How tall is too tall for a girl?

How tall is too tall for a girl?

And do you like tall girls?

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I'm not really into giantess but other than that as long as the chick is of a somewhat realistic human height it's all good.

My favorite love lab girl is the jew. It feels like she's underappreciated. Eyebrows are cute but a man can't live onlyby cuteness. Jew was way more fun and surely would keep thing interest ing

I have my limits.

That's big, user. Not tall.

Any height taller than 6 feet.

fucking manelts

>too tall

>A 6ft+ 2D girl will never lay her tits over your head over your head when you're sitting down

Why even fucking live.


I don't like tall girls. Or short girls.

But tall men on the other hand....

I only like "cute" girls.


It depends on the personality.
If she looks & acts feminine, tall is fine.
If she's some muscular athlete type, no way.

>How tall is too tall for a girl?
Uh, like 8ft I guess.

The maximum height is one where the man is able to perform oral sex on her while both are standing.

Any taller than that, and you very quickly run out of viable sex positions.

No such thing. As long as she is hot.

Toyone would be cuter if she toned down the chuuni.
Demon eyes and Undertaker outfit are a turnoff. She could be a model if she were more normal.

My waifu's about 5'9",so she's taller than average, but not super tall.
However, I do love tall girls, even if they are kinda rare.

You talk about relative height, not absolute. So... no hard limit?

The only thing chuuni is her hat. Her eyes are just sort of like that because she's a freak.

There are so few anime girls that are actually tall.
Most "tall" anime girls are 5ft 7in or so. We need more girls that are 6ft and up.

The Nip are so short any girl that is taller than 165cm is considered "tall".

We need to get taller.

At least 1cm taller than me.

So 168cm is too tall.

The entire concept of being tall or short is relative.

What a 5'4" manlet considers to be tall is different than what a 6'4" guy would. That's why anime "tall" girls are usually barely above the height of an average woman.

Putting an absolute cap on height obviously absurd, when viewed from that angle. Saying that a certain height is "too tall", and anything below the cutoff is alright is like making a "one size fits all" shirt. Anyone with half a brain knows that's patently false.

A girl can be too tall for certain sex acts to be practical, relative to her partner (I'm missing the picture of the short guy in a hentai who couldn't fuck his girlfriend from behind because he couldn't quite reach without a stool to stand on), but there's no such thing as truly being too tall.


Tall is cute.

would fuck a tall waifu for the sake of our offspring's genes

Toyone's tall enough.

I don't care how tall a girl is, but I'm already convinced that tall girls would never give me the time of day because I'm a manlet.

The tall to go even further: Toyone in high heels

Stop being a little bitch. It is your duty to hold out hope in place of tallfags who have no hope of tall(er) gf.

you sure she's not on stilts?

They won't.

Tall girls only go for shotas and men who are taller than them.

Manlets will just have to die alone. It's a shame, but for every person who wins the genetic lottery, there's a fuckton of losers like you.

The average height for a female Japanese highschooler is 158 cm, and since they have a pretty homogenous population the spread is also quite small with around 5cm being one standard deviation. So a really rough estimate would say only around 2.5% or so female highschooler in Japan are 168 or higher.

We're not even close to tall enough.

Hm. You're probably right.
Still, it looks like a minor inconvenience to me.

>too tall
Excuse me?

Tall girls are the antithesis of everything that makes a girl attractive,small,cute,etc.

Were talking about 5'4 or so, but sub 5' is prime.

I've dated a 4'7 jp girl IRL. Anyone like MUM? :Dddd

What about lanklets?

Fuck off pedo scum.

Kazane is hotter. [spoler]And taller.[/spoler]

Poor excuse of a thread to post Toyones.

>wanting a used goods lesbian over japanese witch princess

Kazane is pretty hot, but Ayaka is a miracle of the universe. And we all know our hearts will collectively flutter when Ayaka smiles for the first time. We've already seen her get mad so it won't be long before she smiles.

Tall girl made me want to inseminate a 6'4+ girl some time before I die. I just can't seem to find one that isn't huge around the thigh area.

I'd climb that oni

I boned a 4'10 girl once. It was so much like my fantasies it was scary.

If only I got her to put her hair into twin tails.

>Demon eyes and Undertaker outfit are a turnoff.
>being a fucking faggot

>Huge thighs
>A problem

What are you, gay?

Are you telling me this isn't cute?

Well I'm like 6'1 so I guess 6'5 or maybe even like 6'7 would be my limit.

