Monster Musume

For all the lewd stuff this squid could do to you, she doesn't seem to get much love

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Because she represents ever men's fears: tentacles.

Which girl has the best armpits?

I want to engage in casual recreational sexual relations free of compromises and with avoidance of any eventual responsibilities with this Newt!

I wan(t) to hug polt!

Oct and Suu do overlap in terms of tentacle porn.

>ywn lick and eat this ass like a giant candy apple
It gets harder every damn day

What's that? Post best girl you say? Well if you insist.

Which is why no man wants to love either of them. Sure Suu is useful so some may want to friendzone her, but Oct will definitely die alone.

She's the most sexual looking monster musume.

>no man
Not wanting to be tenderly loved in each and every single orifice you've got?
What are you, gay?

>Tried to kill Kimihito twice
>Best girl
Disappointed at you, user.

Occasional reminder that Darling is best girl without any doubt.

It's best to just forget about Oct and make her be the third who.

Yes. Mero is best girl.
She has an NTR fetish but she was just as rustled over the idea of him dating Smith as the other girls. She doesn't really want it.
>tried to kill Kimihito twice
Lala had them convinced that she was there to take his soul. What was the other one?
>best girl

Lala was really there to take his soul though.

Second one is when she drowns him after Cerea's mother chapter. Also, maybe Crabman did a mistake or believed that it's fine to just contiue making pages of having the girls be curious about the date than to do one page that showed Mero's NTR fetish.

Well she fucked up then because he still has it.

Had to go reread that chapter
>tried to

>wake up
>see this
What do?

If Rachnera haven't saved him, Mero's tragedy fetish would have been fulfilled. Makes me wonder why that Mermaid still have a following.

Except that's wrong. She got caught up in dealing with strange emotions she wasn't expecting and forgot that he can't breathe under water.

sniff in that dummy's stink

So why didn't she bring him up to the surface then? Kimihito still can use his arms to struggle so she can notice it and bring him out of the water.
Miia was right, Mero is evil.

Prepare for world's most comfy stinkface.

>forgot that he can't breathe under water

so she's just retarded?

Rachnera grabbed him before she realized.

She got distracted. It could happen to anyone. Honest mistake.


I just wanna feel her delicious thighs

I'm going to marry Draco!

>"God of Death"
>5' 2"
How adorable. I didn't know they stacked Chuuni that high.

Kimihito should just keep a safe distance from her. The Mermaid is a princess that tries to murder her homestay.

I don't approve but I wish you the best.

She has saved his life more times than she's intentionally harmed him.

Which is more than most of the other girls can say.

I'd let her tentacle my butt and urethra.

I support you in this endeavor.

I still need a Polt version of this picture so I can propose to my wan and only

As far as I know, she saved his life twice, during their visit of Mero's mother and when Suu the rapist attacked.
Take that shit to /d/.

Newt a cute.



She saves him multiple times from Suu.

She's also a hero in Ch.45.

Newt is indeed cewt

A hero with a killswitch.

Sometimes heroes need to do dark things for the greater good.

But that's chapter 46

True, but that may be ruin if Crabman made later pages of her trying to kill him.
Still suggest for Kimihito to keep a safe distance.

Mero is completely safe. She's no more dangerous than Miia, Papi, and Cerea and she's absolutely safer than Suu.

I'll give Rachnera and Lala points for being the safest girls because Lala is never around to hurt anyone and Rachnera goes out of her way to make sure she doesn't hurt anyone.

I'd trust Mero with my life.

Been unable to get on Cred Forums in general for about 2 weeks now due to travel. Anything interesting happen that's worth searching the archive for?

Crabman had leg aids

>Crab health updates
>Nayaa's vanilla newt updates

God damn, that's some fucked up bruising. Hopefully he gets better soon.
So more of the same other than what the other user posted, cool. Thanks for the summary.

advertisers fled Cred Forums hemorrhaging money, might get shut down.

Girls with more than four limbs are best girls

Hopefully more people buy passes if that's true then.

hiro implemented this feature to get people to buy more,
people wern't happy about it

Less than*

FTFY user.

My waifu.

>trust Mero
Going to be the biggest mistake you made. The Mermaid is going to use you for her two fetishes and once she has children with you, she'll pull you to the pool and kill you. Hell, she's gives people false security, especially her royalty act she has. The Mermaid needs to be deported back to her mother's castle with the rest of her species.

Superb taste.

Remember what father said: horse pussy is heresy.

Who pays you to slander the princesses image like this?

Mero is certainly cute, but if anyone is accepting payment it seems more likely that she's bribing you to speak well of her.

Why do they go together so well? Are big girls TRULY best girls?

Nobody's paying me. I just love her is all.

Why is Hors' stomach so delicious?

None. Mero may not be shit tier like Cerea, but still the least love girl.
>she's bribing you to speak well of her
My nigga.

Mero has some good hips.

