That anime you will never watch for the first time again

>that anime you will never watch for the first time again
Her name Cred Forums?

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Asking for shit questions gets shit opinions, just like your absolute horse shit excuse for a "deep" and "suffering" anime.

Nobody gives a shit about you being a contrarian. I bet you thought KonoSuba was a better anime too.

Every anime I've ever seen. I don't think you understand how watching something for the first time works.

>foreigners will never understand turn of phrase

>it's popular so you can't hate it!

fucking retard. If you can't see how shit that anime is then you're better off going to reddit, sheep. And no, didn't even watch that show so I have no opinion of it.

>implying it's one person that hates re:shitro

>implying he implied that

>implying he implied that he implied that

kiss x siss ovas

This whole thread

fantastic shitpost thread

Rem is my new waifu and everybody who hates Rem:Zero is just salty because Isekai got so popular

AOTY, deal with it

I liked the Gantz english dub.

This picture never gets old

Yo Rem is already my waifu, get in line

yes everyone must like moeshit because everyone is a loser like you

Daily reminder that this is your average Emiliafag.

I can't tell how many layers of irony this is on

>how many layers
more than we can fathom.
I didn't think I could cringe this much

You are trying to prove that you're not a samefag with a screenshot?
How fucking new are you?


Is that part of the Naruto soundtrack? I didn't remember it being this good.

All the things that were good about Re:Zero were wasted.
All the things that were bad about it got the focus.
The end result is complete mediocrity.

>All the things that were good about Re:Zero were wasted.
>All the things that were bad about it got the focus.

Now that I think about it, Emilia was overshadowed and Rem got focus.

Makes sense.

Actually, I need to watch this a second time.
At first, I was confused why people are hyping this. I just made a leave just to watch this properly but alas, failed to see. Many was comparing this to Evangelion even on Cred Forums so maybe I really set my bar way too high.
But now after I finished it, realized that Silver Link actually loved making this (this was 2-cour, the first episode was twice long and they did butchered a lot of OP/ED just to fill a 3 minute story). The translation was also savagely done (and when I mean savagely, I mean most of all the translated stuff was about Rem. If there was Emilia, it usually ends up about Subaru's relationship with Rem).
If there is one thing Re:Zero gave me, it's to actually watch this critically. I need to actually formulate my thesis around ep 12-18, develop my opinion in an objective way and reasses again my views into this show.
I'm honestly confused right now as I write this. I might actually recommend this to someone just to listen to their opinion.

Ian sinclair.


>die in horrible ways
>Been forgotten not one but twice by everyone
>Boy she loves rejects her but still gives mixed signals

Being REM is true suffering