He probably means fat thighs, as opposed to muscular ones.

Well, I'm 6'2, so that's the top limit for me.

A 5 cm difference is perfect in my opinion.

Great post, fellow redditors! Do you have a blog I can follow?

There comes a point where that becomes as cliche and annoying as blogging, and I think we hit that years ago.

Why are tall girls a best?
Post more tall girls.

So, is the monster girl meme dead yet?

>used goods
First: I think it's hot. Second: Ayaka is almost certainly adopted.
Unless we face some reeealy complicated memory gambit.
I think she looked better with the short hair.
Awesome character, though. A mix of T-1000(with a fire instead of liquid metal) and someone comically serious, like batman.

>Bony and flat Hasshaku


Over 6'5 is too tall.

It's rare to even have a 2D girl over 6'. Don't be picky.

You are the reason we can't have nice things.

Toyone is 197cm. But I agree with what you said.
The nips need more 6' girls.

I didn't mean to quote.


>The nips think this is tall.

When she can't hear what I'm saying without me being inside her ear canal
At that point they tend to stop seeing people as people and contribute to the shit tier side of the Giantess fetish.

Pic related is about my limit.

Toyone a freak.

toki fanbase
toki series.

She's a huge girl.

By girl standards, that's tall. Even Dutch girls mostly don't get taller than 170cm.

>mfw it's the only one of two scanned and TL'd pages of that doujin


I don't believe in too tall
Okay, there's a certain point where it gets ridiculous, but that's not for quite a while

>tfw no taller girlfriend
It sucks being 5'11''

>SAO is somehow more popular than this
Why live?

I wanna hold hands with that gigantic cutie

Her hat is adorable as shit nigger.

You the freak.

Tall? Yes. Unfuckably large? No thanks.

There is no such thing as unfuckably large
Only so large that fucking needs to be creative
Licking and groping and nibbling her clit while you penetrate her urethra with your dick

Can I get some source? Google isn't giving me much.


It's fully colored.

You fucking rock, thanks

Nonscale. I found it in 2 seconds by googling.

that was cute

That's just wrong man. I'm Russian, i'm 182 and there is shitton of girls my height.

You're exaggerating. It's not uncommon, yes, but it's, like, one out of twenty, at best.

>I'm missing the picture of the short guy in a hentai who couldn't fuck his girlfriend from behind because he couldn't quite reach without a stool to stand on

She has knees

>Russian women

>TFW no self conscious about her height GF that you can make feel cute

That is cute but a girl who is proud of her height is also cute as well.

I actually like the Russian reasoning. Constant, plastered-on smiles annoy me too.

If they're a 10/10 I'd say around 5'11"+ is getting around the point that she'd start to drop to a 9.

Generally anything less than 5'8" is fine by me, and less than 5'5" is a plus until you start getting into midget territory.

So, no. I guess I don't really like tall girls.

>tfw no giant gf

How do you even get shoulders that shitty. It's like she's literally never done a shoulder workout in her entire life.

I like them very tall.

Fuck off then kill yourself.

>disgusting makeup
>going to they gym with makeup on to pose for pictures
As expected of 3DPD.

>going to they gym with makeup
It's 3D gap moe

How on earth is that gap moe? It's just PD.

Gap moe is something that's not your typical moe acting it
So like a 30 year old Christmas Cake acting like a school girl
Or a she hulk beast woman doing girly things and looking cute.

That is pretty homo bro.

To describe it more literally it's someone not acting like how you'd expect, making it pretty cute.
So consensual Orcs and rapey Elves are gap moe sorta as well.

Is there no translation of this?


Time to learn nip.


Never mind I just read one post down.
I am baka.


>best tall girl
>in worst show about fucking chinese moonsymbol chess

Kill me now

The gods hate us.

Haven't had a great character trapped in terrible series series for a while, I'll have to check it out.

Tall girls are a miracle of the universe

I just tried looking on jewtube for all Saki tayone moments but it didnt bear a lot of fruit.

Truly we have a suffering life.

No such thing.

There may be to muscular, to fat , to masculine but not to tall.

Ah, now I understand why toyonefag is hated.

Today I will remind them

It's a painful feel

Not tall enough and yes I do love them. I prefer short ones though so the ideal option would be a threesome with a short and a tall girl.
However I vastly prefer Shiromi above all of them.