What is up with this manga and girls made to carry healthy children/lay healthy eggs?

would rach get jealous if she befriended another arachnid, one that meeker and girlier but thinks cerea's chivalry and sword play is super cool?

Because it just is.

Maybe, it would be cute to see Rach get jealous.

Is Rach enticing me to penetrate Cerea in this picture?

Because those two's expressions REALLY make me want to penetrate Cerea.

That kinda does seem like something Rach would do.

That's a bit of a coy smirk on Cerea as well. Maybe they're looking to take turns.

Doppel is the Superior Girl

How can a living meme be the superior anything?

I'm confused. What did he implement?

exactly , you cant even notice it and yet people threw a bitch fit about it.

Superior Meme

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

user, you don't question something that's already established. It's only natural for a Shapeshifter to be the Best Girl, after all.

I'm scared now. Did he implement anything or are you taking the piss?

>Did he implement anything
just checked with my phone, apparently non pass users can't see it, kind of pointless then.

What is it? Just a thing telling you to give him more money?



Cred Forums revenues are at an all time low since we're now the white supremacist nazi website and all the advertisers pulled out. Cred Forums can't sustain it's own existence, and needs revenue. Selling more Cred Forums passes can make this up, and now pass users have some little options they can tweak. Essentially we need to figure out how to make money or a huge chunk of boards will need to be cut to lower costs.

>ywn put Lala's head on top of the tall cabinets until she stops being a fucking dork

>accidentally cut off your dick during handjob (pincerjob?)

Crabgirls are for blowjobs

She would just use her scythe as a hook to grab it

Doppel deserves to be bullied.

How do you successfully bully the Doppel-chan?

Call her cute.

Never since people are discourage by their crab half.

Faggots, you mean.

No, user. Doppel is the bully, a cute bully.

I don't know, maybe forcing her to wear clothes everyday would do the trick.

I'd take it away, obviously.

Bullies deserve to be bullied occasionally to keep them in check.

I want to be in pedipals of fuzz.

It's pretty hard to bully someone who pulls innocent pranks on everybody around on daily basis, don't you think user?!

Click view announcement at the top of thread. Presumably, pass users can now shitpost/samefag more efficiently as well.

Now you are just bullying the chuuni

What if I do it all in the interest and pursuit of spending quality time with that fat chuuni ass

It's bullying time now? Guess we can bully Miia or Tara.

Lala is not phat

Also, she is a healthy girl in development


Those are some nice muscular thighs, not phat at all



If there is a gap between the legs and below crotch when she is standing (aka "I want to drink from her crotchpool") then she isn't thicc

I'd be her pediPAL if you know what I mean.

Uh hasn't she completely gotten over the whole tragedy thing when she realised she actually wants to have a happy end with Darling?

t h i c c

Fuzzy cuddles in a pillow fort when

How would Lala react to this

>Darling is a leg man
>the one with the best legs is completely disregarded in the harem

Fucking hypocrite.

She has. He's just trying to stir up shit.

Probably never. There aren't enough Tarafags to justify giving her an appearance.

Those legs are made for wrapping themselves around me as I give her the mating press.

She'd be rather upset but luckily I'm here to comfort her.


Is this one new?
Is that you Loen?
Pls gib chibi polt

>bullying the fuzz
She's not gonna let you get away with that user.

That'd be her expression when I put her head behind me and her body and I mate with her.

She'd get a first-seat view of my dick pistoning in and out of her wet, slutty pussy and see how her body leglocks me because it needs it. And then she's get to see my dick pumping a fat load of cum inside of her and even overflowing.

>implying the bullying wasn't a ploy to be fuzz raped

Maybe, but her NTR fetish is still around.
I can get away with it thanks to the bill. If she tries to assault me then deportation for her.

I am not this person, sorry.
I wish I were a drawfag though.

I love dullahans so much.

What if all of them turned into the animal they were based off of?

She can come live with me then. Fuzz needs a proper host.

What is all of them get legs magic'd on to them?
>Miia and Mero are stuck in wheelchairs because they don't know hot to use their legs
>Centorea and Rachnera have walking frames because they can't keep their balance
>Papi keeps rubbing her feet on Hubby to show off how soft they are
>And Suu is Suu

So what you're saying is Cred Forums literally is killing Cred Forums, instead of just figuratively as they have before.
Regular sized like your picture, or still the same general size/weight?

If it were the former, Cerea would most certainly qualify for biggest girl without any doubt. Meanwhile Rachnera would suddenly become one of the smallest.

I like the way you think

That is, if I sell her to you.

I don't see the big issue honestly.

But what if I stole her? What if she's running her claws down my back as I type this reply?

How the fuck did Darling not see through that guy? I'd have told him to get fucked and call Smith. Neglectful host.

So this girl is now in the manga? More scenes with her?
This is important for the research I've been doing.

Then calling the coordinator to detain her will be the result.
Kimihito is a dense character. Just like Ash.

