Flying Witch

This was really, really comfy.

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The OST is great too, The show was ALMOST NNB god tier levels but a few episodes were just too dull for me but overall it was a solid SoL.

so I heard you like hotcakes

I watched FW since my nigga Dewa was doing the OST again. NagiAsu's soundtrack hit the right spot then, and FW's OST is pretty good as well. No regrets, I was healed for 12 days.

I want to stick it up in Makotos makotos

>but a few episodes were just too dull for me
That's opinions for you. Some of the episodes went by incredibly fast for me despite there being no conflict.

Fuck, I'm hungry now.

Did anyone else made pancakes after that ep?

Please do not have lewd thought of Makoto. Direct your lust at bijin Inukai-san.

Damn, I want some hotcakes now. They should have put *berries in them.

B-but Makoto > Inukai. I cant not have lewd thoughts about best girl.

It is precisely that she's best girl that you should not have lewd thoughts of her.

My body demands more Anzu.

I legit got a boner while watching this.


Why do all girls in this show have just perfect asses?


Witchmama a qt.

Every single girl is a top tier qt. It's magical.

So did it sell poorly? Season 2 never? Not even a special?

Fuck my life.

Mediocre, albeit not catastrophic. Also, possible lack of material.

Which episode was this again?

I really loved Flying Witch. By far my favourite animu of the year so far and that will probably still be the case after this season.

It's a SOL. What do you expect? If it's not Moeshit or idolshit it will sell 3-4k at best.

I want to fly off into the sunset with Makoto and travel the world having fun witchy adventures.


The real question is did it get more people visiting Aomori?

Flying Witch make me disappointed in Amanchu adaptation.

Same studio but not as good result.

some shitty fucking video game graphics right there

If I weren't a broken vet I'd visit.

there's that buzzword again

>Same studio but not as good result.
Well, Junichi Sato has a lot of hits and misses. I like Amanchu, but it isn't the kind of series that has comfort like Aria.

Before the final one, user. Anzu is showing them how it's done only to get BTFO by Akane's cat.

They adapted the entirety of the manga up to that point in the anime. It's also a monthly series. So there will likely never be a season 2 as the series would have to run another 4 years to do another 1 cour anime.


>someone actually fucking drew some backgrounds
Picked up.

>the series would have to run another 4 years to do another 1 cour anime.

Well, fuck.

Sha la la LAAAA

>syrup & butter
Why? I don't get it.

>He hasn't eaten the best pancakes.

There is nothing more comfy than warm pancakes for breakfast on a weekend morning.

Is the manga worth reading?

I prefer crepes with chocolate spread and strawberries or lemon juice and sugar desu

I want to cuddle chinatsu

I loved every minute of it

>tfw no waifu like Kei who'll cook for you.

I loved when the dad eated the candy, does anybody have the webm?

TFW only pancake available around here is IHOP.

Waiting a month for every chapter is torture.

If I could translate I would user.

Pecan Waffle and Honey

I could watch a whole season of them two just hanging out but also doing cute things and cuddling, it would be nice

This anime had the most true line ever uttered in any anime

You are really, really cancer.


Reminder that she skinned people.

Are translations slow or something? I saw that the raws have Furigana, so with a dictionary, I could probably do some scanlations

Translation speed isn't the issue, it's that the manga is monthly.

Nigga butter is fucking great on pancakes. (actualy butter, not some fucking margarine)

These two probably fucked all the time in the background

Is she Tohsaka Rin's retarded cousin?

One-shot Chinatsu

But there was a whole thing about how riding a broom was super uncomfortable for her.
That's literal opposite of comfy.


>why is this show good?
>uuhmm its comfy? and uhhh comfy i guess?


>enjoyable character interactions
>exploring the countryside
>exploring the world of magic
>subtle fanservice

Is that good enough for you?

And you have shit taste beyond comprehension. fuck off and never come back.

Better than "comfy"

And subtly lewd.

>Girls with a little bit of fat
Makato would be a perfect wife

Every girl was best girl.


That's not a girl.

That's discriminatory!