>Wanting your kid to starve because mom is too lazy to do anything

I don't give a fuck I mean though if they are taller than me they would be pretty fucking tall like 6'8. But Giantess is a fetish of mine so it doesn't matter.

Toyone is my height so she cool.

15 billion lightyears


The ideal height is the perfect height to rest her head on yours

>liking womanlets

Womanlets can be cute.

I'll say 5cm difference

tell me about it, I'm 6 foot fucking 5

everything over 1.30m.

found the paedo

i love how Cred Forums is full of midgets

That's why we need tall girls.

>tfw 5'11
>tfw no /gfd/ comfy gf

Anything under 5'11 is too short.

>tfw 6 feet tall

Just be taller than me. It's my fucking fetish.

I recently found out I was 5'8 and not 5'11, is there anyone here shorter than that so I feel better?

you fucking idiot

t.king of manlets

>tfw a 14y girl is 1cm taller than you

My own height, namely 6'. Ideally she'd be a couple inches shorter than me.
Pic related- she's 5'7" which about as good as one'll usually get.

i bet you get off to her dominating you in her middle school uniform dont you you perv
stupid pervert probably cant even stay hard

I am 5'6 /167

Asuna is taller than me
Yuki from Lucky Star is taller than me
Utaha is taller than me
The whole Code Geass cast is taller than me
Kirino is going to be taller than me
Sailor Mercury is taller than me

Do you feel better now?

im 6' does that make you feel better?

>tall + flat
How has my dick never gotten a whiff of this

>too tall

Can't find source for the panel. Help a nigga out

Image search gives nothing, source

Any height is ok if she's shorter than you.
You get a pass if you're a dwarf but can act confident, in that case girls taller than you are fine as long as they're pretty.

Also tall girls please my penis extremely, but generally they lack the "cute" element.

Over 160 cm.

Because It's your, Shorty

I think it's a doujin, check the usual pace. You should know who she is from this thread. That's all I know

damn, missed it

there isn't a too tall.

You can never go too tall

What do girls really think of manlets?

"you're too short"

>Tfw also 6'0"
>Tfw also love tall girls
I know that feel, bro.

i'm 6'3 and you guys don't even know.

Y a shit axis

I'm also 6'0"
I want to be princess carried by a girl who is 6'4" or taller

I'm 5'3. Do you feel tall now.

My waifu is built for that.

How tall is she?

170cm here, so aroun 5'5 I guess

How do you not know how tall you are? Do you never go to the doctor and get a checkup?

yuugi would think you are a weak faggot

She has no official height as far as I know, but she is probably at least 7 feet tall, since she is an oni.

> but she is probably at least 7 feet tall, since she is an oni.
Alright then.

Okuu is top tier wife material as well.

She doesn't count, since she can change size.

Is this too tall?

Not tall enough

To be a real man you gotta put a tall girl in the suspended congress position

It's certainly not a case of "The taller the better" but too tall is still never a thing.
I love giantesses for example, even planetary or solar system sized ones. But I think my enjoyment of the fetish peaks when they're like a foot and a half taller than the guy.

>Killing hundreds of thousands of people with my naked body sure is turning me on
I get giantess, but I'll never understand giantess on this scale.

Same, but I can't argue with my boner

>new 6'2 girl at work
If I wasn't already in a relationship I'd probably take a shot at her.

>tfw slightly tall manlet

there are no limits

>Tfw I'm 6'8
>Girl will be taller than me
I'm a skelly white man. Yes I'd fuck a female the size of celestial bodies.

>tfw 168cm

We can change if you want

How is she breathing?
Why isn't the water an chunks of earth being pulled towards her?

Whats the non-/fit/ manlet cutoff these days anyway


Don't fuck with me, I like 'em big.

What height is considered manlet?

I'm 5'7 is that manlet status? I'm like barely taller than the girls here

5'11" and under


Why has that not been scanslated yet?

>used goods

Are you just using that as a generic insult?


Is that even implied or is that just another insult?

Saucenao it, user.
It's not translated either way though.

I love tall women and I would say above 180cm is tall for a woman. They can't be too tall.


I love how they don't even link you to the site it came from or even tell you which site they found it on.

They gave you the damn comic issue name already, be glad the service exists and someone was kind enough to spoonfeed you saucenao in the first place.

What am I considered then? Im 5'4", the average guy here is huge mega xl and girl is 5'6". Also im I too tiny, my B/W/H is 32.5/24/35.5 inches.

So there is no average height anymore, or is average considered manlet height?