If I ever fall for the 3D ploy, I'm getting real time playback headsets for both. With half a dozen cameras for multiple pov. Even better if general emotion-sharing is available by then.

>most accepted and used nickname is Darling
>it's used even more than his real name

So Miia won, why are we pretending otherwise?

Because she lost. Snookums is best nickname.

But she's innocent!

What is this "SQUID NOISE"?

>literally who tier nickname


She break the law of the bill. So she has to be detain and return back to her homeland.

Her homeland will be my homeland then. We will live together happily, free of illiterate fags who don't like fuzz.

Tio is the Superior Girl

If it's illegal for monster girls to harm humans then why is it allowed to hurt darling kun? Is this some sort of symbolism that all humans are also monsters?

Darling is no mere human.

Also I'm rewatching the Anime and I never noticed Smith breaks the law in the second episode.


Nice trips for the crawling chaos.

Nothing against Tio. You just need to accept that Miia won.

All of you do.

>ywn get shitfaced with Mako and get into rum fueled shenanigans

My soulmate just had to be a fanfic 2D girl.

Which girl can I drink bourbon with?

If I pressed my nuts against her nose, what would she do?

nvm bourbon is sweet so I have my choice of Kiira or Tio really, fantastic!

Crab needs to give the fanfic girls a tiny appearance, maybe as background characters.

>Smith breaks the law in the second episode.
Pretty much contradictory. Can't believe Crabman done that.

The first time I watched it I didn't pay too much attention and thought Doppel shot the Orc.

Ony during the second time through did I notice she handed the shades off to Doppel.

What in the fuck happened?

He trusted an Orc.

NEVER trust an Orc.

He was assaulted by a rabid manlet with a receding hairline. Fortunately that's as high as the assailant could reach.

I want to celebrate becoming immune to the itch by holding my large breed's hand.




How would each girl would act when drunk?

Mia gets physical with everyone
Papi gets violent
Cerea tries hard to pretend that she is still sober
Mero gets extremely serious royal-like
Lala cries and goes emotional

Rachnee would become over emotional.

Lala becomes more Chuuni but with worse balance and hiccuping.

Cerea gets handsy.

You'd suffocate.

>Roller user
She's trash.

>Cerea will never suffocate me with her gigantic titties when she hugs me because she got drunk
>she will never realize what she's doing and get incredibly horny
>I will never breed with her top tier horse pussy while spanking her and calling her a bad girl

Life sucks lads

>head falls off from hiccups

Also Suu would be a combination of dehydrated rape Suu and that one time she drank those sodas from the fridge and reminded me what a fucking qt she is.

I'd plunder her booty.


I want to be Rachnera's little spoon

Zombina is the Superior Girl

Fizzy swirling slime pussy with drunken lust. Sign me up.

That sounds dangerous user.

You better let me go first.

Don't cut in line!

Nah you should probably save yourself user. I'll sacrifice myself so you can get away.



Take turns spooning with Tio. I want to make her feel safe.

pls no bully.

I only do it out of love.

Why are big girls so best for spooning?

>ywn get Lala as a homestay
>ywn be extra assertive with your advances and cause her to spaghetti everywhere on a regular basis
>ywn bully her relentlessly

I wanna use Lala's head like a football

Oh she's stacked all right

But you have to be near-dead if you want that her to don't escape from your house

>one day there will be a doujin where she offers Darling her body to vent his sexual frustration on
>where he imagines all the different ways he'd fuck the girls while doing so

ESL-kun pls

I'd fap to that.

Miia would probably kill him though.

We're never going to get to see Smith's perfect form in the nude, are we?


I don't wanna bully her, I wanna snuggle her head

But she said that to Smith

>that flowing golden hair

I want an Aryan centaur gf right NOW.

Lala is not for bully. She's for tender loving and reading Terry Pratchett with.
I'm not even a Lalafag

I think she'd pretend to find Pratchett really trite but then in secret love it to bits.

I'd like to read her Lovecraft and watch her reaction. maybe some Poe

>ywn roleplay Mort with her being Death
Fuck I'm a Tarafag but that hurts my heart.

Which one of you faggots are posting on /ck/

Helmet reveals are always the best.

Don't love the horse pussy.
user, she exist for the bullying. You need to take away her scythe and place her head inside the closet.

>Don't love the horse pussy.
Cerea is made to be loved.

Don't forget to bully her defensesless body with tickles and soft pokes to her belly, just to watch her trying to avoid them by doing dumb movements without success

You supposed to friendzone Centaurs so they wouldn't use you as a teaser and sloppy seconds. And having sex with one is consider bestiality in this world.

>Don't love the horse pussy.

Too late user. It was always too late.

How about we bully you?

>soft pokes to her belly
Might as well get the long stick to poke her.


>inb4 crab eternally cucks lalafagd and her appearance in the OAD is literally this scene+bikini

There are quite a few things I like about her despite her being my least favorite girl.

