Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

I'm betting it all on him, it's gotta be him. It gotta be Mr. Fashion Souls.

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I'm thinking we might be on to something here. Although I wonder what Meili's exact mission was and what she was supposed to report back.

>yfw Roswaal got cucked

Were some translations released recently? The translations I've seen haven't gotten that far.!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg

Well, Rem doesn't seem like one who would stop to play with the children or the dogs, with the way she used to act. Considering her rather isolated attitude, I doubt she had many close interactions with them. I'm not sure she even knew their names.

So, how does Rem end up being bitten in the timeline Subaru doesn't interfere? Was Meili intentionally trying to lure Subaru deeper into the forest when she was pretending to be a victim, or was she trying to lure someone else?

You know how there's an authority of vainglory and an authority of acedia right?
I'm actually thinking there might be a third minor sin authority; tristitia (meaning sorrow, despair and despondency).

What's going on there? is he aware of the time loops?

I'm surprised he even has the patience to upload so many chapters in such a short time to be honest.

She would've had to have been bitten on purpose.

Like, Meili see her carrying those big ass bags and sics the doggie on her ankle or something.

Look at this stupid shitty fucking cunt

who would get that authority?

Holy hell that's obscure.

No, we don't really know what's going on, although he himself has a time-loop power, but it works under different rules than RbD.

he looks so smug but cute at the same time

I don't know, but if it's anything like vainglory or acedia it's gotta be broken.

I believe that's him asking if you're a virgin.

Can a kind user post the list of the translations links for the different chapters and arcs? I had it saved but lost it somehow.

What's a virgin?

You're perfect.

Fem!Subarufags Unite

Is that how he chooses his brides?

The whole alternative timelines and the idea that the dimensions where Subaru dies continues on is the exact reason why I question Roswaal Emilia and his subordinates to die. I mean, the dude is smart, did he really not consider the fact that the timeline will continue without Subaru?

Well, he's got to notice them first.

I don't think it does. Echidna shows Subaru some weird stuff, but I think most signs point to the world not working that way.

He chooses who to ask that based on looks first.

>Lesbian sex with Rem

My mind goes places, but this is definitely a good place to wander to.

Is there a sewage system in the kingdom?

The Roswaal manor has at least some complex form of plumbing, so most of the capital probably does too.

If it's left up for discussion, isn't it more likely than the worlds do continue?

I mean how would Echinda even show Subaru the continuing worlds if they didn't? Just happen to have a certain magic that draws from Subaru's experience and happens to show what if scenarios by predicting everything?

What do the girls of Re:Zero have in the form of hygiene products? I can imagine Felt smelled of rank poorfagness, and Ram prolly smells better than Rem because she barely does anything.

We don't really know how RbD works to begin with, so it might be possible to continue worlds if you have some connection to it. Basically, if the multiverse theory holds true, a lot of the gospels and other predictive things stop really making sense, because they are very wrong in most timelines.

Baths, scented oils and fragrances or whatever.

>Has been in that world for 17 years, possibly having been summoned around the same age as Subaru, has been around for 17 years
>His height and weight are the same as Subaru's, black hair, and is from Japan like him
>May possibly know Satella, when he saw a vision of her in a short story, Al was unable to attack her, and the hand of the shadowy figure tried to touch him in a lovingly manner, before Priscilla broke the illusion, which somehow made Al furious at her
>His back illustration in the manga shows that he has a ponytail, similar to Subaru's ponytail when he becomes older in the Rem-IF
>Knows Ram, but she has no idea who he is, nor gave him her name. Becomes enraged at the idea of knowing that Ram has a sister, and that both are still alive

Now, all signs are pointing that he is some weird version of Subaru right? How does he fit in all this? Are all the people summoned from Japan, some variation of Subaru or something?

Seriously though is there more? Or are people reading ahead in Japanese and that's how you guys have this information?

>His height and weight are the same as Subaru's, black hair, and is from Japan like him
Most Japanese people have black hair. Subaru is likely to get taller and the weight is accounting for Al being more muscular but also missing an arm.

I'm sticking to my pet theory that all of Subaru's family line is inheriting a covenant, and Al is actually seriously Subaru's brother or at least some blood relative.
I don't know how Kenichi comes into this though.

I don't know about everyone else but I'm reading ahead in japanese.

The Tanpenshuu volumes, which literally means compilation of short stories, may include all of the stories in those books.

If we get a volume 3, we'll most likely get the other stories, like pic related.

There's a lot of random shit thrown around from wiki summaries and those who at least claim to into moon. Actually translations are also available for random scenes scattered across a bunch of different sources.

I wanna keep believing in my dumb theory of him being old Rigel with black hair dye

What's going on here and why wasn't this in the anime?

He's actually met Ram before, and even knew her name without being told. Here's some guy's shitty summary of that short story.
>Ram is looking for emilia sama, who suddenly went off without her, ram was escorting emilia sama to the capital to send a letter
>Al appears and tried some pick up lines on her, and also tries to ask if she've seen a orange big boobed girl (they both lamented their meeting did not help them in their search for their respective people (emilia and priscilla) and so they seperated, but not before al says "so then, bye, ram" and ram wonders "have i told him my name..?". she looked back and al has already disappeared.
>she meet the dumb trio. searching for emilia + meeting al has already aggravated her very much, and these 3 are certainly pushing her to the limits by belittling her.. LN image happens "do you have anything to say to ram?" "i..i'm...i'm very sorry..." "hmm, yes, that's good, but i will not forgive you"
>after leaving the dumb trio like a rubbish heap, ram look at the skies and wonder "the sun is setting.. the great spirit should be off duty soon.." as she thinks that, she notice a great shining light in the distance (the end of reinhardt vs elsa)

Foreshadowings something past the anime and also the WN

Whatever this is has yet to be explained, even in the WN. You would need to get a S5 maybe before it would ever come up, and that's assuming some of it gets answers in arc 7.

p-pls respond

Al's kind of a big deal, though he's apparently scheduled for the next Arc. That should be right after Rem comes back, assuming everything goes more or less according to plan.
>According to the author, Al is involved with one of the three mysteries of Re:Zero, and revealing his circumstances would answer it.
>Also, Al is scheduled to be featured in Arc 7.

I'm late but I just finished the anime. I didn't want to admit it, especially with the constant threads but you guys are right, Rem is too perfect, I can't not be a Remfag after watching this.
What's weird is that I don't even hate Emilia. I understand that Rem got more screentime than her and Emilia probably deserved all that screetime in the final episode. Seeing how as I know from spoilers what will happen, I don't think I want a season 2 knowing that Rem probably won't have as many screentime as before.
How do you Remfags deal with Rem being fucking number 2?

Spend 50 dollars on a Rem nendo so that I can cringe at myself in a few months.

Well good news for you, Subaru loves Rem just as much as he loves Emilia, he comes to realize that in the next arc.

You won't like what happened after Subaru's confession though.

By not being a retarded baby and not a cancerous waifufag that ruins threads in every show with romance in it.

There's so much more to episode 18 than someone winning the Sunarubowl. Why can't you faggots appreciate that rather than concentrating on "who wins."

