ITT: Anime Cred Forums loved when it aired but forgot about

You guys remember Valkyrie Drive, right? It was fun.

I should go back and finish it. I watched the first few episodes and enjoyed it but for some reason never finished watching it.

this, I am at episode 7/8 and just can't finish it despite really liking it

I bought the blu ray

me too

Because we all post in /u/.

It was a good source of beautiful desktop wallpaper

Yeah, I need to finish it but I am enjoying the game.

Cred Forums loves it until the last few episodes where it was rushed and nothing got resolved.

The problem is simply as always that there's no relevant new content of it to be talked about anymore.
So any porn dumps of it as well as new content releases goes to the slow /u/ board, because now only some manga chapter of the other franchise parts or the occasional fanart is being posted. Simple as that.

>never finish to watch

Valkyrie drive form looks dumb

Dudes, the last few episodes are the best due to Momoka.
>all those shameless sex scene discussions
>flying guitar dragon lesbos
>giant Momoka
>tentacle gangbang
>that final fusion form
It was great.

I'll always remember this because of that nipple shit it caused.

Cat armor.

I remember the finale being disappointing and just setting up for a potential season 2.

>last episode's service quota was filled by random tentacles instead of a full Hibiki x Kasumi drive scene
I'm still mad

I hunger for more.

Kasumi's tentacle rape face made up for that tenfold.

Literally the only reason Valkyrie Drive is remembered on Cred Forums.

Evil Miku voiced by Life and Hometown Asuka is best VD.

>/u/ and /e/ and /h/ are terribly underused and could use more people posting there
and now nip moot has confirmed and is considering deleting boards. Pls forgive us mod-kun, we didn't listen ;_;

People here say go to /h/ of you want to discuss hentai.
People there say to leave because the board is not for discussion but for imagedump.

it's funny, /trash/ is actually the best place to discuss hentai

Didn't Chink Moot basically allow all this shit the Mod freaked out over to be posted on Cred Forums?

Yes, then chink moot reneged a little so we have to spoiler it now. Why did Hiroshima buy this shit website when he's such an incredible pussy he lets the mods just walk all over him. Say what you want about moot but at least he cared a LITTLE bit.

Lady J is breast.

It was always allowed, just that guy was painfully new and didn't know what he was doing.

I honestly keep forgetting to watch that anime.

yeah, don't.


Shittasters like opm fags give you bad advice. Watch it if you like fanservice and mindless fun.

If I said it's shit, would you believe me?

Its pretty bad
I forced myself to watch it

NO I probably wouldn't.