My waifu Ahagon is miracle of universe

my waifu Ahagon is miracle of universe

More like AHOGON because she's a dumb dragon


More like Ahegao since that's the face she'll be making after I'm done with her.

>implying it's not other way around

she will peg you to death m8.

sorry but she likes girls.

Shut up

Can someone explain why Ahagon doesn't like being called Ahagon?

your waifu has a stupid name

Her surname sounds outlandish in mainland Japan.

Is that it? Maybe it's because I grew up in "multicultural" Western Europe in THE CURRENT YEAR, but that's a silly reason to be so ashamed of your last name. I expected "Ahagon" to be some kind of pun that means something really silly, or sounds like another silly word. Something like Harry Baals.

Brown skin is needlessly erotic.

Kill yourself. Ahagon < Nenechi < Kou < Aoba

I don't know, maybe there's some pun I'm missing.
But, I think it's just because it sounds funny.
Japanese can be rather sensitive about things like that, since they try to fit in their society.

>Ahagon > Nenechi > Kou > Aoba
There, fixed.

OP buttstatus: wrekt

Names ending with -gon sounds silly and is also associated with stuff like kaiju names. Kanegon, Namegon, Baragon

Your waifu pleases American soldiers for empty shells

>Aoba at last

How did you fucked that up so badly?

This. Ahagon can choke on old men cocks for all I care. Aoba a best.

Guess that explains it. Thanks!
tfw no qt Ahagon kaiju to terrorize you at work