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ITT we post best girls

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Post girls who didn't deserve their fate

>Ibuki and Chiaki on the same height


Made an image of the various store benefits. Anyone can glean something off of it?

>Maki & Kaito together
>Kiibo gets one by himself
>Kaede & Shuuichi together
>Rantarou gets one with Kaede (& Miu)

Confirmed to be an "Academy for Gifted Prisoners", whatever that means. So what, society wants to make use of criminals with talents? There must be some evil motive behind it.

Look again.

I just took a peek at /drg/. No words. Guess Cred Forums it is once these threads die out on here.

I don't like those extra monokuma's. They better be monobeast tier or less, Monomi is already pushing it.

I just wanted Chiaki and Hajime to be happy together.

You want to know why I didn't give RL Chiaki closure? I didn't need to.
Why I didn't need to? You never saw her ghost in the death theater with Junko and Chisa, right?
It's not just because I ran out of money to pay HanaKana, but maybe because I kept her alive somehow.
Maybe that's why he never mention her "death" directly, but is guilt-ridden over his act of betrayal from him and his classmates instead.
Maybe that's why you didn't see her ghost alongside her Hinata-kun.
Maybe Izuru dropped off her comatose body at her parent house and went off being boring somewhere else in the world, keeping her hairpin as memorabilia.
Maybe she wasn't with the despairs because they didn't want to drag her down into fugitive status and let the world be her oyster, not just Jabberwock island.
Maybe that miracle did happen, but I couldn't show it to you because we were only given 24 minutes.
Maybe you should buy limited edition DRv3 with OAV to find out the rest.

Considering those sprites in some of the posters I'd like to know is if we're getting prison mode right off the bat or if we have to wait for a re-release. Though considering this is also coming to PS4 they'll probably pack it with more content than the last 2.

- Waifu survived
- 6 out of 16 classmates survived
- Considered a hero
- Talent is (good) luck

- Waifu died
- 15 out of 16 classmates survived
- Considered a terrorist, being part of RoD
- Talent is lots of them

- Waifu died
- 3 out of 3 from his faction died (Chisa, Juzo, Seiko)
- Left the Future Foundation off to wander
- Talent is student council president

- Killed by waifu
- Mother killed by waifu (allegedly)
- Currently a bunch of meat chunks
- Talent is neurologist (exploited by waifu)

Yeah, Cred Forums is the last option we have here in 4chins.

Well DR2 had Island Mode in the base game.
Taking it out for future games would be stupid.

Fuck you we need MORE BEARS

Unfortunately these guys never went into production

still waiting for the Chi(aki)/(sa) gangbang cumswap doujin.


No we don't.

Oh, my mistake then. I thought both psp originals were missing school/island mode.

It was so shit, you mind as well make your own adaptation of how things ended.

>Having a waifu

He was the edgy character that hated the nice girl that was cute to him. Still that thing about his waifu killing his mom sound awesome. I will read the novels

is that girl cosplaying teru

Mhhhhhh~! I love Mikan!

No it doesn't.
People forget that much like the DR1, SDR2 was first released on PSP, and in that version there is no Island Mode

What did you just say about bears, you little bitch?

I guess that you didn't read Zero.

>Chiaki might still be alive

Sorry chiakifags. She had a slowly and painful dead, there is nothing more to say

>and in that version there is no Island Mode
Wrong. The PSP version had Island Mode.
DR got School Mode added to it for the Vita rerelease.

I love all my Mikanbros. I will always stood by her side. I even daydream about her being with me

Yes, it does.
Island mode was in the PSP version.

They so ugly, man! Worst mascots ever.
Especially Usami and Monomi are the ugliest.

>>Having a waifu
>He was the edgy character that hated the nice girl that was cute to him.
You should read the novel before talking about a character from that novel.

I read the first 3 episodes and he was pretty douchy to her

>Being his dense not to see satire
Dude is clearly fucking with Chiakifags. Is it not clear based on how he talks that he's a despairfag like you?

I think it was a neat addition thematically with the whole Dangan Island fakeout opening.

Keep reading.

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

Watch out on Hentai Foundry. Coming soon a new Mikan hentai picture. Two versions.

Yeah. School Mode felt really fucking tacked on in comparison though that's only logical since DR wasn't made with that feature in mind originally.
Keep reading moron. He has a very good reason for being a douche to her.

>rabbits are bears

I don't mind Kuro and Shiro, but those 5...ugh.

Speaking of which, link to Seiko pic please

Need to fap to our heroine for saving Kirigiri


Matsuda was a cuck.

He was even jealous of Izuru.

Would you?


Wow, the music in UDG is actually fucking sick. Goddamn I'm hype for v3's music, Masafumi's a genius.

When the Blurays get released

I'd be gentle to her.


best theme

Im intrigued. Any link? I lost mines

I've been replaying youtube.com/watch?v=siWjaKH9sJo practically all day. It's such a good theme to have going browsing the net.


The new bears are better and more original

>Chiaki dying away after punishment time
>this fucker shows up
>wat do?


forgot pic

She said "No, let me die" thinking that it would railroad her into picking the option that advances the plot.
She got a Game Over instead.


>Mikan daughter next to midget.

God I hope she treats him like a baby.

Real Chiaki.
>not even a scene of her punching out Junko in the theater
>never even showed up after her death
What a fucking waste.

maybe she's... buy DRv3 limited edition with OAV

Maybe in C91.

I don't think Chisa would let Chiaki punch Junko in the theatre.

Yeah, jazzy stuff is DR's forte

I won't listen to your lies anymore!

Why not? She's not in despair there.

>Ancient old lady Chiaki is the warden of the prison academy

>midget "new" sprite is almost identical to the ones we've seen

confirmed first murdered

I'm sure at least one of their personalities will win you over by the end of the game.

Post your reaction when Chisa and Junko are in the theatre in DRV3

>6fingers/fucked up thumb in the bonus art
This, right here, says it all about V3.

I fucking love it dude. Persona 5's soundtrack from what I've heard sounds like it's going to be fucking awesome for the same reason

Eh, probably. But I hope none of them overstep Monokuma himself.

Ruruka is Cute!

Seconding Ruruka. She deserved worse.

Please remove this damn fucking ugly bear!!!

>mfw Inori Minase is using the exact same voice she used for Ruruka in Vivid Strike
>mfw everytime Fuuka speaks I'm reminded of Ruruka

Cosplayer defintely paired up with the maid a lot. And her pose in the top left and one with her, maid and folklorist gives me the impression that she's the kind to play innocent. Which just makes her more murderer material.


Give her what real Chiaki got, but with Izayoi and Seiko pissing on her and then fucking after she gets speared.

She deserved to live and redeem herself for her actions. Instead she died and nobody noticed. I'm thinking her death was not originally planned but they had to kill her off because they ran out of other characters to die during the sleep time.

Every DR3 girl. Chisa, Chiaki, Miaya, Seiko, Ruruka, Juzo... They all deserved better than what they got.

why you hate Ruruka? This kills Ruruka!

In all honesty only 1 from each class should have died.

Juzo for Class 74 (I'm SORRY, BUT HE CAN STILL GO OUT LIKE A BADASS) and then Izayoi for Class 76. And Aoi for Class 78

I certainly hope it does.

That's too low of a kill count, only 1 from each class should have survived.

I assumed it was more due to their outfits. Maids are very common cosplays, and folklorist seems to enjoy dress-up too.