English isn't your first language is it?

Think about your friends and families. You know they will disapprove your relationship with Centaurs. Besides, there are better monster girls like Zombina or Lala to love. Except of course Miia and Mero.

Not him. I'm an EOP, but trying to learn Japanese. He may not have a perfect grasp of English, but at least the mother fucker knows how to punctuate and doesn't have a broken shift key. Not doing that shit drives me up the wall.

Nah. I just am not fond of her as much as the others.

i dont understand what your talking about

>broken shift key
Plan on getting a new computer or keyboard?


>rotten pussy
>literally who

No thanks.

You insult my waifu, I will end your laifu.

This guy gets it, even though he's a vile subhuman for a joke.

Cerea a cute.

I just wouldn't fuck her. My dick is prejudice against horse pussy

If you want Cerea then you have to force her to undergo surgery.

What if we upgraded Zombina?

Cancer samefag.

Tios is the best. I'd love to see a MON op where she goes into maximum ogredrive with a minigun or something

>I just wouldn't fuck her

What a faggot

>flatchested centaur

Couldn't you technically do this since she's already dead anyway?

Zombina would get bumped from mid tier to high tier if she was a centaur.

So what are you guy doing for haloween?

Drink heavily at an unofficial sekrit /k/ meet

We already seen rachnee drunk

By fear you mean fetish right?

No fear-boner user.

Going to critique everything wrong with every mermaid costume I see

>There is a new pirates movie coming out

Mako would be excited

A reminder that your contributions are greatly appreciated, thanks!

How would one take a gigantes on a date, what would they like?

Anywhere with large spaces.

At what age would you give your centaur daughteru her first practice sword?

As soon as she develops the interest in one.

Ain't nothin' wrong with a kid playing with swords IMO. In fact, I encourage it.

>uses old English in most sentences

Reminds me of this.

"ma'am" is an abbreviated form of "madam".
Sounds about right.

Think bigger.

Tio in bulldozer armor when?

Too sweaty.

Hang on a second
>Height: 350-500cm
She's fucking 12-16 feet tall? That's bigger than Tio

Are you implying Tio doesn't bulldoze walls in her riot armour?

Miia is taller than Tio also. It just means stretched out most likely

That's probably at full tentacle extension which she either doesn't use because she can't because fully extended her torso wouldn't be supported or she does very rarely because there's no reason to.

>lacy bra
Is that going to hold her massive anime tiddies?

But that armor doesn't have camo, so it isn't tactical enough.

I'm too bad at photoshop to finish this

post both pictures and i'll see what i can do

No user, you use your hands so you have a excuse to touch her softness
Yeah, I can foresee that. It would be from the anime staff, not Crabman. They love bullying her.
Ah well, such is life for lalafags

Haven't been in these threads for a long time. Anything new? Any new Kiira art?

camoing the armor of an 8 foot tall ogress probably falls into the realm of pointless since using her for stealth is unlikely

>Crab will never draw a large breed

Which girl is best for a borderline alcoholic

All your posts consist of ywn tfw and she doesn't fucking exist, not even in the manga. Depressing little fuck.

Nothing made by mortals can.

What do you expect?


>All your posts consist of
Mod detected.

Get out faggot.

Take her to an out door movie and cuddle of course

Drive in and Dive in Date, eh?

Use the loop tool to extract Lala from her bench and move her onto Gump's bench.
It wasn't hard. Just took some time.

Also don't buy photoshop. Use GIMP instead.

wud u marry injun-snek?

awesome, many t.hanks!

I prefer native birds.

>Not even a delicious stomach

Step aside. (also his injun snek has a nice stomach)

heh, I wonder who's more retarded


>those abs

Lala. When you inevitably nuke your liver you can spend eternity with her

>The tsundere rattle-snek will never rattle her tail wildly after you confess to her and she pretends she doesn't feel the same.

What's with all these fags coming up with such severe faults in character and asking which girl would be with them? Not to mention, why would Smith even assign any girl to live with a meth addict or an alcoholic? They're trying to integrate them into society, not make national news with Monstergirl abuse

They're fishing for (You)s. You gave it one.

I function just fine. I'm just not sober a lot when I'm not at work

I just don't know which girl would handle it best.

Honest question.

How do you guys pick a favorite girl? I've been following it since the anime came out and I caught up on the manga too. Problem is I just can't pick a girl because they're all so great

Is it just the one you think is the most compatible? Best design? Spefic species? What did it for you?

I like large breeds because being aggressively cuddled by a big fuzzy spider is oddly appealing to me.

Don't pick a favorite; don't pick a least favorite either. By not having them you lower the chances that you'll become another permanent problem poster.

You don't pick a favorite girl, she picks you.

I won't shit on other girls. I think they're all great.

Clearly he needs to be the same colors though, this isn't the Wizard of Oz or anything.

