Go to kitchen

>go to kitchen
>see this
what do?

>stuff face in butt

Unzip my dick

Force her to watch as I impregnate her much sexier and more awesome older sister.

Check what side the buttons on her shirt are on.

she may have great taste, but you clearly don't.


Why is tip toeing so sexual.

Didn't expect that.

I'd post the complete gif you nigger

delete this



Find Azuki Azusa and kiss her belly.

Slowly step out of the room and call the cops.
I swear officer, I don't know this child.

Something along these lines

>buy artbook
>zero pictures of the brown girls
wtf I hate kantoku now

hug her from behind

Tsukiko is only good for four things:
Cooking, cleaning, vagina and her sister's vagina.

who are you and what are you doing in my fucking house




Goddammit user I spilled my coffee

is that her ass

Make her go sit on the sofa while I make up a bowl of eggs, when they're done, I'll tell her she has to eat all the eggs.

>hug from behind
>Pat and rub her head while dry humping her small butt
>Walk away
>Let her finish cooking

Not it's her tiny girl dick

What was it? It better not have been one of those images saying "I'm deleting this in a minute pretend I posted something horrible"


I know Jon Lajoie too.

Too true

look for the FBI agent rubbing his hands in the bushes

>>it doesn't even phase her anymore, it's just mildly annoying

i recalled something from Iori by RedLight

>from Iori by RedLight


>young girl
>cooking apron
>futile resistance
>emotionless sex with dead eyes


Self insert.

Mou ikkai kocchi muite

You know, I can't even remember the last time someone correctly used "fazed" anymore.

>he doesn't like phazon
I'll bet you don't even enjoy tubes any more you cynical bastard

It's not true love if she won't let you rub your dick on her butt until orgasm.

Ask her what's for dinner I guess.
I guess in a parallell world I could've had kids her age.

I read that as "could have had kids at her age"

why didn't you say that?

because it naturally points the butt up and out, which is similar to how women signal that they want to fuck with body language

take her virginity

do fbi agents really do this?

Well most of them have hands.