Drawfag Thread 1873

Drawfag Thread 1873

second rarfag's files until thread 1869: mediafire.com/folder/m5rhvc5a9bfku

Draw Friends Booru!

Please help a little by tagging and uploading pics!
Tag list of artists and colorists: pastebin.com/J0dJ6gtn (embed)

Missed a delivery or sudden 404? desuarchive.org/a/
Drawfaggin' references and tablet guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1r76FugZ2pZIE74LdSEBMwGJ7HxweawNdoGrNT6hrOfs/edit

Thread 1872

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Requesting Nene and/or Clarion sporting Kusanagi's haircut, but keeping their own hair color.

Requesting big, plump Sucy Manbavaran butt in the same pose as the picture on the left.

Requesting Agiri offering Hikage marijuana.

Requesting Ellen and Hayato eating at a diner countertop while the latter mutters something about recently wanting to kill his boss

Requesting Darling/Kurusu Kimihito in a Demonica attempting to recruit demons.

Requesting Scathach in an alternate version of her outfit similar to Cu's Extra-Tron costume.

Requesting Secretary-chan and Binkan dressed as Secretary-chan on lunch break

Requesting Igawa, Sakura, and Murasaki wincing at band names suggested by fans.

Requesting Princess Knight going down the stairs with a view like in the reference.

Requesting Yuuko and Shadow Yuuko clashing with whatever weapons of your choice.

Requesting Otoha giving a barefoot footjob

Requesting 2 ghosts lifting Teacher Ritsuko's mini skirt exposing her panties with an ashamed face like in the upper left image meanwhile Nube is watching with a crazy face like in the reference.

Very appreciate if both of her butt and crotch are being shown.

How the sod is that incest, self or otherwise?

Requesting Kuuko drawn Jojo style with Adramelech as her stand.

Please draw my cute Maihime as cute or sexy nurse.

I'm at bad health lately so she has to take care of me.

Requesting her giving a handjob.



Requesting an angry and flustered Sophia in Ivy Valentine's outfit.

Please draw Weiss Schnee riding a giant icicle. Tao Bai Bai style.

Happy October!

I'm requesting Momo Kawashima sitting on top of an SV-001 from Metal Slug. Whether you have her sitting up there adjusting her monocle, pointing at a target whilst yelling an order to fire or whatever is fine!

I would like her wearing her jacket if possible.

Also if the SV-001 could be colored in the Hetzer's colors/ emblazed with the Turtle Team logo where the upside-down yellow triangle is, that'd be really cool!

Thank you for considering!

i feel like drawing something lewd, any ideas?

i don't want to draw clothes right now
don't expect color

Naked apron Galko?

Requesting Rukia doing something cute or cool with a Salamence
A few ideas:
-Them performing a Dragon Dance together, just something silly
-Them both taking a nap
-Her using a TM or some kind of explination to teach it Earthquake
anything else nonlewd/nongore is fine between them

Requesting scantily clad Georgette

This was actually more fun than I thought.

This pic wasn't even from last thread.

Pretty good for a sketch.

Nice nipple detail too.



Cute sharkteeth.

Also, may we take a moment to honor the loss of whomever is on the receiving end's benis, F.


Requesting Chris, Kirika, and Shirabe in lacy lingerie, licking each other's navels in a threesome daisy chain.

Don't know if this is more Cred Forums or more Cred Forums, but Requesting Mowgli and Baloo from The Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli anime recreating a scene from the Disney version where they are floating down the river and Mowgli is siting on Baloo's stomach (and not singing "Bare Necessities"). Make sure Mowgli's is wearing his yellow loincloth, and has his ponytail and sideburns, and Full color please!

Requesting color of Shion wearing cat lingerie
Color ref: imgur.com/a/aFK2r
Thanks in advance and sorry for the messy lines

Requesting Asuka from Evangelion doing a double stein-hold with buff arms.

Requesting a giant Brandish μ and Mount Lady preparing to fight in front of a city.

Request Choji from Naruto Shippuden as a sumo wrestler, wearing a white mawashi. Full color please!

What did we learn this weekend?

Apparently pancakes is the best artist in the wwd(?)

Requesting big sopping wet Nero titties.

ssf is a good person and a has a cute waifu

I honestly think I'm done with this community. Not just the threads but all the discord shit as well. I know
>Post and tab the thread
but even then the discord and the "more social" people that post through this shit have better chances than someone that just want a sketch.
It's not worth it. Commissions are better at this point.

His stuff is cute but I hate his coloring style. Looks too plasticy.

Requesting a parody of a skate magazine cover with Killua

Noire in a tightsuit on a motorcycle (black and blue Yamaha MT-10) holding a sword as well

Requesting Chihaya taking a cute photo of your waifu or dressed as Mahiru Koizumi from Danganronpa

Requesting Alucard/Girlycard wearing a cute vampire-themed dress.

Could I have a picture (or of them taking one) of Subaru and Emilia together (like a selfie) please? Or it can be lewd but I'd much prefer something simple and cute.

Requesting Diego Brando and Funny Valentine in an extreme jousting duel with spears, on motorcycles
(Ignore the knight armors in the ref)

Requesting Homura as an idol

Weren't you requesting this girl cosplaying a superheroine?