All the pixel sprites are cute

>no Foundation Mode where you can somehow foil Tengan's plot

>Not pulling a "muslim migration"
>Not migrating en masse to /drg/ so we can kill their culture and replace them with our own

Magician, Spaceman and Ganguro will be a trio of retards that are useless in trials.

post pixel cumaru

Okay how about this for a survivor list:
- Naegi
- Kirigiri
- Munakata
- Chisa (mastermind, gets HOPE'd by Munakata, Hajime and Naegi)
- Ruruka

And then you also have Weedman.

>No Zetsubou IF
Lots of wasted potential in DR3, really. It could've been a cool survival horror game like UDG on steroids.

Would of been awesomely ironic that he was killed by his own techniques.

Does Cred Forums like boats?

>Keeping Naegi AND Kirigiri alive

>You play as Chiaki

Don't have it. Just like how I can't find a download to UDG's soundtrack.

She was too hot

Check nyaa.

Real Chiaki's adventure does remind me of one of those oldschool hardcore text-only adventure games where the moment you fuck up the obscure-as-fuck plot progression, you're locked into a dead end and you might not even find out until way later.

Imagine if Chisa had came 5 minutes late
>Chiaki and Nagito get mindhacked
>Chiaki poses that she gets kidnapped and Nagito pretends to have gotten injured
>Chisa pulls him back and Peko as well as Mikan return back
>Nagito tells class they had to go back to save Chiaki
>They all go and Mikan pushes Chisa through the trap door
>Chiaki walks Chisa to her punishment room
>Chiaki despairgasms and converts her whole class to despairs
>Chiaki corrupts Izura permanently into despair
>World ends

Yeah, I'm retarded and thought of that just as I typed that. Got it.

Who should die then? I only picked Aoi cause she only ended up being Naegi's legs.

Flip a coin. Honestly, I wish Naegi had died because it seems the only proper way to wrap up his character arc.

Hopeman cut his hair since waking up from the NWP. I wonder if that'll be apart of the OVA.

At least then we'd get to see Chiakers with spiral eyes.

As for deaths I'd probably keep them all the same except for Ruruka, I'd have switched her with Aoi and have her die next to Naegi and Kirigiri.

Mitarai would probably go after Tengan's death. I'd separate him away from Kirigiri and have him wander alone.

Can't argue with those quads. I dunno if Naegi would die before defeating the mastermind, or after?

That faggot got off easy for what he did

Anyone know the name of the commercial where it goes "hai hai hai hai" often shown before the show starts in the stream? I've been looking for it for a while with no avail.

If Miaya still had authority over the Neo World Program during SDR2, wouldn't that also make her implicit in the therapy for the Remnants alongside Naegi? Did Tengan not charge her because he expected her to die before the game anyway?

Fuck off Valwin

Imagine what Mitarai would do to himself if he saw the suicide vid.

>I dunno if Naegi would die before defeating the mastermind, or after?
Maybe at some point during it?

Everybody hated Miaya for no good reason.

Every morning she woke up to messages from every branch leader, including Kyoko, telling her that she was worthless garbage and should kill herself. That's why she was so excited when one day she got a message that said "hay qt mt me bhind te skool" but when she went to meet her admirer it turned out to be Monaka and she got her head twisted off.

Pretty sure it's still the same length. It's just drawn less floofy in the anime.

>Imagine what Mitarai would do to himself if he saw the suicide vid.

"That's... That's my anime"

Also I imagine he'd kill himself like how Ruruka killed herself.


Please. Ruruka only had to deal with the crushing guilt of fucking over two people. Mitarai knows what he did. I don't think he'd even be recognizable after he was through with himself.

If you think someone like Ruruka only fucked over two people in her entire life, you need more life experience.

True. It'd be the most fitting end for him. I would imagine he'd basically see the world blaming him for what his anime.

I'd have him lament on how he just had to life stupid anime, and in the pan up to his dead body see his phone on and the hope anime ending.

Izuru is the Ultimate Hairstylist as well? Damn, he can do everything.

Fine, that's a little too conservative. I just mean Mitarai would have a lot more baggage.

It has just begun

>his dead body
I think his phone would be lying in a puddle of meat.

Why does Danganronpa appear to have a sizeable fanbase but the non yaoi porn barely exists?

No, come on I was doing so well saying Chisa had no porn.

Would he cover himself with bits of rock that were from the attacks?


The ova is about Nagito though waking up from a coma. It'll probably be how everyone will want to kill him for real because he is a crazy fuck but Hajime will talk them down from it and komahina shippers will make them think that Hajime is gay now.

Probably. Probably would use his own phone at some point too, just to bash himself in the head with it.

Holy shit user we should rewrite DR3 and show Kodaka and say "now, this is how DR3 should've gone"

why i reminded of suicide squad drawings?

Art is pretty bad.

>Comfort women for despair army.

Danganronpa's fanbase is female majority, apparently.


Where can I find a Dangan gf then?

Tumblr or Japan. Either of those work.

Then how does every female character have an army of waifufags?

Even Monomi.

>mfw Fujoshits self-insert as Chiaki.
All of a sudden, my sadness over Nanami's death has vanquished.

>guys lets spoil everything before we even play the game!

fucking tumblr


Even as a black man? Neat.


There are a lot of ways DR3 should've gone. We simply happen to be in the timeline where it went about extremely poorly.

That depends. Do you know how many times the strawberry seed shows its face?

>Izuru Kamukura watches the despair orgy
>Chiaki screaming out "Hinata-kun" over and over
>Chiaki fucked so viciously that her hairpin falls out
>Izuru picks it up
>Hajizuru cries over NTR

Three times, user.

>self-insert as a girl
I don't think you understand how they work at all. A lot of girls do self insert as Chiaki, but that's where you get most Komanami stuff from.

Terrible honestly. A lot of characters had so much potential, like Chisa. She could've been an entertaining mastermind.

Exactly. Komanami is a BAD SHIP. Like wtf mate, she's treats all of her classmates with that much respect. She solely crushes on Hajimeme.

This is what she saw

>self-inserting as a girl
That's not how fujos work

Good. Bitch went out too easy.

A female can like a female character too.
Most of the girls in Japan love Chiaki.

That's pretty good, who drew this?

Ruruka was so full of self-hate, she'd do anything for recognition.


What's that got to do with fujos?

>Bad ship
Nah, Komanami has some basis, at least as a one-sided crush on Komaeda's side for real Chiaki. Then you just need to figure out how to raise more romantic flags.

Why would you ship Komaru with someone she's never met?

Just watched hope arc.

Was Hajime being a heterochromia the only theory people got right?

Fusoshis are the socially inept females you see lurking around at school. Sees Chiaki as shy so self insert looking for some talent. End up liking Komaeda cause he's too sexy for Fujoshits to resists. Hence, bad ships. Also, Komaeda is hopesexual. Not attracted to Chiaki, but the hope she makes.

(Koma)eda Na(Nami)


Let's predict the crimes that everyone did

Framed for a plot relevant crime.
Trying to beat Chisa's high score
Bringing Monaca back to Earth
Torturing innocent people.
Prisoner of war.
"Murders happen because of the existence of a detective."
Stole expensive jewels
I have no fucking idea
The plot relevant crime that Kaede was framed for
Used her inventions to commit acts of terrorism.
Capturing severely endangered species of insects
Stealing large amounts of money with her magic.
Starting a cult
Art forgery and/or copious drug abuse
Again, I have no idea.
Didn't commit a crime. Is a security guard.

No, a lot of people predicted Tengan/Mitarai etc early on, just not the exact methods (like "Mitarai will take over as the protagonist!" kinds of speculation).

