What did she mean by this?

What did she mean by this?

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She meant "Symphogear stopped being good after season 1"

Oh god no the show has been garbage since 1 and I cant wait for them to shovel 2 more seasons into my mouth


Uh oh

"Nana wills it."

I can appreciate this comment

This show is fucking fast food in anime form and I can't stop watching

I will post this every thread until they dock.

Like they haven't done already.

It's too bad Maria exists.

She saw a mirror.

Why is this allowed?

It was never good to begin with. I just can't fathom how this garbage keeps getting seasons and it will probably get a fourth.

Dummy it was always bad. But it was bad in an enjoyable "hype" way like most Trigger shows.

But then it just got boring, especially when the third season became so formulaic.

That she's only good for rape and abuse.

Not just a fourth, it's already confirmed we're also getting a fifth.

>Not just a fourth, it's already confirmed we're also getting a fifth.

God I hate this shit so much. A constant reminder at the nip's shit taste.

bullshit, season 2 was the best, with shuttle scene episode 1 of season3 as the peak, they went downhill from that

all those salty people who their favourite show won't even cover all the material from shitty light novel are hilarious

Meanwhile sympho got 5 season, and i bet even a movie after that's over

Nip shit taste knows no bounds. Only angle I want to see is Chris's brown rape baby.

Something about Genocide, I wasn't listening.

It's great. Everytime some user bitches about no S2 I just bring up Symphogear. What a world we live in.

The power of Nana is too great
I wonder if it there will be an actual 5th season though and not just a split cour.

My scrotum will be nothing but scabs and blood by the end of this.

They said 5. Why would they split cour as two seasons instead of just announcing season 4 with extra cours?

Just for extra hype? They tend to call split cours two seasons over there.

She means she sat down for too long and now her legs fell asleep. Legs are below the belly and that is why.

This is unironically one of my favorite Shows.

These are unironically my favorite dorks.

>Nana Midzuki wants more seasons
>Get shitty stories of lesbians instead

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Suck it Symphofags!



Same here.

These kinds of comments give me life.


>Not posting the right image
I want to commit genocide with her

That and illya. It's a never ending hype train

This user gets it.

It means that it stirs her loins.

It was gay from the start my friend.





Superior commie subs

Heavenrend > Ame no Habakiri

Nah, the ending of S3 made up for it. If the dead stays dead and we won't drown in new characters future seasons might worthy of seeing.

Every season after the first uses the same formula as the first anyway, so of course it's best when it's fresh. The only reason to like S2/3 over S1 would be if you're a lolicon, in which case S3 is probably the best.

S1 does such a good job of actually going through the effort of characterization. It's all very basic, but it seems like more than most shows even try. The action scenes make the same attempt with choreography and it really pays off in a few cases such as Tsubasa vs Chris and most of Hibiki's battles. How many shows go to the trouble of making the inexperienced MC actually shit at fighting until undergoing training, all of which is represented in the animation itself? Pretty much the only worthwhile action scenes from the later seasons are the ones in S2 where Hibiki is tripping on relic power.

The shuttle rescue scene that opens S3 was near perfect in terms of what Symphogear should be at this point. It was a drag to go from that to another season of cat and mouse with a BBEG that wanted to call forth a big thing to do the plot things. The dolls were even less interesting than the addition of the B-team in S2, and those flunkies were still eating screen time this season.

No other season has even tried to pull the kind of shit that S1 did with Fine/Ryoko where Ryoko was talking about Fine's motives in casual conversation several times before the big reveal. S1 is so great because it goes hard in the paint on so many different aspects, S2 and 3 play it safe working within the most basic formula established in S1.

This, S1 isn't the "smartest" anime but it's genuinely good enough for me to consider it one of my favourites. It's packed with tropes and clichés, but it uses them well rather than trying to half-ass something original for the sake of originality. It tells the story it wants to tell without too much unnecessary filler.

For something you could reasonably see as nothing but an ad for albums it manages to feel extremely earnest and good-natured. I honestly believe that most of the people working on this show had a lot of fun.

>Every season after the first uses the same formula as the first anyway, so of course it's best when it's fresh.
Wrong. S2 did everything better than S1 so it's better. It got rid of unneeded stuff and focused on what's good about Symphogear.

>S2 did everything better than S1
>It got rid of unneeded stuff
>focused on what's good about Symphogear.

>got rid of unneeded stuff
Don't bully Tsubasa.

G was a perfection. Once I started I couldn't stop. Even when I wanted to take it slowly, I went through half the season in one day.
I swear, every single episode ended on cliffhanger.

G was more bombastic and retarded, which is both good and bad. It gave us fun shit like Ver, but it also meant narrative and character motivations suffered.



Synchrogazer > Exterminate > Vitalization

Synchrogazer Aufwachen Form >>> everything

"Getting rid of unneeded stuff" is not the way to describe the season responsible for introducing three unneeded main characters. Nor does it focus on what was good about the first season because it merely replays S1 nearly beat for beat in terms of both characterization and aesthetic progression. The highlight of S2 was Hibiki going beast mode on the Nephilim, followed by the chink mirror battle.

While the school was downplayed in S2, it wasn't excluded entirely. What's more, its inclusion in S2(and 3) makes even less sense than in S1 because Hibiki's everyday life and the stability of the school were part of her motivation. S2's climax happened out in the middle of the ocean and threatened the whole world from the start (unlike Fine's destruction of the school in order to unveil the kadingir). The school (unneeded stuff) wasn't even gotten rid of, it was just made less prominent and completely irrelevant. S2 turned it into just a place to have a few slice of life scenes and a meetup with the lolis, most of which was more focused on Chris and Tsubasa than Hibiki (the one most attached to the school).

It's the same way in S3 when they have a few school slice of life scenes and then it is never relevant logically or thematically.

S1 was "original" and very finely tuned, G and GX had the money to buy a lot of fancy instruments.

>found a soundcloud with aufwachen form synchrogazer
>months later it gets taken down
>vitalization aufwachen form is the only one that shows up on searches
S1 had the best OST too, though most of the character songs in S2 are great and radiant force from S3 is GOD.

Meteor Light > Rebirth Day > Next Destination

Can we get some news already or at least an anouncment of an anouncment of news. I really don't like having to check /Sgg/ every other day. I know that they're probably going to be the first to know about S4 but damn are they proof that generals are not a good thing.

She meant "Ono is a monster who needs to be stopped."

I just want more Ver

What the hell happened to Hibiki's obession with luck and curses anyway?

