Is there a studio with more artistic achievements than KyoAni?

Is there a studio with more artistic achievements than KyoAni?

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is this the daily kyoani circlejerk


What's the name of the "underrated masterpiece" one?

Trips of truth

They really work miracles, i've not been hyped for a show like I am for hibikek in several years


Lurk more.

Thank you Based KyoAni

it literally says it right there

KyoAni is truly a great studio. Anyone who hates them is just a shaft fan who doesn't like their success.

Is there a studio that's done more harm to the industry & creative freedom of anime than KyoAni?

Tomato market

Keit-Ai by KyoAni when?

It's that series you dropped in the second episode when you realized it was going absolutely nowhere. Just watch the movie and save yourself the time.

Market is great faggot

>it's a kyoani shill thread


They are shit now. And most of their shows flop now. Including that flop new movie.

>It's that series you dropped in the second episode when you realized it was going absolutely nowhere
how did you know?

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

Koe no Katachi isn't flopping, it's on its way to be their most successful movie.

Its shit

How many ways will they find!?

I struggle to think of an anime more overrated than The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. Episode 0 alone is more worthy of the title magnum opus.

Silver Link
Production IG
TMS Entertainment

Working as intended

I like Jesus Assassin better.

Jesus Assassin by KyoAni when?

No, no. You don't understand. All of KyoAni's movies are flops according to the anti-KyoAni contingent.


>muh yen per screen ratio

haha meme :-)

No to all

When are they going to adapt Asano Inio stuff? Solanin would be a great movie.

The girl with the asshole bird.

Asano shit is too edgy and sexual for KyoAni

>he wants another manga with unique artstyle be ruined by SamefaceAni

I need help finding a meme. Its an image of an older-styled anime dude cradling a baby saying "the hell is this" or something like that, he has tan skin and long black hair with glasses. It looks exactly like a fuckboy friend of mine and I need to resend it to him after years of chats being deleted and losing it. thx in advance

>no Jesus Assassin

>Reality is tough, so read this manga about cute girls and feel better. I realized how important that is after watching K-On! (laugh) Girls having fun is cute, and cute is something that needs no explanation — that’s what’s so great about it. That’s all I need, I’ve decided.

When has KyoAni ruined a unique artstyle? They did a good job with Nichijou, Lucky Star, FMP and improved upon K-On, Hyouka and Key adaptations.

Are you telling me shit like Umibe no onna no ko is realistic at all?

Haruhi movie wasn't even that good

And then Nichijou was the last time they used different character designs. Shame that it flopped in that case.

> sameface
> artistic

Is it the same guy over the years drawing the faces or something or are they just using some animation studio copy/paste?

Unironically Madhouse.

>best movie of the past decade
>not even that good

wew lad

Hyouka really was a pleb filter. A heap of plebs and fanboys pretended to enjoy it

The thing about kyoani is they are consistently excellent. Kyoani at there worst wont noticeably fall behind any of those studios at their best and all of those studio shave had very embarassing times in the last couple of years.
Also, A-1 and BONES, seriously?

They were the undisputed kings of the mid 2000s but now they only bring their a-game once in a blue moon and are pretty mediocre most of the time.

Kyoani doesn't have an A-game anymore. Their last collection of shows have all been shit other than their fujo pandering. I literally avoid them now like I would DEEN. They just don't make good shows. Their stills are better looking than their shows and their background are becoming photoshop filters with people hovering over them. Their girls are still good but that's only because they unlocked the secret of nice looking eyes a long time ago and stopped trying to create good designs past that.

Trash company.

When was the last time madhouse brought their a-game?

Is this a joke? The ones that aren't shit are just okay.

Is this a wish list? I got really excited and then realized there's no way this could be real. Also who the hell wants a season 3 of Haruhi? Why?

Well Lucky Star did in fact start the trend of cute girls doing cute things SoLs, and K-On is the golden standard for that particular genre. People who don't like Hyouka are often shonen and casualfags and Nichijou has gotten quite a bit of a cult following in the past few years.