I guess you think that all yurifags want a male self insert! I've got no time to waste on this, I need to go pass out.

Fujo =/= female otaku
Fujos aren't self-insertfags, that's not how it fucking works. They don't want to fuck their favorite male character, they want to see him get fucked.

I think the majority of people thought that, but dismissed it as being too obvious for Kodaka. But what do you know.

>Didn't commit a crime. Is a security guard.

The legend of the Lucky Hopeman has distorted over time and the deeds of Nagito and Makoto got mixed together and were assumed to be done by one individual.

So he committed a crime while imitating Nagito, thinking he was imitating Makoto.

From wikipedia:
"According to a 2005 issue of Eureka, in recent times fujoshi can refer to female otaku in general"
Then again, it is a largely connotative term. Either way, they are girls that you can smell a mile away.

It's mostly one-sided though, Hopeman would fuck anyone who could give him hope

- Asahina fakeout
- Juzo being gay
- Monaca being Miaya
- Mitarai and the brainwash
- Chisa being a Despair
- Class 77th being brainwashed with Chiaki's death.
- hajime with Heterochromia
- The building being under water
- Cure W
- The suiciding video

Protect the Kirigiri

Also, A lot of people knew that Class 77th was gonna wake up but we tought that they were gonna wake up in the ending.

Kaede can't even do this

proving that Hopebot is better

I can't believe the madman actually made this ship canon

If you had a gattling gun and an unlimited supply of rounds, you'll eventually hit your target from a thousand yards.

A lot of these things were obvious anyway.
The only one that is weird is the guy in Cred Forums that started the suicide video theory. He was right in everything.

And you gotta love that one guy who was so confident that this theory was wrong because "Seiko couldn't have done that to herself".

There was also another user who was incredibly sure that there was a hidden participant because of animation mistakes that he was convinced had a secret meaning. Nope, it's just this show's poor budget and rushed deadlines.

This is the end.

Also, gotta love the random camera movement that zoomed in on Chiaki.

It was Junko.
I don't know why they thought that it was someone else.

I could see where they were coming from as they cleared out from the mindhack room. But if the story had gone any other way, it'd just be a whole bunch of "I TOLE YOU SO." It's always fun watching speculation though.


>no new episode today

What am I supposed to do with my life?

Mindhacc piano song.
Chisa 2.0
Smuggling weed to ISS
Single handedly murder a yakuza family
He met Stalin
Tring to rape a certain lesbian who is his childhood friend
Stealing growth hormone.
Cosplaying as Hillary Clinton and trying to hurt her reputation by cosplaying her.
Inventing time machine
Pull a Harambe, only with insects
Sleeping when she's about to perform a magic in a local circus so her employer losses a huge amount of money
Pull a Mayoiga, only with no survivors
Tax evasion
Framed by a family for their children murder
He's innocent. He only has a production defect.

Same. Even if I wasn't a Rurukafag, I would still say her death was fucking pointless and added nothing. Having her survive, living with the guilt and consequences of the shit she did, while trying to make up for them, would've been a much better alternative.

Shit, the FF in general really got the shaft. The Class 78 survivors and Class 77 are all fine and happy but all of the new cast is either dead or miserable.

Except Ryota for some reason.

Only people who self-insert as her are trannies

>Even if I wasn't a Rurukafag
>implying you are

Ruruka worst slut!

>implying I'm not

Is this your first Kishi anime? It's a given he doesn't treat any characters with respect if they're not the main characters. Hell his last anime, pic related got shafted hard despite having cuts on her wrists, and everytime she re-appeared she ended up being more injured than before. But she was only used for comic relief.

why would chiaki be in hell

mother of sauce

but why

Blessed is the one
who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
or sit in the company of mockers,

but whose delight is in the law of the HOPE,
and who meditates on his law day and night.

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
whatever they do prospers.

I don't know, I identify as a fujo and I want to see Juzo get fucked by Munakata, see him fuck Munakata, and fuck him raw and senseless myself most of all.

On the bright side of all this. Chisa is still getting some fan art so that's always good.

That's because she's a ghost.

Fuck you, still mad

>All this Chiaki dying art

I'm pretty sure we're all still mad, but we now know why we're mad.

Ruruka a cute

>yfw Kaede and Rantarou get the first kiss in the series
Shingetsu doesn't count

Her bitchiness comes from an interesting place that actually closely ties into some of the themes of the series. She usually isn't a cunt purely for the sake of being a cunt.

It's because I find her so fascinating that I wish she got some form of redemption like Juzo did. But seeing as how the writers or director or Kodaka or whoever the hell was in charge of the story's development clearly didn't seem to like any of these characters considering how badly they were shit on (except for Ryota, again for some fucking reason), obviously they had no problem wasting a perfectly good opportunity like that.

I've been exposed to Kishi's shit before but I didn't think it was ever this bad. Jesus, now I know to stay away from whatever he does.

I really hope he doesn't find himself directing the inevitable V3 anime.

How did the first BD box sell? Do we have figures for the week yet?

Yeah Kishi is pretty shit. I mean this was the character from my previous post at the end of the series. We got no explanation for it. Apparently there was an OVA but I've never seen it around so I consider it non-existent until someone tells me otherwise.

>I really hope he doesn't find himself directing the inevitable V3 anime.
You know he bloody will, and you know Lerche will be the animation studio again.

I dunno which game series Kishi has killed more, Danganronpa, Persona and Devil Survivor.

Also reminder the only 2 good things he'd directed was Carnival Phantasm and Humanity has Declined.

And just think, Kirigiri could have saved Ruruka, Juzo, and maybe even Kizakura if she just revealed her damn notes when she started to suspect the monitors were involved.

>You know he bloody will, and you know Lerche will be the animation studio again.
And you know Funi will be in charge of localization!

Kirigiri usually never revealed her deductions unless she was certain they were right. That was the case in the first game too I believe.

It's shit here because there's a constant time limit that makes the pace of the game much, much faster, so you'd think she would've hurried it up a little.

From the last time I saw, it's doing average (I think 3k last time I saw) which was I think the same amount DR1 sold.

And you know we'll get a shit-tier dub again

That's better than DR1 than.

Remember that this is getting sold as a box of 4 parts which is riskier.

I'm not mad.

It's weird because I think the first 2 BD Boxes have event tickets for the DR3 event in April next year and I expected them to sell more.

Out of curiosity, what was the average for the DR1 anime?

>appears only once
>already dead

>first kiss in the series
Ruruka and Yoi kissed onscreen.

Honestly I fully expect some side material with her.




While mediocre at best at everything else, Saionji sure is the best girl to bully.

That's why I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

I was so pissed at how they wasted her.

>super popular character for first 3 episodes.
>Monaca reveal
>popularity and fanart take a nose dive.

Most DR victims didn't deserve their fate, that's just kind of how the series is, not everything is fair.

DR3 cast still got fucked over too hard.

I hope the dub has him say Kyousuke more clearly. And that it tacks on a "Juzo" somewhere when Munakata's talking to his body.

If you think they all should have gotten a happy ending then I don't know what to tell you. Most of DR1's cast is still dead too.

Problem is though. We learnt about the DR1 cast through their FTE's and as such we feel bad for them when they died.

With DR3 it's different, we learnt nothing about the characters before they died. Therefore the emotional connection is lost for some characters.

There's also the fact the DR3 cast was only used to develop Naegi even further. Hell Munakata got absolutely shafted in the finale despite the anime building him up as the secondary main character.