Requesting a 2 panel image. The first one having Aika (left) telling drawfags to stop drawing her in with gags and have them do Neena (right) instead. The second one having Neena lying on a couch in full view with her mouth taped shut with a disinterested/defeated look on her face. Bonus points if a third panel has Aika in the exact same manner with a "not this again" expression on her face.

Nice AV!

as someone who stayed out of the discord and other circle jerks. what I see is ssf drawing despite getting shitposted, and continuing to draw this weekend even.
can any of the people calling him a horrible shitposter say the same?

Oh my god this is very nice. it makes me happy a lot!

Yeah I was requesting superhero until I got this one delivered.

A Taihou automaton version please or ditching her bowgun for a Tommy gun also requesting anal

>if you draw you get to shitpost

it shows that they're doing more for the threads. I never saw ssf shitpost either, anytime he is mentioned it sounds like baseless speculation to cause drama.

What happened with the discord? Is it disbanded completely, or just less active?

>I didn't see it so it doesn't happen
keep em coming

And requesters shitpost also. Only key difference is requesters aren't doing anything but begging.

Requesting Keiji pulling Kanetsugu's leash back as she pounds Kanetsugu's ass through her ass window with a strap-on. Loud moans of "Wan, Wan" are escaping Kanetsugu's mouth in the process.

One day...

Requesting a sexier/lewder alteration of her uniform

Its dead, jim

Really nice!

Fucking awesome stuff.

Pretty dead

Requesting a Chronos version of the angry Pepe reaction image.

SSF, the hero who killed the discord beast.

the drawthread had a discord?

Doesn't the drawthread have an IRC channel?

what next: a google hangout?

And you all have the gall to shun her

>I'm in the discord
>Got nothing but a bunny sketch

Oh well at least it was super cute and I got see her drawn. Stay bitter.

Which is more of the reason I'm done with this shit.
>Stay bitter
The fuck have I done this time? Or are you going to spout nonsense like every passive aggressive faggot does.

Nah Oji himself dealt the final blow by demodding every one

The issue with those threads is people act like they must get a drawing or else nothing in their life matters. You're bitter you're not getting anything when in reality there was never a guarantee of getting something. Just go "Oh well let's try next time." and move on. It's really not that hard. I can understand leaving for other reasons but you're jut being a baby.

You mean fixed it? From the sound of things it wasnt ghost shitters ruining things it was the mods. See: miofag/hanefag

Its how you tell who's posting.
>Oldman stole the one thing that kept people listening to my insanity, he KILLED the discord

Draw some more lewd lesbians!

Rokuro from Sousei no Onmyouji wearing the outfit on the left

Please stop assuming things and reading words that's not there. I never said anything about not receiving something. I said the people that come to chitchat have better chances since the discord and the circlejerk/shitshow that is the actual threads themselves allows you to also talk to drawfags, and sign-up to their collages.
Call me whatever, I honestly don't give a shit.

Hana dressed for autumn. A sundress doesn't cut it anymore so she should dress more appropriately; for instance a sweater, skirt, leggings...

Old man himself said things were fine until mods started banning. Sounds pretty cut and dry to me senpai

one day I will draw like that!

current skill level: failing at peter wans dynamic sketching, first lesson.

I was agreeing with you, I'm just saying that's how you know who is saying that it killed the discord. Since everyone pretty much agrees the mods were useless except for the mods.

Practice makes perfect!

I'm not a mod
I'm just a retard

Lemon is a good person and did nothing wrong.

Requesting kurome like chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/4254787

You're caring too much about what other people get is all. You're still too concerned with things that aren't a given. A lot of drawfags are random and drop in every once and a while. Not all of them have friends or connections

Requesting Chisa with short hair

Drawing for the wwd was a mistake.

The issue was he picked friends not people who would be good mods. Plus he only had 2 for an open server full of shitposters. I think miofag was stupid but he was also suddenly forced to deal with shit he wasn't expecting, not to mention the drama was just someone whining over stupid shit like they had kept doing over and over.

Ojii never did anything and the other mod said he wouldn't do anything unless Ojii okayed it. So miofag had everything thrown on him and he didn't know how to be a mod. Whining about how much you can't handle being a mod is not a smart move either. What did Ojii expect to happen? No drama ever?


Pretty cute


You don't even understand why I'm done. I don't want to be in the thread for this shit. I don't want to open the thread. The thread in its current state is atrocious. I got delivered this week and I'm still sick of the shit that's happening right now. Is it blowing your mind that people are actually sick of this circlejerk?

And honestly, don't give me the stupid "just wait for the !" shit when every fucking thread there's another collage sign-ups being shitted out like hotcakes (guess what, you have to be in the thread for those)

While I want to say it should've been the other way around i think this is cute as hell

Like I said, I can understand leaving for other things but the way you said it came off as you were pissed people were getting drawings because of the circlejerks. No need to get so pissy about it damn. Sorry I misunderstood.

Requesting Noire cosplaying as Noir! The costume swap set must be completed! i.imgur.com/dWOS77w.jpg

IT was finally done, rejoice!

