ITT we post anime that we regret watching all the way through

ITT we post anime that we regret watching all the way through.

Here, let me start with this piece of shit.

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How can you not like based Lolicon Knight? Also Luci First and Endless Paradox are awesome and moe.

It was worth for best girl's scene.

Tomoyo a SHIT.

Still better than Phantom World.
Disgusting example of brainless chuunishit.


THIS, this scene made up for the entire show. That one scene brought me to tears. The VA is a genius

Joker Game

Drag-on Brawl Zzz

Fuck YOU.

JG was the best of its season.

i liked the subtitle parody that one user made


>normalfag cunt rant
That shit was the worst thing that happened. Piss off.

Pupa, because while the rest of the episodes were like a stupid Z movie, that last episode was just so fucking pointless and insulting it even retroactively ruined what little enjoyment I had gotten from the show.
Should've started and stuck with the manga.

Kanojo ga Flag

Really, non? Almost everything about the show was about having fun and enjoying what's cool to you. There were also good interactions with just-fuck-already kind of bantz between the MC and lead heroine aka best girl.

Absolutely boring
Hated the blonde bitch who had no reason to be a bitch other than
>Haha her interior doesn't reflect her exterior isn't that funny??!!

The only regret I have is that there isn't more of it

Buttblasted Tomoyofag because no one cares about anything else in the show detected.

I honestly don't see why anyone would actually enjoy Mirai Nikki.

This turned into a piece of shit not even midway through.

At least the manga doesn't look like ass

The manga just turned into an even bigger pile of shit imo. It's likely part of the reason why the anime wasn't successful, not much to look forward to.

Yukino is a fucking whore. I can't wait until she gets blown the fuck out nd all you shits will have to apologize.

The only thing worse than Yahari season two threads was Yahari season two anime.
Thank God that general died.

Fuck this piece of shit. Fuck everyone who likes it. I just wanted to see kokoro but she was barely even in the fucking show. Best episode was episode 2 where she blew the fuck out of the main cast.

I know the manga was filled with overused tropes but fuck, I liked it.

Fuck you guys. These were both great.

None. I drop every show I regret watching before I finish it.

this is the worst piece of shit i've ever seen

I've always wondered what was so special about this scene. Thanks for the link. I don't really see what's so special about it. I'll just leave you to your harem animes then.

Ranma. It's actually really good but so much of the filler isn't. After the initial plots of the first two seasons taper off it's just pointless filler for 5 solid seasons. There's good filler here and there but it doesn't make up for the fact that most of it is just boring.

So I regret watching all of it. The only reason I even did was because I expected to see some plot development building on the excellent stuff in the first two seasons.

Takahashi pls.


I normally love those kinds of shows, but it just didn't click. Everything was boring and uninspired.

>I don't really see what's so special about it.

Jesus man, seriously I'm not even joking when I'd tell you to check for autism. You can even hear the vibrations in her voice near the end. You probably lack empathy.

I don't know how I could watch all of this shit.

The OVA wasn't that bad tho.

Maybe if you know the context it would help?
The girl and the guy have been friends since they were tiny little kids and Hatoko has been his only friend for a large part of that time.
The guy has been Chunnibyou since the beginning and has been saying wild shit that makes no sense to her all this time but she didn't really care and just played along with it.
The more and more they grew up and became a larger part of each other's lives, the fact that she didn't understand any of what he said started growing larger and larger in her mind and started weighing on her.
In that scene she's literally cooking dinner at his house since they're close at this point and he just keep talking chunni as he's always been but in that moment she couldn't take it anymore after 10 odd years of chunni talk that she didn't get, she snaps.

I dunno man I cried at this, it was a really powerful moment. Plus it's a Trigger show and I'm a big fan. Maybe it just resonated with me easier.

I liked it. Not the best but decent enough

How can you not pick up on how well performed that is?

Kokoro-chan junai!


Fuck you asshole, ranma is great
I still agree, Rumiko doesn't seem to understand that a tsundere becomes less tsun over time instead of more

>No porn of the granny loli.
Literally the only reason I watched this.

Fuck that garbage


I wish I had an IQ of 13000 so I could have foreseen this disaster, instead watching it reduced my IQ to only 13



Why do you hate fun

thanks for the most autistic shit ive seen today

Fuck off chuuni.