> for the DR3 event in April next year
Any more info on this? I'll be in Japan in April so this sounds really interesting.

Yes, we had 6 survivors there.
Now from the new cast only 2 survived and one is fucking Mitarai who belongs to the 77th class anyway. Dude also got himself a free ticket to a tropical island.
Their deaths weren't even really acknowledged at the end, they were mere "stepping stones" so Kodaka could kill off characters while leaving the old cast untouched. Not to mention the reason they died was retarded beyond imagination.
Munakata lost the people who loved him, his organisation, his eye, his ideals and got nothing out of this whatsoever while the 77th class was completely brought back and Naegi didn't have to endure any losses and became headmaster.
Talent isn't everything my ass. If you don't have good luck you don't need to apply for a happy ending.


(Future heroine and despair heroine)

Angel Beats was a train wreck as well.

In a better world, we would have a series about the DR3 characters without being dragged down by the previous two casts.

Hell, I still want it to happen even though I know for a fact it won't.

Well it's essentially a DR3 event with most of the cast from DR3. I dunno the full guest list but I know for a fact the Seiyuus for Naegi/Nagito, Ruruka, Kirigiri and Chisa are gonna be there.

Most likely will just be a talk show with maybe some announcements relating to DR3.

Oh, you need to have bought the first BD Box to get the ticket for the day, and then there's a second one for the night in the second BD Box

>Hell Munakata got absolutely shafted in the finale despite the anime building him up as the secondary main character.
this, although at least he had plenty of character development

>V3 is set in the future but features time travel
>ending has the V3 cast going back in time to prevent the entire series from happening

What's wrong with Kishi?
Ass Class was great, so was P4 anime

Gonna need better bait than that.

God, Chiaki's death was just depressing.

>We'll save you sensei..hinata-kun.

She sort of did the latter I guess with making Izuru cry? But fucking shit.... It made me kind of upset Chiaki didnt have much of a presence in 77's mind in hope-1. And Hajime being the only one to go to Chisa's body. Didnt those morons charge into the super mysterious dark labyrinth to save Chisa? Hajime's alter ego saw her get lobotomized and he's the only one to pay respects?

They should have done that over have Saionji fall down and Mahiru snapping a picture to a sniper.

Why they fuck were they underg

>Paradox ending
I don't think so.

Its a shame this threads are gonna die. /drg/ is on tumblr levels of cancer there are people that have fallen so low in society they're using trips and imagefagging to find a sense of belonging therefore there isn't any worth discussion or even entertaining shitposting.

I seriously am ashamed to like the same shit those losers do.

>Weedman and brown girl are going to be Hagakure and Asahina happy/cheerfull types

>With DR3 it's different, we learnt nothing about the characters before they died. Therefore the emotional connection is lost for some characters.
Then it shouldn't matter if they got "shafted" because they weren't well-developed in the first place. Munakata's the only one I felt got a raw deal since he actually did develop and survived.
>There's also the fact the DR3 cast was only used to develop Naegi even further.
From the beginning this anime was meant as fan service to fans of the game's characters and to bring the open-ended storyline of the first 2 games to a more definite conclusion so they could move on to the reboot. I'm actually kind of surprised people thought the DR3 cast would get the same amount of attention as the ones from the games when they were upfront from the beginning that the returning cast would be in it, meaning they would be getting the focus, and the time restrictions of anime meant significantly less time than the games so they wouldn't have been able to explore the new cast as well even if they tried.
Number of casualties in DR1 cast: 11 if you include Jin who died before the start.
Number of casualties in DR3 cast: 10 if you include Gekkougahara who died before the start.
>Not to mention the reason they died was retarded beyond imagination.
And "I did it all for zetsubou" isn't retarded? Vampire butlers?

>tfw you have nothing else to look forward to on mondays
What are some dank shows coming out this season?

Yeah, what was the point of that development again?

Then again, I'm left asking "What was the point of DR3 if the new characters were always gonna get shafted except for Mitarai, who was probably one of the worst characters DR has to offer?"

Aikido has shown NO sprites.

Confirmed victim.

Chisa shouldn't tower over Chiaki like that. They're only like 1cm apart.

They're guilty of doing this in the anime too. What's the reason?

I see one, top-middle.

It did 3k for each arc, which is good.

Junko didn't kill his mother, it was implied that she just exploits her death to bring him toward despair

Cure W =/= Antagonist.

Completely different asspull that worked only because Mikan saved Kyoko mouth to mouth.

But Ass Class really was great
And I haven't seen the P4 Golden anime everyone hates but the original adaptation was great too
Although I have no idea what the guys that dubbed it were thinking when they had the same guy dub Yu and Adachi

Junko outright says that she made it happen
Imagine that, your childhood friend, the friend you murdered people over just stabbed you, and then she says she killed your mom when you were kids
Being Matsuda is suffering, no wonder he turned her into a fuckdoll for a while

She would have been like 6.

For each volume? I guess for adaption that cheap and terrible. That's shit for original anime though.

Kids are cruel

No sprites = victim? Since when?

>Junko tell lies to push in her agenda

>Number of casualties in DR1 cast: 11 if you include Jin who died before the start.
>Number of casualties in DR3 cast: 10 if you include Gekkougahara who died before the start.
Who cares about the casualties? The survivors were largely made up of the DR1 cast this time anyway so it doesn't matter. Still only 2 DR3 cast survivors. And no, Jin wasn't a participant so he doesn't count.
>And "I did it all for zetsubou" isn't retarded?
The DR1 cast represented hope and their killings being broadcast to the world gave it some sense of relevancy.
DR3 cast was killed for no other reason than "Mitarai, show hope video". What Chisa implied at the end of episode 12 with her words "Our future ends here. Hope begins now" was that the future belongs to the next generation. They really were fucking stepping stones.

Is not fucking fair

She didn't do it. She never admitted ot it, and only tried to make him despair with implications. Official wikia says she didn't do it.

Why would she lie there?
The guy was dying anyway, she just spilling the beans
If anything she lied before when she probably told him she felt sorry for his loss or whatever

>Tell people DR3 is for the fans
>Majority of the cast gets either short convoluted back stories or none at all and die a horrible death
>Except for the 2 survivors, one of with just fucks off and that's the end of that, and the other one whose partially responsible for bringing the world into despair and then trying to mind rape everyone into hope but hey he gets a good ending
DR3 cast were literally stepping stones for hope aka DR1 and 2 cast

>official wikia

It was a stepping stone for greater despair

It's killing me.

So who fucked Junko after all?

We need an image of Nagito with a "stepping stones were a mistake" caption

Oh, here we go. There is always one retard that has to be an apologist just for the sake of being an apologist. Look, your argument that we were never supposed to care about DR3 characters does not stand up giving the huge focus they had over on Despair. Despair itself was used more as a means to develop DR3 characters. That means it is a flaw. Yes, this anime is flawed.

>b-but time restrictions
Fuck off, they specifically chose to use an anime format, and they chose to have them air biweekly. You don't get to use the fact that it was restricted by the medium as an excuse when they chose the medium specifically.

If she didn't lie he would die in peace like he was about to because he expected to die after he went there

>official wikia

She wishes it was Hopelet until his pelvis explodes.

I did

I dont really like how 2 ended up being the "main game"

It's really not though. 2 has become redundant because of 3. Everyone is just fine and the events of 2 didn't even need to happen because they had no consequences in the long run.