Oh shit, I didn't notice. Rejoice! \o/

Thank you for fulfilling my request! This is absolutely wonderful~

Requesting Frenda pressing against a glass window and making a face like she's getting fucked by a dick that's a lot thicker than she was anticipating

Requesting a drawing of this

Have you ever considered
complimenting you're own delivery just to fill in the empty void?

And I forgot to mention:
Praise Lastation!

Pretty cute

I only accept wanks, so no

Maybe with all these people quitting, shitposting will be at an all time low (as well as posting in general).

It's not just requesters quitting.

Several people quitting are drawfags. Something to think about.

The shitposters aren't the ones leaving

yeah but none of the ones that are quitting are good anyway

the good ones already quit long ago


Can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen. More drawfags just need to draw what they want and ignore the shitposting. Grow some thicker skin.

You didn't read the rest of the post.

But there's literally no benefit to drawing for those autists

As long as they say thank you I don't see the problem. You get to draw a cute waifu and make someone's weekend that much better. Isn't that the point?

I think drawthreads help drawfags git gud. It gives them things that are out side of their comfort zone in a way. You're drawing ideas that aren't your own so you have to plan and work on things you weren't expecting. That's how it is with me anyway.

But the issue is waifufags are deadset in not being happy and shitposting and burning down the threads for no reason.

Requesting Latifa washing a car for charity
In her bikini, of course

>all the surviving drawfags are borderline schizophrenics who've gone past depression and just don't care anymore
I know from experience.

Great taste

If anything it shows that it works so there'll be more of it.

Not really, 99% of artists on Cred Forums have 0 fundamentals and the only improvement you see is the form of symbol drawing the faces better and rendering a bit better. Doing fanart is not a good way to get good.

you can draw whatever you want and still git gud.
just most the people who do fanart/draw here aren't actually after becoming professional artists. Its something they enjoy doing on their spare time so improvement is slow.

anchor for uni wearing gothic lolita clothing

>implying the only people who post in there are (serious) requesters and drawfags
ayy lmao

WWD threads should just be banned for awhile

It just needs MORE MODS

Can't figure out if you want it banned because you just don't like it or because your waifu doesn't get drawn

It sure has helped me. You don't just draw only for the threads as a drawfag anyway.

Most of the shitposting is related to petty discord drama so I doubt it's outsiders shitposting.

It needs actual mods, instead of the guy who bans anyone who pisses off his buttbuddies while blatantly allowing shitposting of certain kinds.

We're not setting to become fucking Michelangelo here. We're posting drawings on an anonymous imageboard. This is about as low as it gets. It's meant to be a starting point for artists, to draw for fun. If anyone with sanity really wanted something worth while, they'd commission it, not beg to strangers on the internet.

right now its mods who dont delete all shitposting or are too trigger happy and delete fucking everything, there's no balance

though shitposters will probably never leave no matter what happens

like this moron

Requesting Misaki in a dangerous predicament. A sexy, dangerous predicament.

It needs moderation. ACTUAL moderation. I watched a ton of posts be deleted, but the one post that's starting all of this shit (miofag's useless post) was still up, untouched.

Not only that, that awful Yuria drawing wasn't deleted either.

The mods that we have now on Cred Forums are this guy: omnipotent and amoral. Just as the winds blow and the waves come on their own time, the mods ban and ignore without any real reason or cause.

Only by burning tortoise shells can we predict the mods' upcomming actions.

Forgot pic.

>without any real reason or cause
Wrong, there are very specific things you can do to piss them off. Like saying something their buttbuddies don't like, or pointing out how horrible their moderation is. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, as they say.

Be careful, I got a 1-day ban without even directly saying anything of that

They'd only be proving me right.

Lucky. Some get a month no reason.

Requesting a pear-shaped Red Cap with her hair tied up into a fluffy ponytail.

How do I get good?

Good morning!
Requesting more lewds of this cute semen demon, Sakura Chiyo.
Naizuri would be nice.

Or maybe just a drawing of Chiyo wearing this:

Asoc, when did you become such cancer?

Also requesting Jack getting spanked by the female MC.


Requesting Jack having an adorable orgasm caused by snuggling

Hoho! I like that idea! Seconding!

Also requesting this slut getting tenderly raped by 2 dogs at once while at the same time getting dunked.

You tried

Requesting Nami wearing a tight t-shirt and bikini bottom

Requesting Louise doing a human pretzel while Shaq grabs her with his BIG, BLACK hands and dunks her like a champ.

Requesting Panty Anarchy being sexy and lewd in these bed sheet covering her body.

Requesting bukkake of Valerie while she gives double peace sign to the camera.

Requesting Mato Kuroi from Balck Rock Shooter dueling against Shaq in an over-the-top basketball match

Requesting messy Enigma paizuri

Requesting Medusa from Soul Eater in a nightgown.

List of drawfags and how they behave?

Requesting lewds of Hanako, possibly involving her scars.

Me. Awesome.

Requesting Ryoka Narusawa from Occultic;Nine, giving a lubed up tittyfuck or giving handjobs while her breasts are out.

Tits so huge that they block the entire damn screen.

Requesting Kirika giving paizuri to multiple dicks with her giant breasts.

Remember to report and ignore lads


I ain't your """""lad""""".

Looks really bad. Try harder next time.

