He got a god-tier Waifu after all

Does he fuck holo?

Where's my money, Jackie-boy?

He was kinda interesting at first, but I felt as though he got way more boring over time

pic related is better MC with God-tier waifu

Crashed the stock market for his waifu

Has multiple bitches after his dick including sheep bitch, crazy noble bitch, and brown church bitch, but turns them all down for his waifu

Raised Col to be a real man

Fucks his waifu and has a cute daughter

In all the ways you can fuck a Wolf demi-god

you tell me

Seems like a badass, a fucking greedy one

was alpha as fuck
got mad fucking cash
had sex with a wolf god
dodged a fucking harem on purpose
has a qt3.14 demigod daughter

>male MC
It should've been Holo traveling with sheep girl and plenty of steamy hate sex

Fuck off back to /u/ and stay there, you shitposting piece of garbage. You're not welcome in these threads. You're not welcome on Cred Forums. And you'll never be.

>Fuck whore furry


hello newfag


Get the fuck out of here, yurishit. You're not welcome.

im not even the same guy
and you cannot decide for Cred Forums, espeially if you're here for less than a year

>comes into a S&W thread and tries to say Lawrence shouldn't exist
>calls other people a newfag
Once again, fuck off back to /u/, yurishithead. You're not welcome here, nor will you ever be.

Is there any NTR or NTR like scenes, or episodes in this show?

I've only put it off because I don't want a shoujo type of romance where someone tries to steal the cute fox gf away

I think that people joking about how they think a show could be different is not a bad thing. I'm pretty sure that you were meme'd in the first degree.

>Cred Forums meme
into the trash it goes.jpeg

If you seriously don't think that /u/ wishes male characters didn't exist, you're naive, user.

It is threatened in an arc, but it's also the best arc in the show, and one of the best in all of the series. It's not so much focused on the whole NTR aspect though because you're set up to hate the guy alongside the characters who also hate the guy.

i dont see /u/ in this thread
if youre so braindead you cant seperate jokes from serious you dont belong here
>Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.

was the brown nurse into him? I don't remember that

I don't even remember a brown girl, post pictures.
I remember gorgeous owl woman though.

I don't have pictures since I'm on mobile but it's from the LNs, season 3 never

At the very least Holo included her in the least of people she was inviting to their wedding specifically because they were attracted to Lawrence and she wanted to flaunt the fact that she was marrying him and they weren't and make them all jealous.

Not a nurse. Painter.

she was the combat priest medic or some shit I thought

Well, I just barely begun reading that novel, so maybe she turns into one, I don't know.

didn't want to make a new thread but I just started watching and I get the feeling that this bitch is gonna ruin everything isn't she.

She is barely present in the story past the first episode.

Literally unimportant after like, 5 episodes or something.

I see. She just got this look about her like someone who's going to do something stupid.

How dramatic does this anime get?

you're gonna cri

a-S or THORA subs