Hajimari no Babel was god tier too but i can't find it on youtube.

>my favorite series is Natsume yuujinchou
>I'm getting a fifth season

Bye-Bye Lullaby>Makyuu Isshi-Bal>Trust heart


I just have most symphogear terms pinned in the catalog, so I can see whenever there's an important thread.

Dear diary, today I learned there's a Symphogear general in /m/. I wish I could unlearn this.

Best wishes, Anonymous.

It'd have to be some pretty big news to get me hyped. S3 just proved that even if they ship out a great first episode, they can still ruin an entire season with the same mistakes that were made in S2. S1 was the fluke, S2 and 3 are the average.

At this point an air date doesn't even matter, S1 is already out to keep me company through the lonely nights and I can skip through S2 to watch the parts where Hibiki makes me swoon. S3 was shit after the first episode.

Also what the fuck is with a symphogear general? Do they discuss the deeply laid narrative threads of S1 like intelligent gentlemen or is it just shitposting?

>im-fucking-plying zenbu isn't the best zenbu song

It's talking about dorks over and over, and saying goodnight to each other.

It's a community thread filled with waifufags+ GX bashing.


>and saying goodnight to each other.
Somehow that sounds really sad when you put it that way.

>GX bashing
I guess they are okay in my book, as long as some of them have taken the best waifu.

The best thing about S3 was Carol.

And then they had to fuck it up by losing losing her braid AND her delicious voice in the end. You had ONE fucking job, Satelight.

All the people killed by Carol came back in the BD.

It was an animation error, which really sucks.

Carol jumped universes and now gets paid to get beat up by rich girls

Did they ever explain why Hibiki regressed into a passive non fighting cry baby in S3?

Daddy issues.

What series?

Shitty writing

Shit writing.

If best dolls don't return as DMJii's classmates we riot.

I want to commit a genocide

>three unneeded main characters
Maria was useless but I won't let you say a single bad thing about Shirabe and Kirika.
Okay, "hypocrite" stuff was retarded but everything else with them was good.

>because it merely replays S1 nearly beat for beat in terms of both characterization and aesthetic progression
There's absolutely nothing wrong with that if execution is good.

>The highlight of S2 was Hibiki going beast mode on the Nephilim
Yeah, and it was better than anything in S1. Same with Miku getting her gear.

>The school (unneeded stuff) wasn't even gotten rid of, it was just made less prominent and completely irrelevant. S2 turned it into just a place to have a few slice of life scenes and a meetup with the lolis, most of which was more focused on Chris and Tsubasa than Hibiki (the one most attached to the school).
Yes, that was a great change.
Anime trio were worse than new characters and it's good the focus changed. As for Chris and Tsubasa, it was important for showing how they adapt to new life. Ver was also much more entertaining villain than Fine with her engrish and pseudo philosophical bullshit.

Symphogear should stick to being FUN, that's what it's best at.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself but that doesn't make this series any less shit.

Symphogear Vivid when?

Similar to S2, her characterization had to be reset so that the same development arc could be applied again. If they don't change the formula, expect the same thing to happen in GXZ. Remember in S2 she didn't even have "daddy issues", she just got called a hypocrite once with zero backing and had a breakdown.

The show doesn't need more characters eating up screen time. S4 is all but doomed from the start just by keeping the full six gear team, the pacing has been schizophrenic since S2 because of it.

>but everything else with them was good
Everything with them had the potential to be good, because they had a valid angle as "young people with great power who got caught up with the wrong side", as they usually mention. In fact, the problem with the lolis is best demonstrated in the beginning of S3 when they start discussing that very topic while rescuing Chris. Then it's never brought up again for the rest of the season. It's a hint at potential that is never actually explored, which is pretty much the summary for all of the show's writing past S1. G and GX are flashier, but the execution is far worse on the writing front. S1 is really a masterpiece of basic level writing, it should be taught as a textbook for making series which don't suck. G and GX capitalize on that legacy without building on it. None of the characters have developed beyond what they were at the end of S1 (except the ones that didn't exist, who haven't developed from their base states either).

How does crippling Hibiki with daddy issues just so she doesn't end the season in one episode with a supreme fist equal fun?

Better would be a season that focuses on the lolis exclusively with the other four making cameos.

Dumb Yurifag.

>better than anything in S1
Are you fucking my ass?


>everyone thought Tsubasa and Chris were fucking dead
>that power of friendship
>best song in the series starts building up
>fucking wings
>flawless transition to OP
>insane hype for last episode, not a dumb manufactured cliffhanger
Nothing will ever ever top this.
Maybe if you knew about S2 beforehand it would lose some impact, but watching this for the first time in 2012 cemented symphogear as one of my favorite shows forever.

Not that guy, by the way.

You forgot about S2 looking a whole league better than S1 and Hibiki being GAR like no other female ever. End of episode 6 is even more of a highlight than her battle with Nephilim in my eyes.

I hated that, I wish they stayed dead and Hibiki fought alone.

>wanting Chris dead
I wish you stayed dead.

The high point of Hibiki's character.


Don't mind me, just posting best Chris.

>G and GX are flashier, but the execution is far worse on the writing front.
Who watches Symphogear for writing? By the way, it seems you're under impression I consider GX to be better than S1, that isn't the case. Hibiki's daddy issues being a big part of the reason but new characters in general were far less interesting with the exception of Garie.

I think I'll have to rewatch S1 because I remember its writing to be very bad to be honest.

If you dress up as Chris or Shirabe.

Fighting was hype, sure, but the whole Fine's deal was seriously annoying and I wanted her to shut up, Sawashiro or not.

this is unironically my favourite show

>Who watches Symphogear for writing?
Not him, but that's no excuse to just shit out whatever.

While I agree, I don't consider it a reason enough to put S1 above S2, especially when S2 had so many other advantages.

I remember it being like 4am watching this, thendeciding to go to bed and being furious all day at work because I didn't watch the next episode

Oh, they sure have!

ok, let's settle this
we can all agree that



I can agree with that too
let's go with 2=1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




Yes. 2 > 1 >> 3.


Seeing that shit unfold in real time might be my favourite moment on this site.

Bring back S1 bikki.

S3 ep6 was on par with the shuttle scene

>ruining bikki with faggotry
This is why generals are a mistake. I hope I forget all about this by season 4. I want to pretend not to hate the people I discuss things with.



Used goods should stay dead.


>Used goods

If you want to deny the truth then by all means.

There is absolutely nothing gay about sucking a girl's penis.