>not wanting easily accessible pleasure zones for your waifu.
>not wanting her to cradle your head and have personal privacy when kissing her.

Why dont you go find some 3dpd mate?

Fuzzy cuddles are the true heaven.

if you give me that image of forest, I can make it look sketch like and shit, maybe itll fit more with Lala's manga aesthetic.

Very much this,, I'm not really a bug person, but Rachnera and Kiira are a sight to behold.
As far as least favorite, for me, just be (somewhat) realistic. I cant stand Mero's mom bc she endangered a lot of people and possibly even the whole mermaid portion of the exchange. All for a bad joke I new was coming. Does she have a rocking body, yep, could she set me up for life, yep, could I ever care for her, nope.

Not that guy but the page you posted is precisely why I hate headwings so much. If you want something for lewd give her sensitive ears, if you want something monstery give her a feathery crest, if you want both make her weak to rubbing her scalp, can even have her hair/feathers rufle in response so she gets instant bedroom hair, which is miles above headwings in cuteness.
Cranium limbs are fucking stupid

>Aggressively cuddled
Being strung up in webs while she puts you through a severe anaphylactic reaction with her 'fuzz' is hard to call 'aggressive' cuddling.

You know Crab said you could become immune to it, right?

Sure, if you don't die first.

Crab don't know shit. Tarantula fuzz itches because it's like tiny needles stuck to patches where your skin is thinner, eyes and nostrils. Growing immuniti to it would be like growing immunity to snorting glass fiber

Building an immunity doesn't suddenly make her spike hair feel like velvet you know. It's still painful pricking just without the shock.

I don't have any allergies, but even if it did kill me I wouldn't mind too much; at least I'll have touched my waifu.
Besides, in the afterlife there's Lala, so not a bad trade

But it's Crab's creature and world, mate. tara does whatever Crab says.

Large breeds are crab's creatures, Tara doesn't exist

Yes, and?

>doesn't suddenly make her spike hair feel like velvet
For some reason this lead to me thinking of her in a red velour suit similar to Zapp Brannigan.

Zapp would probably get along pretty well with all of the girls, honestly. Time for him to come along and replace Kurusu as the head of this harem.

Sure, anatomically having wings that are even slightly effective would probably require large structural anatomy changes. I just don't think they are 'that bad'. Pretty unique as far as I know.

>Whew user its going to take me hours to straighten oust my feathers after last night.

This is from Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt.
New-world tarantulas (those found in North and South America) are equipped with urticating hairs (technically bristles) on their abdomen, and will almost always throw these barbed bristles as a first line of defense. These bristles will irritate sensitive areas of the body and especially seem to target curious animals who may sniff these bristles into the mucous membranes of the nose. Some species have more effective urticating bristles than others. The Goliath Birdeater is one species known for its particularly irritating urticating bristles. Urticating bristles can penetrate the cornea so eye protection should be worn when handling such tarantulas.[16]

Old-world tarantulas (from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia) have no urticating bristles and are more likely to attack when disturbed. Old-world tarantulas often have more potent, medically significant venom.
It sure sounds as though Large Breeds are based on Old World tarantulas.

That is a cute birb.

>based on the literally who of spiders
also, how do large breeds having urticating hair led you to the conclusion they're based on the tarantulas that DON'T have it?

unique you say?

>tfw new chapter in a few weeks

It feels like it came so soon. I hope crabber is feeling better, he wasn't looking to good

how about this?

It will be interesting to see how this last 1 or 2 chapters will pan out seeing how he said he would cut it a bit short due to illness.
If this is the last chap for the Dangerous Arc, I fear it to be underwhelming and unsatisfactory.

>when people unironically snek not best girl

>trying to stir shit when the thread is peaceful

8' stealth tactical ogre is all sorts of hilarious.

It'll be an anticlimactic ending where the vampire/bat girl is defeated within the first few pages by Zombina's formaldehyde blood.
After she is treated, the vampire/bat girl will explain how her biting Zombina was all a misunderstanding and she's not actually dangerous. She will mention more about the broker, confirming him as the big bad because humans are the real monsters

>when horsefags take the high road

>tfw commissioning cute monster girl OCs and not sharing them with the world

>There will never be a chapter where Tio has to use her stealth training to infiltrait a compound of medium-sized ogres

Good, but somewhat overdone. Mostly cause one is cellshaded and the other is soft shadows

If possible i would convert it to cell shades before putting the halftone effect in.


I'm still trying to figure out if I've been found.

I've got the feels for Manako and Tio, but I've had dreams about Polt and Draco...and several dreams of a very gentle spooder

>Fairies have deal with Centaur to protect their forest for magical bra's and other magical items.

>Fairies tease centaurs by crawling inside them

C-Cut that out!

>You will never have a smiley snek-dottir

it hurts, bros.

Go back to /d/.
Hors is for cute.

