When an artist known for hardcore tags does vanilla occasionally

>When an artist known for hardcore tags does vanilla occasionally
Is there anything better?

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There is not.

And then NTR sequel.

I hate it, if it's just NTR then it's just NTR and I can fap.

But if the author also does vanilla stuff then I'm inclined to think all the porn happens in the same hentai version of the universe and suddenly the NTR is way more unsettling.

Why does vanilla even exist?

>fapping to NTR

That shit was so sweet it almost gave me the beetus.

This shit is why I can't do vanilla. It just makes me so fucking depressed.

I can't wrap my head around liking NTR. Is it only loved my husks that enjoy suffering?

I just don't like it.
for instance doesn't do guro?
you can't pretend to be a normal person when your main fetish is super fucked up.

It's a form of masochism. Regardless of what anyone tells you about "self inserting as the guy doing the NTRing" ultimately NTR is an ironic form of porn in which you are made to derive sexual excitement and pleasure from watching another man fuck a woman that you are attached to.

>When an artist gives you a new fetish.

square up little nig gibs me sum of dat salsa

yandere is pretty entry level and easy to find, I don't understand how you could just now know about it

This was probably his most vanilla work and also his best.

The only non-NTR work Takeda's done. It's no coincidence it's his best.


No thanks

What if you insert as the girl?


>When an artist known for vanilla tags does hardcore

You are probably gay.

Yeah, I'm really not into the mass subjugation of powerful women. I just like the ragnarok one because it's the most accuate thing in the world.

No way, I know for a fact that he did some others because I fap to his stuff once in a while and I never fap to NTR. I think he did the sister maid stuff at least

>That one non-futa work by futa artist
I don't know if it pleases anybody.

Yes, when they go back to the hardcore stuff.

Seriously theres enough vanilla shit in the world, it's nice to show them how to do it better, but at the end of the day I want them back where they belong, freakin out the norms.

>Title is sister breeder
Only preggo content is a bonus spread...

Kill me now.

The MC was still a tool though

his sisters are just pets to him instead of lovers, ruined it

Idolm@ster, probably looks up impregnation tags or at least the "cumming inside" one I always forget.

artist is sian, character is Takumi mukai

just find it on panda


Thank you user


For anyone else who wants it

I know the artists themselves aren't bad people, but reading NTR or bad ends where they systematically destroy a character puts me in a fowl mood.

I've got maybe 13 NTR pieces in my collection, half of which aren't translated, and the rest are all subversions of the genre.

>A woman that you are attached to
>Getting attached to fictional characters
>In porn

Thanks, friend.

What about the other way around? When someone starts out vanilla but ends up /d/ as all fuck
>DATE started out doing vanilla Spice and Wolf doujins

Unless you ignoring the character dialogue and overall narrative then that is basically impossible.

I knew it! I was just trying to put my finger on which doujin it was. Thanks famalams.

>Artist known for doing a drugged/rape doujin and dominating over femdoms
>Makes a daily SOL about tomboy needing love
Gotta love tomo-chan threads

Most of the time I can't, that is just me, I also have trouble self-inserting.

Maybe I'm just autistic.

That's weird. Aren't exhentai links supposed to give Sad Panda.jpg without the plugin/account? I am able to access these links for some reason. That's a nice discovery.

When an artist known for hardcore tags does incest vanilla.

There is not

That isn't vanilla.

Vanilla > all

That is my hope.

You must learn to channel the happiness within you through your dick. That is how you become man.

You mean, is there anything worse?

I don't follow these guys to see their dumb pairing from some super popular diarrhea of a show, I follow them because I like their fetish work. It's one thing to upload a vanilla image every so often to Pixiv, it's quite another to waste the biggest event of the year on trash I could buy from literally anyone else.

Yeah when an artist known for his vanilla shit does hardcore NTR mindbreak.

That's the guy who did the meme CBT loli doujin, Suzaka-sama no Geboku

He has a bad concept of proportions. Everything below a woman's torso becomes obnoxiously small.

/d/ is a couple links down, my nig.

It's called master race body-type

What about de-corruption?

I'm more into re-corruption

>When an artist known for drawing glorious hentai manga or doujin goes mainstream and works in a non-H Magazine, not making any more hentai until the end of their career

Is there anything better?

>The only non-NTR work Takeda's done
How fucking new are you?

> Not wanting the heart-warming and beautiful de-corruption.

>find really good /ss/ comic of a cowgirl and a succubus
>look for that artist other work
>nothing but yaoi
>this was the only straight thing this person has done.

How wonderful.

Proven by

Best Cinderella Girl.


New chapters of the non-h one fucking WHEN

He's done actual vanilla stuff before. i Even in this the brother is a complete scumbag, personality-wise, he's basically the same as all the guys in all his other NTR manga that cucks the betas.


That sounds oddly familiar. And yes, extremely furstrating.

He hasn't done guro in a long time actually. Though he's still into stuff like exhibitionism and bestiality.


Takeda has done vanilla works before he started NTR.

In fact, his NTR works is what got many of his fans pissed off in the first place.

>mfw that shit was pulled with Happy Birthday

>when an artist known for drawing shemale draws a real girl

Hi there satan

>When a perfectly vanilla artist does CGs for a loli guro game.

Doesn't feel non-NTRish. He'll follow up with a NTR version just like the idol one.

Possibly they get found out and blackmailed

What the hell did I just read?


He started with NTR because it was in the doujins. His magazine stuff came later.

The opposite.

even as dark a mind as oyster can do it sometimes (or at least get within spanking distance) even Hal has one or two without mind break or pearl dick
[Oyster] urges

>An artist known for milf does loli occasionally


Naruko Hanaharu


As dark a mind as oyster can do it sometimes (or at least get within spanking distance)
[Oyster] urges
Even Hal has one or two without mind break or pearl dick.

That's Ultra Satan- show some god-damned respect.

don't think so, brother is not a beta to be ntrd