ITT: Anime you dismiss for irrational reasons

ITT: Anime you dismiss for irrational reasons.

>The MC looks like a fag
>Also Kyoani

1. he's not
2. kill yourself

It's perfectly rational to dismiss Hyouka. Just watch four episodes.

I don't understand how anyone can dismiss Hyouka. Even if you don't like it, it's incredibly useful for falling asleep.

Boring shit.

Jokes aside, I really do use it for falling asleep. I'm in episode 6 right now & I don't remember shit about the story, but is comfy to watch and suddenly close your eyes & falling asleep while doing it.

>looks gay
>looks really gay

Nice try guy maybe if you actually watch it you'll see that it's actually really good
Its not

That's not irrational, I won't watch most kyoani series because they're full of girls. It's understandable if straight men are the same with Free.




The MC's frown is too big and low. It makes him look like a muppet.

>I don't remember shit about the story
You must be retarded or not paying attention at all because the story for the first arc was fascinating

But it's so good.

Not missing much honestly.

Good visuals its all it has going for it,

Does it count if its a series I've dropped?

If so this, that fucking gay shit in episode 8 killed this entire show for me.

I think is was meant to be somewhat unsettling. Sure it kind of panders but it adds the weird "we're all sort brainwashed so we do shallow things like switch partners often and forget shit" atmosphere.

Their eyes. There's something weird about their eyes.

And I can't into idol music.

I already told you that I watch it for the sole purpose of falling asleep because is very comfy & shit.
Learn how to read and comprehend the lecture before you post, retard.

The 'gay shit' is a pleb filter, and it's a very effective one. You wouldn't have been able to appreciate or understand it anyway, so don't worry.

>You wouldn't have been able to appreciate or understand it anyway, so don't worry.

>One male, rest of cast is all female
>All female, all taking part in a club/job/activity that was seemingly drawn out of a hat

Both are the same boring dull shit over and over again every time. There are exceptions of course, but that's true for everything in life.

user already failed to understand the purpose of homosexuality in their society, it's obvious the rest would go over his head. I'm not saying it's hard to understand or a particularly deep series, I'm saying he's gotta be really fucking retarded.

You're fucking retarded since you fail to understand the concept of this thread. It has nothing to do with understanding why it was there or not everyone itt admits to dropping these shows for irrational reasons. Yet coming into this thread knowing that you still seem to be really butthurt that someone dropped your favorite series for a reason they know themselves is irrational.

>The MC looks like a fag
Seriously OP? I still watched all of Ano Natsu despite that also being true for that series.

It's also like one of the worst series I've ever watched and most regret.

I know exactly what you mean but I can't really describe it, the love lives scare me.

The mc is hotarou not satoshi

Oh sorry, I forgot that Cred Forums is a hugbox where we aren't allowed to tell people they are shit taste/are retards/etc just because the thread is about having shit taste and being retarded.

It's so fascinating it's putting people to sleep. Maybe it's the cast that's the problem, both male and female MCs are just boring characters and I don't care if someone here wants to fuck either of them, a girl can be a good slut and bad character.

I thought you said irrational reasons.

One Punch Man
>normie tier

Same. But it's mainly the idolshit that unsettles me the most

It would have been a better show if Oreki had been a fag.

>I don't know how my own eyes work

Oreki is a bit prickly in the beginning but you'll warm up to his attitude later.

This is Kyoani's cleanest looking production though so expect a higher standard than stuff like Amagi and Phantom World.

it's popular. i hate it

>ITT: Anime you dismiss for irrational reasons.

A bunch
>Cute girls doing cute things
>Likes like a show for girls (some yaoi fantasy, bunch of pretty boys trying to romance some bland chick, etc)
>Looks like boring slice of life
>Protag is a massive loser at life
>Protag is massively insecure, awkward, etc.
>Protags are women lesbians undertones
>Idol focused

That's not irrational since the last good show they produced was around 5 years ago.

MC looks like tumblrina

>Looks gross and animation feels disturbing
>Friend forced me to watch it and it's good

Funniest anime of the year. One of the best this season.

The production values are the only redeeming part of the show. The plot is boring and the main characters are insufferable.


Haruhi was more than 5 years ago user.

>Funniest anime of the year
I tried watching it and it was just a poor man's Sakamoto.

Then the last villain came. I hate those he's evil 'cause he's crazy villains