Kill yourself

Pretty much. 3 did give us episode 1, 6 and the finale (which were all fantastic Symphogear trash), and I loved Carol as a villain, but the rest...


>the truth
[citation needed]

Denying reality will only lead to true suffering.

They probably just beat her up a bunch. Get your mind out of the gutter, faggot.

You're thinking of Chris.

They just tickled her a bit.

Season one was so much better tonally. It had the stupid happy campy shit but also the grim but campy shit.

>Season one was so much better

Tone and over all quality aren't exclusive mate but I was talking specifically about one element at that time.

>maria introduced
>the whole show goes down
Really makes you think

>open Cred Forums symphogear thread
>people still can't think beyond the images on screen
>don't apply any critical thinking to the show at all
>one year later they still don't understand anything that happened

>it was very very deep you just don't understand

Kaneko pls.

>as said by the guy who wrote five lines of text to say exactly nothing

I really wanted to just drop Season 2 when that dyke's Laser cured Hibiki's Symphocancer. I really just wanted to stop right there on that bullshit.

I once spend about two hours explaining the whole story of Symphogear to my friend who had never seen it. Then I made her watch it and after every season I spend about an hour explaining things you wont get from just watching.

>Symphogear is deep

Chrisposting time.

But Chris sucks.

S1 was filled with similar bullshit too.

That miracles are the manifestation of our courage, obviously.

no it wasn't

The linework and designs are definitely better after S1, and of course there are some crazy examples of QUALITY throughout S1 (in the first few minutes there is a hideous bus, and then later that infamous walking scene with Tsubasa and her ninja boytoy). However, I think the battles in the early parts of S1 are the best in the series, especially Chris vs the other two. Hibiki defending Durandal is so fucking hype where it starts with her using basic CQC against the Noise. Too much of the fighting in the later parts of the series devolves into flashy abilities. Neither G or GX matches the moment where Tsubasa intervenes to save Hibiki from Chris and then Chris comments on how her fighting style has changed, because the show actually communicates the difference with the evasive, defensive techniques Tsubasa uses. It's the same way Hibiki goes from an idiot tackling the Noise to a martial artist. Those sorts of details connecting on screen presence with the writing are completely lacking from the later seasons.

Instead there is a loli hovertank of dess

The problem with Symphogear isn't so much that any of the later seasons have less depth, it's that they have the SAME depth. The main characters go through the same development arcs in every season. Bikkie falters and has to find the determination to fist, Chris wants to protect the world despite being too tainted to join it, Tsubasa sword (which was still the best character-centric episode of GX), lolis are mini-Chris, Maria is basically a mixture of the original three.

I think that's one of the better asspulls from G. Using the anti-relic energy to cure relic cancer was a natural move, much better then suddenly stealing Maria's Gungnir shard through the power of relic compatibility or whatever (even though that laser cure itself should have severed such a connection).

I don't think the heroine revival can ever be topped.

She's had years of practice.

>tfw when no good H of adult Carol


>no adult Caruru X Elfnein H doujins
This does not increase my symphonic gain

Chris's holes are deep.

>>no adult Caruru X Elfnein H doujins

For what purpose

I do it for her, because she told me not to give up on living.

miku pls go and stay go

Miss me guys?


I liked S3, even if the second half was weak.

The first half was weak as well.

s3 would honestly be my favourite if hibiki actually did something

The entire season was weak from episode 2 through episode 12, except for whatever episode Tsubasa went to visit her dad and any time Ver was on screen. All of the shit with the dolls was basically filler. GX represents adhering to formulas to the Nth degree, yet somehow making a boring product.

Hopefully someone sat the Symphogear team down to watch Samurai Flamenco between GX and GXZLGBTQ.

wasn't GX so boring because they had to change it around a bit at the last minute because yuuki lost her voice

Wait, is that the reason she had less roles?

Episode 6 and 4 were both great though. It really only lost all its steam with the poorly thought out character development episode.

As a dedicated Aoi fan that never happened. She got a sore throat for a few days (seems to always happen when she is working on Symphogear) which affected a few radio recording and the Nanatsu no Taizai FES then she was fine again. She had like 6 roles that Summer and nothing got affected, her perfomances were the same as usual.

The changes on the script were because Kaneko:
a- They got a confirmation for more season/He wanted to write more (hjis own words)
b- His father died (hence the focus on family/parents)

>people still really think all the papa drama was just thrown in at the last second
It was set up from episode 1 and even before that with Hibiki's character CD.

Most of the issues came from them blowing their budget on the first 6 episodes and overworking the animators.

It wasn't needed at all, things would be better if they ignored the issue. I didn't really notice problems with animation, the show simply stopped being something I was looking forward to when daddy issues came up and I had to force myself to continue watching.

I never implied that, just that the way Kaneko handled it in such a ham-fisted way (the last scene of the final episode comes to way) was because his father died during production, which is true.
The TopDad hate is overblown, though. The issues with GX lie elsewhere.
What you said about overworking the staff is true too. It's not too unusual for Symphogear though. Episode 7 was supposed to be a "break" but they fucked that up too, which in turn fucked up the schedule of the following episodes.

Kaneko later admitted on Twitter that going back to GX he found various issues with it.

>The TopDad hate is overblown, though.
You're joking, right?

Next Destination is best song. Prove me wrong.

Symphogear is the only show where I've ever actually been bothered by subtext. Hibiki and Miku needs to happen, dammit.

The entire top dad arc was stupid as hell.

Especially trying to make him more likable by being the only one who cares about Elf9 bleeding to death while the rest of the bridge doesn't give a single fuck.

That's not Bayonet Charge

But Symphogear is pretty much synonymous with production issues.

G had King Records wanting Mikugeah to be a thing to sell more CDs, hence why things go to shit after 4 amazing episodes and why Maria's character arc is so horribly truncated.
I enjoyed the Bikki focus and the Rainbow Flower scene is one of the best in the series but yeah, the rest was a hot mess.
Hell, the original draft for G was supposed to add only Maria to the cast but KR was more concerned with CD sales so Shirabe and Kirika were created.
I take more issue with the entire fucking setup of GX than with anything concerning a teenage girl coming from a dysfunctional family acting overly emotional and/or having parental issues.
>The viewers know Carol's plan from the get go as it's painfully obvious. S.O.N.G doesn't.
>The Geahs systematically job to each one of the dolls. All according to Carol's plan.
>The Geahs systematically beat each one of the dolls by activating Ignite. All according to Carol's plan.(hence making their victories feel empty)
>this is all played painfully straight save for Ver coming back
>Kaneko somehow thought this would be entertaining to the audience
You can do formulaic but GX certainly did not.