I guess the vampire girl is blind as a bat, and if she were wearing her coke bottle glasses she might have avoided biting the least tasty Mon. Or maybe she mistook Bina for a dude/darling.

>blind as a bat

So relatively good eyesight?

Would you eat her hors d'oeuvres?

Bats are relativly blind, which is why they rely on sound to navigate. Don't be silly

I thought that was all a meme?

You have extremely good taste, user

She sure pushes them.

Just looked it up, apparently smaller bats are blind while certain species actually have good eye sight

Would you take advantage of your waifu while she's being mentally influenced?

The birb is the worb

I would be strongly tempted. You canter be sure if trotting out all the reasons to say neigh will be enough to make you walk away from a gorgeous gal who gallops up to you and offers a late night snack.

Small bats (microbats) aren't blind, they just have relatively poor vision, compensated for with echolocation. Some microbats that ambush prey from above have better vision than those that chase after flying prey, where echolocation is more suitable. No bat is truly blind, and if they have poor eyesight, they'll have good echolocation.

I want to take care of a belligerently intoxicated Papi

Polish frizzle hen. I have a few Polishes and Cochin frizzles. They're both awkward as fuck. Really fucking cute.

What we really need is a silkie harpy. Although given that silkies are already the stoners of the chicken world, I fear for such a harpy's intelligence.


Would you smash her hard with your cock from behind?
Would you destroy that HP with relentless pounding?

where are the monster musume doujins at?

You guys see this newfaggot?

Dont be like this newfaggot.


> newfaggot
> not shortening to newfag
> trying to assert superiority on a cartoon imageboard

dude just wants something to 'read'. give him something good man don't be a loser

I suppose you use "normie" too. Also your shift key is broken, cocksucker.


>Afro harpies

I suppose you "hors is best girl" too Also, your cock shift is broken, keysucker.

A shift key, amazing! Of the little things to nitpick about, that's what you go for?

I guess insecurity goes a long ways huh?

yfw Darlingbowl

It's Suu's harem. She's going to marry all of you.

I wonder if newborn harpies are of that size

I want to marry this snake.

>best theory is best
>Darling-kun confirmed Best Girl

plot twist: Turns out that Darling-kunisn't even actually a human

That would be pretty cute. Three or four mini Papis all cuddling you for warmth.

>Turns out that Darling-kunisn't even actually a human
I don't think the girls would care as long as he has the right number of chromosomes and his dick is affected by Viagra until he hits his one hundredth birthday.

WHO /certifiedbreeder/ HERE

Why is suu so best?

would be even more cute if they play with some small chickies

Why is fall such a comfy season?

>Y-you mean I could have been the entire time?! The Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill never even applied?

>Darling-kun ACTUALLY dies.

>Lala a Darlingbowl, Ladies and Gentlesneks

Girls in warm, comfy clothing. Perfect lazy weather for cuddling unlike the summer.

Winter and Fall are the best seasons.

Someone get that snek a tailwarmer!

Papi's Adventure Squad is raised alongside her daughters. The daughters all have a verbal tick of ending their sentences with "Pi!"

>ywn spend the winters warming up Miia

yfw crab is frantically putting threads through google translate for ideas

My face when.

Warm full body snek hugs

I'm sure those winter cuddling sessions get real intimate real quickly. I want to spend lazy winter days in her embrace.

There's a comfy cuddling MGE pic featuring a glasses wearing grape snek, but I can't seem to find it at the moment. I want Miia to do that to me.

das cute mang

Stop bullying my waifu you evil crustacean!

Found it

Apophis a cute!

That she is.


I'd like her a bit more without the facial piercings some art puts on her

I want to wrap up warm with best girl!

Logically they would be. Given that Papi's egg wasn't much larger than a chicken's.

Someone really needs to draw a swarm of baby harpies (because communal parenting).

Can't say I've seen those facial piercings in her fanart yet. I don't want to either.
Also, that's not a very flattering grape snake picture.

Enough about MGE. Back to Miia.

>Best Snek

How can she be best snek when she can't give you dozens of tiny kisses at once?

I want to kiss Miia's toned abs.

I need more art of all of the snakes

crab wants to do monster musume indefinitely, which means it's almost certain we'll get to see one of these

So until he dies next month.

tiny pube sneks

Not sure how I feel about that

We all do, user. We all do.

Let's not meme that. He does have a blood clot issue right now.


He needs someone to show him how to exercise more.

He will grow in strength
My friend got mad at me for showing her this because the crab is dying a slow death

>He does have a blood clot issue right now.

I didn't save any pictures but check his recent twitter posts. His lower legs are red and purple.


I saw that pic but i thought it was some sort of rash

he needs to take some pharmaceutical grade omega 3 supplements thats good for blood clots.

Will we ever get a release of all these from the scanlation group? It's been years and they keep piling up.

He has thrombosis.

good time to cuddle

Cuddle snek

>Studying tail pussy
That perverted snake
Remember user, Iormu was placed in 15th. People may see her as a low tier waifu.