Requesting colors on this image of my Valerie please!
Reference: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1604740

Not cool asoc. I haven't done anything to you so you could use my refence. At this point you could become that person called dunkfag.

Russian anime serv discord.gg/J5dD6KC

IT looks like it can be really good - it looks nice as is - but that's a great one

>you could become that person called dunkfag.
He already was considered annoying as fuck.

I refuse to believe you can't see the blatant falseflagging going on

It is asoc though. I honestly wouldn't put it past him.

Asoc is dunkfag. I thought people already knew this.

Thicc Patchy please.

Or maybe it was Ycunt being a piece of shit as always

I'll request what I want. There's nothing you can really do to stop me from making requests.

Dunkfag was Nanamifag, not Asoc. Asoc is just a degenerate who is into anything.

/r/ing 2chan saving Gundam to make it shine again

Requesting Mato Kuroi(OVA version), Black Rock Shooter and Rock from BRS: Innocent Soul meeting up for lunch at a Fast food restaurant where they all try eating one of those Black Bun Cheeseburgers together!

Thanks if you pick this up!

Rock: imgur.com/a/LCBh9

this was the 2nd to last post in the last waifu draw thread last weekend

I just wanted to leave a thanks and stuff

That's pretty cute.

Didn't that Nepgearfag say Nepgear wasn't his waifu anymore? Why do I keep seeing his posts in the WWD?

Requesting anal with Honoka.


Messing with them

The same could be said about Mishafag.

He said he didn't want to be a waifufag anymore, but wasn't sure. The week after, he said he wasn't going to quit being one.

I'm sorry your weekend didn't turn out so well lewdfag impersonator.

Report and ignore Patchoulifag aka Ycake

Every Monday.
Every fucking Monday.

The IRC channel is the onlu defacto official place for the drawthreads. They removed it from the OP of both threads because they wanted to avoid the fags coming in to beg for drawing.

Why do you keep posting pictures of Drake?

I requested a salt-tan and got 6 of them. I owe it to the artists that drew them to get some anti shitposting shitposting done with them!

>Caring this much about a collage signup instead of just posting and hoping for a delivery.

Jesus Christ, you guys are this desperate for a drawing? It's a goddamn drawing.

Isn't it great? The general comes back to life like magic.

You must be happy with the three collages that were delivered this week. I hope you didn't rerequest.
Did you sign up for maid costumes?

Also requesting more girls wearing suits and looking cool as fuck. Any girl you would like!
But if you need someone to draw, how about Clarion from Kōkaku no Pandora (aka Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn), since she's basically a prince for Nene.

Clarion references here:

Thicc Patchy wearing a oktoberfest clothing like the one on the left.

Showing off her massive cleavage too.

The IRC is a joke. It's become the collective cancer of the general all concentrated onto one continuous circlejerking shitfest. There's no reason to go there other than to look with pity at all of the people posting in it.

Good riddance, less competition.

Requesting the "Boss of this gym" scene with ExVeemon as Billy Herrington and Stingmon as Van-sama.

>I was banned from the IRC for begging

I don't care about collages, all I care about is getting my delivery. I'll wade through shit and be patient for as long as it takes. Quit being a baby and grow some balls.

Why you don't like answering my questions?

Statistically speaking I don't think one requester leaving makes you even 1% more likely to get something drawn.

Yet every best drawfag in the thread is still in there despite it being a shitty circlejerk.

Then please leave, you don't need to be here around there.

Because believe it or not, I'm not in any of this "circlejerk" and I get enough deliveries to keep me coming back, I have no complaints since I can ignore anything that doesn't involve me.

It's one less person to be worried about getting something better.

"I don't care about collages." should easily answer your questions in relation to them. Unless you can't put two and two together. If I don't care about collages, then no, I will not sign up for a "Maid Collage".

You're petty as fuck m80.

I don't know of one requester that don't participate in the "after bump limit" shit.

I'm just saying that he doesn't need to stay here if he hates it that fucking much. He can save us reading his complaints as well as not seeing his waifu who isn't cute enough to get delivered.

>after bump limit
What would you rather prefer?

As someone who does, I can name quite a few off the top of my head.

It's Madoka's birthday! Requesting something nice for her.

I don't, for one.

This. Exactly this.


The same 20-25 people don't represent everybody in the WWD, you fuckwit

The hint is They don't say anything.
If you ain't getting it now, you just ain't getting it.

_______no. I don't circlejerk and have an almost 100% delivery rate, people just need to learn to ignore what they don't like (as usual).

>mfw we are in spring already in south america

Sure, why not? here you go. She must keep that cute tight butt pretty warm, right?

Can you please just die already

>almost 100% delivery rate
ok now I'm jelly

Cute, good stuff

Can I get all four of this cute creatures cosplaying as Patchouli please!

He's drawing some decent stuff, what's the problem again?

Skin looks too light but damn that's nice. I feel hot looking at her

You mean like ?

>mfw it was like 34C last week here in Baja California
And we are supposed to be entering autumn, fml.
Very nice btw.

Damn, she looks too far away. Here it is a closer version.

thats cute. draw my girl at some time.

thought you lived in Mexico


Really nice

So you do can draw non-lewd and really cute stuff too. Now I really want something from you.

uh Baja is in Mexico

what is the problem with lewd?