>How do you Remfags deal with Rem being fucking number 2?
We read the WN translations where Subaru decided to make them both number one instead. And Rem is in a coma. Such a shame they left out the epilogue.

>There's so much more to episode 18
Who actually waited until episode 18 before deciding she was best girl?

Just tell me. I'm expecting the worst.
The plot interests me too after reading the spoilers. Waifu is just icing on the cake, very sweet icing.

>both Rem and Ram nedo coming out soon
Finally I will have a twins nendo collection.

>How do you Remfags deal with Rem being fucking number 2?
By knowing that she's not

Emilia just sort of runs into a probably of being fairly bland in a cast of other really good characters. She's not even bad, just uninteresting. Even her backstory is more hype because of what it shows us about characters other than her, she just keeps getting kind of upstaged by everyone else all the time.

>Just tell me. I'm expecting the worst.
It involves dinner with this adorable little munchkin.

Because she isn't number 2, and Subaru is starting to realize that.

>Just tell me. I'm expecting the worst.

Here, just read this, its a better experience than simply being told.

Baruso, buy me tampons.

This fanart makes him look less retarded. Still a turd goblin though.

Do I have the wallet to keep up with the menstrual cycle of an oni?

>Waiting for episode 18 for her to win your heart

Did you not see the shitstorm that was episode 11?

Do Oni, Spirits and Half-Elves even get periods the same way as humans?

Emilia is just the least interesting character out of the entire cast. I don't even think the anime touched on her backstory.
I'm more interested in other character's backstory like Felt and Beako.

He should start with the first epilogue chapter and read Natsuki Rem first, as that's how it's meant to be read.

Actually, he should read these first.

The anime didn't, but its actually pretty interesting, its just it helps elevate interest in other characters more than it really does Emilia. It also doesn't help much with her flaws, but she gets a fairly reasonable amount of time to grow.

>How do you Remfags deal with Rem being fucking number 2?

Why are you rooting for her to be with another man? Even in 2d you're being cucked.

Oh right, I forgot TLChicken skipped over the first carriage part.

>Long hair Rem
But why.

Because Emilia.

I want a non-nendo figure of Rem brandishing her ball-and-chain so she can team up with my Momohime.
Now they just need a healer and a tank.

She's not my waifu.
It's an AU to show what could have been if they ran away together. They're happily married, though Rem still feels guilty about abandoning everyone to die.

Episode 11 is literally called "Rem"
>Episode 11>21>18

I guess both cuz Emilia/leaving her old identity behind.

Where does ep 15 fit in there? I remember a bunch of people changing from Emilia to Rem after seeing Rem's dedication to Subaru

Rem felt like a silver medal to Subaru so she tried to look a bit more like Emilia even though he has told her countless times she isn't even getting mad at one point.

From Rem's perspective its mostly the Emilia thing.

Same for Emilia cutting her hair short in her weird AU bad end.

They're both stellar waifus, goddamn. They really should share Toyota-kun.

Didn't remember which episode that scene was, but
Don't get me wrong 18 was a great episode, loved every single moment of it. But I have to bring points down because of "that"

Why does everyone think Emilia is worst girl?

15 was shit hitting the fan hard, Pete, twister, and Gigapuck.

Man, I love Rem's soft, round face.

Because they're literal children and the epitome of what makes fanbases like Oreimo shit.

Because of those running for the Subarubowl, she is the worst girl. She's not necessarily the worst girl in the series, but she's the least interesting romantic choice, even if she's not that bad. I'd hesitate to even call her a 'worst girl' because she's not really terrible or anything.

I don't. I like them both. Rem because her utter devotion and Emilia because she has goals beyond Mitsubishi-kun.

So if 'that' didn't happen would you rate it higher than ep 21?
Also, do you like Subaru as a character?

Who thinks she's worst? As far as I can tell people just don't think she's best.

Oh, also because this
thing comes out of the woodwork to defend her and constantly tries to stir shit, and its sadly retarded.

It wouldn't be so sad if it could actually carry on a conversation about Emilia as a character, but it can't even do that.

There are better choices, both in romance and king candidacy, not to mention nobody hates Emilia, but Emiliafags on the other hand are a completely other story.

Not him, but I do like Subaru. I like how he's imperfect and weak yet he manages to turn things around once he gets his mind to it. That struggle, even with his faults and maybe because of them, makes him interesting to me.

my internet friends all think she is worst girl, and I just don't see it.

But user, we're your internet friends.

>thinks Rem is Ram for the entirety of the time he's known her
>acts like super autist when she says she's not her, but she's alive somewhere else, even though he was fine with "Ram" up that point

This shit makes no sense. Was this an oversight or is it a translation error?

I'm not, I hate him.

Let's discuss Emilia/satellas plans for communism.

I know, but discord/steam buddies.

I guess they all just have shit opinions.

They all did jump on the ram/remgine


Actually I'm not even sure why I called him user since he's a dirty tripfag. I take back my comments about being his internet friend.

No, he met Ram in a sidestory and knew her name. For some reason he thought Rem was Ram, colorblind maybe, and when he was corrected tried to confirm if Ram was still alive. He seems to think that Rem should be dead, or that at least one of them should be if she's not.

Because It's retarded. It makes no sense. Al thought she was Ram all along, but he's angry that Ram is alive even though she was just fine with her until that very second?

They probably cut because they noticed it didn't make any fucking sense to begin with.

Was this like this in LN as well?

Emilia? No problem. Emiliafags? Now there's a problem.

Maybe. If they actually ran away I would have deducted points too, as I agreed with Rem that running away was a bad move.

As annoying as Subaru was, You kind of have to understand his position. I thought that he was portrayed well as someone who experienced death many times, and he isn't the nicest guy either. I understood most of his actions he took. And he did get better as the series progressed.
Of course except that scene in episode 18. That was just cruel.

Is it strange that the only times I like Emilia are when she's with her Uncle Juice?
He's actually met Ram before and apparently even hit on her, and mysteriously knew Ram's name without being told. However, it's not a translation error. It's not Ram he expects to be dead, he's just willing to believe he mixed up the names. The name that throws him off is "Rem". If he expects "Ram" to be alive, and even had a friendly chat with her without issue, it's most likely "Rem" who should be dead.

I would assume its like this, one of the twins is supposed to be dead and the one that is alive is Ram, he believes for most of the conversation that she is Ram when she is actually Rem. Once he realizes that she has a different name, he believes he just made a mistake with her name because of how simillar the names are but infact they are both alive

I'm really irritated they didn't spend more time on the speeches. On the anime the candidates except Felt gave a shitty single line and all of them were forgettable until developed. In the manga their speeches were memorable right from the start.

That still makes no sense. He's upset that one of them isn't dead? He just arbitrarily decided shit was cool so long as one of the sisters was iced? He didn't even know they were siblings up to that point.

See, this scene seems different to me than how it was presented in the manga, I don't know which is closer to the WN/LN. She basically stammered through her introduction speech because she's awkward and then all she really asked was to not be looked down on for being a half-elf, which seems reasonable enough, and to get a fair shake at the candidacy.

She ended up inadvertently summoning puck due to Roswaal, which at least gave her some standing as a Spirit Arts user with a Great Spirit.