He's a MANdrake.

It was.

Even better.


Guess what everyone, Anzu is going to be a mother someday.

One last one.

I want to fuck Akane in the ass till I rip a hole through to her cervix and impregnate her

Worth a watch

I want to fuck all the girls in this show.

Even Chito?

A cat is fine too

And I'm going to be the father.

Including Kei?

is that kei or their dad? i forgot this scene


So much amazing feet in this show I want to worship them all.

I want be a little girl and a total stranger fill of role Big Sister.

Manga never explain Makoto-Kei relationship. They are lovers or sexfriends?

Cousins like Akane and Kei. So they fuck regularly, but Akane can share.

You sound like a faggot, user.

But it's better? NNB had one great episode (Repeat Ep. 4) but the rest was just decent.

They have threesomes some times too.

i want to sniff her smelly farts

It's true. Good shows tend to sell poorly unless they're part of a particular cluster of subjects or genres popular with otaku and which are highly marketable on other popular media formats like music, videogames or, more recently, mobage

Did he say that he was wrong or that he sounded like a faggot?


Whenever I try to articulate my opinion of a show without buzzwords, it always gets ignored and flows all the way to page 10. Besides, most of my thoughts were already posted on the thread dumb smug shitposter.

is this really as good as NNB?

> Draw a dog
> Call it best girl

Maybe. They are both relaxing shows that have farming in them with a spunky loli having fun her own way.


I just finished the nnb ova.
Im so sad that it is over.

Fuck off

Kill yourself tripfag


second best anime this year

What's the name of the song? witch sha la la laa

> witch sha la la laa
Do you have hearing problems? He said the song of the mixtape not the fucking OP you cunt.

Seems like it.

Wait, how old is Akane? Her introduction made me think she has lived for a long time for some reason.

I miss dog

Comfy= nothing happens, people do cute things while masturbating their own cuteness

Why does this harmless buzzword trigger actionfags so much

>trigger actionfags so much
Probably because there are good comfy shows lately and almost no good action.

I just took that scene to mean that she doesn't keep track of time.

Kataomoi (2016-3-8 @Nippon Budokan Live) by miwa from the op single.

>no s2 when shit gets real and witch civil war breaks out.

Given to how she's traveling all the time, maybe she lost track of time, but even then, she doesn't even look all that old. All we know is that she's at least the legal drinking age in moonland.

>witch civil war breaks out.
>not pointing out the twist that Nao is from the opposing faction

I think it's because it's used as a meme on Cred Forums so people think it came from there.

>No S2 focusing on Chinatsu learning more magic and going on comfy adventures with her friends

Right right, but the she's gotta survive the war, shit would be dank.
"In the end, ear never changes"

I wish they hadn't drop the romance from the original oneshot.

Still comfy as fuck.

>"In the end, ear never changes"
So, she will always have tiny ears? What a cruel fate.

Fug, *war

>tfw have PTSD and too numbed for anything to feel comfy

Why is Chinasue so cute?

I felt fucking chills with that butter

Might've been a small heart attack

It was


>tfw you will never hang out with inukai
>tfw you will never comfort her after she turns into a dog
>tfw you will never tell her she's still beautiful that way
>tfw you will never have passionate sex with her as she transforms between either form

why even live

Nah, I'd rather a bijin Inukai-san.


Will she get pregnant if I came inside her dog form?

>Cred Forums reaction image
At least have some shame.

Another good question: would her kids be reverse-werewolves like her, permanently kemonos, kemonomimis or people?

Am I the only one who dropped this episode 1? It was just far too slow and inconsequential for me to care. Tanaka-kun on the other hand managed to really draw me, and both are the same SoL premise.

Episode 1 is a bit on the boring side until mandrake pops up. Every other episode has been absolutely magical.

>Am I the only one
No, so you can kill yourself.

>it's used as a meme on Cred Forums
Fucking crossboarders, how can you even shitpost with something like that is beyond me.

I dropped Tanaka-kun like 5 minutes into first episode. Then I went and watch it all once the season was over. I still prefer Flying Witch.