RSV for war. No problems here.

Well, the thing is: they established that real solid vision was only possible in special duel arenas controlled by large high tech machines until the dimensional war started up.

It's still rather consistent. Hell, he lived in a middle eastern shithole. It's not like they can afford luxuries like cards.

>A few Shuns could bring a small country to its knees.
>Other countries build a lot of stairs and a Serena

Ok, so if we really assume that Zarc and Ray are composition of all Yuyas and Yuzus, then what their personalities and lives could be?

Z-Arc: Thirsty.
Ray-A: Crude and strong.

I just can't decide which is worse between Zexal and Arc-V.

Zarc: Cool, composed, pops mocking smirks at times.
Ray: In love with Zarc. She loves him more than anything but she realizes he has to die for the sake of the world


Yusei > Yuma > Yugi/ATEM > Yuya > Judai sans Yubel

This is accurate.

I generally hate zexal more than any of the others, but I could at least finish zexal completely

Who's the dude on the right?

Cyber Dragon.

Who? Judai?

user we are asking what Zarc not your preferred self-insert gary stu would be like

GX haters need to stop getting dubs or I'll start to think they're right.

That's literally how I think a fusion of all four Yus would be like. Yuto is calm and composed, and both Yuya and Yuri pop mocking smirks at times.

28 more days until Halloween.

>Cool, composed, pops mocking smirks at times
So, Atem?

>In love with Zarc. She loves him more than anything but she realizes he has to die for the sake of the world
So, Anzu?

Please no. Don't want to go back to when no one knew how to play duel monsters

>So, Atem?
More like Zexal.
>So, Anzu?
Not at all.

>having to die for the sake of the world
He had to die for his own sake.

I never got the hate for GX. Sure the plot is a clusterfuck until like the end of Season 3 but it was a comfy watch. Just because Yugi wasn't the MC and because Jaden didn't take card games seriously like a normal person everyone started to hate it

Actually, it's because it's corny as fuck.

nice try to make DM look better than it actually is
I want DSoD newfags to leave

I want DM animeonlies to leave but that's never going to happen

Me too. I own all the volumes of the English localization.
I still want DSoD newfags to leave. They literally jumped on the bandwagon and started sucking Kaz's dick because of the movie.

I didn't want to make DM look better, to be fair what that user posted is no better than your typical Shoujo protags, why the fuck I would want that?

See Also Anzu was never this profound.

What character from GX would like this present?

ChrJudai because he's a faggot

Gotta go fast

>liking the space condom

Yugi and Yusei.
100% pure Kaz design

Cry me river. Arc-V is never going to get a movie or GX, ZEXAL. Even 5D got one

But Judai doesn't like wearing purple lipstick.

cant tribute from the deck
konami doesnt want to make new rules for one card

Who is ray and who is Zarc?


She was still a pretty decent female character. One of the more realistic females in YGO even if she never dueled.

Omni-Yuya is Z-Arc and Omni-Yuzu is Ray-A.

Do you see me crying? I fucking love DM. I just hate newfags and people who like 5D's.

>tfw insects will forever be shit now

What do you guys think of its design?


>Yuri is a massive fanboy of the Professor
>But Serena just wants to be crude and strong and duel people all of the time.

I'd honestly like a movie sometime later or even a short OVA to address THIS.


>not liking green

I fucking love it. One of my favorite dragon designs.

How you guys know that? In Japan 126 it's already on air or I missed something?

It's not bait, I'm just dumb ;_;

It's their codenames in Leo's secret files.

I loathe green.



I feel like this has been asked like 5 times in this same thread already. I know it's the most interesting development Arc-V has had in a long time, but jeez.

Same here.

I like it but I prefer the new OERD.

How would you react towards each Yu boy if you met them in real life?

Episode 126 Summary: 悪魔が生まれた日 Akuma ga Umareta Hi (The Day the Devil was Born)

As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges him to a Duel. While a fierce battle between the two unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and others, manages to reach Akaba Leo…
As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges him to a Duel. While a fierce battle between the two unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and others, manages to reach Akaba Leo. Leo begins speaking about the Demon Duelist who leads the world to destruction, as well as the four dragons. What is the reason that the world is divided into four dimensions?

>Sakaki Yuya/Yuri/Zarc
Kurosaki Shun
Shiun’in Sora
Edo Phoenix
Sakaki Yusho
Akaba Reiji
Akaba Leo

Script: 上代 務 || Kamishiro Tsutomu
Direction: 湖山禎崇 || Koyama Yoshitaka
Storyboard: 小野勝巳 || Ono Katsumi
Animation Director(s): 君野 敏 || Masuda Toshihiko

Maybe. Image isn't mine.


I bet Ray-A is gonna be the ultimate waifu!

>greet politely, but get away from him
>geek out about motorcycles
>give him dating tips
>lol at the expense of others with double mocking them

Fear over the fact that the fictional is becoming real, Satan.

The eyes look dumb, but the mixed hair colors work surprisingly well.

do you remeber what episode this was?

Zark and Ray will obviously be flashbacks. Someone needs to kill Yugo first before the ultimate fusion

For clarification, that applies to all of them and the Ruris. Ruris get hugs too. Or is it the Zarcs and the Rays now?


Try to become his friend so I get to spend time with him.
Banter him on his hair
Become friends with him and get him to introduce me to Shun
Generally avoid


TFW permanent spot in the Job Squad

Billys and Susans is the correct terminology.

Remember when he was a good duelist back in standard? Good times.