Also adding to the weirdness of her whole position is that at least as far as the anime is concerned, their really didn't seem to be any discrimination towards any other kind of demi-human besides half-elves, which is mostly explained by the very real threat of Pete hunting their asses down and making big people bonfires out of god damn everyone.

Adding to this, like said I like how he's portrayed as a weak guy, and stays kind of weak throughout the show, yet never gives up.

Yeah, I was surprised how good they were in the manga. After rewatching the series it actually shocked me how fast the rushed through everything involving the selection really.

>He just arbitrarily decided shit was cool so long as one of the sisters was iced?
Well, there's a few things we can figure out from that conversation. "Ram" being alive is no issue, but he's willing to believe he mixed up the names as long as the other sister is dead like she's supposed to be. When everything's added together, it becomes clear that Rem is the one he thinks should be dead.

We don't really know what he's on about either. It probably makes at least some kind of sense if we knew what he does, but we simply don't. Plenty of theories though.

I'm satisfied with your opinions
Nice talking with you

Post Rems wearing Subaru's clothes.

So, I was thinking. Subaru said some of the girl's clothes fit him, but Rem and Ram and really tiny compared to him, did he find one of Freddie's uniforms?

Fred's about as toned as Subaru. That'd make sense.

Probably, and the big butler outfits were probably Clind's.

y-you too

Also Subaru is a much better MC than most MCs in today anime.

When Subaru can look like this when crossdressing then he's probably got some hidden blessing

When most MC's these days are OP Harem protagonist's I can't really blame them for liking Subaru for his flaws or disliking Subaru because he's 'annoying' in Arc 3

>MC's love interest wearing MC's clothes
I love this, and I don't even know what to call it.

Does Ram seriously call Subaru "Balls" or is it a coincidence?

Didn't mean to reply

I thought it was a play on Subaru.

You can go ahead and delete this reddot-tier pic as well.

I doubt it. The alternative storylines Echidna shows are based on Subaru's own memories.



Isn't Rigel black haired too??

>MFW I finally realized what Subaru meant when he said Barusu was a vulgarity

I thought it was a japanese word


>Fred's about as toned as Subaru.
That's hot.

Oh so it really is that.
Can't wait for Rem to wake up so Ram can go back to being a good character.

It is

Subaru is another archetype of "annoying side character that likes to butt in into everything". They are the ones that talk all big and shit when really, they have low self-esteem. That's literally his characterarchetype. I'm surprised no one figured this out.

Well yeah, when I first found out about this series about 1-2 years ago, the person who told me about it said that the MC is like the best friend type character of a Harem protagonist
Thing is though that post-Arc 3 Subaru has developed a lot from his character interactions and post-Arc 4 Subaru has him thinking about the situation immediately after his first death in Arc 5
I guess the main reason I like Subaru so much is how well developed he is

But he's the MC. That's what makes him special.

Will Rem comeback?

Most probably.

it's called cute


Yes and they will finally kissu.

777 lucky getto means Rem is coming back.

Motherfucker. I don't want to say that Tappei should get back to writing Arc 6 since it would distract him from putting out constant Arc 4 material. However a part me wishes he puts a lot of time into it. This just fucking hurts.

They technically been cockblocked a total of twice now. Why does Tappei do this to us?

What is this


If he is indeed Subaru from the future or some shit why would he be mad that Rem and Ram exist. Ram hasn't done anything to make him mad and he obviously will never be mad at Rem.

Hell at this point Rem could be the Bishop of "Nothing Personel kid" and Subaru would still go for her.

Part 1 of chapter 2 by TC is out

What is this?!


You can never have enough moments of those two together. Tappei just makes them so irresistibly good.

Does Beatrice know absolutely everything about the crap Roswaal has done and is doing (Elsa, body surfing, whatever shit he's doing to Ram, etc)? Does she just let him do his own stuff?

deepest lore

Or actually it's far better than Monogatari's CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT haircuts.

Is there actual translations of the web novel out now or are we still just going off vague summaries?


The manga is following the LN here, the anime did a terrible job at adapting Vol.4 which is ep12/13, half of it was anime original. This is half the reason why ep13 was the worse rated ep in the entire series in Japan, the anime-only cringed and the source-reader hated the adaptation.

Emilia doesn't gain that equality shit at this point of the story, she adds it to her goals after seeing the demi-humans in arc4. Which actually contradicts the anime ending. She says that she is running for king because of very selfish reasons, which at that point of the story, is to unfreeze her village.

>mistaking her for ram
Is Al colorblind?

Haircuts are SHIT

This is probably the most accurate of what have been said so far. Al also realized his mistake and took into heart what made the two different (the bangs or the boobs) which is why he could recognize Ram in .

Five dollars this is going to be revealed when Subaru finally wipes the floor with him.

Wtf i love echidna now. She's 100000 times better than shitty half-elf

Rate my taste


Stopped there. Off yourself degenerate.

No but it does seem like he could be Nipponese, possibly similarly to how Subaru ended there.

What do you have against the cute cinnamon bun?

M-my heart

I wanna impregnate that half-elf

Oni meidos asking for headpats.


Emilia My Sexy

I'm not into Half Elfs but that outfit and body is criminal.

This EMT is fine too.

I'd let that hafu erufu play with a certain stick of mine

Post more tea pisser





>That mini Subaru on Rem's bag
nigga that's kawaii

Rem is the student who sleeps in class

Echidna a second best

Read in her voice and lol'd


She's so adorable

No wonder Subaru chose Emilia.

I wanna hug this adorable witch




I want to live the rest of my life drinking Ferris cum every day

How does hugging ekidona feel?

I'm guessing this is going to be that silly "High-school setting" side story?

Yeah. Highschool AU

Wasn't Emilia a transfer student instead of a teacher in that one though?

Can't wait to see Ferris in school uniform my god

Then, is Ram the computer whiz?

If Subaru would of asked Emilia for marriage, she would of done it. Instead he got a stupid name.

The one who always takes away Subaru's lunch money

>Miniature Subaru attached to her bag

Yes. Fuck you. Break our hearts more.

It was just a joke Subaru-kun!

She's literally the childhood friend in this AU.

>Shit Clown Rapist Faggot
>On a favorite characters list

Who should voice her? And Regulus?

Megumi Toyoguchi

Wonder how she'd react if she knew he genuinely would commit suicide for her well being.

I'd hatefuck her then and there.

he looks like a mim-maxed pvp player from Dark Souls.
I love it.

Hopefully she'd stop making such bad taste jokes.

So , we are going to get "heroic spirit Natsuki" made from the witchcounter force , are we?
If that's so far, we will get then a what if , of what happen later to Natsuki onifamily and Subaru losing it for nothing before being thrown back of more than 30years

Well, she wouldn't know it's for her well being. To her perception it'd look like he'd truly kill himself like he said if she was ever placed in such a state or died.

She's probably feel really troubled about how much he cares for her.

There are multiple Subaru, each representing one sin.

She'd also know she fucking won the Subarubowl in a way, I guess.

Subaru, the seven star cluster.

She already knew he can't live without her.

What would Rem do if she saw Subaru drinking Echidnas tea?

