New Strike the Blood OVA 2 preview:

New Strike the Blood OVA 2 preview:

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First for Yukina best.

My dick and blood is ready.


Risa Taneda finished doing this before she died right?

IIE senpai


Whose is it the blood in the wall in the last scene? Yukina? Sayaka?

this is OUR thread.

I hope Yukina


I'm pretty sure she took a break because she's getting treatment for a sickness.

>blood in the wall
What part? I'm not seeing anything like that in the last scene.

I can finally post this pic again.

Is this official art?

Asagi the greatest


Which arc will they animate up to?

>going to have to hear this again before every fight

Why do they do this

Right before the title at the end

meme girls voiced by pregnant seiyuu like iie winning instead of actually good girls


Why is Yukina such a best?

will these finally show more of asagi's backstory?

Here? Is underwater.

isn't the VA kill?

Is Risa Taneda going to voice Yukina?


>Dat Asagi and Kojou fucking
>Sayaka's sayakas
>Dat Nagisa hugging her Kojou-kun
>Those two new characters
It should have been a full 2 cour but I'm okay with this.

This has me scared. They cant iie senpai without Taneda.

Yeah. I might not watch it if she got replaced.


Wasn't it cancelled?

I think he wondered if she recorded before that.


When will they just make a season 2? I quite enjoyed this show even if the plot was meh.

Every episode until you like it.

Look at title. THIS IS SEASON 2!

No, shut up.

It's called Strike the Blood SECOND for reason.

Yeah second pack of OVA.

>it's been two and a half years since the anime ended

has it really been that long

>two years



Just replace her with Megumin.


Why does this makes me want to bite her neck?
I'm not even a vampire.

Get out of here crook clown.

It's a beautiful neck.


What is the volume number of the one with Kojou's back story with Avrora? I'm wondering how many more years it'll be before YP gets there.



Who is this?



Looks like loli-sensei


Could someone make a version where they censor "Iie senpai". That's the most irritating lines in the history of irritating lines.


Because people like me, like it.


Could someone sensor this user?

Over saturated the animation.

Another Yukina clone. Interesting. That's like what, 5 now?

cloning perfection means more perfection

She had finished her lines before her mysterious announcement.
But remember that you may be watching her last role.

Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.

wait who is this ?
loli sayaka ?

Natsuki has blue eyes.

Real form?

That looks more like a season 2 preview.

Nagisa pulls the JC off better than Yukina.

The 8 OVAS are basically S2. It's a trick to raking in more NEETbucks.

Don't they miss out on streaming millions?

The what?

Joshi Chuugakusei. The state between a Joshi Kousei and a Joshi Shougakusei.