I was just saying that people are quick to bitch about Top Dad arc when GX had more severe issues in it's narrative.

I consider them the spiritual successor to Nanoha and Feito, especially since they've been binned in ViVid Strike.

>they've been binned in ViVid Strike.

>Hell, the original draft for G was supposed to add only Maria to the cast
Oh wow, G was meant to be even worse than it already was.

>especially since they've been binned in ViVid Strike
On the other hand Reflection is back from the dead, so all hope isn't gone yet.

>G had King Records wanting Mikugeah to be a thing to sell more CDs
Thank you based King Records. Miku had the best song.

She's horny.

Hidamari Memoria is best Miku song.

>I consider them the spiritual successor to Nanoha and Feito
They are barely similar, though.

>Nanoha’s seiyuu had a messy break-up with her agency and King Records (the main force behind Nanoha)

They need to give us a proper Symphogear fighting game.
I can't deal with this mobage shit. I wanna fight scrubs using Kanade or my boy Banana Alcanoise.

Whatever happened, they are all clearly over it now.

>uploaded two days ago

But we're talking about the story, the script.

Tsubasa and Maria are closer to being NanoFate than Hibiki and Miku.

Hibiki is straight.

>Hell, the original draft for G was supposed to add only Maria to the cast
Eh, that might have even been one addition to many. Remember, the FISGears were basically just henchmen for Ver so removing them entirely doesn't necessarily change the story that much.

Miku getting mind broken and fighting with a relic was one of the best parts of the season and would have made a better central plot than the FIS rejects angsting.

I'd prefer a co-op beat 'em up, even more so if the mechanics allow for combo attacks based on timing your songs and verses.

Also playable Genjuuro and Ogawa

>he doesn't main LAST ACTION HERO
What a gay.


straight out of /u/

>Hibiki is straight

I don't have an anime girl pic smug enough to accurately get across the level of intent I am trying to portray.

Hibiki is a boy?

I mean, all of the girls got painfully retarded character arcs on GX.
The issue was more with Kaneko actively downplaying Hibiki in an attempt to make FIS look more competent and/or appealing in comparison, because that's easier than making FIS stand by their own merits as characters.
Not anything regarding Top Dad in particular.
>all that contrived self-doubting even though Bikki already experienced something similar on GX when Shirabe called her a hypocrite
>Berserk mode? Oh, it was a bitch version of Ignite all along, and now everybody has access to it.
>Let's make the protagonist spend most of her screen-time on the hospital during the second half
Even worse because Hibiki lost Gugnir cancer after G.
I really wish Maria would catch a break for once and Kirika and Shirabe stopped being two pieces of cardboard. Here is hoping for S4/S5 but I am not holding my breath.

It makes more from music alone than most anime make from total merchandising.

I'm sorry, you yurifags are so fun to tease.

>implying Miku isn't Hibiki's boyfriend
miku more like dicku, lmao

She doesn't have boyfriend because she has a girlfriend.

I would gladly cure Miku are her dyke tendencies.

Honestly, you need to have god damn hetgoggles to not see past the "best friends" farce between those two. It's rare that it happens, but this is one of those cases.

You can't beat this.

Who says I'm going to ask for permission?

>that will never beat you
It's not going to be alright, not at all

Not what I'd do, but knock yourself out.

Courage is the primary virtue.

Also helps that the music is pretty catchy

It's unfortunate cause I don't think any of the songs besides Maria's Gungnir song from the second season is any good.


Chris is going to get fat eating all of that.

It's all gonna go to her chest, you know.

She's eating for two

Her tits are TOO BIG!

There's no room left there.

Think of all the huehues and fat faceless old men that had their way with that.

The S2 hate in these threads is really retarded.

stop it with this meme

chris is pure

S2 was shit because Chris and Sword chick didn't die at the end of S1 when they made their heroic sacrifice.

Hit the nail on the head with that one.

G sucks, get over yourself.

That's the S1's fault. S2 was working with what was left after trainwreck of S1 and did great job.

G is by far the best season of Symphogear, get over yourself.

Not even Bye-Bye Lullaby?

That outfit is without a shred of doubt Chris' best casual wear. First season was ok but too gaudy and third season was full grandma.

Literally the only thing G has over S1 is Ver, DMJii and Miku's song.

Probably fell away when she got the ability to punch everything fine.

That's Chris's dumb song, right? Yeah, Maria's was the only one that sounded good to me. I didn't watch Season 3 because G was such shit and figured it would be more of the same so I don't know if there are any decent songs in there.
I did lurk the threads and those dolls and the blonde's piss edits were the best thing about em.

>I came here to laugh at you.jpg

More like S1 has nothing over G. S1 looks like shit compared to G, has worse villain, has worse secondary cast and isn't as exciting. Music is on similar level but Miku's theme breaks the tie.

>too big

Shame that Ver was just a mid-boss cause he really was the best thing about G.

Stop misusing this word you goddamn retard.


Remember to support the people that make future seasons of Symphogear possible.

Both of Hibiki's songs from that season were better, and Zettou Ameno Habakiri is probably the pinnacle of solo songs unless Tsubasa's karaoke counts.

How is Fine a worse villain? Because she doesn't make funny faces?
How is the secondary cast of G not the worst part of the season itself because those three losers ate up so much screen without even getting proper development?
How is G more exciting when it is just repeating the same story beats from S1?
S1 has Synchrogazer and thereby the better music.

The only thing G has going it for is an enhanced budget, but it was totally squandered. It would have been more fruitful to just do a higher budget remake of S1 because they essentially tried to do just that and call it a new season.

Don't mind me, just posting perfection

>YFW Chris is still in adolescence and can only go out from here

Bikki is cute. Cute!

Season 1 Hi"Creed"biki is best Bikki
Season 2 YuBikki is cool too
Season 3 Bikki is the absolute worst
Season 4 Final Form Bikki fighting the ultimate battle in the inevitable Gungnir vs Gungnir Legendary Duel will surpass all others

She keeps spouting annoying crap. Ver is entertaining. He wins by default.

>hurr development
Development is irrelevant if characters are interesting as they are. Go read a book if you can't appreciate characters unless they cut their hair.

No, story isn't the same. No, story doesn't decide whether something is exciting or not. Execution does and G is executed better. No scene in S1 comes anywhere close to pic related which sends shivers down my spine even on hundredth time I watch the scene.