Damn it! forgot to paint her skin. Here you go, final version, i think.

>Baja California
>thought you lived in Mexico
Goddammit, user...
Here's your (you). You deserve it!

So what the fuck is Baja, California?

Nothing, but I prefer cuteness

One of the best brown girls in anime, doing god's work man!

Don't get mad at me bastards, i'm just too perfectionist and refused to leave her as it is. I would have deleted the other posted versions but there are too many replies already. Fuck me.

Ah yes, the beauty of google search

You shouldn't avatarfag, you know.

You're barking up the wrong tree.

Excellent, and really nice and cute

Could you draw Iris or do I need to make a ref?

>Those quints

My art confirmed for being excellent, nice and cute?


I'd like Homura wearing a watermelon bikini like Momiji's.

People have complained about him avatarfagging and the likes for a while, he's not going to stop

It's better to report it, honestly. That's really all one can do. Mods should be able to recognize avatarfagging as being one of those global rules.

Requesting Rossweisse wrapped only by a long scarf.

Requesting pov things with her, like cuddling with her, taking cozy naps. Eating her cooking, drinking alcohol with her.

This idea wasn't bad: Tamamo performing a strip-tease or something along the lines of a gravure video or intro to an AV in her swimsuit - in, coming out, or midway in the water.

I wish you'd draw my waifu, lewd or not.

If you really did, you'd post her.
But you won't.

It was more a general comment, but sure, here she is.

I don't think she fits his tastes though.

Yeah, probably not

Draw Sento wearing this outfit.

Doing wrong shit for awhile doesn't justify doing wrong shit. If it's against the rule, then he nor anyone else should be doing it no matter how long they've gotten away with it. If anything, it just makes asoc even more of a rule-breaker because he's been doing it for a while.

With patience and perseverance, one can get their request, even if it 's not neccesarilly in the waifu thread.

Wait a fucking minute, if the asoc posting now isn't ycake impersonating him, does this mean ycake is asoc?

ASOC can speak English. Ycake cannot.

Requesting either Tamamo dressed as Rukia or Rukia taking it in the ass by a Hallow from the same series.

>ycake is asoc
asoc can type out coherent english

We're all asoc.

>tfw Yuzuriha probably barges into Hyde's house anytime she feels like and casually rapes him

I had an idea for Sawyer being a parody of this video youtube.com/watch?v=gwv0rVUc9ps

She seems like the only waifu who comes off as actually Goth. No idea if I'll do it but figured I'd run it by you first. Will probably do the end part where he's declaring war.

She's quite a looker

Eh, I'm fine thanks.

Requesting Yuri having his boypussy destroyed by a group of MILFs with strap-ons.

Why ycake hasn't been permabanned yet?

Is asoc in war with the WWHD or what's happening?

ycunt impersonating him

He has, multiple time. He's like a cockroach.

Ycake is a Turk?

Why would Ycake impersonate him though? What's the motive?

gee, I don't know, shitposting like he always does maybe?

That probably explains the poor English.

BB "drew" a delivery and linked it to him. Knowing ycake and his pettiness, I guess he got offended by it.

BB is friends with asoc now?

They have nothing to do with each other but I asoc is a namefag so it's not hard to impersonate him and have him get all the flak.

Probably because ASOC consistently gets deliveries almost more than anyone else.

I really don't care about whatever blood feud those two have going on. If Ycake and asoc want to get permabanned for having made the threads shit for years, that's fine by me.

What has ASOC actually done to make the thread shit? And I mean actually done. He requests and colors pics is there anything else he does?

I kinda hope they both go away too. They're both cancer in different ways but cancer nonetheless.

Fuck off, ASOC.

Requests pornography on a blue bored. Colors pornography on a blue board.

ASOC doesn't defend himself, dumbass. Answer the question.

Aside from the avatarfagging, he also counterrequests people's requests with lewds.

Yuzu is a good waifu. I wonder why the Yuzufag left.

I asked for making the thread shit, avatarfagging is just breaking a rule, it doesn't affect the thread.

Counterrequesting is bad, and everyone should stop doing it.

How does it make the thread shit if it's always been that way since before the general was even a thing?

He didn't leave. He requests his daughteru.

>Being triggered at a drawthread
Go get some sun.

Requesting Niekawa and Anri from the Durarara!! series being together such as symmetrical docking

What? Read my posts again, genius.

My bad, ignore my dumbass.

Doesn't bother me desu

I thought he left cause he was Mishafag, which somewhat explains why Eltnumfag disappeared too.
Who is his daughteru?

He's actually a real addition to this thread. He does stuff. And he's quite good. Faggots only know how to shitpost or complain.

That's why i have no problem in delivering for him.

Can't wait to see your stuff done man. Also you may request alongside with any painted drawing you share so i know it's you.

>He's good
Okay asoc, calm down.

Well, that's not what I asked for. I personally think you're annoying so what you say isn't my concern.

Is this the "legit" tamamofag being triggered?
Someone get me some popcorn.

He said he's not Yuzufag anymore, now he requests his daughteru Satoko

Asoc, take off the mask.

There's a difference between Yuzuriha from Under Night and Yuzu from Yuyushiki, dumbass

Figures a newfag to the threads would be okay with asoc.