It was also the fact that she actually took the things he said seriously and remembered them all yet didn't understand any of it. Chunni was his thing and he never let her in on it. Saying she wouldn't understand was his way of putting a wall between them.

Because I hate rushed sloppy endings. They had a fucking filler episode at like episode 4 or 5 yet couldn't pace properly?

I liked it better when it was called shadow the hedgehog


Hatoko did nothing wrong
Poor baby


oh yeah, watching this at all was a big fucking mistake

This trash.
Absolutely terrible

Oh I remember this. Started of interesting, had some good potential and then became an ├╝ber disappointment.


I just didn't get the creators aim of this. Was it all for real or in his head?

that's rough man, I can't imagine what it's like going through life that way

spoil me please
What happens to sniper and imouto?
do they fuck

I dropped this like 6 episodes in. Not because I hated it or anything, I just kind of stopped watching it. Does it get really bad towards the end or something?

Cant care about a single character because you know theyre just fodder the manga/the anime.

Only thing I can think of is K-On


It has mad music and cute girls. Too bad about the QUALITY hit.

I tend to care for that fine lady on the right for a few minutes every once in a while.

forgot pic

The show you posted was at least fun and had its moments. You should've started with something no one could possibly defend if you were serious instead of something you didn't like.

My choice; Magical Warfare. I don't think anyone can top that.

Here's pic for those who need a reminder.

Nobody actually watched this though, did they? You could tell it was absolute trash within the first 10 minutes of the first episode.

it wasn't great but at least it wasn't really slow, always something happening even if that something is pretty retarded

I dropped that as soon as an user said there would be not more BE expansion besides the first episode.


lmao you yuifags are the ones who are gonna get blown the fuck out
you fucks are more delusional than anyone else on this board

Pino is the only thing that kept me watching
Busy Doing Nothing is the best episode of anime ever

Otherwise it was completely fucking disappointing. Imagery and metaphor were used far too much and too often. Interesting world was ignored in favor of "muh raisens de entree" bullshit. Shitty fucking directing overall. Finale was fucking retarded on account of the writers taking themselves WAY to seriously

>mad music
What was "mad" about it?
Just a generic electronic shit with dubstep here and there.

This scene kinda feels inproportionately good for the series. it's like the author accidentily wrote something good, and combined with the stellar performance of the VA created a scene that should be in a better series.

They beat the bad guys and everyone survives

One of the few times I can remember that a scene took me completely by surprise without having to resort to using anything cheap to get there.

i like it

glad I dropped that shit then

This. The start looked promising with cool shotgun action and a cool city to explore.

But it was just so dreadfull and BORING to watch. Like i understood the whole I am god and I wanted to know how it was like be a human which is interesting but holy shit what a waste of time.

Almost every anime I like all the way through but ends with a shitty unresolved read the source that isn't translated ending.

Especially when you know they'll never be a season 2

This manga

I completely hate anime that keep me wanting more but ends up being some random light novel no one even in Area 11 read
What's worse is that to them it's merely a season long advertising campaign so it doesn't really matter if you get a shitty ending because assume you know japanese and can go and buy the books

Brothers conflict.

too far

I kept watching this shit each week thinking it had to get better, I lost hope around week 6 but kept watching. It only got worse.

It's a shame since the original OVAs were good.

Wasn't bad or shit like the other mangas/animes in this post.
Just wasn't my type of manga, that's all.

I see your Brothers Conflict and raise you one Diabolik Lovers. Though I think some anons could of had fun with DL if they were just looking for memes.


Yeah nah, fuck you. Aria was excellent.

It fell apart toward the middle, but Yuno carried it enough for me not to regret it.

It's the voice-acting in general. Generally 'burst of emotion' scenes like that make for moments especially if the VA handled them well. It's like Subaru's episode 18 rant last season in that respect (Re:Zero in general has a lot of great voice-acting moments, shame the story is shit).

The anime you're waifu is in.



So many people recommended this. Thank god it was only 6 episodes.

perfect sized tits

SAO I enjoyed S2 though
Oreimo S1, didn't even bother with S2.

>oreimo S1

your level is too entry

Comet Lucifer.

In reddit, you get an award for watching this.

But he pulled a gun from a piece of bread.

Worth it.

It was also coupled with seeing him drift towards Shitoyo.
She'd basically been in love with him for a great deal of time, tried to crack what he meant to lessen the distance he placed between them, but was always kept at an excrutiating arms' length, as he came chest-to-chest with someone who rejected and mocked his Chuuni bullshit as she never did.