You seem to be operating under some set of clearly defined rules which dictate what can be considered good and what doesn't and you just look at list of features without analyzing the actual product.

>The only thing
And again.
Seriously, stop posting.

Does Chris-chan have autism?

Autism induced by rape.

If Shirabe and Kirika are the worst thing about G then I would be forced to say it has to be fucking amazing.

Its not autism if shes inspired by Patrick "Gunmeister" Bateman

I liked green chick's scythe shit but G felt like it had too many characters to focus on which is why I felt sword chick and Chris should've died at the end of S1.

>No scene in S1 comes anywhere close to pic related
lol? And this is just the third chapter.

The problem is that the writer could not accomodate for everyone, probably because he sucks. Go watch Lyrical Nanoha A's, it pulled off have a load of major characters perfectly, so it can be done.

Cast was pretty tight-packed but I think they managed to give everyone good amount of focus. I think amount of characters made G even more intense than S1. However it fell flat in GX where they introduced even more enemies than they did in G without killing anyone so they had to resort to sidelining many characters. Both character interaction and fights were hurt by this.

>Lyrical Nanoha A

I try to avoid Yuribait/Yurishit when I can. I only stomached S1 and G because someone in the threads urged me to carry on.


You really have no control over words you're using.

Funny you mention that. I liked Nanoha A's a bit less than S1 even though I clearly prefer G to first Symphogear.

They handled G pretty well, where most other series fail at the same approach. I think the momentum of the cancer arc also helped tremendously to make up for story weaknesses.

>She keeps spouting annoying crap. Ver is entertaining.
You try to pass yourself off with an air of objectivity and then state things like this.

>Development is irrelevant if characters are interesting as they are.
I'd be willing to accept that, if not for the fact that the show itself tries to include character development and fails at doing so. Aren't you the one ignoring the actual product?

>No scene in S1 comes anywhere close to pic related which sends shivers down my spine even on hundredth time I watch the scene.
It's a great scene, but there are several in S1 on par with it. SYMPHOGEAH being the most obvious, but there are also things like the concert-Chris+Hibiki vs Noise dual climax or Chris' charged attack.

Your entire argument is based on the superior budget of G. S1 has better writing and composition.

>not loving all of bikki

I love Bikki but she got hit with a case of the dumb dumb which already worsened her general status affliction of having the dumb dumb.

I guess Nanoha does have that reputation. I don't recall A's having much yuri tho, there's a bunch of implying at the beginning but after that it gets puts aside to focus on the plot.

Chapter, episode, same fucking shit, why do you have to be pedantic about something this irrelevant.

>I liked Nanoha A's a bit less than S1
First time I heard that opinion. Mind elaborating?


>why do you have to be pedantic about something this irrelevant
Replace "don't have a Cred Forums pass" with "used the word chapter instead of episode"

Nanoha is a star-crossed romance.
Nanoha A's is a comeback story to the tune of a Rocky song.

>save the world twice, even more times than that if you want to nitpick each prong of the multi-pronged threats
>wrestle space shuttles
>fight minotaurs
>still have emotional breakdowns over daddy issues
GX a shit
The shuttle rescue was everything the season should have been, the main trio being ridiculous heroes while the FIS losers watch from prison. The minotaur's labyrinth is a fucking throw-away image on a monitor, yet the season is about pointless doll fights and a retread of the Fine battle.

If you're going to criticize someone I would suggest not coming off as a bigger faggot than him.

You forgot how she discovered the cure for cancer and rescued her one true love in Hollywood fashion.

Can't wait to see what Akifumi does to try and assassinate her character even more.

Get a new writer already Satelight, fuck.

B-but my nonsensical drama leading up to Gungnir vs Gungnir final battle!

Yumigear fucking WHEN

When the world ends.

She is a clueless harem protagonist in a world of Dykes. That is where the comedy is derived. She's an innocent, affectionate girl who Miku thirsts for but only gets drips and drabs because Bikki doesn't munch rug.

why does everyone reckon we're getting a gungnir vs gungnir battle?
did I miss something?

Note taken, but I don't think "wow you said 'chapter', what a fucking idiot you are" deserves more than a reaction pic-tier response.

>implying she isn't
Bikki is straight and Chris could be saved from herself. The rest of the girls are beyond redemption, other than maybe the stroganoff crew.

Maybe they want Maria dead or something. I can get behind that.

I thought we were past hating Maria.

yeah me too.
I just skip through any scenes with her in when I re-watch
I also do that for kanade in season one fucking PTSD bullshit is so boring
thinking about it. maria is everything bad about season one tsubasa

>Bikki is straight
Hibiki is as straight as a circle.

>loving a character arc that gets reset so often
If they reset her one more time I'll drop the series. Season 3 was a joke in that regard.

>she only sings anime theme songs

It wasn't a reset it was straight up sabotage.

I would actually purchase merch I don't want if they not only FINALLY removed Maria but also let Bikki be the one to do it.

>You try to pass yourself off with an air of objectivity
No. You're the one trying to force your opinion on everyone else. I'm only countering that.

It's just your opinion that G fails at character development. I could clearly see Maria, Shirabe and Kirika change and this change made perfect sense. I didn't mention it earlier because your argument was flawed at fundamental level. Anime is entertainment. As long as viewer enjoys the characters, they fulfill their role, regardless of what you think after analyzing their development on paper. People clearly like characters introduced in G.

Well, opinions. All Symphogear seasons had many great scenes. I stand by what I said though, G had better ones.

Your entire argument is based on you preferring S1.
Also, you're so fucking wrong (and I mean, not your tastes in symphogear seasons, you're perfectly entitled to them. However you're objectively wrong in the way you're posting) it physically hurts me talking to you. You are unable to reply properly and keep distorting the truth. How the fuck is Ver > Fine related to G having superior budget? Fine was drawn much better than Ver who had fuckload of QUALITY shots. How the fuck is relevance of development related to G having superior budget? How the fuck is FIS trio being better characters than anime trio related to G having superior budget? Seriously, kill yourself. Never sum up anything, be it a show or someone's post because you're simply unable to do that without completely fucking up the reality and instead post outright lies hoping people will believe you if you repeat them often enough.

All symphogear seasons have bad writing and it isn't a deciding factor for this show. Better budget (when paired up with good directing which was the case) has much more weight. Not to mention I disagree with S1 having better writing.

