Rei or Asuka?

Rei or Asuka?

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>flat vs ass
Asuka always


I love tits and i'm not gay



no tits vs. no personality

assuka, by a hair.





sooooo, Rei?

That art is shit and you should feel disappointed in yourself for saving and posting it,



21 Years

no, it's cute

>Still having this disussion

most fags on Cred Forums are younger than eva these days

One's a contender for worst girl ever
The other is sentient cardboard

I'll take Misato as a drinking buddy




>no strawpoll

Why would we need a strawpoll when the answer's obvious?

We've had this thread a million times, and Rei always wins.

Cred Forums is for Rei. Deal with it.


>Short hair

the answer is obvious guys

You're lucky Moot is no longer with us

But even Hiro agrees that Asuka is best.

inb4 teh rei

Shinji in a maid uniform.

Who cares about that?

Lolisuka > Rei > Asuka



LoliRei would destroy lolisuka.

loli rei is a dumb cunt that got strangled by an old hag

worst girl

>you will never get shit faced with misato

my nigga

lmao, this.

How autistic do you have to be to talk shit to your father's lover's face?

i have 60 bucks left from the amazon dift card i got from the bank. do i buy the rei figma for 90? why is it so expensive?


naruto is a lot better than this pretentious trash

Asuka >>> Rei


Retards literally incapable of reading comprehension.

Neither because this argument is dumb and should've ended ten years ago

>Mari: 0 votes
I can see summer is finally over

Kaworu is still best girl (male)

Both would ruin me. There's too much to like and too much to hate.

Basically, both are toxic.


holy shit i just finished this series. i'm going to watch the movie, then read the manga



Shinji stop posting pls


Why is Asuka always depicted with the Spear of Cassius? At least Rei used the Lance of Longinus.

Asuka is best girl

Rei is a toilet

Care to explain the Rei-toilet joke, I don't get it.
(pic unrelated) Artist Mebae

who's that cutie?

Anta baka?

Rei is the only bad kuudere
Asuka is the only good tsun-tsun

an artwork started it



Reading comprehension explains why Asuka's a miserable and unlikeable cunt
That doesn't change the fact that she's a miserable and unlikeable cunt

you do know it's a tv show right?



Asuka is the only one who makes eye contact. cause she's the best.



Rei, of course.

Asuka convinced Shinji to return mankind to its pained existence for the sake of individuality, and was his last reassurance that everything would be alright after the cosmic clusterfuck that is Instrumentality.

Rei reminded him that being alone isn't very happy.


Reminder that there is no downside to choosing life because when you die you can be assured you will just return to instrumentality, so your existence will be more or less bliss.

Patricians know which one is best


Why not both?

you must choose

Asuka wouldn't allow anything else.

Asuka will save you.

Have them sleep in the same bed

Raising Project has no right being so entertaining




Do they bang in front of him to turn him straight?

Why is SIRP Asuka so fucking beautiful?
>sad lip bite

I hope so.


Asuka best girl

Isn't the manga just the series but better?


>long haired Rei

There's some changes here and there, like Toji dying and Kaworu being a hilarious autist.


It's a wig for a play or something



They did a school play arc? Don't think I've read it yet. Is it both Asuka and Rei try out for the female lead role and somehow Mana ends up getting it instead?

The only Evangelion school play I remember is in that shit show Campus Apocalypse where Asuka plays the virgin Mary and Rei keeps the horse mask so she can sleep in class. And she asks someone if they like "horse play". Rei likes horse cock confirmed.


Asuka please


Reminder that Gendo thought of Yui as he banged Ritsuko.

>Campus Apocalypse
I couldn't make it past the first few chapters. Which says something considering I was even able to finish Angelic Days and that was a steaming piece of shit.

>Angelic Days
Fucking garbage, right?

Calling it garbage is an insult to the word garbage. It doesn't even make sense within the own continuity they've established.

And the "art"

Yeah, I don't understand who thought greenlighting that was a good idea.

The very best.

It could have just been Girlfriend of Steel, the manga. But noooooooo.

>yfw Asuka gets to have dinner with her mother, and Rei has dinner with Yui and Gendo, but Shinji dines with Misato

Pretty certain this is the set up to a Saigado DJ

>Asuka gets to have dinner with her mother
>Rei has dinner with Yui and Gendo
>Shinji gets to hang out with an alcoholic nymphomaniac
I don't see a problem.

This dess dess

Asuka is the best

I got through it. You ain't miss a thing, it had a more poorly realized conspiracy plot and action scenes than what Raising Project does for jokes and like Angelic Days also disregarded its own rules at chapter 20 so it could end.


Filler garbage.

does asuka win in shinji ikari raising project?

Asuka always wins in every iteration of Eva, even in Sadamoto's manga.

Upsukas the left.

T-That's a lie,Asuka has never won the Shinjibowl ever

The character are 14, so I guess neither?

She Punished now?

What about that?


Thick Rei does things to my dick.

Asuka, as always.


because Asuka needs to coopt every cool visual of Rei's. >Eyepatch? Check
>Weird eye color because of angelic reasons? check
>Ancestral weapon? Check
>Aloof personality? Check
>Other stuff I can't point out to right now? Check

Asukafags are unfunny and can't be clever.

>Asuka convinced Shinji to return mankind to its pained existence
Asuka didn't do shit.

I sometimes wonder why evangelion is so popular
Sure it has cool mechs and cute girls, but that's not the point of the show

Huh. That's actually pretty hot, and I'm not even into big women. Is there an Asuka one?

Because the show is good.
Cool mechs and cute girls is gravy

Anno wondered the same thing

The cool mechs and cute girls were all kind of shit though. The point of the show is what make it popular in the first place, however


She didn't win in that one either.

>what is Angelic Days

The last page of that manga had Shinji crying about Kaworu