King of manlets
You are either tall, or you are manlet

I wear smalls in girls, size 4 dress, and have a 39 size shoe. I get teased a lot for it, but its fun.

World average for males is 5'7"

I'm 5' 8''
I don't know how to feel

Are you a dude?

>173cm giantess

She is taller than me but still my waifu

>He's shorter than 173cm
fucking manlets


I didn't know there was an official height for Kudelia. Also nice waifu user!

Bullshit it can't be. I'm pretty sure it's 5'10"

There are like 13 countries with an average height of 5'10" or above in the world, there's no way it's a world average of 5'10".
Not to mention the two most densely populated areas on our planet are also extremely short.

You poor thing

Maximum: 6'2

Minimum: 4'7

Preferred size: 5'11 or 5'1

We must go taller

don't forget the classic tall moe guys.

Yeah, I just saw that chart yesterday.

Tall girls are my fetish.

Did someone say tall?

that's not actually tall tho. tall girls have a very specific body structure- artists often get it wrong. it's the same as with lolis.

>not recognizing hachishakusama


have no idea who's that. what am i, some weaboo faggot?

Maybe a few years ago, but now it is 200cm. Anything 200cm and under is a manlet.

for your consideration

get out

Is this an upcoming release?


Is this captain Tsubasa?

taller than me

which means no anime girl ever since japs are dwarves and tall girls top out around 5'11"

Neither are flat

>5'4" man
you are not even human.

Did the author of this get cucked by a tall girl?

Why of course I'm human my dude, what else would I be?

I want to bully toyone!

I wish Tama-chan was taller.

Fucking knife ears.

she's not tall, she's scaled up.

Ok man

>being shorter than gorean dwarf women

that may be tall, but she is still scaled up.

im sure they are on a stool or something since they never show their feet and look how elevated they are compared to the sand behind them doesn't seem right.

Or maybe I'm just deluding myself since even gook women can be taller than my manlet 5'6 self.

The fuck ...
I'm 5'10 and I'm short as fuck in Europistan.
I don't think I've ever seen a male bellow 5'8.
Heck 5'8 is already consider suicide tier.

For you

please no bully. Do you know how hard it is walking past girls that are as tall as me or even taller? every day I'm thinking of killing myself.

>He didn't stay short
It was magnificent until that point. Still cute though I guess.

I though she was only like 5'10 or something, Raita just tends to make her look like a fucking amazon.
I want her to sentence me to death by snu snu.

Tall girls a best.

>skin isn't perfectly white
>just looks scaled up instead of properly tall
That's a shit-tier hachishakusama.

5'8 is short for guys but still taller than most girls.

This nigga knows what's up. And it rhymes with Why Venus.

Just to be clear. Noi , one in mask and baggy clothes is girl and quite atractive (and athletic too), her height is 209cm.
And Nikaido before was much shorter and hotter but she is transforming into devil and devils here do not show much of female characteristics.

I recently finished that manga.

Lets talk about Dorohedoro


everything that's below 6'0, manlet

Sylvie a cute.

What is this manga

Anybody who can't handle tall girls is clearly an insecure manlet.

>girlfriend will never continue

What anime is this

I am a man I live in Cali and to be honest real mature guys don't give a fuck what ur height is, yeah we might like pretty looks but that's about it. What gets me off are the little thing that a girl does and how she dresses and overall comes off. Body and face are perks but overall it's just eye candy until a guy comes up to u and is attracted to you. Down in Cali I can see a girl with a nice body and I'll go up to her and find out she's an ignorant bitch and I will instantly find her unatracted.

That link didn't work what's the name

But I'm the king of manlets with my 5'10.
He is my trusty vassal.

I thought being a manlet is a japanese, italien, french, english and spanish thing but it seems like the yanks are manlets as well.

Get a german, danish or norsk gf

6'2" fatadon here, trust me, if tall girls were one of your fetishes, it's a suffering desire since you're unlikely to ever see a taller girl than you..

The last girl who was taller than me, that I was regularly in contact with was in high school, and believe you me, there was just something about her. Only half a foot taller or so, but even that was enough.

The grass is always greener.

You know what's even better than tall girls though?

Tall girls brave enough to wear heels, or dare I even say it, high heels.


looks like Rita art to me

Yes, once upon a time he knew hot to draw humans.

>literally no recognisable or famous anime characters on that list

mean you

his lolis still look fucking dope, sadly anything non loli has unrealistic tits. Still I like his drawings.