You haven't forgotten have you?

You haven't forgotten have you?

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I forgot before the show even ended.

I forgot what was this show ?

The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.

Brotherhood was never as good as 2003.

Well of course they had to rush the first 25 episodes of 2003 into less then half the episodes in Brotherhood since we had already seen it. Just that alone hurt the show a lot.

The world would have been a better place had 2003 never been made.

>More than half filler garbage

Brotherhood >>>>>>>>>> 2003

It's not eight of clock, and that isn't Koume.

2003 and Brotherhood are both pretty good you assfaggots.

How could I forget about the 3rd of October? My birthday is on 4th so I have to make up an excuse for skipping work on my birthday to avoid all the people wanting to congratulate me.

>You haven't forgotten have you?

Forget about what?

In my timezone it is exactly 8 of clock on the third of october

How could I forget? It's my birthday.

>Generic shounen-shit better then 2003?!
You are a waste of oxygen.

>Retarded faux deep anime

at least brohood's honest


>How do I use greentext?
Fuck off.

Me too! Stay tuned. I'll have a birthday thread up on here that day.

>better then

Overlapping ED best ED

>bokura wa ima demo sakenderu

fuck, it's my sister's birthday

>There will never ever be an FMA thread that doesn't boil down to 2003 vs Brotherhood.
It's almost like Godwin's Law

FMA is chuuni crap


>Edgy shit vs cliched shounen shit

FMA ended 2010... fuck

>It's almost like Godwin's Law
Sameone called?

Don't forget Nov. 11th.

reminder Ready Steady Go is the best 2003 OP and Golden Time Lover the best Brotherhood OP

FMA Hitler is the reason 2003 > Brotherhood