It's just waifufags being triggered. It's always the waifufags. There hasn't been an issue in here all day until the WWD ended.

All Yuzus belong to the allpowerful, allmighty Mishafag.

I only shitpost here to get rid of the impulse
Wouldn't want to shitpost in a thread with any bit of value by accident ya know

Your thread does that on its own.

I didn't say anything about the WWD
Sounds like you just have a vendetta hard on

Funny. I never said anything about WWD either. What's your move now?

"Your thread" has an implication in this context considering the general blames half its problems on another thread
Your turn

Didja ever thank for this?

"Your thread" could be all of Cred Forums for all I know. You know this place don't just have a problem with one sole weekend thread.

>inb4 b-but I didn't like it!

can't wait for the wednesday containment thread to start

Have you ever drinken soda when you're sorta hungry and felt this sudden pain in your stomach from the fizziness going down you esophagus?

That's kinda how I feel right now.

>it's another 'can't knock an idea off my list of requests' episode
It was still a good weekend for me. Thank you, drawfags.

Can you guys shitpost faster so we can have a new thread? I don't want to deliver in this one.

That's me every week.
None of my ideas have been shaven off since July

Reaquesting Aoba chocking on a monster dick while squating beneath a desk.

I've probably shelved more ideas than I've had fulfilled at this point. Not sure how much longer I'm going to stick around until I give up and exclusively commission.
It is demoralizing to have to pay big money for things others get for free tho.

If this one's bad, the next one is not going to be any better.

Get a cuter waifu then.

I would like more of Tamamo in her frilly nightgown
If she were sleeply that could be pretty nice too.

You're not guaranteed anything.
Alternatively, commission. There's 3 commonly known WWD drawfags you can look up now that takes them, no excuses.

Holy shit, asoc is acting like such a faggot in this thread.

3? Who? Lemon is always one, right? And Ayanobro, I think. Who else?

What if they don't like those drawfags?

>max I've ever had was about 8 ideas at a time
>now it's knocked down to 4 and the "anything cute" catch-all
Feels good.

Boa, Yokura, Ryai, Lime, twlr, mai

That's what I've been doing already, keyword is "exclusively".

Who's your drawfu?


I just want to draw the waifu, don't really want to draw her cosplaying someone else while riding a space ship shooting lasers.

Requesting Cinder Fall wearing a black version of Funny Valentine's outfit

Then just draw the waifu? You really think someone's gonna say "that's not what I asked for I'm rerequesting"? Actually wait don't answer that.

A few of mine have, but artists seem to prefer drawing something unrelated to my requests. At least they seem to like her, so I'm happy regardless, but it is a tad frustrating just copying and pasting my requests for two or three week at a time before changing them up.
I KNOW I have. My list is humonguous.
I'm similar, but I get the 'anything cute' without needing to put it there.

And requesting Tamamo wearing this shorts and socks design, rollerskating on the beach while listening to her favorite mixtape (a cassette with random songs on it, NOT a music demo) using a either a sports walkman or an Aiwa TX 476

Maybe she's listening to this


Tamamo cosplaying as Shiranui Mai from the Fatal Fury/KOF series.

That's what i've been doing.

Not him but Boa (I think) and ryai (currently but I think is reopening soon) are closed.

Ooh, that's a good list. I think they've all drawn her (who is mai again?), and I love their work.

>but I get the 'anything cute' without needing to put it there.
I feel like I have to specify since I'm ok with slightly lewd stuff but don't want user to go overboard

And keep doing it, I'm sure all the anons you've drawn for are happy.

People say anything is fine for a reason friend, anything with their beloved is surely enough to make them happy.

maiscore, presumably.

Also requesting any of theses but with an assortment of dicks surrounding her.

I wouldn't say "ANYTHING"

Does "anything" include receiving the knot?

But. I like cosplay.

Does that include dicks of different species?

Of course. All dicks are welcome.

>not self inserting as dog


I thought you meant tying the knot. Like being married to me. I take that back.

Requesting Jeanne pole dancing and Nero throws money at her or put them in her bra or panties.

Figures an op drawn by a shit poster is full of shitposts

Yeah sure ya did.

I think people know I like lewds, regardless of if I'm requesting one or not.

Requesting Rina eating ice cream straight out of the tub, while wearing cute pajamas.

>pole dancing
Yes excellent. Good taste user there needs to be more pole dancing requesting and delivering

Hey, I'd like to request Misha cosplaying Zero from Drakengard 3;
Relaxing and in awe of the Puerto Iguazú;
On a beach, loose hoodie over bikini eating watermelon; wearing either http://
i.imgur.com/ZviZcJE.png i.imgur.com/50VMqCx.png;
Or wearing a sundress. Please and thank you.

More references of her: imgur.com/a/C7gQF#0

>It's October
>Need to start replacing a request idea slot with Halloween costumes
I limit myself to try to avoid textwallposting, but it's so hard to choose what ideas to put on hiatus for this.

Any animal eared drawfag SIs.

You seen pretty triggered right now

That and it's Monday. It's the worst time to be in here.

Tiny tank/tube top that barely fits? Skin slick with sweat? Try for alternate hair too

Hi Rori.
I don't draw much, but you can draw my SI with animal ears if you want. Elephant is a no-no, though.