Show me one example of Biki being bent as opposed to Miku just being thirsty at her.
Explain why her default idea of romance is still, thank god, a chick with a guy? That's right, you can't. She assumes even her dykiest friends are straight, I think that says a lot.

Can we at least agree she was best Gungnir? Not that she was any good after that.

The reset was bad but Top Dad was awesome. Even if only due to meta shitposting.

Top Dad was shit for the franchise and awesome for message boards worldwide.

>best anything
>initial is a copy Geah to play off the MC
>gets morphed into a shadow MC
>no personality
>no dynamic role in the writing
>all her scenes and plot progress could be contrived to be just as meaningful for another character
>finally give her a new Geah
>it just copies all the other Geah
>literally nothing new or interesting
>just a mishmash of repeats
Sasuga writers, you hate her too. I'm sorry they're forcing you do beat a dead horse

>How the fuck is Ver > Fine
Actually, you never did explain that in the first place.

S1 has pretty good writing, very good by anime standards. It's complete. G and GX are incomplete in every regard which isn't simply reprinted from the S1 script.

Try to spend more time on your arguments than on your insults, it will improve both.

Kanade is best Gungnir

>Can we at least agree she was best Gungnir?

>best anything
l-fucking-mao, they should just get rid of her stupid ass and bullshit Kanade back to life.

I dont care what anyone says, the doctor guy showing up again out of fucking nowhere in season 3 made that whole season worth it.

>All symphogear seasons have bad writing

She was the worst Gungnir by virtue of being the biggest disappointment of the season. She was hyped from the very beginning as the strongest and superior to Hibiki in every way. There were story reasons for why her hype balloon was deflated, but that doesn't excuse how she went from promoting the most anticipated hyped up final battle in mahou shoujo since Cure Moonlight vs Dark Precure to a joke character in the same fucking season.

>bullshit Kanade back to life
As much as we want that, they won't do it well.

Get ready for Symphogear GXS wherein a non-befriended Fine from an alternate universe summons an Evil Kanade to take over a timeline on which Hibiki died due to relic cancer and only Punished Chris can use the Cane of Solomon to travel to the GX timeline and enlist the aid of others.

They clone Kanade to be a final boss and end up with defective Chibi Kanade. Hibiki and Miku will adopt her as their daughter at the end of the series.

Typical Maria hater doesn't understand anything about her character or arc.

S1 was more about Nanoha and Fate. S2 focused more on other characters which couldn't hold a candle to them so while overall plot could be considered better and there was more action, I caught myself many times thinking that I preferred the way anime was in S1.
In Symphogear the difference between main characters and secondary cast isn't as big. Hibiki is easily my favorite Symphogear but I don't mind it when episode focuses on DMJii instead. I think what helps as well is the fact relationships in Symphogear are, I don't know how to say this, more diverse? Fluid? For example Fate only has a proper relationship with Nanoha (let's not count her mother) while Chris has equally important relationships with Hibiki and Tsubasa and develops one with Shirabe and Kirika.

No one? Well I liked her before she became a joke, and almost see that Maria as a different character.
>bullshit Kanade back to life
People would surely eat that up.

Maria is a fucking joke. Name three things she does thematically in tone, narratively in story progression and character interaction or choreographically in action sequences that another character hasn't done better and wouldn't do more with if it weren't Maria soaking up what used to be their screen time.

In fact, if that's too hard, name one. Be my guest.

Not him but she's the only one that fits as group mom.

>they live together, scissor on the daily and adopted a little girl
Yeah okay.

No she wasnt. She literally calls the main 3 monsters in the second episode. They knew they were weaker from the start.

she has pink hair

Can you fucking define that? Because not only do I think that's a meta position I'd also suggest that both Sword and Chris have taken and better serve a maternal role.

That's neither theme, narrative or action

>S1 has pretty good writing, very good by anime standards
Nobody actually believes this, right?

She calls them monsters because she demonizes them as the cause of the world's ills. They were at an absolute combat advantage against the main 3 at the beginning of the series, to the point where they could confidently declare themselves enemies of the world on live TV. Then for story reasons, they got shoved into a broom closet for a while.

That one fag seems to be deluded enough.

What would you consider good anime writing, personally?

She rocks the pink hair really well, she carries herself as a songstress, and she is designed to convey the appearance of a strong character who can be Kanade's proper successor.

The face of confidence

Not him but
>She rocks the pink hair really well
No, it looks god awful. They should have gone with a darker shade.
>and she is designed to convey the appearance of a strong character who can be Kanade's proper successor.
What is it with her being useless 90% of the time then?

She would have been a great character if the lolis didn't exist. If she had 1v3'ed the other gear users in battle and stolen all of the screen time used to half-develop the lolis, G would almost be on par with S1. Hell, the reverse applies as well though, the lolis would be a great pair if they had been the sole "combat antagonists". The two absolute problems with G (which were carried over into GX) are that it retreads the same character arcs for the main trio and fails to focus enough on the new additions to either fully develop their characters or connect them to the original trio. The threads were all there, but it was left partially woven due to time constraints. S1 was a completely woven piece. We can speculate fairly accurately on the exact themes behind the G characters because it is pretty clear what they were attempting to make, but most of that sort of speculation never made it onto the screen in the same way that the big character moments did in S1. Hibiki is pretty much the sole exception because she is the center of fanservice for G.

Maria has a very interesting angle as an intentional villain. She takes on the mantle (G has great designs, but S1 was dumpster budget) of doing evil in order to do good. Chris was once a villain, but she was a true believer in Fine's plan until she got befriended. Even though the Nephilim gave us the greatest action scene, it also worked to take away even more of the spotlight from actual characters. I could bring out a list of three things to expand on that theme of hers and how it connects to her sense of obligation inherited from being saved by her sister, but that would end up taking me a long time.

Also, she has some of the most stylish choreography in G. GX a shit.

Not at all, they were far weaker and retreated at every turn. They were all reliant on drugs too, so combat was something they had to avoid at all costs. They only won the battle at the harbor due to Ver's mist.

I said she conveys the appearance, I didn't say she actually is that person. Shes a weakling because she isn't allowed to upstage the main trio.

So from start to end we have hair (design), ""songstress"" (already done better by sword), appearance of (design).
Design is not theme, narrative or action. Basically short of what she visually LOOKS like, you, a fan, cannot think of even one thing she does that other characters don't do to the same or a greater extent.
Pretty damning statement right there

>Not at all, they were far weaker and retreated at every turn. They were all reliant on drugs too, so combat was something they had to avoid at all costs. They only won the battle at the harbor due to Ver's mist

They were reliant on drugs and zombie spam. That doesn't automatically disqualify them as credible threats.