>ywn be as handsome as Darling

>Crabman has a blood clot
>a vampire will show up next chapter
it's like pottery

Still mad

Have you ever noticed how beautiful Draco is?

not really



Well, according to Miia, he's handsome.
According to Cerea's mom, he's one of the bunch.

Very cute. I really like the shading and shine Loen gave her eyes. It's not easy to do and I still can't do it reliably myself.

>my favorite game girl can now wear glasses on her art

I feel sorry for those who didn't win.

Miia and Darling are cute together

I want to hug this sheep while we're both in the grasp of eight fuzzy spider legs

only if you like guys because according to everyone in the manga she looks like a men

And then she dies from shock because that tarantula is shit tier for cuddling.

Choose a different waifu if you're still mad about the results.
That Kitsune should have been dead last. If only Japan had remove the shrines.

>abandoning a waifu just because others don't like her as much as you
What filthy thoughts are these?

Repetitive, boring, and attention-whoring thoughts.

>Next poll determines which girls get visible Pegasus Boots
>No Sneks allowed


Think about it, if monster girls like Papi for an example; is the least favorite, you would want to follow the flock because you don't want to be shamed for supporting that character.

>implying the poll wont be filled with sneks because the devs love them

You never see the feet in the game anyways.

>Iorumu 15th


>Haru #1

Oh, okay

*god tier
Why haven't you put the time in to build up your immunity? She's worth it, user.

Shouldn't even be a surprise that Haru gets 1st place. Who wouldn't love a harpy that hunts?

>being immune
>not knowing how their hairs work
>tarafags are this delusional

>Immunity confirmed by crab
>Fuzz hating this hard

You can build an immunity over lots and lots of time, but you can also go into soc shock at every attempt to do so, as crab has said.
And being immune won't stop you from getting stabbed/extremely itchy. Face it tarafags, your fanfiction is unrealistic

>soc shock
Yep, time for bed. You should get what I mean

>in this thread

I want to be this plant's botanist

my waifu eats yours

That does raise a question if monster girls that are vegetarian or herbivores will eat a Dryad or any plant monster species.

Maybe their hair/leaves at most. And that will just grow back.

[Cunnilingus joke goes here]

I think the very most it would go is just nibbling on the leaves and maybe some 'sap' drinking. Anything further crosses into omni/carnivore.
However even just nibbling the leaves might be too much as they are more likely to have a positive effect via photosynthesis. Dryads could have pain receptors in the leaves, unlike our hair which is inert.

So Merino going to have Kii be bald.

I'm still stoked this was drawn! Kii and Merino could make for an interesting duo.
Kinda similar enough to relate, but just different enough to be give different viewpoint of things.
I could easily see wacky adventures to super fan-service-y scenes.

>Dryads could have pain receptors in the leaves, unlike our hair which is inert.
The suffering they have to endure. But at least that something we can bully them.

Season 3 when?

How so?

i wanna see either a) big boss fultoning her, or b) her locking horns with cathyl, heabutting her, and standing over a dazed cathyl looking very smug

Maybe because some guys don't like tentacles shoved up their butt? Idk

Feminine tentacles.

Maybe I would if someone hadn't forgotten to draw her tail

Didn't you hear? Draco lost her tail in a tragic accident.

What happened?

A moment of passion


>ywn seal Cerea in a horse-sized chastity belt
>ywn affectionately tease her with gentle reminders that she's going to remain a virgin forever, and she will NEVER be a mother

>she will NEVER be a mother

>high impact sexual tragedy

Accurate. The good news is that she can now lie on her back at least

Heh, might try option A next time people are requesting. Seems like they might like that idea.
Snek Miia Fultoning Merino sound hilarious.


Watch out TTF

I wish November would hurry up so we actually have something to discuss

don't we have a new short chapter in two weeks?

We do. Either Summery user or myself will probably post some pictures of any significant happenings along with any other news in the magazine.

The bullying was just a ruse to get crab man to start working out. It worked perfectly I see.

>implying a chastity belt could be made that HP can't unlock from the inside

Cerea's queefs can pierce trough 3 inches of steel

Well that's a strange image

Practically prehensile pussy lips prevail, prick.


I think someone left Polt out in the sun and her colours faded.

Holy shit that looks terrible.

I wasn't a waifufag before I started watching this show, but fuck it hurts that she doesn't exist

Look on the bright side my boy, even if she was real, she probably wouldn't like you anyways.

Miia is love

Miia is easy as fuck. Know how to cook and treat her nicely? Bam, you already got her.

>an easy going and horny girl that absolutely adores you, is completely loyal to you, and would do almost anything to please you
I wish girls like that existed in real life

>tfw no one really seems to love spooder

Be still, my beating heart.