Space brothers moves at a glacial pace and in the end nothing even happens

Worst pacing, worst animation, worst character development, worst character designs, worst premise, worst everything.

The only joy I got were weekly threads shitting on it, ripping it to shreds every week, and even that wasn't that fulfilling.

The threads were fun but the anime, both of them; were fucking trash.

Strike Witches back in 2008

please god no not again

I have listened to this for so many hours

>that guy in the comments who listened to it for a year straight making a comment every single day

I've not watched the show, and I've had it on repeat for a couple of hours. Really catchy. I've also had the Karen from britain one on repeat.

I know its shit. It goes against everything I like: Useless MC, harem and mediocre music. I can't explain why I finished it. It almost had a glimmer of hope when the brunette asked the MC out. Almost. Then it reminded me it was bad.

Animation was great and it had high potential. The end result was pure bullshit, but if this was the worst you have ever seen, you should consider yourself lucky.

I dropped it when the useless big-tits archetype turned "evil".

Diebuster, I thought it would be like Gunbuster. I was wrong.

Only watched this for blonde drill tails and MC sword powers

otherwise it's an IS clone

... That's either the last or second to last episode.

>absolute duo
the mc also isn't useless

And they said KnK 5th movie is amazing...


Nigga its a harem. He has three of the four girls - blondie, silver and brunette - wanting his dick. Maybe the other brunette who he punched in the first episode too. Only one who doesn't is the blue hair chick who is a lez and wants the big titted brunette. He doesn't go after any of them sexually therefore he is useless.

well fuck, seems like I watched more than I thought. But that was the breaking point.

I just watched because of the memes

Monster Musume.
Absolute Duo.
Divine Gate.

It hurts.

Anime removed the harem aspect Source is a legit harem


Silver was a cunt

Phantom World was more entertaining than this shit and was less annoying than Chuu2. Fight me.

Pink was best girl.

C'mon Absolute duo is Harem, and prota is One of the worst cliche male leads i had seen

As a fan of the original game I dislike how the anime was done

Nop, the lead of phantom world is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than Inu naka and chuu2






Gangsta was bad, I don't know if it deserves regrettable. Unless you had the ambition to sit through the whole season.

I'm sorry for your loss of time user.

Why would you even reply to such a weak bait? Honestly lurk 4 years before posting, faggots.

I regret everything.


So glad i dropped that shit.

It had so much potential

The games are amazing though

Literally me

Watch the fucking show.

Hey i watched it because it had a swordsman with eye powers

Railgun. First half of each season is ok. Fuck you NAGAI

I know, I watched the anime after playing both games to see how bad of an adaptation it truly was.

This show was a fun watch. Even this drama bit wasn't so bad.

And how.

Tokyo Ghoul

I would have enjoyed this show had it not scarred me emotionally within the first 2 episodes.



I regret reading the latest chapter.

It's not the worst show I've seen but the worst one I finished all the way through. I drop most shows i think are going to be crap before I even get to the ending. The animation was not great, even by SHAFT standards (which isn't that high). It was pretty shit because it had some potential though. Which made me angrier than something I knew was going to suck going in.

Holy shit I forgot about that guy. Fucking why.

Kiniro Mosaic.

Are you serious?


Just LOL SO RANDUM XD and the most annoying cast of characters ever created.


I'm still asking myself what went through the script writers' mind.
Did they aim for the multiple trainwrecks and decided to build a grounded story for the first episodes to later ruse the watcher or did they start doing the story seriously and realised they wouldn't have enough budget and decided to go full 129600 degree.

>He didn't like Matrix

I was just gonna download that, is it really bad?

I kind of regret watching this all the way through. Its story and writing are mediocre all around and it tried to make me feel sorry for the villain at the end for no real reason, but the biggest disappointment is that the only reason you would watch it because you wanted more Outlaw Star, and it fails to deliver on that.

Never felt so scammed

This show was worth it for the end of episode > ED transition

Keep being in denial. We will be drinking tears for years once Yui wins again. ANOTHER has caused some good Yukinocuck tears.

I actually marathoned all of it.
It was an abstract kind of hell.

Watched it for the edginess but it was pretty much nothing.


Fuck you

At least it gave me quality boners.

I want to add Xenoglossia to my list of regrets, I just want to forget it ever existed but it stills haunts my dreams.