>Sorry Subaru-kun, Rem made everyone play in on the whole 'Who is Rem' thing, Rem wanted to see Subaru-kun's love for Rem. ITS JUST A PRANK SUBARU-KUN

I'd full-nelson fuck her in the middle of the city.

Pretty sure it'd be close to what's happening right there.
>still not translated

Ok, I had enough of this.
Just watch this yesterday, and I am utterly confused about this. Honestly, I just see this as just "another" isekai anime. But I can't still understand the popularity of this show. Did I miss something? I've been researching this under Cred Forums and reddit (no offense) but they just keep saying they "loved it". That wasn't enough for me, as you see.

I knew that around ep 12-13, the story kicks in but when I go to the archive and read the thread, they were all "normal" to me. Of course, after that it was painful for me to watch as Subaru continues to be a guy I hate. I had to pause the video, calm myself down. Or if I'm truly mad, just skips seconds. But I knew surely that I don't overskip it and I do go back if I think it is a major plot point.

About Rem, I am also confused about her popularity. I was lurking when ep 18 came and an avalanche of Rem threads rained that day. But now I watched it, it felt lackluster. Not trying to be an Emiliafag but I didn't see her feelings fully developed in the anime. Was I too blinded by my anger at Subaru that I didn't see Rem got developed for 5 episodes? Yes, compared to Emilia, Rem is the best. But Subaru also have that chemistry with the other cast. Yes, Rem stayed by his side all the time. Getting stab, tortured and twisted was saddening, but also the villagers and the mansion included. Rem was also forgotten afterwards by that whale but that too was mediocre I also forget it too. But I read some chapters focusing there relationship and that "if" chapter and I find that was cute. But then again, I'll never be able to read that if that user wasn't spamming that link like every other thread.

Now, I'm planning to watch it again to see if there was something I missed. I'm just asking if there is a work there (translated WN or manga) that fleshes the characters or things to remember before I watch it again.

Jesus, I just spend more than an hour typing and collecting my thoughts for this shit.

Go away Regulus

It has a cute catboy, which automatically makes it a 8/10 + it is entertaining

Fuck off, Regulus.

Well, I did fap to him prior to watching this.
But I like to draw a line between me and my dick.

I don't get this meme.

Don't draw those lines Regulus

regulus goes on long rants and speg pretty much anyone that types really long is now regulus

I wonder how the LN will describe Regulus now

Where are the Truth Of Zero Chapter 17 raws?

What kind of sick freak makes a Puck doujin?

What? You don't wanna Fuck the Puck?

When will Felix reveal his true nature?

I would also like to see a doujin of the White Whale

Tappei will cockblock those two kissing like how Kyoani did in Chunnibyou

Twice? I only know about the Flugel tree Felix cockblock.

Then let's have them finally share a passionate kiss when she wakes up, only for Rem to later ask who he is.



Wait, hear me out first. I'm suggesting something a little similar to Subaru's situation with Satella, that the feelings remain even if the memories are gone.

I want to give this Witch a second daughter.

I want to fuck that whale.

>That outline of Emilia's belly.
This artist knows how to draw fabric and clothes in general.

>Emilia is taller than Echidna

>Dumbest character of the series is a teacher

Waiting animation/translation/manga adaptation.

Day 4

Ferri a best

With luck, they going to adapt arc4 with the arc2 artist, he only have 3 or 4 more chapter of that arc (Rem past, Subaru vs Dog and epilogue in the mansion)



I got some serious Romeo & Juliet vibes from that one.


Didn't that start out with some user ranting at a tripfag?

Against lelouch? No no, when we hear someone constantly blabbering on about shit, we know it's fucking Regulus. After all, Regulus is pic related.

It started with Regulus ranting about getting run over by carriages.

Just saying, it was the first time I saw somebody being called Regulus for ranting.

Nah, I was thinking along the liens of.

>No memories
>Name intact
>Still falls in-love with Subaru all over again regardless

Now that I'd pay to see

>About to kiss
>Cockblocked by Felix again

Watch it happen.

It could merely send his memories back in time and and have them overlap the checkpoint.

I'd make a violin out of Felix if that happened.

Fuck off

I swear to god if Tappei pulls that shit off again

No, you.


Another way they mirror each other is that they both think the other is a little retarded. I kind of like that they have unflattering parallels.

Ferri is the absolute best.

Purisilla can fuck off.


I want him to sex Crusch.

> everyone telling me Ram got CLOWNED
> become a #ShillforFelt
> Ram is a virgin confirmed

why is it so hard to get translations for series of the month?

I want Crusch to get her memories back and then have emotional sex with him

>Ram is a virgin confirmed

Literally when?

Yes I too want Ferris to be emo.

> Ram is a virgin confirmed
How so?
I'm pretty sure gives evidence of the contrary.

Emo? Ferris?



user, I'm not gonna shuffle thru' words to find YOUR proof. Quote it here and mention the approximate page so we confirm.

Summaryanon really has a good pace.
And I really like all the small Subaru and Emilia moments Tappei is dropping. There is no way she's not already in love with him whether she realizes it/admits it to herself or not

They also impulsively try to take care of each other because of it. Its a good to be bad sometimes.

I like this one, she looks coquettish.

I seriously wonder how long I have to wait.

What I love about his is when you wear your jacket back and it is soaked in her delicious fragrance.
I mean...if a girl ever wore my jacket. Has never happened to me. No siree, just a regular user here.

I think there are too many Rem doujins right now. Not enough of literally any other character.

I said the same about Megumin back when konosuba aired

It begins

I also said the same about Hestia when Danmachi aired.

Unless Re:Zero gets a season 2 we won't get any more doujins. So Rem stealing the spotlight is pretty bad.

> I think there are too many Rem doujins right now.
No, still not enough.

I hope this leads into something.

She won every popularity poll by a landslide so the doujin distribution naturally reflects that.

What scenario are we missing? Fucking under the Flugel tree? Fucking at the episode 18 ruins? Threesome with Emilia? The Rem-porn fields need a crop rotation already. Time for the other hot girls to get their turn at some dick

We're missing hot sex with ep 15 twister Rem.

Spiral pussy

Fucking while she in coma. Series of doujins from AU. There are alot stories.

>Fucking while she in coma
That will only give people a serious case of Katawa Dick.

The following doujins need to happen:
>Subaru x Emilia, extremely vanilla and moe
>Felix x Crusch, femdom
>Al x Priscilla, Priscilla powerbottom
>Satella's Unseen Handjob
>Betelgeuse x Pandora, rape
Elsa x Subaru, Guro

UH! sick as fuck! maybe made by Messy! that would be great

Wait, what? There's no Subaru x Emilia vanilla moe? What the fuck.


I'm still fucking stunned there's been no material with unseen hand (regardless of it being Satella, Subaru, or Betelgeuse).

That's because everyone is drawing SubXEchidna.

>Unseen hand fisting while Anal fucking
>Unseen hand nipple pinching
>Unseen hand clit rubbing
The possibilities are literally endless...

Starts as watersports but just turns into a tea party

>Implying its not subtle NTR

For what purpose?

Why did Tappei make Rem lose to Emilia in such a hilarious way?

Because he's a funnyman. He makes jokes.

