You guys didn't forget about Koufuku Graffiti and Kirin, did you?

You guys didn't forget about Koufuku Graffiti and Kirin, did you?

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I only remember the weird ass food orgasms which were pretty much the entire show.

Final volume was recently released.

Shiina a bestest.

Will shaft ever make good anime again?

All people remembered was that no one liked you, main girl was made of wife and main girl's friend was made of mistress and sex.

No but the show was repetitive so it wasn't good as people make out.

3gatsu will save them.

And anime.

Takeout loser > rich girl > MC > your waifu > Kirin

You mean the anime that everyone dropped after 3 episodes?

No one will remember this, OP.

It's just like Punchline, Samumenco, Owari no Seraph, etc.

No, I've been wanting to rewatch it soon

new manga will start soon

>Happy Cooking Graffiti
Oh well, it could be much worse

But you remembered them.

I want to fuck Kirin.

I'll be forever sad that it's never going to get a second season.

Girls who make squeaky noises when they move are very powerful e.g. Kirin, Yoshinoya sensei (RIP) and Aoi for Tesagure

Translations never.

Definitely enjoyed it.

Looking forward to see what she's gonna be releasing next.

The opening song was so good...the rest, not really

Never, this show has a very special place in my stomach.

Happy happy cooking

Didn't forget.
Kirin was amazingly cute and hot.

Yep, totally forgot about it but thanks for the reminder.

>Parents push her off onto her grandparent to be raised by her.
>Grandparent dies.
>She is now alone in her grandmothers apartment and very clearly depressed as fuck.
>Parents don't come home for her and no other relative takes her in.
>Just a single aunt who drops by like once a week to make sure she isn't dead.
>Parents occasionally send a box of shitty food like instant ramen packets.
>She isn't even in highschool yet.

I felt really bad for Ryo. It also took me until like the third to last episode to realize she was only in middle school.

She feels quite motherly, doesn't she.
Well, after she and Kirin moves together, I'd imagine her life takes a turn for the better.



I'm not sure I understand; can you elucidate?

>Gets to live by herself
>Family leaves her the fuck alone and don't hassle her.

I wish I had this life.

Come on OP, it hasn't been that long yet.

I don't even remember if I finished this

Are you a cute girl?

Unfortunately no. I'm not even a cute guy.


>I'm not even a cute guy.

Best part of each episode.

That pizza looks pretty good though.

>That pizza-chan looks pretty good though.

I always loved that they started doing their normal eating weirdness and the neighbor was sitting there looking confused.

I didn't forget how gay it was.

Shrimp on a pizza is an abomination

Shit taste.