S-she's angry! W-what do you do, Cred Forums?

S-she's angry! W-what do you do, Cred Forums?

/pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head/pat_head

Give her pudding!

What Manga is she from?

[x] Genuflect

Addendum: Google and Yandex did not find anything similar.

Punch her in the throat.

black general

pinch both cheeks

Twist her nipples.

S-she's eating! W-what do you do, Cred Forums?

This is amazing.

demand a portion

Secretary a cute! CUTE!

tfw you're a superhero but your arch-nemesis is your stalker

Let her get fat so I can make fun of her.

You got that right.

Incompetent stalker villain fights super strength batman.

Lewdness ensues and creeps not!Batman out every fight.

Is made by the same guy who did the elf/orc manga?

Why is she jealous when she have the perfect size?

Either the girls in this manga are really tall or the boss and his henchmen are kids.

Same reason a guy with muscles might envy another man with better definition. Even if you have it there is always someone else who has it better.

Not that I care, I'm down for Scientist-san all day errry day.