But who would even target her? Doesn't she not have any influence on the world at large? Did they try to kill her because she is what is causing the deviations from the gospel?

Maybe From Zero wasn't meant to happen

.Rem isn't any more intersting. Her development and past are pretty standard it's doesn't elevate her character who kawaii when she spergs put over smallest things having to do with Subaru. Picking one over is just dumb waifuism and who is more moe at work rather either being more compelling, honestly.

For Dis Pear.

>I don't think I want a season 2 knowing that Rem probably won't have as many screentime as before.

If it is true that Satella cursed Honda to fall in love on sight with her vessel when she brought him into this world then someone else worming their way into being #1 in his heart would be a problem.

Heck in the AU, even though the anime implies he would be just settling and becomes less of a person for running away, barely any of it shows in his character after the split.

Rem isn't any more interesting. Her development and past are pretty standard it's doesn't elevate her character who kawaii who spergs out over smallest things having to do with Subaru. Picking one over is just dumb waifuism and more about who is more moe at work rather either being more compelling, honestly.


Have, have you read arc 4?

I want Ferris to eat out Crusch like a kitten licking a bowl of milk

The arc 4 summary is there for you to read user, she really does get upstaged by every other character. This isn't even about Rem to be honest, she is just that bland. Not the good kind of bland either.

But she won, Emilia is a cuck now.

The author is aware of the seven deadly sins being christianed concepts. Rather than just the usual idea of "supposed Greek". Otherwise he would not have Acedia, which is another way of saying Sloth in Latin.

>Kecked by a comatose girl
Top Cuckeronni

This world's gatta be related to diablo somehow

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

Le mana

Wait a minute

Didn't Tappei use to work as a butcher?

Emilia is not very interesting after you know the point of her character: naivety and purity. That's it. She gets overshadowed by Petelgeuse, who became the very embodiment of sin, Sloth. And Petelgeuse is actually an exceptional character in terms of depth regarding him and his character.
Felt ain't very interesting, she gets overshadowed by Valga, who took care of her despite hatred of humans. I couldn't care less if she were royalty. Valga is more interesting.

She will never stop having bad taste in jokes.

Well diablo could make a good outcast of the demon kind.

There's more than just one of the same enemy plus miniboss types (like the hounds and mega hound)

Suburu is mostly useless in a fight because he entered a world starting from level 1 ( as equal as a newborn baby )

Theres artifacts that increase your chances in a fight if you equip em.

Tappei loves to chop meat while thinking of plot developments while at work.

There's a really simple doujin of Subaru x Emilia that's super vanilla.


muh dik

what's in the bag onii-senpai

Who do you figure were Emilia's parents? Pandora seemingly killed then and Echidna talks about having known Emilia's mother.

She also called Emilia a "daughter of a witch", either trying to insult her, or maybe Emilia's mother was truly a witch too.

She's not calling him Balls, since she shouldn't know any English words. I think from her perspective she's just messing up his name, but I think this is what his commentary was referring to since he's an otaku

That Snek dude looks cool. And I want his double saber.

Surprise I'm in it. Big Bubba nice to meet you.

>he uniform may be worn perfectly, but the one wearing it was slightly taller than Subaru, with an athletic build similar to his. If she were a he, it would have seen as healthy and strong, but when it was on a female, everything instantly crumbled.

Seems likely

Would Betel be the one raping?

What if she didn't tell him it was a prank until it was too late? She'd probably kill herself too

That scene with Ram happens first, during arc 1, but if he ever had to tell them apart again later I suppose he could by bust size.

Who is this Pandora character and what did they do?

The witch of vainglory and she specializes in being a mega cunt.

she tricks Betelgeuse into killing his waifu

Similar to Greek mythology, I'm supposing she spread evil on the world. She's the sin of vainglory (which is just pride or vanity) and makes all kinds of phenomena to be in her favor.

It'd be like user said: something out of Romeo and Juliette, except Juliette is a faggot jokester "lel so funneh".

See, this is literally exactly the kind of shit I am talking about Emiliafags. Of those three posts, it mentions that THE ENTIRE CAST is more interesting than Emilia, with two of them singling out her backstory as helping other characters more than her. What character is not in Emilia's backstory in any way, shape or form? Rem. What character does this sperg single out of the entire cast during arc 4 when Rem is in a coma? Rem.

He doesn't even say anything nice about Emilia, just tries to tear down Rem for no fucking reason. Like, okay, lets say I acknowledge that, now what? You've got Wilhelm, Otto, Betty, Ram, Roswaal, Echidna, Garfeel, Petegeuse, Satella, Fortuna, Puck, Reinhard, Crusch, etc, etc, etc left to go through before Emilia stands on top.

Supposedly a witch that is in charge the cult, but talk of her is forbidden, her sin is vainglory, and has platinum like hair.

Among the things she did there are:

>Implication of having killed Emilia's parents
>Driving Betelgeuse insane because of "love" by making him kill Emilia's aunt, and possible love interest
>Erasing Emilia's memories of her past and driving her into a frenzy that made her freeze her entire village
>Attracted the whale to the place where Theresia fought the whale
>Sets up city attack and usually goes along with Regulus the most powerful of the bishops in terms of raw of power
>May have been the one who resurrected Theresia's body, and used her in the city attack in arc 5
>is implied to be in charge of the cult, and may be the one brainwashing people into joining

Got the Ram version of this?

No, sorry. Have another Ram as an apology.

Wow and I thought I couldn't hate someone more than Ley.

Is she at least cute enough for hate fucking doujins?

> Brainwashing them into joining
My ass. We have been shown in the WN that they chose to join on their own. No gospel.

I mean the unwilling ones, like Betelgeuse.

She is said to possess beauty to where gods would tremble I believe and wears a one-piece.

Because the Witchcult is so much cooler then being absolutely nothing.

I mean with no king in charge I would try to become a cultist and get super powers. Which reminds me when is this king election happening? I mean if my government had no leader I would want one.

No no no. You said brainwashing people into joining. Which is essentially a wrong rumor. Petelgeuse has been shown to be member by choice, not by force.

So, she's really a virgin?

What would Regulus think of Ram?

No because then Regulus would have been all over her

Pete deserved better

Would you

>By choice

Did you read Emilia's past? He did not join willingly, Pandora messed with him after killing Emilia's aunt, and drove him into thinking Love is everything.

She has some control of reality and can bend it to her will.

Can he smell the lingering scent of clown dick?

Dumb Greeds.

Yes. With an Oni's lust.

So is therr a reveal of who actually keeps grabbing suberu's heart?

From a mile away

until confirmed otherwise

it's like Guilty Crown

No question.

Are there any Echidna lewds yet?

Okay this is actually hilarious.

only on episode 10
after i finish season one, where does the story continue?

We need bishop/witch lewds after the knight/candidate ones are done

I wish.

My point is that you can same thing about Rem or any character. Who find or not is entirely subjective and not fact. Not one actually prove beyond. It's just bullshit spread by your own and just nonsensical exuses. Instead up that fact you say even more vague shit. It's just another waifushitfest. I don't think Rem is particularly interesting character but I'm not gonna objective deny her developments or say she worst of it. That just retarded logic. In othewords just fuck off with you bullshit already.

