Kizumonogatari Part 2

US showings start this month, do you have your tickets yet anons?

Sacramento showing here

sac here too



The movies aren't very long. The first part was also about an hour long.

You guys are fucking pathetic

Finally got my tickets for the Atlanta showing, not sure why they waited so long to start selling them.

You have your ticket, user? What state?

Im not a normalfag.

>tfw "Tickets Coming" for going on 3 weeks now

They're going to put them up for sale just when I'm not looking and I'll only get shitty seats.


Fuck off.

My theater doesn't even let me reserve seats, hopefully I'll get there early enough to get a decent one.

Tickets were sold out before i could get them. The showing for Kizu part I wasn't sold out nearly this fast.

>watching a flop

What? you all still haven't watch it? Kek

Bought tickets for nyc the day they became available.

That being said, does anyone know if there will be any free stuff this time (movie poster, art board, etc.)?

They'll probably give out those small posters again this time. I'm doubt there'll be anything else free, but some theaters had some other posters and stuff you could buy.

What's the appeal of the Monogatari series? It's pandering shit with tons of dialogue that ends up saying nothing. Is it just good because it looks pretty and has waifus slobbering for the protag's dick?

NYC. The 22nd of this month.

Jersey, 22nd.

Thanks for the reminder, just got my tickets

>tfw you're Canadian

I missed getting the Akibafest tickets in LA on 10/15 because of scheduling, but I'm telling myself that it might be a more relaxed evening if I go on 10/22 to Downtown Independent again.

Anybody going to the Utah showing? Just moved here and it doesn't seem to be a very weeb friendly place.

Is part 3 gonna run in japan before the new year?

A-at least I got to see Digimon Tri the other week

Didn't Kizu part 1 get played in like ~2 Canadian theaters during SEPTEMBER?

I live in Idaho and went to Megaplex Sandy to watch Madoka Rebellion a few years ago, it was a pretty decent experience I must say. I don't like going there again to watch Kizu simply because it's a 6-7 hour drive from here, and not worth to watch a one-hour long movie.

It might have, but it didn't come to my portion of the frozen wasteland either way.

Damn, 7 hours? That's dedication. How big of a crowd was there? Were people generally chill?

Well fuck. Guess I have to go for the 7:30PM showing the next day instead.

Anyone know if there's gonna be promo merchandise at the part 2 showing like there was at the first?

>1 Los Angeles Showing
Is aniplex retarded?

Pretty chill, I spotted some cosplayers. The crowd went silent as the movie began, made some chuckles from humorous scene, and one person at the back yelled, "Fuck you, Urobuchi! on the credits roll. Yeah, it's kinda alright.

Also the seats were full.

Good deal, thanks for the info user.

Someone shouted "Christmas is ruined" at one of the nyc showings.

Houston on the 22nd. Hopefully less people show up in awful cosplay this time.

Music Box?

Sorry to that one user who said he'd see me there. I'm betting you got into the midnight release.