Nobody can even use time restrictions as an argument given the excruciatingly SLOW pacing. If anything they had too little content for the number of episodes. Not even being in a different medium would've saved it - Kohacka and Kishi simply had very little to tell with DR3.

I hope the doujins come and arent all fujo shit like with DR2

>You will never clear her FTE's

Mostly involed Juno and Chisa, but i guess now he's got to accept whats happened and move on

Revived worst girl.
Killed off best girl permanently.
Why is this allowed again? Shit ending.

Not him but the main problem with DR3 was the ending and the twist
In DR1 you have the 2 year memory wipe, the apocalypse outside and Junko Enoshima as the mastermind behind everything as well as the final boss
In DR2 you have another fundamental memory wipe, the cast being Ultimate Despair, the whole thing being Matrix-like simulation and the mastermind being Izuru, with giant AI Junko as the final boss
DR2 managed to outdo DR1 in every way
DR3 had a boring building switch, the fucking suicide video, Tengan as the mastermind who not only makes no sense but also dies less than halfway through, and goddamn Ryota as the final boss
DR3 was an insane letdown because of this
Zetsubou-hen managed to have better twists, like Natsumi and Sato being reserve course students, Chisa being despair, Juzo being blackmailed, Chiaki being real, impostor-kun's face reveal just to name a few

Honestly, the way I expected Munakata's development to end was him confronting the mastermind and defeating them. I fully expected him to accept Chisa was a despair, and then confront Desapir!Chisa. But sadly she didn't become the mastermind and we never got that.

im replaying 1st game, they seem to forgot put metal plates on windows in the dinning hall

It's a courtyard.

They're both good my man, but to be honest I couldn't feel happy that Chiaki died while Kirigiri gets to live even though she's my second favorite.

Is she still running out of food and water in space? She couldn't possible have a lot of it stacked up in that van.

>she die being as irrelevant as Bandai

>that door behind Celestia
Turn up the AA, I'm telling this to you as friendly advice

It was told explicitly that the meeting was held by Munakata.

i dunno, i guess that it's even more tragic that he only now realises that she was evil the whole time, and the Juno, while he definitely did the wrong thing, did not mean to be evil, and loved him, and after munakata tried to kill everyone, he now has to live with what he's done and try and fix the world, not unlike class 76

She probably has Monokumas bring her shit
Or maybe she came back down

they did, however, you can clearly see the large metal walls on the outside of the windows.

Doesnt Hopes Peak have fake outdoor areas like the indoor garden?

None of that shit about atonement from the DR2 cast actually had any weight behind it because they did fucking nothing wrong. They don't even look any different.

>hajime on that fifth crystal before sato brained her

This Hajime was me on my first playthrough

Nagito has Venom Snake's robot hand
Fuyuhiko lost an eye

>tfw getting constantly bullied by Kirigirifags
I just want my waifu back, you assholes.

Does the user who keeps posting about how he wants to cure Junko with his dick not realize the author wrote an entire novel explaining why this was not possible.

Apparently only Munakata has to atone.

>Who cares about the casualties?
Why are you arbitrarily deciding it's not important but the number of survivors is? More DR1 characters died than DR3.
>The survivors were largely made up of the DR1 cast this time anyway so it doesn't matter.
Their numbers were already reduced in the game, killing them off when they already survived that shit would be retarded especially since this was fan service for their characters.
>And no, Jin wasn't a participant so he doesn't count.
Neither was Gekkougahara unless you count Alter Ego as a participant in the first game. But if you take them out then that just makes the numbers 10 and 9.
>DR3 cast was killed for no other reason than "Mitarai, show hope video".
FF was corrupt from the inside, Tengan was going to die soon and the guy who was going to take over and who pretty much already had all the power in the organization was being manipulated by Despair into being a bloodthirsty warmonger ready to wipe out the whole world if it meant achieving his goal. Tengan wanted to wipe the FF slate clean before burning out and leave behind a successor with the ability, and if the plan went well, the conviction to eliminate despair without further large-scale casualties. If all the FF leaders were wiped out in the game then it just meant he would be unopposed. I'm not even trying to say these are good reasons because there were surely other methods to achieve his goal that weren't a killing game, just that they aren't any more stupid than a teenager destroying the world and broadcasting a convoluted death game to give people a nebulous emotion.

But Matsuda didn't try to cure her with his dick, he used memory manipulation
That's why I believe in him, he can do it, this method is infallible

I don't understand why most of the DR2 characters have the same clothes both in the game and in the HOPE episode.
Weren't them supposed to look like they were before entering high school?

I think I'm giving the wrong impression here, any defense I make of DR3 is not because I think it's good or that the writing isn't shit but because I'm tired of seeing people pretend like DR3's story was a billion times worse than the games or that characters never got shafted before (the characters that died in AE were shafted way harder than most of the DR3 cast). The fact is that the games always had retarded stories and unsatisfying twists when you remove the trials, DR3 merely continues the trend.
>huge focus they had over on Despair.
You mean The Junko Show? They were used as stepping stones there just as much as in Future, and unlike Future, they weren't even developed.
>they specifically chose to use an anime format
It's almost like this format was because they didn't want to commit to a bigger project like a game because it wasn't meant to be more than fan service and a convenient way to wrap up the ongoing storyline and you got duped by the title.

Nah I'm pretty sure they fugged

Dont even try questioning this mess of a story

They just had the SHSL Tailor whip them up their old clothes.

Juzo died because Munakata chose to kill him. Even if you dislike the former, that alone is something he put on his shoulders himself.
And by choice, making things far more difficult for everyone else by trying to kill everyone, one by one from the start.

>naegi just created a new hope's peak in the end
What the fuck? We spend this entire series exploring how fucking stupid Hope's Peak was and he reopens it again? WHY?

Junko dead body was fucked by many dicks anyway.

But that wasn't the main healing method
If you concentrate all your efforts on the the dick and heal her through that you will succeed
They should have had the clothes they had in the intro of the first Mirai episode
But then again impostor-kun changed clothes a bunch of times during the episode so it's just magic

That was what Naegi was trying to argue when he talked over the intercom. But if you were forced to do something terrible at gunpoint like kill your family, you would still feel some guilt even if it wasn't your fault. SDR2's cast are the ones that chose to atone, no one forced them to swoop in at the end and save everyone, hell, Munakata may even have agreed to let them off the hook at that point, but it was their decision to atone because it's how they want to cope with what happened.

He literally didn't read it, but he still insists on arguing about it.

I heard from an user that there was a bit lost in translation and that what actually happened was that Mikan tried transplanting Junko's womb and shit into herself or something.

The "forced at gunpoint" thing doesn't even work here because when you're forced at gunpoint at least you have the choice to get shot. They were brainwashed and had absolutely no way of knowing that it was happening or preventing it.

That might have happened
But how would that be visible?
It certainly looks like Mikan got fucked anyway since she's not horny anymore
The power of the SHSL Cock knows no boundries

I guess is was just more to show they were back to normal. Seeing them all happy and healthy while in some torn up despair like form wouldn't have looked as hopeful.

>Hopeman got rid of Junko's hand
>Fuyuhiko got rid of Junko's eye
Does that mean that she got rid of her Junko's womb too?

What would sex with her feel like?

I've heard that as well, but I believe that, in pic related, it is clearly shown that somebody is trying to hump something.

>defending junko purity
Really? The same fucking junko that did enkou to ensnare the fat trustee old man. Face it, your waifu is a slut and when they found her body, they each turn took turn coming inside her.

If anything it would've been more hopeful to see how they've regained their hope even with everything they've been through.