I love how Echidna and Regulus are getting drawn/shipped together and I've yet to see a single Roswaal and Echidna pic. Its fucking wonderful.

Subaru already knows is the witch, since it can't be anyone else considering his smell.

if you're talking about her showing up, then yes, she shows up in arc 4.

I like where this is going.

WN translations.

Again, nothing good to say about Emilia, more Rembashing. Everything you quoted was already assumed to be an opinion, and not even an uncommon one.

Seriously, what is even the point of your post? "HA Your opinions are just opinions" Thanks captain obvious, you are truly the hero we deserve.

If you want to change someone's opinions i.e. you disagree that Emilia's backstory helps other characters more than Emilia, or that Emilia is not one of the least interesting characters, you may try and do so. But in order to do that, you would actually have to talk about Emilia, which you seem unwilling to do, wanting desperately to tear down other characters rather than shine a spotlight on the character you actually like.

I don't want my internal organs to be crushed while having sex.

Just grab her horn, bitches love it when you grab their horn.

the clown gets cucked by the bishop who doesn't even give a shit about her and also gets cucked by a teenager from another world

I should have expected Regulus to be drawn frequently but I wasn't expecting so much. And so quickly too.

Every shitty thing that clown did was for her wasn't it?

For the purpose of meeting her again and reviving her, yes.

That seems like a good way to lose a hand.

Pretty much yeah.

Eeyup. He love love loves her.

Regulus is literally Cred Forums incarnate so his infamy should be warranted.


Only Subaru can have the piss tea!

>That seems like a good way to lose a hand
Its okay. Reinhard gets a Blessing for everything.

I can talk about Emilia just, and don't need selective single her and make up bullshit to secretly pop Rem's character. Lets be honest 99% Remfags bashing Emilia or vice bersa and your not fooling anyone. Other fanbase outside these two don't give shit, or get annoy at Remfags who tie everything about series to Rem.

Not him but that's the problem really, you can't state what you like or dislike about Emilia, there is nothing going for her in every side, in a sense, she has no character.

The only criticism she has is that there is nothing defining her, nothing really to root or hate her for, she is just there.

>those typos and grammar errors
Here we fucking go.

Not everything.

Translation for someone who doesn't speak chink?

Lets follow this conversation trail back.

Unrelated party A wonders why Emilia is considered 'worst girl'

Parties B, C and D reply that she is not particularly worst girl, but isn't very interesting in a wide cast of very interesting characters.

You come in and start bashing Rem because you disagree with the above, without ever actually saying the you even think Emilia is better. Really, for all we know, you think both are shit, because you don't actually talk about the good points of the character you like, you just want to bash Rem. You even claim that you could bash ANY character the same way, then with the very next sentence prove me right by going back to bashing Rem.

You follow this up with a post about how this is clearly all Remfags fault because they won't stop bashing Emilia when literally nothing bad has been said about her at all, in fact people have said she's completely fine, even good and is not a worst girl, just has too strong of competition.

But clearly its all those Remfag's fault and their unreasonable bashing of Emilia right? Those cheeky Remfags, always stirring the pot by talking about characters they like instead of the character you like who you refuse to talk about and won't actually defend.

We are 3 posts into this and you still have yet to say a single nice thing about Emilia. This isn't some kind of trick to point and laugh at you for saying something nice about Emilia, tell us WHY you don't think she's uninteresting or why our opinions are wrong or in any way inaccurate. So far you've got 'That's just like, your opinion man' which brings nothing to the table, because it can be just as easily countered with, 'Yeah, so is your's'

That moment when you find Rem making tacos

If I could translate it I would have, user.

You're replying to me, and I have to go, but I actually could carry on a conversation about Emilia if I wanted to, there are things to talk about, but as a Remfag I have no real strong desire to do so, and everytime I've done so the other Emiliafag has literally nothing to say about her in a discussion and falls back on bashing Rem every single time. Its really annoying, because I think there are conversations to be had there.

Like, Subarufags, Remfags, etc can discuss those characters and their flaws without just jumping over to other characters to bash on, but 'Emiliafags' can't. Really its more of the only assholes who want to talk about Emilia are just using her as leverage to bash Rem, so its more like "AntiRemfags" than "Emiliafags" and the poor Half-elf doesn't deserve that, she's being used enough in her own show.

Reinhard's nice fella meter is always so high
Subaru: You really are a nice fella
Subaru: Meter goes up even when talking to me
Reinhard: ?

Subaru: There's nobody you ain't a nice fella with
Subaru: ?!

Subaru: It's dropping like a donkey's asshole!
Subaru: What the fuck is he seeing!?

Regulus: Howdy
Subaru: the flea彡!

Then your retarded and haven't wayched the show.

I can easliy list her traits and character without saying about anyone else like this:

>She is a gentle, sassy, diligent, cool headed person with a slight childish side with self worth issues.

Similarly I can list Rem's traits

>Loyal, devoted, fairly stoic maid with some inferiorty complex issues.

So Emilia doesn't have any less character or traits than her or anyone else. You can't even have a conversation with a person who have no character. You annd that other guy are retarded, full stop.

I'm not even a part of this argument but when has Emilia ever been sassy?

Not in the anime.

Oh shit. Thanks user.

>Like, Subarufags, Remfags, etc can discuss those characters and their flaws without just jumping over to other characters to bash on, but 'Emiliafags' can't. Really its more of the only assholes who want to talk about Emilia are just using her as leverage to bash Rem, so its more like "AntiRemfags" than "Emiliafags" and the poor Half-elf doesn't deserve that, she's being used enough in her own show.

Stop fucking lying you asshole. Remfags bring Em8lia all the time and their are ones who can't talk about their waifu without bring up Subaru brcause that is all there to her character. She has nothing gpung for other than being a baby factory.

> piss tea

what did i miss?

Okay so point out to me when she's been sassy in the WN.

>She has nothing gpung for other than being a baby factory
I thought we were talking about Rem not Ram?

Granted, the babies are very cute.

They've got good genes.

does the tiddie assassin from the first arc ever come back?
does Felt?


Elsa comes back in arc 4. Felt in arc 5.

Read LN or Manga. She tends to put down or play off Subaru's attempts at flirting often. Usually with either exasperation a funny and snappy comeback.

I'm trying to defend you but alright. Sure.

First no, you are strawmanning these characters, really. Traits are one thing but how one expresses and defines those traits are another, Rem is deeply flawed and I mean DEEPLY flawed, which not only draws in more people but also makes her interesting, she is also a tragic character, with most of her efforts being in vain, she also works her absolute ass off when it comes to anything she values, that in itself increases sympathy, having Subaru being a different side of the same coin helps her as well. I can understand why Emilia is the exact opposite, she is the generic main heroine. Its something you see time and time again, she is the girl who can do no wrong, she is almost perfect, hell even her flaws are perfect in a way that doesn't make her stand out, literally MOE JESUS. Emilia is also not a tragic character, everything is practically handed to her on a silver platter, she has not struggled to the degree others have in the series you can even argue she has the longest stick on anyone in the series excluding Priscilla.