>animation was great

Love Hina.

AKA the start of shit harem anime

Best girl lost two episodes in.

If that's not an early enough warning sign, I don't know what is.

literally the worst anime ive ever witnessed and sat through.

how powerful are his potions

Aldnoah Zero.

I thought White Fox was infallible until I watched this.

The Akame ga Kill anime is also the first show that also made me lose interest in the manga at the same time.

Agreed. Anne Happy was way better, too.

Symphogear GX

the most flaccid second half to anything i've seen in my life



I'm guessing you haven't watched Macross Delta yet.

Is it worse? I've gone off anime and haven't watched anything in like half a year, aside from catching up on some old stuff

>good animation and progression
>nice fight scenes
Pretty decent for a generic 12 episode LN adaptation.

>im an immature child with a short attention span that wants explosions and gore


Edgy for the sake of being edgy and an ending that made everyone, let alone me, angry.
12 episodes of bitching and crying that lead to nothing in the end
12 episodes of a shitty whodunnit that lead to everything being absolutely pointless. What a shit load of fuck.
12 episodes of an OP MC and a plot that was barely established.
>Death Parade
Half the series was die, play games, learn some stupid lesson, rinse, repeat and the other was giving character development to characters that weren't even interesting enough to give a fuck about.
>Phantom World
Just from episode 1, I knew what I was getting into and I have no one but myself to blame
>Aldnoah Zero S2
I should've stopped when I finished S1. I really have no clue why I continued this gary stu homosexual frustration bullshit.

And the worst part is, once again, Cred Forums told me these shows were going to be good.

Every Type-Moon show, if those excrements can actually be called shows.

Same art, sameface, same drama, same edgy shit, same music genre.

What a pile of fanservice shit.


I was not ready for episode 7

I tried to get away but I always returned.

The relationship between the two leads was so fucking stupid.
>I love you
I don't love you... yet
>Whoops I changed my mind, I don't love you anymore
But wait! I love you now
>Ok, I love you too
>I still love you

Or something to that effect. She was a massive bitch just for the sake of it.

>he didn't like the piss

>And the worst part is, once again, Cred Forums told me these shows were going to be good.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me seven times, eh...once more couldn't hurt.

I went in with zero expectations. I left wondering how they got away with writing such a cliched story that even my dumb ass could predict.
The fact it invites Madoka comparisons which they get upset when you point out but it really does just sorta screams that you've just copied the tone and concept of a better series and failed.

>inb4 you need to read the extraneous material.

If you have to read extra shit to make your main work good, it wasn't good to begin with.

A friend and I convinced a third friend that this was legitimately an amazing show unlike anything we had seen in years. After watching it for 8 episodes he couldn't hack anymore and we giggled telling him he watched more of it than we had.

Watched it for not-miku. Got not-miku and then she was just some ordinary slut? Very disappointing.

I'll give them Mayoiga, I'm the only one I know that finished it just to see how much of a train wreck it became. Everything else is entry level.

That said, Guilty Crown. I regret all of it and none of it because the threads were fun.

fmab, digimon tamers, beyblade in english dub,
If an anime bothers you, you should drop it

Nothing wrong

>he watch the tv one instead reevaluating the DVD
When did Cred Forums accept casual plebeian?

I really don't get the S2 is worse than S1 Aldnoah shit. Maybe the ending is too much of a fuck you if you actually tried to care about the story, but S1 is massively pretentious with pointless plot threads and terrible characterization. S2 has slightly less irritating characters who actually do things all wrapped up in a package that loses a lot of the pretension in favor of "dramatic" "plot-twists." The so-bad-it's-trainwreck nature of S2 retroactively redeems Aldnoah from being insultingly bad to funny bad.

Is there a Tsukihime anime yet?

and Carnival Phantasm was good...

Mahouka. I haven't watched a LN adaptation since.

I think I watched until the midriff scene, masturbated, then dropped it.