Fixing the mistakes of the past generations. There were a lot of good things that came out of HPA too, see how happy and close class 74, 77, and 78 were before despair shit went down. It's just that the people running it were the spectacular combination of shady and retarded. I'm willing to bet the first change Naegi made was not segregating the students.

>I'm willing to bet the first change Naegi made was not segregating the students.
He probably made some changes around the whole "human experiments" bit too.

>We spend this entire series exploring how fucking stupid Hope's Peak was
I think you misunderstood a lot about this series

He's been manipulated all this by Yukizome and then by Tengan.
If Mitarai doesn't have to atone for shit and gets a happy ending then the same should apply to Munakata.
They asspulled everyone back to existence but they couldn't provide the same service for at least Sakakura.

>Kuzuryu has facial hair before DR2
>still looks like a baby in DR3
hope sure is amazing

Izuru is fucking Mikan after she took Junko's womb
I can see the hentai already

I'm just trying to keep the metaphor grounded in reality since DR uses bullshit technology that's not entirely relatable but okay then, if someone put an antenna in your head that controlled your body and made you kill your family, you would still feel some level of guilt because it was your own hands that did it, even if you had no control.

If anything, DR3 even made it worse by going the umiunko route. Wouldn't even surprise me if they start going the meta route by having dead people discussing about mystery and influencing the hope vs despair fight in the real world at the cinema.

That's not Kuzuryuu. Honestly, I was always kind of irritated that people assumed those were the SDR2 cast just because Komaeda was one of the examples.

I can see V3 going this way
Instead of the Monokuma theater we have fanservice sorts of the previous characters commenting on the situation

Those good things could've been achieved by any normal decent school though.

I liked Umineko, what was wrong with it?

Fuck off, how is it not?
>someone implanted Junko's eye in their head
>Kuzuryu has a missing eye in DR3
I don't recall seeing anyone else with a missing eye.

Well, even with all the equipment, she still needs a donor.

I'm just sending shit down the grapevine.
Fuck you though, Junko best.
Chiaki a shit

I wanna fuck her in her despair hole

>FF was corrupt from the inside, Tengan was going to die soon and the guy who was going to take over and who pretty much already had all the power in the organization was being manipulated by Despair into being a bloodthirsty warmonger ready to wipe out the whole world if it meant achieving his goal. Tengan wanted to wipe the FF slate clean before burning out and leave behind a successor with the ability, and if the plan went well, the conviction to eliminate despair without further large-scale casualties.
You're reaching pretty fucking far here. Like, if I were to reach so far into my ass the hand would come out of my mouth

Even fucking junko and yukizome made to cinema purgatory.
Poor chiaki cant get a break.

But it's more meaningful to take what was once the symbol of hope before it was twisted into something more sinister and restoring it to something even better. It's like saying that they can't be controlled by tragedy, they're not going to let someone's efforts to take away an important symbol to them be rewarded.

Do you think the devs will treat Kaede like they did Komaru?

Nah, people just assumed it's Mikan because of her talent, it's not really said who did it in the Japanese version and because of the misunderstanding that Despair Mikan actually loved Enoshima, when it was just brainwash, and no different from any other Despair.
The only ones clear are Kuzuryuu and Komaeda.

I want my dick to reach far inside Mikan's ass

Kaede won't survive and will get mindbroken
The rest of the Kaede is mindbroken

I don't think so. Komaru's game was just a spin off so they had a bit of fun.

wat. Isn't that Izuru starving himself? And Soda on the left.

Yeah, what's this whole cinema purgatory thing, anyway? I don't remember it and Google is just bringing up the Monokuma theatre. I fell out of the loop for a while.

Yeah, I had simply heard it was Mikan, but I was wondering how she would even operate on herself, considering nobody else in the class other than possibly Izuru has any medical expertise.

How is that reaching exactly? Did you miss the part where Tengan said he was old and didn't have much longer? Did you miss Munakata and Tengan's entire conflict? Did you miss Andou being a traitor within the organization and Yukizome literally being a despair? Did you miss the part where Tengan chose Mitarai as his successor because of his brainwashing abilities?

The one starving herself should have been Akane, taking into account her love for food.

Why does seeing her so happy make me so sad?

It's some mook, that doesn't look like his face at all. There were seriously armies of people obsessed with Junko and despair.

He means Komaeda's arm. The others apart from Kuzuryuu are guesses, but they are never confirmed. Likely it's Souda though.

Well, RoD doesn't just refer to Class 77, so it's possible it wasn't just them. Even if Enoshima was to state it was them, there's only so much of her words one can believe.

But even with Junko a major reason why it was twisted into something more sinister was because of the nature of the school itself. It's hard to say that they're restoring an important symbol when the thing they're restoring was a bad idea to begin with.

>How is that reaching exactly?
Your whole interpretation is built on assumptions. The only thing we know for sure is that Tengan wanted Mitarai to use his video to brainwash the world. It has nothing to do with fixing FF

Komaru was a mistake

Junko took advantage of faculty that was doing super illegal shit like human experiments and covering up murders all while leeching money from students that they segregated and treated inferior to the main course. Somehow I don't think Naegi is going to continue those particular aspects of the legacy.

It reminds us of the hopelessness of her situation and the unfair ending she received

Guys guys the stream is starting in 3 hours right?

g-guys get i-in the stream, guys

i miss watching with you anons

Because Kirigiri got a copout ending. She was dead for 8episodes but got revived.
Meanwhile, the whole of class77 have their memories uploaded to a dead brain. All of them got a copout, all except for Chiaki.

Tengan died before he was found out and unlike Junko he didn't leave behind an exposition AI, instead all we got was a recorded video in which he flat out lies in order to manipulate the guy crucial to his plan, you kind of have to put 2 and 2 together in this situation. Do you think all that stuff about the power struggle between him and Munakata was just fluff?

Kodaka on suicidewatch

He also tried to get Munakata to kill everybody in the building and mostly succeeded. Sounds counterproductive, unless his plan was so complex it included Munakata getting blown the fuck out by hopelet

I can see why he was so torn up.

Because it will never happen again.

OK guys, so far I did:
>played DR1
>played DR2
>watched two series of DR3+ final ep mirai

What else in this series is noteworthyn next?

Well, he'll have SHSL Magician in V3, so we're just one step away from having another Umineko.

Wait for the inevitable AE PC port or sit tight for V3 news.

I think you're done for now.

AE wont get ported, it took too long and most people already spoiled themself

How is killing everyone counterproductive to his plan when that's literally what he's trying to do? The sooner people die, the sooner his message gets sent out, and the monitors take care of whoever's left. The retarded part is including Mitarai in the game when he showed up unexpectedly. I can understand that he can't just disappear Mitarai since that would make everyone suspect him for sure and with a united enemy they're all more likely to work together and escape, but not even leaving him a message or something about how to not get killed by the monitors is fucking dumb and dangerous if he's supposed to succeed him. I guess he would have told everyone else and then the game would be busted anyway. Honestly, Tengan's plan was pretty much screwed no matter what once Mitarai showed up.

Read Danganronpa Zero

Read 0

Theyre porting games older than AE


Juzo being a homo instead of a cuck is the best twist in DR3 imo.

They missed on releasing AE before DR3 finished airing, the prime time for the port is now over so a chance of a port release became really small

Who killed the fucking guards, how did nobody notice all the guards set to guard the place had vanished right before the meeting with all the branch heads?