You can have a very fine line of what you like and dislike about Rem but Emilia has no such privilege. That's the reason nobody really talks about her. Now with your previous comment about everything tying to Rem, in all honestly its a given, Rem has one of the most undefined paths in the series excluding Subaru thats why there are such heated debates and discussions about her, ranging from extremely sad and tragic to blissfully happy and sweet. Emilia on the other hand her path is straightforward, which you can only do so much with. You can talk about her becoming Satella, ok. You can then talk about her winning the king candidacy, but that's pretty much it.

wtf that's not like the anime at all
now im a #FeltFag

I like Subaru.

Shut up Regulus

Negl the only girls I actually like without restraint are Priscilla and Echidna. Please hurry up Arc 7. I want more Al and Priscilla.

Are you mad? Because I'm not.

>Subaru: En, it’s true Emilia-tan didn’t do anything. But I have everything handled so don’t worry. After all, my achievements are my Emilia-tan’s achievements too!]

Seeing Emilia shriveling in embarrassment, Subaru pounded his chest proclaiming this. Stealing a glance at Subaru, Emilia nodded slightly.

>[Emilia: Thank you Subaru… Even though I don’t remember becoming “your” Emilia…]

There other like this through Arc 1-2 in the manga LN/WN.

I like Subaru.

Ram hasn't never went on a tirade about her imaginary children. That shit would be pretty disturbing in IRL.

That's...not sassy though? Just seems like a rebuttal.

Ram going on a tirade about her imaginary children would just be her going on a tirade about Roswaal.

but I thought she actually loved Subaru?

Ram != Rem

>Ram hasn't never went on a tirade about her imaginary children
Yes but she's more than okay with becoming Roswaal's incubation factory and letting him bodyjack her child. Also,
>That shit would be pretty disturbing in IRL
Not really. It wasn't even a tirade. Do you know what that word means? And are you really trying to go anime world=real life.

I wonder how manly Felix looks under that hood

I like Subaru.

Nothing you have said make Rem any less generic then Emilia. Characters with inferiority complexes and devotion are so of common fictional elements. He'll Rem's inferiority issues doesn't even anymore. Everything comes out of her mouth is Subaru this or Subaru that. She basically a satellite character orbits with only traits with any relevance being her devotion. 95% Remfags only ever talk about because that only story that matters regarding her at this point.

>Subaru's harem has more boys than girls

Subaru didn't tell Rem any stories
Subaru didn't drink Rem's love nectar tea

Emilia's father was and elf while her mother was human tho.

>Someone saved my shitty edit

And that's not even all of the boys.

The only one he even needs is Reinhard. The rest is unnecessary

I like Subaru.

Do you have the original image?!

Can't wait to see Garfiel's official design.

Why are gay men so mean to women?



Who doesn't like Subaru? Everyone likes Subaru. If someone doesn't like Subaru enough RbDs will fix that.

Reinhard can't even pull out his sword. He's useless.

>I can understand why Emilia is the exact opposite, she is the generic main heroine. Its something you see time and time again, she is the girl who can do no wrong, she is almost perfect, hell even her flaws are perfect in a way that doesn't make her stand out, literally MOE JESUS. Emilia is also not a tragic character, everything is practically handed to her on a silver platter, she has not struggled to the degree others have in the series you can even argue she has the longest stick on anyone in the series excluding Priscilla.

Holy shit nigga do you even watch or read this show? Nobody can easily this addled brained. The girl treated like fucking Hilter and live in fucking forest most of her life nevermind everyone in her family is dead. On top of that she ended destroying her own village which led to become dependent on Puck to keep her emotionally stable. And you say she had no hardships despite directly contradicted about in the story? Forget about being a Remfags you just an idiot with the brain of a gold fish.

Shit I'm hype. It can't be bad. Certainly not as bad as Ley's design.

>you just an idiot with the brain of a gold fish
Says the person making constant typos and grammar errors.

>this pic

By the time Re:Zero ends, everyone will like Subaru. It is known.

Many wnfags have said puck had met satella pandora and echidna in the past, I know about echidna and puck, and he mentions satella some times and also seems to hate her (he freezed her ass when she posesed subaru in arc 4 I think) but what is pandora relationship with him? It has to be with his contract not interrumpting the ordeals?
Also how did his gem broke? It was accidental or planned?
Spoil me wnfags, wanna now about him more.
Aside that, do you think the manga will continue?

betelgugu is an absolutely, absolutely madman

But it is. Sassieness is what and how you response in matter in fact manner. She's play Subaru's off flirting instead acting flustered or going a long with it.

Just saying that the puck is satan meme has a reason

Betel a BEST!


like none of that made it into the anime.

Even the discrimination was toned down.

You think Felix ever tried to take advantage of Crusch in her current state?

No, its not.
lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

None of that was cheeky or lively. Sassy is what Subaru does most of the time when people put him down. What Emilia did was just her making a rebuttal. Just cause she didn't go along with it or blush and stammer doesn't mean she's being sassy.

This not contesting what I said. Rem desperate wants jump his bones. Ram loves sure but hasn't acted like a horn fool about it with cringe inducing lines.

>Rem desperate wants jump his bones
Whats wrong with that? I'm really curious about whats wrong with a girl who's not afraid of making her affections known to the object of her affections. And Ram being a love-struck Stockholm syndrome induced baby making factory drone to Roswaal is a hundred times worse than spouting cringe lines. How can you even say otherwise?

That is no excuse and the discrimination was barely toned down and still exist . It doesn't change the fact that he basically he made up a bunch of Bullshit.

>The girl treated like fucking Hilter and live in fucking forest most of her life nevermind everyone in her family is dead.

And? Social rejection is not common in isekais? Let alone main heroines? But please strawman me more even though I said "she has not struggled to the degree of others" but please continue to criticize my assumed lack of ability to read, even though I was initially trying to defend you.

>On top of that she ended destroying her own village which led to become dependent on Puck to keep her emotionally stable

Except that was an accident, nothing like knowing that you are fundamentally a piece of trash. There is one thing to not want harm to come to other and another to do so, that what defines a character. One is actively trying to atone, one is running away and technically free of it. Plus again, having one of the strongest spirits to come to your aid, how is that NOT a silver platter? She does something and gets a reward out of it, every time. Emilia doesn't lose anything from her efforts. Everybody else does, take Crusch for example or Wilhelm, Felix, Subaru any character. They have continued to suffer damage and vain efforts, Emilia has not, ever. Arc 4 is indicative of this and even arc 5.

But my point that her response is sprinted. Just not in a genki manner as much going yeah sure dude. She basically his straightman to his funny man by her reacting to his specific remarks.

Its not even spirited though. It'd be like if I introduced my girlfriend by going. "This is my girlfriend." and they replied with "I'm not your girlfriend." If they were being sassy or spirited though, they'd say, "Wow, I had no idea my name was My Girlfriend."

I don't even know if he's posting seriously, he just seems like someone who just wants to shit on everything.

>Roswaal does massive Keikaku for Echidna
>Subaru gets to drink her body fluids

I like Subaru.