>Design is not theme

Really? Explain your current Cred Forums theme then.

>She would have been a great character if the lolis didn't exist. [...] Hell, the reverse applies as well though, the lolis would be a great pair if they had been the sole "combat antagonists".
That seems likely, given the same time for fewer characters.

>I could
So basically you won't provide anything? Her choreography is mediocre especially when she stopped using the cape. Her most recent iteration is entirely derivative. If you have some points, make them, because your fellows are trying and failing.

Go away Shaggy

>intentional conflation of terminology
Is Maria a website or picture now?

I suppose she is two-dimensional enough that we should disregard her 'character' in lieu of aesthetics. My mistake, I suppose Maria is best girl now. It was only my foolishness of holding her up to the same standards as all the other characters that blinded me.


Her cape was dope and her songs are amazing. Aside from that there's not much.



Miku, it is time to get off the internet.

>killing Noise to the tune of Connect

Gods will descend and revive everyone to fight them while they're busy taking over the universe or something.
That sets up a tsubasa x kanade x maria x serena soap opera.
Ver comes back again and all the automated dolls too.

I want to do anal with that idiot

They weren't threats though. They couldn't even swan song suicide against Hibiki because of how outclassed they were. In turn, the main trio can tri-burst. Maria was basically just shown as being highly skilled and the lolis had lots of spam and mobility for disengaging. That made Maria seem at least a little bit threatening, but she never made good on that threat. She bullies a weakened Tsubasa and then has tantrums culminating in slaughtering normal humans. Then she gets told off, slapped, and has her gear taken by force.

She stopped using her cape after fighting those humans escaping from the tower, right? That's the exact moment she stopped being something even close to a decent character. She is horrifically derivative by the time of GX because the aftermath of her "redemption" is just a combination of Tsubasa and Chris. The new gear she got was by far the blandest one. The designs for the dolls themselves were more interesting.
I won't defend her or anything past the first six minutes of GX, but she is a valid concept in G only suffering from the overall lack of focus in that season.

Are you specifically going to dispute that her narrative in G wasn't "heroine chooses to side with a villain in order to achieve a more probable but less good outcome due to lack of heart" which was more like a blending of the character arcs of the first season and therefore a commentary on them (which wasn't fulfilled due to lack of focus)? I mean, you could say that I'm reading too much into it, but that is just an example of how this is a topic where the ire should be raised by the faults in G (and especially GX) rather than "Maria".

>Tsubasa+Maria vs Kanade+Serena lovers' grudge match from beyond the grave
>because Ver was inside the alchemy castle, he returns with one nephilim arm and one alchemy arm
See, the problem is they aren't going to go that far AND the writing is going to be derivative. I have no hope after GX.

Sexually FUCK the Hibiki.

>you will never be her sunshine
Depressing the FUCK outta me


>going to dispute that her narrative in G
My policy when discussing characters is to discuss that character. Not a cherry picked version of them. I will forever have to live with the fact that Biki was fucked over in S3. It would be dishonest to discuss her as S1 only or S1-2 only without specifying that. Even if you were to specify what would it change? you'd be talking about elements of a character rather than the character itself.

When you talk about a character it's who-they-are>where-they've-been>where-they're-going

I want to worship that butt, I want to fucking revere it.

>maria x serena

>Yuyuyufags becoming neurotic over the announcement of an announcement, and some are already feeling bittersweet over the fact the LN will never get adapted.
>Madokafags going mad over a 2min video of random imagery plus some ripoff poses from Tutu and Gunbuster
>Meanwhile, Symphogear S4 and 5 announced.
We live in the best timeline.

What am I supposed to be lookning at here

>tfw when both YuYuYufag and Symphofag

Feels split, man.

In a word? Superfluity

The joke is that the Infinite Crime is her stealing every move she uses.

I think it's fully legitimate to analyze something season by season, or even episode to episode. I thought I had made it clear I was talking about Maria in G only, other than when I said FUCK GX. Actually I think the problem is that I replied to one of your posts despite not being the user to whom you were talking. Maria is no worse in G than G itself, FUCK GX.

It's not like we live in the Anne Happy S2 timeline, there's always room for improvement.

She even stole Tsubasa.
Maria has to go.

I want to be smothered by biki's booty and eat her butthole out

I don't know what you're implying but Chris is heterosexual.

I want to eat the booty like groceries.

For me S2>S1>S3

You guys think we will see DR ver in the new season?

No, but you're going to get more Maria and you're going to like it.

She's a married baby-factory now. Maria is done.

I don't like maria
>tfw no more garie

Garie was best doll

Garie was too perfect for this world

Yet so few good doujins exist

>find out about Symphogear game
Fuck yea-
>It's gacha rythm mobage shit

Damn straight

>Garie was best doll
Well, that's not difficult, they all suck.

Damn straight

Garie was perfect

Official lesbian power rankings

Miku > Hibiki > Shirabe = Kirika = Tsubasa = Maria > Chris

Chris is best girl

DMJii are above Hibiki.

Yes, but she's also the least gay.

>implying biki is a faggot

>chris is the second least gay and the second best girl
>Biki is the best girl and the least gay
Did they do it on purpose?

Hibiki should be at the bottom, though. If she was the least bit gay, she'd have already plugged Miku's leak. With her tongue.

I don't know, Hibiki becomes pretty gay when the need arises.
Just think of the princess carry in GX, or the mikugeah fiasco.

Chris is just never gay.

>not gay
Is this a meme?

And how could I forget, S1 cuddles.

>no one likes DMJii
Why? They are so adorkable and gay. I also like their design too.

Hibiki has a girlfriend. It's clear as day. Fujos please die and stay die.

You could file all that as "being VERY, VERY GOOD friends".

It's not like with Kirika who outright tells Shirabe she loves her and wants her twintails inside her vagina.

But everyone likes DMJii. Maria is the problem.

Nobody hates the bakas.

Reminder that they learned it from Maria.

They are super cute & I love their designs.
They are my favorites.

Are you serious? The parents got back together? Are you shitting me?


Did they learn to be gay from Maria too?

GX was fine,


No, if we assume they were gay before Maria met Tsubasa.

But before that Maria was a siscon.

Didn't Serena die way before DMJii joined Maria and Ver? If that happened then they wouldn't have caught Maria's gaycest flu.