Tamamofag please

That's not a bad idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

Any of the cute brown ones. I think there is like 3.

I don't want full on lewd, like I'd be cool with something like a handbra pic or implied no-pan, but just having her wear two post it notes and a cracker would be way too much even if it is showing relatively the same amount of skin.

Who's the real asoc?

Not Rori, I don't even drawfag. I just like animal eared girls

Tamamo + Nero poledancing show

Hey asoc, I think it's time for you to get a trip

Waifus making red string of destiny vows with their husbands would be cute.

Blood oath

> husbands
Check your privilege.

>he gets a trip
>nothing changes

Requesting Lavinia giving paizuri with her fishnet top on.

I'm not even posting much yet u guys are raging at me pretty hard. Entertain me more please.

who was it drawn by

I really wanted to include animal ears on my SI but I expected people to consider it silly.

You don't, you only become less worse than you were before.

People told me it looked autistic but I don't care.

Fuck off, Ycake. You can't even save yourself from you're own stupidity.

Can't be any worse than faggots like Mimifag and Audere. Just do it.

Your *

Honestly, of all the bad guys of the drawthread, I trust ycake the most.

How should I make a cute fruit-themed SI?

>giving him attention
You're part of the problem if you aren't ignoring and reporting

I'm sure they look cute.

I'm still tempted to add them, but I don't want to lower my chances at anything.

It's clearly him. How else do you explain this ?

Mods please do your job.

Mods are dead, and we killed them.

Ycake is an easy target to pin it on desu

Let's be honest. Anyone can impersonate ycake if they wanted to.

>defending ycake
There are shitposters of all kinds, eh?

I hope you're just being retarded and aren't actually okay with bestiality, or that this is just false flagging.

Mods aren't doing anything until they get their Cred Forums Pass money.

Requesting a loli of your choice drinking this stuff.

I read that as poledancing in snow.

I'm not defending him, I just think this seems too obvious. Might as well be a butthurt waifufag trying to distract people, you can never know.

Requesting Cyan and Retoree in the situation on the right, with retoree on top and theyre in underwear or nude.

Requesting Sina (top) receiving the knot of a Sylveon (bottom) in her buttochs.

I feel that if I add animal ears to my SI, nobody would draw it, not even Rori because he'd think I was baiting him.
That being said, I'd love for him to draw my waifu and I being lewd together, but I don't think that's likely to happen, ears or no.

Oh yeah? Then why ycake isn't saying anything about it?

He just did

>using a waifufag's reference to request beast of their waifu
I've changed my mind. You're the worst, asoc.

Well I guess they'ren't going to be doing anything for a while since I'm never getting a gold account.

You sure were quick to defend him
>posting much yet
He accepted he's posting, but "not much yet"

>inb4 b-but it's the impersonator!

Why Sina being shitposted so so suddenly? I feel like it could be someone trying to hide under the guise of shitposting to get a sick fetish.

Check this, please

You asked for a post of him talking about it and I deliver. What else do you want from me?

Yeah, that's another side of it. I'd love for Rori to draw my waifu, nevermind the other things (although they'd also be amazing).

Wonder if I'm known enough to have someone shitpost my waifu with my own refs.

I can't tell who's who anymore.

I mean in a scarf and boots might be kinda nice too, like winter bikinis.

I hope you guys are reporting the not-asoc

>tfw no one will ever shitpost your waifu

As much as I'd love to, that would be false reporting.
This isn't the waifu thread. Anything goes.

>shitposting and falseflagging isn't reportable
Really now?

Shitposting is against the rules.
>but it's not shitposting!
Spamming requests for some ass-backwards sense of spite is in fact shitposting.

Technically, he's not doing anything against the rules. He's just requesting in a drawthread like anyone else. It's all of us who are shitposting.

It's literally requests. Prove me wrong without referencing anything with "waifu"

>put on name to shitpost
>take off name to defend your shitposting


Mods please do your job.

Fake nails are gross

Sorry for blogging. Had to get this off my chest.
Decided to draw something. Figured I would be best off using a tutorial and deviate at some point.
Picked youtube.com/watch?v=jnfExk76jGk
Had to give up at 2:20. Tried for half an hour to draw a circle. Couldn't do it.
Fuck my life.

His requests are as valid as anyone else requesting lewds or beast on a blueboard.

I'm too afraid to turn off the computer while at sleep or work. I could be missing out a delivery...

It's spelled 'voilà.' Dickcheese has more culture than you do.
Just report and ignore the shitposter and hopefully mods won't be lazy.


This is something.

>Tried for half an hour to draw a circle
welcome to the club.

>gets shit


You're talking about the guy that drew guro and other disgusting shit for the waifus of people he disliked. He also whined about /ghost/ here while at the same time going there and brown-nosing them to try to use them as his personal shitposting army. Not to mention his constant bitching in the threads about how he deserves to request everywhere. Ycake is one of the most cancerous posters here.

You guys can just easily filter his requests, you know. He uses "a sort of colorfag" in the namefield on all his posts.

Requesting Yuuna embracing Tougou's tougous

Haha oh wow! Is that a cake?
Thanks for the drawing, user!

Never used one, and I don't see why I should start now.

