Did you enjoy Haifuri?

Did you enjoy Haifuri?

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no, it was shit and you know it


Exactly, i don't how people like it. It was boring, and the cast was too damn big,

Not really. It was like 4-5/10.


Terrible shitshow with awful writing

One of the better shows in that otherwise dry season.

There were glaring things I hate from it, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the show. Maron best girl.

Watched one episode and couldn't bother to go further, and I guess it payed off because everyone says it sucks.

Fun show, I enjoyed the characters. OP was fantastic as well.

This user just said everything I was going to say.

Yes it was pretty good
captain mike a best

It was fun but not GuP level fun. Mike was super cute.

I want to sink this ship!

Holy shit yes.

The rest of the show was pretty damn good but what the actual fuck mind control hamsters

I watched after seeing a thread about the world of warships crossover, and solidly enjoyed it, makes me want to watch girls und panzer but i have only watched part of the first episode since it didn't seem that good

>being this shit taste
GuP is a thousand times better.

I did! I'm also excited for the OVA.


Which crew member is worth fucking first?

I can't even remember their faces, except the German girl

It was also pretty well animated.

Yeah. The plot was hurr durr but the setting was good, the action scenes were well done, the animation was good and the girls were cute.




It was a fun show


Well it was a pretty blatant follow the leader show.

It was a masterpiece

It was better for the memes than being a show.


Mina saved the whole show

>That eye movement
My dick.

>enormous german cannons

It was fun throughout, but they wasted a lot of potential. Would have been better with more action and political intrigue.

The threads for those first three episodes were great. It was one of these cases where we came up with a better show than what we actually got.

I'd enjoy those feet on my face.

No, it was a disappointment in basically every field. Well, I guess it looked nice and OP song was really good but everything else was underwhelming at best.

It was cute and fun. And a tad bit retarded.
I enjoyed it a lot.

Wasted potential: the show.

Last season I would've guessed that the AOTY title was safely in haifuri's hands.

Now I am no longer so sure. This year is turning out great.

Lots of super cute girls, but the show itself was too conservative in scope/aim, especially after the first couple episodes had us gearing down for a crazy ride.

Pretty good, I'd like a second Season. Definitely needed more naval battles though

I want to fuck Harekaze


Engineer was definitely the best.

She's an old man.

Mike's character arc made no fucking sense and I still don't know what I was supposed to get out of it. Friendship is more important than responsibility, so just do whatever your heart tells you to?

Is this your first anime


sea battle is pretty boring.

oh yes

It was okay but will probably be forgotten. Good step up from the other IMS shows in quality.

>That disapproving Tama
I think one thing my wife, Mei, never really grasped is that Tama was only obsessed with blowing shit up while infected, unlike herself. I like to speak of the trigger-happy duo as much as the next guy, but I don't really think Tama deserves that treatment.

I only watched it for the ships, captian x bottombitch captian best ship.

Lookout a best.


it wasn't only not enjoyable, the worst part was that the could have done so much better with the whole "warship highschool"-thing. instead there were fucking space hamsters, worst trainwreck since comet lucifer


Yes. The best part was seeing all edgefags commit suicide when hamsters happened.

>it could've been GuP with boats!!
I suggest you go back to your general.

All of them? Are you even reading this thread?

Mental suicide. They only stick to life because committing physical suicide is too much of a pain, but now they've become unable to enjoy anything ever again.

A lot, until hamster. Afterwards I just watched it for the girls.

The OST was great, nothing like a good old-fashioned Japanese naval march.


Fucking sluts. No kind of decency or self-respect.


Yeah but the rat thing was fucking stupid for me. Everything else was enjoyable.

All the girls were fucking cuties.

That's a fucking retarded name.


Average german high class name.

Braunschweig is a city name and Ingenol sounds like fucking medication. Certainly not, sir.

shut up nazi fascist

Good taste.
>Ingenol sounds like fucking medication
I chuckled.


I was right.

Haifuri involved Suzuki Takaaki as a draft planner who also involved in Strike Witches series, and he has sizable amount of fan base. That's why you may feel some gap between the actual quality and fan's reactions.

I want to make Shiro feel lucky.

I kinda did 6/10 but desu I prefer Garupan. Show was comfy as fuck. I still feel like the Hamsters were irrelevant and unnecessary plot points that dragged the show down.

It had a lot of wasted potential what with the hamsters and all, but I still found it enjoyable. All the girls were cute, and it did a fairly good job at balancing its large cast.

>we came up with a better show than what we actually got
Half the people in those threads were expecting it to get gritty and have deaths and political intrigue. It was more retarded to watch than the actual show.

That was retarded, but a lot of the ideas based around it being an alternate history of the 20th century were interesting. But they never really did anything with the setting.

Fun show, though the plot could have been handled with a bit more finesse. Even with the hamsters, the drama could have been handled better.

Festival episode best episode.

>Uwaaaahhhhh why do this anime of cute girls never become as edgy as I wanted to Uwahhhhhhhh

Kill yourself old fart.

There are easily a dozen posts in this thread that deserve that reply way more than that one.

Those were teh best of th efucking series, you retards

until rats, after was a downhill

Fuck, I missed the stitches from this show

It wasn't retarded to watch, it was amusing as fuck. Their tears when SUDDENDLY, HAMSTERS were delicious

Scan where?

Fuck yes, I hope to see more of my girl in the OVA.

It was an okay.
Captain Mike's wild ride was certainly one of mixed reception and the antagonist (experimental mind control Ratts) left much to be desired but the show certainly had its moments.

t. Ratto

More like t. Isoroku.

never forget the misleading previews

Yes I cried in the last episode.

Left is one hell of a semen demon.

Loved it


I was surprised by how well done and memorable the ending was

season 2 when?


>mind control hamsters and CGDCT No. 802701 are better than moe Hunt for Red October

So this is neo-Cred Forums. Moe really was a mistake.

I wish it had been more serious, I wanted some real war or atleast real war games, the mind control shit was the worst. The girls were all great though.

You can leave.

Gotta do that not so subtle shilling for Aniplex

Man, the girls sure are fertile.

>neo-Cred Forums

I wanted to see it for CGDCT but people kept saying it turns grimdark midway through, so I never did. Did it?

Nah, get going.

No one had to die, but there could've been higher stakes.

I ordered figures of both of those girls.

>There aren't nearly enough low-stakes, no-energy CGDCT anime out there!

You people really are strangling anime to death. Part of the reason why Madoka was such a hit was because it stuck to its guns and saw its story through to the end without empty-calorie UMI DA or matsuri shit. And that's why there'll still be at least three Madoka threads a day on Cred Forums 20 years from now and only oldfags will remember this pablum.

awful plot, but decent characters and elder-tier ed

>not toasting with the anguised tears of trolled grimderps in golden goblets
Pfffft. Casuals.