Tengen is in the meeting room with them when they are all put to sleep. Multiple gas pellets are spread through the entire room, you can clearly see that they've been thrown around the entire room, there’s at least four of them. If Tengen threw them how did nobody fucking notice? If Tengen didn't throw them who is his accomplices?

Tengen says all the chair heads are present, but the 13th chair head is absent.

Tengen is clearly surprised Ryouta arrives at all, why did tengen plan for a killing game at all if ryouta had never been meant to take part of it? If he hadn't been meant to be there then Tengen could have merely stabbed everyone and roughed himself up a bit then claimed that the FF had killed eachother. Why even continue with the game if Ryouta has arrived? IF he dies tengen's plan is completely fucking shot and retarded. The only reason to have set up an actual game is if he knew ryouta was going to be there, but the second ryouta was going to be there, it becomes obvious the only choice is to not continue with the plan even if it's a game.

Who was controlling monokuma and hacking into Miaya's computer in real time? Monaca later says shes not part of it at all, so it's unlikely that she set up the hacking part to help tengen.

Who dragged them all to the new room? Did tengen just happen to wake up before them all according to plan? Obviously not, so he either never got put to sleep or someone had to help him, and if someone had to help him, who the fuck was it?

Did whoever move them not fucking notice Miaya was a fucking robot? This makes even less sense if it was Tengen himself.

user, Chisa's dead too, and Class 77 didn't give a shit about that as well.


It hurts every time.

He was still cucked, just by Chisa.

Kirigiri would've been beyond screwed if she had died in DR3. The revival was poorly handled but lacking it entirely would've been worse.

The big twist is that Kaede will be the only one actually incarcerated for a crime she DID commit

Can't wait for Kaede shitters to get BTFO

my wife Ibuki is cute. CUTE!

>Can't wait for Kaede shitters to get BTFO
How long do you think we have to wait before it get ported to steam?



a long time
it will probably get an english release on ps4 before it gets ported to steam

I hope it isnt long, Spike knows Danganronpa is liked in the West now.

Komaeda is cute!

That physically hurt me.

Maybe they'll retcon him back to life later, they don't seem to have a problem with that.


Shirokuma is cute. What a nice bear.

He is nice.


Everyone appears twice asides from these characters who appear three times.

>Kaito (Astronaut), Kiibo (Robot), Shuuichi (Detective), Rantarou (???)
(Confirmed to make it past the first two cases at least?)

Maki is only there two times, hmm. Maybe the survivors group will be majority guys again (3 guys - 2 girls).

Ano ne!

I couldnt fit the whole list

ne ne

So cute. So nice. So considerate and friendly.

So in the end, was there any real point to the whole Future story?


DR3 was a mistake.
They also wave away the Fuyuhiko Mahiru conflict like nothing.

There was no point to the story, period.

Yes. To kill off any hope of Chiaki being alive.

Friendly reminder that DR3 and/or V3 feature
>Closed room murders
>Meta dimension
>possible twins

>best girls

>She will never step on you

Eh, it can't be worse than a murder mystery where everybody actually kills themselves

Do you like my name, Cred Forums?


>she will never cry in your arms about all the bad she has done

Also the actual robots. I hope that people are prepared for multiply bullshits acting as explanations for many trials

He's suffered more than enough. He didn't need death, too.

You crazy kids are still making DR3 threads?

It would have been a more happy ending if Juzo survived and he went with Munakata toward new future hodling hands and Munakata realise that he was always gay

How come DR0 "Junko" was way funnier and wackier than what we got in Despair side? Also, how could Mukuro possibly impersonate her if she was portrayed as an absolute retard in DR3?

I hope Hitler doesn't die too soon in V3

>shsl mid
>not dota


Shocked at the lack of Chisa ntr art.

I dunno why they made her a siscon in 3 when shes more like a beaten dog in 0.


They also retconned Juzo from being a despair allied with Junko into being blackmailed

Have you all thanked her yet?

no she killed chiakers

This, yet she though of her as the most important person to her in the Neo world.
What's her problem?

Thanks for both reviving Kirigiri after the series was finished and getting rid of that awful Mary Sue Chiaki while it was still ongoing, Mikan.


Hanakana character never win.
They were never going to give her a good end unlike kirigiri.

Fair enough.

Watch a playthrough of AE and read a summary of DR0. AE has pretty bad gameplay and DR0 is... well it's a light novel so

No, she did not. Don't try to blame Mikan for something a brainwashed puppet did. Mikan is best girl, and she only ever tried to help people, but it backfired on her and hurt her each time.
This episode was to make that clear for the dumbasses too stupid to understand.

Thanked her for the great blowjob yeah

YuYuYu was 2014's AOTY.

>Original plan was an intense action game
>Realize 90% of their audience are visual novel fans and not into action games

Its simple gameplay but I can understand why they made it that way.

They should have made the game like Twilight Syndrome/Clock Tower series

I like action games, but AE had generic and boring gameplay, that's it. As far as character development goes, I think it's the best in the series. Story is pretty good as well, the scenes leading up to the final boss were great.

They made it look like Resident evil 4 but without any fun, interesting plotline or awesome enemies or weapons. I only like the music in that game and interactions with Toko

____ is a mistake

It's just dumb Chiakifags being butthurt. Go back to /drg Chiakifags, that's where most of your kind come from anyway. Your waifu was made as a plotdevice and to die, that's it.
Her entire character is shit and she's stupid for dragging her class to get brainwashed, even though Komaeda warned her and she saw what Izuru and Enoshima were capable of.
Ibuki is more of a character than Real Chiaki and better.

How do you think the real Chiaki would act in a killing game? How well would she do?

Because they realized that making Mukuro more like the villain she was always supposed to be was better
She was a bad guy, she destroyed the world with Junko, I hate when people downplay her ruthlessness and evil

Im not a slav gopnik, sorry.

She looks dumb in DR3, not evil

stop it chiaki, you're hurting yourself even more

I remember her being scary when murdering all those guards, shooting that student council girl and putting pointy things in Chisa's brain

Everytime I read this shit, I wonder, are you people trying to rile up shit or are you really this stupid?

So, who is the SNAIL in Danganronpa?

>when murdering all those guards
Not really
>shooting that student council girl
I give you that but she was shat on by Junko immediately after
>putting pointy things in Chisa's brain
She was pretty moe there

But that would just make Chisa even more of a red herring than she already was.

She did.
That damn normie hater.
What a hypocrite.

Normies should be gassed

she wasn't shat on, Junko just told her to sing
>no 7+ min sequence of the Tragedy with komm susser tod playing in despair episode 11
Wasted opportunity

Never meant to be anime. He and ghe writers pretty much shat on it. Shame as there was a really good setting in both arcs.

What's happening here

Well my point is Mukuro can't be taken seriously most of the time


There was a good setting and good characters with plenty of potential to go around, and ways to really hammer in the "we could only do this with an anime" feeling besides "dude animator in an anime". It deserves to be treated as the クソアニメ it really is.

I like her voice

Why didnt he mindhacked FF then?

He's dead, let him go

So were most of the 77th class.


Apparently one of the next BD box will have the DR3 characers profiles
>The profiles will list the birthdays, blood types, heights, weights, chest measurements, likes, and dislikes for all the Zetsubou-hen characters.
>mfw Juzo's profile

Who cares, they're fucking dead

>Chisa's measurements
I'm ready

Except saving his waifu

>Boxer man's chest
I'm listening.

He did save his real waifu though. Chiaki was just like some stalker childhood friend who was made to lose.

I F 生 存 宗 逆

No. Fuck off.