>Is this a wish list
Are you an idiot?

>Magnum Opus
Haruhi its genre is shit, we need more Jojo or OPM

Are you?

They call it badhouse for a reason.

But yeah, Redline was probably the last really high quality thing they were involved in.

>Well Lucky Star did in fact start the trend of cute girls doing cute things SoLs,

What? Are you 12?

>and K-On is the golden standard for that particular genre

The genre of girls playing instruments?

>What? Are you 12?
No, and before you say anything, Azumanga Daioh didn't start it, it was the first of that type of show but we didn't get nearly the same amount of CGDCT shows before Lucky Star, hence trend setter.

I'm not the one who couldn't figure out why a bunch of cool anime he never heard were coming came and went 6 months ago.

New Haruhi when? I had to read light novels because it takes them so long.

In the 2010s? Nope, KyoAni wins.

Also can't wait for Violet Evergarden, because Ishidate's direction suits the material more than Kyoukai no Kanata. Takemoto should have collab'd with Ishidate on KnK.

>Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh didn't start it, and there are plenty of animes in the genre between Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star. Lucky Star is barely even in that genre and there hasn't been many animes like Lucky Star since then. The closest I can think of is Pani Poni Dash.

>why a bunch of cool anime he never heard were coming came and went 6 months ago.

Learn to English.

>and there are plenty of animes in the genre between Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star.
Such as?

I can only think of Aria, Azumanga Daioh, Ichigo Machimaro, Gakuen Utopia and Best Student Council as cute girls shows before Lucky Star. Now we are closing on to probably a hundred or more. That's a clear trend, my friend.

Well the "coming came" part is a bit obtuse but it's not unreadable.
You sure are a prickly fellow.

>closing on to probably a hundred or more
I'm pretty sure that's more to do with the fact that more anime, in general, is getting made every season. It's not even a SoL thing.

>Learn to English.
>shit I get called on for missing the point of the joke but my pride wouldn't allow me to admit my mistake
>I know, there's always the 'mock his english' card to play!

>Cred Forums is fucking dying
>on its last days the people in it argue about which studio is the best like they've argued many times before, for so many years

The best way to honor someone's memory is to carry on like they never left.

Studio Whitefox


>Cred Forums is dying
so were back to 2006 again? neat

>That's a clear trend, my friend.

Yes, they got very popular, but Lucky Star wasn't definitive.

You also forgot Bottle Fairy, Di Gi Charat, Kodomo No Jikan, Sketchbook, Minami-ke, just to name a few.

I think the success of shows like Azumanga, Aria and Lucky Star helped. We had virtually 0 shows like these in the 80s and 90s, meanwhile most other type of Slice of life shows did have at least a few instances back then. There was a clear boom after 2007 specially, I don't know if Lucky Star started it but it certainly set a clear template to follow along with Azumanga such as character traits and the general mood. I don't think shows like Aria or Student Council did the same even though they came before

Sketchbook, Kodomo no Jikan and Minami-ke came after LS, not to mention Jikan features a hetero romance which is not really part of the CGDCT genre and Minami-ke has prominent male characters which also isn't part of the genre. I wouldn't call Digi charat a cute girls SoL either.

I'd rather this site die if this is what they do all fucking day.

This is all we've done every day.
Except before moderation, then we were posting trap porn everywhere and CP on Cred Forums.
But the arguing was much the same, except everyone was much more cringy.

Thank you based KyoAni

You're welcome

Amagi, Kyoukai no Kanata, Koe no Katachi, Haruhi S2

AmaBuri is very similar, Koe no Katachi designs were improved since the mangaka is awful at drawing, but they still retained a similar look, Kyokai no Kanata's LN CM designs did look much better though.