Nagasarete Ariantou
Boring harem shit

To this day I'm baffled how that shit is popular. I get the self insert part, but Jesus the endless descriptions on stuff that will be irrelevant to the MC's glory are such a fucking drag.

cannot unsee this piece of shit.

why was MC so stupid?

why did the plot revolve around not letting MC die for doing stupid shit that would normally get you dead?

why was main girl a tsundere?

aren't there anymore sabers than Alexandria the great?

how did anything lancer do make any fucking sense?

why didn't shirou fucking listen to his future instead of repeating the same exact shit like a literal fool


>I just didn't get the creators aim of this.
I guess "a love letter to tokusatsu", as many anons have put it, probably fits.
And it was real in the end. The episode where he talks to 4D hypercube kind of explains that?
I mean, I too thought the transition in episode 11 where the sentai arc began was shitty and jarring when the series aired, but I think it made sense in retrospect and having seen the show to the end made me appreciate it a lot more.
I really have to rewatch this, because I watched it in one sitting and really didn't get it.

forgot pic

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
Vampire Knight
Valkyrie Drive
Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou

Just to name a few of my many regrets

This is what I get for humouring Digibro I guess

>Valkyrie Drive
It's a fanservice game adapted into a fanservice anime, which was incredibly clear from the start. If that's not the type of thing you're into why did you even watch it at all?

>have high hopes for this show because I couldn't tell where it was going
>turns out Shaft also had no idea where this was going
I've definitely seen worst shows, but I don't think anything can the top 2.5 years of unending disappointment I still feel for this show.

I wish I hadn't ERABE'd


Dropped it towards the end when the quality got shot to shit and it was obvious Manglobe were only going to limp to the finishing line.

How did anybody hate this? It was nice


>best girl

She had literally no personality besides "clingy girlfriend ". The only reason she was even in this LN ad was because some of Trigger's animators liked her more than the author.

The shows not that trash though...


The only trash thing about it is that it's so short

While I don't necessarily regret watching it, I do think it was a pretty meh show. The only redeeming elements were the occasional fanservice and Schwein

The only reason i watched it.

Thanks for letting us know that you have terrible comprehension skill.


You're asking a logical question for something I did on a drunken whim user.

ITL: weebs have to sit through all 26 episodes to detect a shit show.

Kik La Kuk was the one show in recent history that tricked me into sitting through the whole thing. By the time I realized I wasn't enjoying myself anymore there was only ~5 episodes left, so I figured I'd round it out for the hell of it. Nothing came of it, there was no point. What point it may have been attempting to have was lost WAY before the final arc even really kicked off.
Staff writer A: "Instead of following through with our metaphors and allagories, lets just have the MC yell a bare-bones version of the message we were going for."
Staff writer B: "Great idea!"

It's got a hand full of good bits, spread thin over the rest of the nothing.
I didn't think it was terrible, but I also didn't finish it. Somewhere around 7~8 I punched out; ran out of fucks to give.

I'm not mad about the end because I didn't expect my favorite character to win. Just a bit annoyed that I wasted so much time when I didn't even feel like I was enjoying it.

The seiyuu for the MC is excellent and the jokes are quick and punchy. One of the better harem shows for sure.

Fair enough

If you weren't enjoying it than why were you still reading it?

Probably to see it through to the end. He embarked on the journey and didn't want to quit halfway

I only got mad because she never did rapid punches.

Every time someone complains about "this anime is just a powerpoint!" I start to remember.

Speaking of fuckterrible mecha, who remembers this garbage?

This was fucking god awful. The MC was fucking trash and that ending. Jesus, just kill me already.

Fuck off

Don't fucking remind me. What was it? Like, 50 episodes? Just for him to yell and get shot


This, and in the end literally nothing had happened. LOL OK READ THE MANGA NOW BYYYYE

i'm glad i read the manga before it aired so i didn't have to watch the shitshow the anime apparently turned out to be.

it's not bad. delicious brown is the best

I dropped it during the middle, but I didn't see it as a bad series. It was just average. I might finish it one day for Yuno.

Same, but swap Ranma with Inuyasha.

This was a great show, all girls were best girl, anyone expecting anything else besides SoL is clearly a retard.

Shit taste

Your Lie in April

Oh yes


>Carnival Phantasm

I don't force myself to finish shows I didn't like in the first place so no.

Candidate for Goddess

I feel your pain

It was a pretty shitty anime with one of the worst MCs I've ever seen. However, there were a few decent episodes and of course there was Yuno. She was my reason and probably many other anons' reason for finishing the anime.

>this entire webm

How did this not end up being a so bad it's good series? Is there anything else like that in the show?

Pani Poni Dash was terrible i went through each damn episode thinking the next one was going to be funny...
It wasnt! Why oh why did i watch the whole thing?

Comfyposters can go suck a dick

>Pani Poni Dash was terrible