Juzo deserves someone better than munakata

What if it turned out that Naegi actually had the insanely specific talent of SHSL True Waifu Protection or something, guiding absolutely everything towards a specific outcome? Because I could see DR pulling that shit with how some SHSLs seem to work.

Chiakifags butthurt again. You've ruined the threads since Thurdsay. She's shit, deal with it or cry on /vg.

I was fucking hoping Kamukuwa was going to save her. Like holy fuck, if Kigirigi got a cop out resurrect out of nowhere, why couldn't the all talents dude heal her?

oh the edge

Not just that, it was multi-pronged effort to kill off her character as well. Now the very last moment etched into your mind of real Chiaki is her dying in agony and filled with regrets. Now with AI Chiaki you know that she's a shapeshifting chameleon, and given how she was only able to pull a rough approximation of the real Chiaki's behavior, the legitimacy of any of her behavior is called into question, let alone how only her ghost was allowed to show up(the fact Kodaka didn't write real Chiaki is no excuse to ignore her like that).

Anime was really shit.
Really ruined the whole apocalypse and worst tragedy blah blah imo. Watching the anime, it really feels like they downplayed what the despairs did. Izuru was just like a bystander to the whole thing.

Yeah, but they completely got rid of any of her sympathetic qualities.

>he's still at it
Fuck off.

I want an alternative ending.


Silly user, that would take a miracle.

>Being black
Prepare to get made fun of nigger

She's still sympathetic
She loves her little sister a lot

There was literally no impact in her revival. It was pandering for Bluray sales. And only the non-comatose members of class 77 should of gone. It's hard to consider it canon considering how much he butchered the twist in Mirai and retconned he shit out of hope. Also, RL Chiaki was handled poorly, which is why a lot of Anons don't give two shits about her death as whoever made it forced it to shit. This is an anime for the memes. Look no further.

>meanwhile, he instantly cures brain cancer, solos a whole army, and resurrected the brain-dead class of 77.

Fuck off.
Most presidents are normies hoe.
Go suck Raiden's dick.

>mass murderers got a miracle
>Chiakers didn't
Life is simply unfair

>not despair
Ya blew it.

>We, the RoD have decided to atone for our sins.
>By fucking off to an island and partying there.

user, maybe she still buy limited edition DRv3 with OAV

>the dynamic of SDR2's survivors will never get explored

I will not fall for your lies, conman!

But Munakata is the man Juzo's chosen, so there must be something worth loving there.

I'm pathetically hoping they'll cave to fan response and bring him back. This is Kodaka so that's stupid, I know. But
>class 77

Posting the best dead girl

>>class 77
Tell that to Chisa and Chiaki, user.

Why is Junko all comfy and shit?

She should be getting gang raped by horse-bear-orcs with cactus penises daily.

Sato and Natsumi death were both actually pointless.

What do you call what happened to Kigirigi then?

Fun fact: This is from an unused file in the game

To be fair if they are going to have a mix of talented and normal students together then isn't that just a regular school?


Business move.

Naegi's character arc would've ended on way too dark a note. His whole thing in DR3 was basically about not being the bulletproof HOPEman that he has become to some people. He's a weak and unassuming guy with good friends that was basically pushed to his breaking point. Leaving him in that damaged state would've been much darker than DR3 had the writing chops to pull off.

The optimal business move would have been making jesus revive Hanakana for the BD sales

Which is why killing him off - so that he truly would become the Ultimate Hope - would have been a great way to finish it off.

I want to believe.

It... made Hajime become Izuru! Which, from the directional choices they used that episode is apparently supposed to be seen as a tragedy, but from what we know since episode 1 Izuru was going to happen one way or another, so all Hajime really did was make himself be the one to do it.

>Kuzuryuu and Peko cared about Chiaki more than Natsumi, same for Teruteru and his mother and anyone else who might have had family or loved ones
>AI Chiaki doesn't even act like the real Chiaki that much, and even says that they're two different people in Hope arc, so this reason given doesn't really make sense
What a stupid copout-tier way of trying to tie the two characters together that just ends up destroying absolutely everyone involved.

>498 posts

So is this it, guys? Are we migrating to /vg/ now?

>yfw they see DR3 with abysmal ratings
>yfw they activate their secret weapon
>yfw they scrap call it "Nagito OAV", only to be centered around fat gamer girl
>yfw Spikechun and Kodaka sitting on a mountain of jew gold from Chiakifags buying 10 copies of limited edition DRv3

Nah, Komaeda's strong all on his own. That's half the reason they did that, to try and push Komahina.


>Hiyoko censored by soap bubbles
>Mahiru showing everything.

It's worth remembering that AI Chiaki is the only one that Hajime/Izuru actually remembers in any detail. He saw meat Chiaki twice, once dead, and felt something for her, but he has his full NWP memories in his head now, with none of his original HPA ones from before the surgery.


Holy shit do you have a source? I need that twitter artist in my life.

>he's still trying it
stop it dude

Don't make a fucking video games thread on Cred Forums. V3 is not anime.

No, you saw what happened in Hope arc. He remembered enough of human Chiaki to tell her memory "get fucked bitch, I have superpowers now". It was a total insult to her.

>What do you call what happened to Kigirigi then?
Outsmarting the death game.

>Could of broke a monitor to validate he assumption of killing game
>Could of then told everybody in FF and make Tengan btfo
>Could of saved Juzo
Yeah. She outsmarted the killing game alright

Naegi's lucc extending to his waifu.

A shitty cop out. If they really wanted to save her, they should have made her chop off her hand. All of them got off too lightly considering what happen to Seiko and Yoi who did nothing wrong.


>talent doesn't matter you guys
>except when it does, which is all the time
Bravo, Kodaka. Simply bravo.

Kirigiri should've been the one to stop Naegi from killing himself.

This. But Brozu was an acceptable alternative.

She saved her own ass while Juzo who threw a chair at her died so it's cool :^)

That's only used for Gozu, you moron.


It's rather complex writing.

This. Juzo did try to chair her and later stab her, leading to the situation where her gay drunk uncle died, not to mention punching her husbando just to be a cunt earlier on before anything even went to shit. Juzo was not top of Kyoko's list of people to save.

We all know it's because of hack writing. Having someone say "hey check this theory out" would "spoil" the super duper exciting Mitarai and Tengan reveal so they won't do it. It'll only happen after they read her notes.

Do I have to be salty for eternity over this?

Komaeda is for cuddling!!

>DR3 is selling below 3k
>Last BD will include OAV with Chiaki playing games with Hinata in JabberCock island
>OAV comes with beach scenes, Nyotaimori Mikan and Hana Kana moaning non-stop for 20 mins
>BDs sell over 9k

I want to hug Komaeda!


Kids can't cause brain problems like the one that killed Matsuda's mom.

No need for that. Just a one-minute extension to the epilogue that shows hairpinless Chiaki saying hi to Hajime.

Too bad anything they're in now feels sad. Fuck Kodaka.

I want to kiss komaeda!


If Mitarai is killed by Munakata, he can't well use his brainwashing anime can he?

3k isn't that bad. I mean, the sales were always going to be mediocre, it'll probably make its money back but nothing more than that. It's also why people who think V3 is going to outsell Persona 5 or something are retarded, Danganronpa has never and never will sell that much. Why do you think he is pandering so much in 3? He was clearly scared of fans boycotting en masse so 3 in general is uncreative. It says a lot about how untalented and poor he is as a writer - to have to pander in a finale because you don't think you can give it a satisfactory ending, so you hope people turn a blind eye after being pandered to.