This is a Japanese cat

This is a Japanese cat

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That's not a cat. That's a online post of a drawing of a cat.

>There are people who UNIRONICALLY prefer Felix over the chibi kittens


i thought they were wolves.


What's the one with the monocle called again? He's a qt.


whoa she's adorable


I have some bad news for you

These are Japanese ships.

This is Japanese animation

Aren't those german ships though?

Well then, German ships made in Japan.

give one good reason why Felix isn't female

wtf i love cats now

He wears the knight uniform?

Girls can't be knights? That's sexist.

This is a Japanese adult.

Works on a Chinese restaurant?

Because he has a penis.

This is a generic thread. It is made many times every day. Its quality is low.


I want Feyris to humiliate me for being a faggot after having sex with him

I want him to humiliate me for having a dick smaller than his massive, bulging monstercock.

Why does this boy dress like a slutty girl?

haha loser

What do they smell like?

close your eyes and smell your own feet


Afaik, there is yet to be a single doujin of this cat. This is so silly

Does he have a barbed penis

I hope he has a barbed penis


Already done. Amazing.

What part exactly?

These are japanese ninjas.

ignore OP, that is not accurate.

THIS is a japanese cat.

these are Japanese 14 years old


Are you a fucking moron?

This is a Japanese detective uniform

Is there an official daki for this cat yet?

Holy shit she looks so soft and fluffy! I want to forcefully push her soft body against my chest and nuzzle her head.

I swear to god Felix's knight uniform is the cutest thing ever

That's my boyfriend.

This is a African Japanese.

hello male chen

Okinawan actually. Okinawa is roughly on the same breadth as North Africa, with Tokyo being somewhere around the same breadth as Paris. Hence the tan.

I don't think that's a good idea, user...

They're such cute boys