We don't have a lot of backstory about what transpires at FIS or how their relationships develop. I'd hazard Maria was one of the oldest and ended up being a big sister to most of the girls there.

At the very least Kirika and Shirabe managed to activate their Gears before the place burned down, so being the ones with activated Gears they were probably grouped up with the Eves because of that.

Do I hate Maria because her songs are shit, or do I hate Maria's songs because she is shit?

Who could hate these dorks?


The latter.
Her GX geah song was actually one of the best.

One of the best Maria songs maybe, which isn't saying much. Pure white innocent is the worst song in all of Symphogear.

>worst song in all of Symphogear.
No, that place is reserved for the Ignite remixes.

Now this is a shit post, one unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Specifically Tsubasa's.

DMJii are gay as fuck for each other, I'd put them above Miku.
Hibiki needs the middle spot because she's clueless as fuck.
I dunno what to do with Maria, she does seem to be quite gay for Tsubasa in fact. Put her above Tsubasa.


Hibiki's are the worst honestly.

That's because Yuuki can't sing for shit, especially when impersonating.

I actually hate Hibiki's the most out of the lot, but they're all terrible.

She lives with someone who is very gay. She herself is just an affectionate teen with emotional issues from a rough childhood who needs support.

But at least we can all agree that the best song in all of Symphogear is Zettou - Ame no Habakiri, right?


Nice try, but it's objectively Bayonet Charge.

I like Edge Works

Do we still have the dancefloor edits of his appearance? Shit was cash.

>that fucking pose
Why is Ver so best girl?

Good picks but I hardly listen to the music. I don't think the majority of tracks are worth tracking down and listening to separately either. I bet you guys watch idol shit too

Symphogear is idolshit, except the songs are good.

>i have shit taste
Thanks for the contribution.

It's becoming more and more like idolshit, yes but unlike mainline idolshit it's super easy to enjoy the show without partaking in the idol part. There's a like a handful of songs that aren't overlayed over an ass kicking.

The songs are good because they are true anisongs not some tryhard j-pop crap sung by squirrels.

>I bet you guys watch idol shit too

Absolutely no. As a matter of fact, I don't really listen to Symphogay music recently, and I hate idolshit (at least, the 3D version because of how shit the industry is). Carol's single is the only one I've ever bought because I was in Japan at that time and the songs are so superior to anything that had been done so far it's not even funny. I also happen to like Minase-chan.


They're not going to do it at all, because her VA doesn't do lives.

her VA don't like money?

Why? Is it because she's old? Or because she's too busy with recording Conan's 39598456th season?

She thinks she's too old to do lives apparently, which is why she didn't show up for Live 2012/S1

Takayama Minami shits money, dude.

Fuck her, Inoue is the same age as her and still going stronk.

Live is essentially an idol show rather than an anison show, and she'd look out of place in costume compared to the pretty young girls in their 20s. Nana is pushing 40 but she can still pull off the young look, Takayama Minami can't

She can at least go and chat with the fans as Inoue did.

>Get ready for Symphogear GXS wherein a non-befriended Fine from an alternate universe summons an Evil Kanade to take over a timeline on which Hibiki died due to relic cancer and only Punished Chris can use the Cane of Solomon to travel to the GX timeline and enlist the aid of others.

I-I'd actually be okay with this

>S4 won't have a body swap arc in where everyone has to learn eachothers songs and get their bodies back

If she comes back in a non singing role.

17 years old joke aside, Inoue looks like she's in her 30s, Takayama looks like she's in her 60s

>Inoue looks like she's in her 30s
Haha, what. She looks 50 alright. Inoue is just uglier.

I meant Takayama is just uglier.

S2 was its own fucking thing like holy shit I've never seen an anime anime so hard. S3 took itself a bit too seriously towards the end.


>I came here to Zenbu at you.

So the mobage has to be good, right? Archer Chris is too much for me to handle.

i still want a beat-em-up though

I completely forgot about this. When is it coming out?


there is probably a date in there somewhere.

What did he mean by this?

>3 anything but equal to 1 or 2

Reminder that Hibiki wants to have a boyfriend

Yeah, me.

Why was it so good bros?

keep it going

I still can't see that image without laughing

Because S1 was a super low budget action show which had to make its chops with an immense script and highly stylized action, but ended up including character songs in a really fun manner by coincidence. S2 blew a much larger budget on some cool action scenes and a bunch of character songs. S3 blew an even larger budget on one really amazing scene and a mediocre season to follow it.

The thoroughness and focus of S1 with the budget of the later seasons would be an actual AOTY contender.


I'm curious what was your 2012 aoty?

Shit, now that I think about it I only remember Winter 2012. Black Rock Shooter, Rinne no Lagrange, Achiga-hen, Symphogay, Another, Kill Me Baby, Mouretsu Pirares, yfw da kana wins da user atsu. What else aired during 2012? I don't fucking know, for some reason I only remember Winter.


Spear Kirika is fucking radical.

winter was pretty fucking great. also hyper oats.

I think I have to go with Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, but holy shit was 2012 an amazing year. Hyouka, Kill Me Baby, Binbougami-ga, Nichibros, Lupin, and like five other shows worth mentioning in every season.

>the songs are so superior to anything that had been done so far
You should listen to Show by Rock!! songs they have many more superior song then that, Carol song is more close to chuuni song it is not as superior and difficult song like many people believed

Where are you from, ESL-kun?

What I learned from reading this thread is that G hate is perpetuated mostly by just a single very dedicated guy. It makes me feel a bit relieved.

People just appreciate G more because GX had more problems. The production was still fucked and the entire second half was a mess with a bad ending. It's still pretty great for how it is and they did Mikugeah in the best way they could with having to restructure the plot around it.

I like G, but there's no way I can say it's superior to S1.

What I remember from threads when it was airing was overwhelming praise. That resulted in a big shock when I returned later only to see it was suddenly uncool to like G.

>overwhelming praise
Not by the time DMJii were fighting. Also plenty complained that Maria was useless, and that the cliffhangers started to get a bit forced.

Are you conflating G hate with GX being better than G?
There's nothing wrong with G. GX is just better than it.

What? No, G was still good but it got hate for being worse than s1. I am currently under the impression that the general opinion on GX is that it was a mess outside of a few episodes.

No, I'm not even considering GX here.


>GX better than G
Wait, what? Maybe I am misremembering here, but wasn't GX way too predictable and formulaic?
It's not like you need a "TWEEEEST" at the end of every episode, but that made GX boring at times.

I would dare to say GX wasn't even interesting.