TFW I thought I saw Shun, Sawatari, Gon, and Sora listed as JOBBERS in the new OP

take home and hug
be sadistic mates
be that one friend who will do the chants when you play yugioh together

Reiji and Reira are literally aside.

I'd approach him like Bruno approached Yusei, and talk to him about entame all the time.

I'd teach him the fun of casual, non life-threatening duels by playing YGO with him every day.

I'd race with him every time our paths cross on the highway.

I'd start a boys band with him, Shun, and Kaito.

The last duel he lost was with the one with Shun like 100 episodes before. Do you seriously expected him to beat Yuri? Sora is still strong

I'd duel them. Nice satan trips btw.

You'd get killed by Yuri, patronized by Yuya, laughed at by Hugo Chavez, ignored by Yuto. You're sad, kid.

I only visit arc-v generals after I saw the episodes because every time I get fucking spoils from idiots who are three episodes ahead because they know Japanese, so I lost a lot of content spoken here.


in a rift between worlds

He died.

In Standard cucking Yusho.

>implying I don't want that

Sora/Barrett v. Grace/Gloria,who wins?

Kek, he jobbed to Roget too you lying Sorafag

I like how Reiji isn't even acknowledged in the ED. I know the entire point of the ED is for the Yuya/Yuzu couples but still.


Sora can blow up the board. Barrett can lock down the board. They win easy.

Speaking of Barrett though, WHERE IS HE?

Counting his medals.


I thought this was a good fit for the new intro

I mean at least Reiji finally appeared in the OP again

Roget was cheating

How do we stop Joeri from killing all the remaining Arc-V characters? Any ideas?

Don't mention blowing up things and Barrett's name in the same post.

Have him fuse with Yuya

Give him a crude and strong girl to keep him in line.

Don't worry. He's going to get "corrected" by Akaba Leo's BBC.

A crude and strong girl capable of kicking him in the nuts?


Blast a full-power Lightning of Rebellion: Disobey at him.

Sora, Gongenzaka, Shun, and Sawatari

>Tfw they spent 50 episodes in synchro and still couldn't introduce one relevant non cameo character from it.

Have him duel Kaito and watch him lose to CIPHER PROJECTION


Pretty good.

That reminds me. There are like 3 legacy duelists still alive. And we still have 25 episode before arc-v ends. How and who kill card them?

Kaito and Edo are in a room with freaking out Yuya next week, they might not make it out.




Get him totally wasted and/or laid, but after he kills the remaining legacy characters. There's always that chance that Yuri's more tolerable or manageable when drunk.

How do you feel knowing that best boy will card manlet-eyes and daddy issues?

I mean it'd be a nice way to hype up and introduce the devil considering the episode is called "The day the devil is born."

>being this delusional

That level of delusion is not okay

He's with Edo next episode.
>daddy issues
Be more clear, there's about 3 characters with daddy issues.

Also no, you're deluded.

Yurifags are so fucking cancerous.

He'll card everyone in all dimensions!

He will kill Yugo and at least one Legacy character before getting Egao'd by Yuya. Screencap this

nice boxgloves, faggot

I meant D-addy issues, guy.

Get that ugly fuck out of here.


A cute.

>Kill Yugo
At best he's going to BTFO him in a duel, when Zarc appears at the last moment.

He's literally disgusting.

Maybe but i still think Yugo will get nom by Yuri or Yuya.

I will get rid of every Yurifag.

When is Yuya going to get a tuner that's better than the literal excrement that is tuning magician?

In Arc-VI when we get back in Synchro.

You like him too. Admit it. It's okay.

For another 50 episodes.

He just makes smug faces. There's nothing else to his character. I couldn't like him even if I wanted to.

Seems like the writers are forshadowing the Bad end of the Manga already

You know that that is a lie. Don't worry, I won't judge you. You can only lie so much to yourself.

If they had the manga in mind they'd have Ren over Gogenzaka.

Ride my duel disk and pretend it's a bike

>50 more episodes of Synchro

So, we're doing Kirifuda then?

Poor Gon doesn't get to be in the manga.

The ride never ends.


Come on user everyone loves yuri why can't you too?

Yuri will card Yuya!
Yuri will card Reiji!
Yuri will card Yugo!
Yuri will card Shun!
Yuri will card Yuto!
Yuri will card Leo!
Yuri will card Sora!
Yuri will card Shingo!
Yuri will card Gon!
Yuri will card Jack!
Yuri will card Yuzu!
Yuri will card Rin!
Yuri will card Ruri!
Yuri will love Serena!
Yuri will card Yoko!
Yuri will card Reira!
Yuri will card Roger!
Yuri will card Shuzo!
Yuri will card Ayu!
Yuri will card Masumi!
Yuri will card Shinji!
Yuri will card Yaiba!
Yuri will card Yusho!


>everyone loves yuri

>okay here's 4 boys that totally don't look like each other but just pretend they do okay?

Do you Yurifags only come here to shitpost?


>tfw no YGO fightan where everyone uses their most iconic and strongest cards a-la JJBA or P4A.
>Yusei just punches and kicks people normally.

Okay, user.

Why not just have a full sequel in synchro dimension?


Yugioh arc-v: escape from synchro communism


I'm salty at how heavily they crippled Crystrons with their stupid machine synchro only effects while the fucking junishishis can run around spamming any rank 4s they want with impunity.

It's more apparent some times than others.


>ANN having relevant news
>ANN caring about YGO that isn't DM
>Link is just Hatsune Miku VR
I hope you're satisfied, user, because SOME retard is going to think this link is real and not bother checking it.