...this conversation was about whether Rem or Ram acts like ridiculously over the top love-struck girl. You acted like was talking about Ram when behaves in that manner and is far more refined about it. You just admitted she does. That was whole point of my conversation, not what you feel it about it.

reminder witches are best grils and did nothing wrong

Satella did everything wrong though
Gluttony Witch created white whale, great rabbit and black snake
Wrath fucked up a lot of things...but she's a bro and her intentions are pure and that her authority was to blame; she is forgiven.

No, this started when I replied to your post saying that Ram is the the one who has nothing going for her other than being a baby factory. Then you said Ram never went on a tirade about her imaginary children. I replied with do you even know what tirade means, and then you said that's not proving you wrong and that Ram spouts cringe inducing lines. And then I replied that Ram acts like a love struck fool more that Rem, who at the worst touches Subaru in his sleep, whereas Ram is ready to have her child bodyjacked just cause she loves Roswaal that much. And no, Ram does not act more refined about it. Allowing such a thing to happen to your child is not acting refined about it. Especially considering she sucks Roswaal's dick (figuratively and literally) just as much as Rem. But is worse about it.

I don't read the WN. How did Subaru end up meeting Echidna in the first place?

I like Subaru.

He managed to enter Sanctuary, a very important place. I don't know how he got in though

Dude your post makes no sense. You saying Ram worse because who she likes and not actually she has said and done. Unless parts where Ram says or does any close to Rem your just being delusional. Even have gone WTF at some her dialogue in White Whale's battle. Subaru eveb tells Emilia that her is crazy heavy. Cmon.

Thats fucked up

What tier would this guy be in the Re:Zero world?

Emilia a shit

>Dude your post makes no sense
The fucking irony.

so what happened to him to be the best loli of an Cred Forums indie visual novel?

>You saying Ram worse because who she likes and not actually she has said and done
Did you READ my post? I said that Ram being a-okay with having her child bodyjacked by the man who allowed her village's destruction and the loss of her horn, which makes living a very horrible thing for her, is worse than Rem being as cringy as Subaru. Actually read my post. And learn how to fucking type in English too, while you're at it.

I like Subaru.

He was already in the damn cult before becoming a sin, dammit. Remember he was the moderate side of the cult? Dumbass.

He turned a hero into a yandere.

Again my point is what and how she responsed. Her reacting play into lighthearted atmosphere of that scene. It's not just about replying to opposite. I don't think have an understanding of how the flow dialogue works in a conversation like that.

That aside Emilia is pretty is lively person who no problem of intentionally or unintentionally play into Subaru's humor.

>I don't think have an understanding of how the flow dialogue works in a conversation like that
And I don't understand what you're trying to say here. Regardless, we'll just agree to disagree.

I like Subaru.

Ram's case looks like stockholm syndrome. And a pretty nasty one at that.

He was told to go there along with Emilia by Roswaal. The purpose being finishing the trials in that place, which could only be done by half humans, but none of the ones in there managed.

ok come again?

1: he pissed Rein off and he cut his legs off!
2: he lost his legs for some reason you will explain, and rein decided to take care of him
3: its some fanart of some amputee fetishist
4: lost his legs , and maybe rein have some fetish on amputee

I know. I said so in my post. Yes, its fucked u., But in terms of being a love-struck fool she's 100x worse than Rem.

I'm typing on a phone.

And that doesn't make her more horny. Disturbed maybe, but that isn't the same things. I'm not talking about who their love it's how act about it. You seem to completely sidestepping the subject. Even Ram was worse it doesn'g change Rem is no better. You seemed to agreed with that so why are arguing? This isn't even about Ram to begin with.

You're a retard who has no fucking idea what he's talking about.

Go read about his past, he was NOT part of the cult before Pandora assaulted the village Emilia was in, he tried to defend then and even Regulus commented someone like him did not deserve to wield the sin of sloth.

Stop talking as if you know shit.

I'm pretty sure that's all fanart.

Let's be honest, neither are healthy individuals to begin with. And to Roswell credit he destroy her village anyway. It just knew it would happen.

What. I'm not at all side-stepping Rem. You said Rem is worse than, I said no she isn't. Plain and simple. Where have I ever denied Rem being bad. In fact, I even said Rem is just as bad and cringy Subaru. I don't even know what the fuck you're talking about.

I like Subaru.



doujins when?


But I like Subaru.


>M-my heart
My dick.

I also like Subaru.

Wrong, Petelgeuse was already part of the cult.
>Scene cuts into Petelguese/Fortuna/Emilia facing Regulus, Archbishop of Greed. Petelguese is furious that Regulus broke the treaty not to interfere with others, but stands down when Pandora, Witch of Vainglory, appears and reveals it was her order to do so.

Don't just get it off from the wiki.


I could forgive Mistubishi for every stupid thing he has ever done if he was female

You have to go back.

she only destroyed half of the world because Fugel was banished to the earth, I would do the same if someone took my waifu from me

>Gluttony Witch created white whale, great rabbit and black snake
true but she created them because she wanted to make animals to make food of them
ok it didn't work that well but she is not evil ugh

If Subaru was a girl the whole series would just be her getting bullied with dicks and who would actually watch that.

Could Pandora beat Regulus?

thanks user

you should also link this thread

Pandora is good at surviving, i'm not sure she could really take on Regulus, she surely wouldn't die either i guess.

some "diabolik lovers" ugly 15 yo gal probably , shit no one watch beside them

>ugugu i will rape you
>i blackmail you

>who would actually watch that
Depends on whose dick gets to bully her.

>Rem sprouts her horn
Nice addition.

Could you forgive her for having bad taste?


Does that really mean he was part of the cult? The treaty in question may refer that he did know about then and possibly had a connection, but right after said question, he also grabbed a box and inserted sloth into himself.

I guess if he was really part of the cult he was just a regular member and stole one of the witch genes? Either way it was a very weak translation i'd rather wait on a proper one to see what truly happened, but i guess the idea is that Betelgeuse grew attached to Emilia and Fortuna and went against the cult?

I mean Regulus called him "not chosen".

Felt being a shota would actually make me interested in her character.

>And a pretty nasty one at that.
Because Rem was pseudoretconned.


Actually wait, you're right, i did read the text you just quoted, i forgot about the other part talking about how Betelgeuse was ordered to get involved with the village.

I know very well of what his profession. He WAS in the cult. In fact, he was the moderate side of the cult rather than radical. He was in relation in Elior forest with food and supplies. You didn't believe me when I said he was in the cult, well, guess what, he actually was, dammit.

you're only allowed to say that if you are white
fuck off google

Yeah my bad, i had forgotten about the part that stated Fortuna told him to get involved with the village.

>[Frederica: It is a pleasure to meet you. I am a servant of the household of Margrave Roswaal L. Mathers, Frederica Baumann…]

>[Subaru: Scary face—!?]

>Her respectful introduction was interrupted by the overly candor words that slipped out of Subaru’s mouth. Upon hearing this, the woman’s expression congealed, and after her fiendish eyes blinked several times ——tears began to form.

>[Frederica: …sniffle, sniffle…]

She's fit AND also a cutie! My fucking heart can't handle this.

Frederica revealing she's actually the best girl of Re:Zero.


But where does she hide her gains?


Do you even Cred Forums?

"I'm so fucked up."