Will there be another banter master and best girl in this season?

Why doesn't PoorBoy just get with RichGirl? Wouldn't that solve all his problems? Or is she just down to tormenting him now?

He really doesn't like her. He said early on he would like to travel back to the past to turn her down in a nicer way (Higashida expected him to say he would like to change the past and accept her proposal).

The new cast is shit

This guy looks bland as fuck, as with most of the cast anyway. I bet he has a crush on ghost girl.

>Not liking a cute girl who throws money at you

What is he gay?

>Girl is so vindictive and holds a grudge for so long that despite being rich she gets a job at the restaurant you work at just so that she can bully you continuously out of spite.

True love.

He's always been good looking, and even as a kid girls sought him out simply because of his looks, which eventually put him off.

Shiho didn't stop at him turning her down, but made sure to mess with him as much as she could.

Mind you, Shiho has her fine points which will be shown throughout of the story, but this is her being nothing but a bitch.

best girl never left user

Best girl

Yes, milf is indeed the best girl.

Where? I dont see any.

Get that waifubait out of my face

>implying that the new cast isn't waifubait

She's childish, has mummy issues, she's irresponsible, can be really annoying at times, never showed any kind of particular attraction toward any of the males in the show.

How is she waifubait in any way.

I miss them

What the FUCK was that?

I thought this was an OVA for working!! but it's an actual spin-off?!

Lurk more. There's a reason why there's already 2 threads up before this.

Well, what are your thoughts? Just finished the first episode and I am liking the cast better.

>He doesn't know there was a webmanga for Working before she was signed to a magazine.
>He also doesn't know she continued to draw the webmanga version concurrently with drawing the serialized version in the magazine.

Forgive me. I can't be lurking on Cred Forums and knowing every detail about every show all the time. AND work

This is something you could have found out 5+ years ago, though. Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced my Slowpoke image.

Muranushi a best.

This comes across as a shoddy prototype of Working!! otherwise, which it actually is. Not-inami is much better than actual Inami at the very least, and a complete dumbass as the manager also is a nice set up.

>not this shit again


Working without Inami is good
Working without Yamada...i don't know, it feels strange...

This Working cast is absolute bland
Even the normal girl from the previous one had more personality

the most upsetting omission is a likeable little sister. nazuna best girl

i want to a poplar


Muranushi is super cute

This image is missing best girl

>first ep

First Season of Working!, first episode, you never heard of any of these people.

Katanashi got focus, Poplar got focus, and at the end inami. All the others seemed bland as fuck as well.

It's Working after all, it'll need some time to establish itself, which is fine.

Genki Inami best girl tbqh