The worst part is that it SHOULDN'T be dying, yet Hiro somehow fucked everything or is, most probably, looking for a way to earn his loss back from buying the site.

well it could happen, some of these already had adaptations

>Koe no Katachi
These look like the source.

When you give the story to them:

I hope they adapt that archery one in their last contest.

It's really dying or is it a stupid meme ?

No, they're not.
Red-haired guy from Koe no Katachi looks exactly like Salama from Amagi.


Poor bait.

Remember that Cred Forums dies soon thanks to him.

As shaft fan I second this, besides Phantom shit every KyoAni show I've watched till now was really enjoyable, but I can't say the same about most other studios.


>kyoanguses will defend this

I posted that

They're just playing the crowd, artistically they haven't done anything of note.

Hiro posted about how it's running out of money, but there's a few things

>implies the site's running out of money
>fucked relations with ad providers
>taking down the ad servers so no money from the few who possibly would still buy ad space

But then, you have to remember
>sold 2ch poster data
>ran the whole site into the ground just for some change
>can hardly even speak English, probably barely communicates with Cred Forums staff as is

Based on the fact that he sold his old site out for extra money, I think it's almost safe to assume that he's just looking to make the money back that he lost buying the sight. The fact that Martin Shkreli offered to buy the sight, to which Hiro responded from his personal twitter, possibly seriously because the cunt does not know English or how to joke around, shows that he's looking for money to some extent.

I'm drunk so don't take everything I post as fact, just know that Hiro posted about how the site's losing money and he doesn't know what to do and that he actually responded to Shkreli on twitter saying he DM'd him and thanking him for supporting Cred Forums.

Also Shkreli isn't buying the site, he only offered $1.05

Wish this website would die so I can leave

1.05$ is 5 cents more than Hiro paid for it


well memed son

>Takemoto can no longer create kino
What happened?

how the mighty have fallen

He's literally just pretending to speak engrish

Oh yeah, I forgot that's a possibility.

He spent like 3 years at an American university right?

>can hardly even speak English, probably barely communicates with Cred Forums staff as is
He showed that he can speak good English. You felt for his rused.

Who the hell is martin shkreli, is he a jew?

>is he a jew?
He raised the price on AID's medication 5400% percent.


I don't know man, I've seen international students studying overseas in english speaking countries for years and still have terrible english.

now is just a generic anime studio who rely on fanservice to make money

Show me a hibikek fanservice

Even /tg/ hates Shkreli for buying rare Magic cards for no good reason.


>only make safe, unoriginal LN adaption anime that pander to otaku demographics with high production values to hide flaws.
>get praised for never making anything shit because you never take risks.

Its honestly not that impressive or hard when you have a budget like they do.

Who are you quoting?

KyoAni shows have bellow average budget, this was confirmed by an animator a while ago. They don't use freelancers or outsource to hell and back, which reduce the costs, it also helps that they're in Uji, Kyoto which is 10-15% cheaper than Tokyo.

And no one who has actually watched their shows can deny that their characterization and directing is above average for anime standards as well, even if the things they adapt might seem generic on a surface level.

Haters under suicide watch


Toei or Ghibli

>the most recent anime on the chart is from 2014
KyoAni is kill.

On Aniplex life support; Kizu confirmed them as cheap lazy Deen-tier hacks
All their best left years ago; dependent upon freelancers
Milking LL; got bought out
Literally dying and dependent on freelancers

When will people realize that challenging GODANI is bad luck? It's like building the Tower of Babel.

Seems so. I was hoping they would only do it weekly on every Thursday.


>the top 2 most selling KyoAni movies are directed by Yamada
She is truly saving anime.

I wonder if she will make another original next year.


Everything on this picture i either dropped or havent given a score above 7.

Thanks MAL

You belong on Narutoforums

Nichijou is the most beautiful anime to look at if you ask me.

no one asked you

It's very colorful and clean, even when they're doing the sketchy animation it looks clean. Don't know if the most beautiful but certainly very pleasant to look at.