Art-wise it's pretty good. Nice soft pallet, decent use of lighting. Anatomy's mostly there and the pose is consistent.
The only real problem are the shoulders are a bit too far behind the waist and her hand is a bit odd with that fucked up thumb. Proportions are a bit unrealistic, but if you're going to say it's irredeemably terrible for that alone I think you've gone beyond skewed expectations and straight into mental retardation and self-sabotage with unattainable standards.
Only real things you can complain about are that her eyes are green and her fur isn't as orange as you want it to be.

Which spooder?

If Miia is real, you can only assume Darling is as well. Sounds like a losing battle to me but hey, fight the good fight and all that.

The pose is awful. The face is horribly proportioned. It reeks of deviant art western "fan art". The eyes are bad. It has a weird side mouth thing going on. The legs are all off in terms of proportion.

It's garbage.

>Be still, my beating heart.
Hoping for cardiac arrest?

Below Cuye, above Guard.

I think she's alright, woudl totally befriend her

But that means that fertile and horny monstergirls are real too. Which makes it a bitter sweet victory.

Personally I don't like Cuye's style but at least it's consistent. Guard is all over the place.

Yes, I'm sure you need to act that elitist to prop up your own sense of self-worth despite shitposting on a Moldovan glassblowing forum.

That's right, only you're enlightened enough to see it's real worth.

Truly a victory for everyone.

You sound upset. Did you draw it?

It's shit. I don't claim to be a drawfag but I know bad art when I see it. Be honest that came from deviantart didn't it? As I said it reeks of shitty westernized fan art that tries to copy Japanese style but fails horribly. See imperium, Nayaa, Loen, or Figgot for artists who actually know what they're doing.

So, choose one:

>You alone get to get your anime waifu.
>All of humanity besides you get theirs.

Deflecting arguments with "u mad lol?" Is really babby tier.
I don't give a shit about the art, I'm just lmaoing at your life

Why would anyone choose the second one?

I don't give a shit about everyone else. My life is pathetic so I need this more.

That wasn't my argument. You just seem oddly invested in what someone else thinks about some shitty art. You're the one deflecting. You didn't answer my questions about it. Or respond to my examples of other decent artists.

Fuck off back to plebbit/deviantart.

Cuye's style would work better on graffiti or a print ad. As a digital image, it's a little harsh to look at.

Guard's anatomy has a solid foundation, when he's not trying to give his girls "solid foundations". His biggest problem has always been that upturned eyes/sameface.

>not a selfish cunt

And I'll fight anyone that makes fun of her or insults her for being different.

Agreed on Cuye.

Guard's faces are weirdly elongated. I think if he did some anatomy studies he could fix that because he does have solid fundamentals. He draws good thighs for sure.

>You didn't answer my questions about it. Or respond to my examples of other decent artists.
Hmm. I wonder if that's because I explained the explicit reason in the very post you're replying to.
I will never understand literal retard's tenacity to keep posting and damage controlling.

>be TTF
>pick option two
>steal polt
>no one is even moderately surprised

>knows what he's doing




Rachnera a best

Rach a top tier girl. Would buddy/10.

Just not into femdom.

You know, the anime was good.

Didn't he pick option 1 one though?

Option 2

Is there money to be gained by becoming the man who gave all of humanity their waifus at his own sacrifice?

Thanks, user. Godspeed


Good job Spiderman

It doesn't really look like she has webbed fingers in this image

Who wants a big bird?

The elongated neck and tiny head are kinda throwing me off, but those tits and hips don't lie

>have tits so huge you evolve tiny secondary arms to hold them in place

Everybody gets one.

I can't believe I still remember that lame Family Guy gag.

Maybe those are just her ring and pinky phalanges. Elongated, then fused in a permanent clench.

They would likely be that size, but significantly uglier. Babies and toddlers are pretty fucking gross looking, basically not even human until they hit like 5 years old.

That's a big bird

Yeah but baby animals are cute as fuck and we're playing by the rules of 2D here.

Even 2D babies and toddlers are usually fucking ugly looking. I will admit baby animals can tend to be cute though. The monster girls in this series are really more girl than monster though, so I'm afraid a baby/toddler harpy would likely still be hideous.

I still have trouble with the idea of a baby centaur. At least a baby harpy is slightly easier to understand though.

Altricial animal babies can take a while to shake off that blind, balding, and scrawny look.

Yes but imagine a tiny harpy covered in down. Tiny floofy baby.

Yeah, the balding look a lot of birds seem to have when they're little is pretty much what I was thinking of when 'baby harpy' came to mind. That combined with a human baby. They'd be real gross to look at.

>ywn have a comfy centaur gf
Why live?

>Lala will never get to do the best headless horseman cosplay because Cerea is a prude

They'd be tiny, bald, blind and scrawny

Then after a few weeks they'd fill out and look like a human child with big puffy wings instead of arms, although they may be feathered all over as small children, to defend them from falls, only losing the downy, protective feather coating when they're old enough to fly easily