You don't have to pretend to like it.

SSF does the exact same thing and you cucks eat her shit up

Mods, do your job.
If you ban me for telling you to do your job, I'm going to be mad.

Requesting Yuuna taking futa Tougou's dick reverse cowgirl style while on her wheelchair.

Wasn't this toward hot chocolate? Are you guys that desperate?

Go back to whining in ghost.

rina a cute!
Requesting more cute Mukaix Rina interractions

the anime's comin alright.

Requesting a huge tit Florence Nightingale in her bikini, fucking a guy who has made up a fake illness that would kill him if he doesn't have sex.

I'm basically taking advantage of the fact that Florence said that she would do absolutely anything to save a live.

I've witnessed all of that stuff buddy, and I am not defending him. I'm just saying it's suspicious, why are you getting so riled up?

post small waifus being jealous of big boob waifus.

Yes! That would be very good. This is a good counterrequest.

Fuck off, Miofag.


Goddamn, a Ycake defense force. I never thought I'd see the day that would happen. He drew guro of Dokuro as well as other waifus. His attempt to use /ghost/ as his personal army was to drive another Patchouli requester out of the threads. And his constant entitled bitching isn't tied to anyone.

Mods please save us

When I grow up I want to be like boa.

My point is that this isn't in any way beneath him. It makes perfect sense he'd pull this shit.

nobody likes ssf they just don't say that in public with names attached now

Post big waifus trying to intimidate small waifus and looking confused when the small waifus ignore them.


>Ycake defense force
Holy shit. Can you cancer honestly kill yourselves or something? So what, pointing out what occurred is now defending the person? Pointing out the 15 year old that received the drawing is defending ycake. Holy shit.

Holy fuck I honestly hate you cancerous waifufags.

A decent artist with a taste for shitposting?

Has he shitposted recently?

The drawthread has hit an all-time low.

All from when the wwd ended. Surprise.

You're all a bunch of ignoramuses.


I didn't even knew he drew stuff like Guro. I thought better of Ycae

I had to look that up.

Requesting someone did a MS paint baby version of Ayase.

There's a reason everyone hates him.

>this sickfuck hasn't been permabanned yet

thats rather tame.


Does Ycake hate Mimifag too? He drew some pregnancy and shemale porn on here too.

Fuck off, Ycunt.



What worse stuff has he drawn? It was my first time seeing that

Jesus christ those legs adamantium

THICC thighs

That is nice. Thanks a lot it made me happy.



dunno lol. But I have seen worse at e-hentai

>dunno lol.
Don't do this.

Okay, so, that has nothing to do with what Ycake has done whatsoever. Are you retarded?

Just end this miserable thread already.

quick, someone post THAT gif

time to dunk this thread!

dat boi?



New thread

Chaos dunk?

And mods didn't show up. Not even once.

After bump limit. What really happened in the discord to cause all this?

SSF vs Miofag
and Mirafag I guess

Miofag, SSF, and Audere happened.

The mods have abandoned the general. They only show up in the WWD when they're bored.

Was this a delivery? Because it's fucking great.

Happy to see my girl in OP. Thanks drawfriend.

yeah its amazin

>mfw seeing this thinking it was a rough sketch of lewds
>Then underclothes
>"Oh great, it's probably dunking shit."
>Then basketball shirt and shorts
>"Oh my god, she's doing the dunking!"
A work of art.

I don't want anyone to request beast of my waifu.

Report it when it happens then

I don't care.

I do.

I wish I could do this.

You guys are so bitter. This is why we lost the sextalk collage despite it having a solid WIP.

Noone cares audere.

How did the WIP even look like? I can't imagine it being all that great with waifus just talking

It is true that way too many people have serious mental problems, but it's also true that the threads wouldn't be such a shitfest if we had some help from the mods doing what they should be doing.

My waifu wasn't selected so that's one collage I won't mourn.

>resurrecting a dead thread
as expected of mods.

Oh I am laughing right now

I love my waifu!

I lost the WIP, but it looked great. A well-done round table dinner with the girls chatting and drinking wine.
I think he said he was going to add extra panels that had the discussion. I was really looking forward to it.

>no longer at bump limit

I have it

Thanks. I thought it got farther than that, though. Like, he finished that part of the drawing, but still had the extra panels and coloring left to do.

I want to see my waifu grasping another waifu's big boobs (nobody specific in mind) in frustration, but
1. Dunno anyone who'd agree to that because they'd think it's yuri when it's not
2. People would shitpost me because they think I'm requesting yuri when I'm not

Good thing I wasn't so stupid as to post all my fetishes for someone to add to some retarded pastebin then.

Who are some drawfags I could commission that draw, in particular, good butts?

If I had the answer for that I'd commission them myself to draw stuff like pic related, but of my waifu's ass.

Requesting a stand for Charles THE HAMMER Martel

Sounds funny. As a join request you mean?

That's one fine ass. Is it Shimakaze?

That was the idea, yes. My waifu's self-conscious about her size, but she isn't one for invading people's personal space so she's never actually done that in her series.

>that gif's quality
Will keep in mind

I couldn't find a better one on my coputer, and googled for it like crazy because I wanted that gif. Finding stuff for old shows is hard.