Hypothetically, where do we go if Cred Forums is shut down?

Hypothetically, where do we go if Cred Forums is shut down?

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Horrible real life




Nowhere. Find something else to pass your time, even if it means there's no social interaction at all to fill the gap.

I'd recommend picking up a hobby like teaching yourself to draw or produce music or maybe you can pick up a craft.



Don't go anywhere. Go do something entirely different.

eightchan. Literally the same bullshit

>migrating to the reddit of imageboards


It's like when people experience an MMO and try to look for that next high but never lives up to your first. Don't bother looking for something else because this was the ultimate experience.



Russian Cred Forums, I'm sure they won't mind

how bout we overload the 7th channel, or end channel
that got toasted, didn't it
(did i miss a funni joek)

Cannot believe I spend 7 years here.
I literally grew up in this shithole.

I shall take up gardening.

You don't want to go there.
Trust me. It's Cred Forums3.0 for 4+ years at this point.




Find an angel to kill me gently.



You'd pick your toys over your own living, breathing sister?!

The fuck is that cancerous shit?

New owner of Cred Forums i guess.



Hopefully somewhere that you Cred Forumsacks won't shit up as well.

Also I wish I could forget I ever watched chaos;head.


I watched it after playing the VN. It was bad but still had comedic value.

/po/ dindu nuffin

But maybe it will be okay?

imagine a world with just Cred Forums and /tg/.

one can only dream.

>watching Chaos;Head
>not playing it

And what a disappointment it was.


It was playing on VLC.

oh shit what the fuck

Back to iichan, like I did when it shut down the first time.

Is iichan still even a thing...?

You take a break to experience the world. Then come back to your closer imageboard to share your experiences via the quality of your
posts, realizing that coming here each day for comfort and procrastination wasn't the best decision made.

What the fuck


I'm going down with the ship

That better you're killing yourself.

*better mean

Fucking hell, g00k is such a useless piece of shit. I miss moot, he cared about the site so much even if he did fuck up every now and then.

>cared about the site
>abandoned ship when the site was going down


Based Shrek

I'll finally be able to finish my backlog.

>Cred Forums is happy that a literal jew will be in control
What the fuck?
All he has to say is 'meme' and they all shit their pants with happiness.

The drug merchant

They don't seem to like us that much

>spam delete Cred Forums all over /qa/
>why is Cred Forums happy when someone who wants Cred Forums takes over Cred Forums
really made me think user

But you'd think they'd see it as a jewish conspiracy to control and censor Cred Forums, like everything else.
Only retards buy into the delete Cred Forums bullshit anyway.

Cred Forums is shit but necessary shit so we know where to redirect retards.

In like 2006 or 2007 Cred Forums was down and people shitposted on 2ch.ru for some time. Locals even had to make a refuge board for themselves. I wish we could turn back time.

Please tell me you don't actually think that Cred Forums might be deleted based on a /qa/ meme. Even a Cred Forumsiticians' victim complex can't be that big.

I honestly wish we could crowdfund the website. Its our website, no one can really own it.

>Cred Forums is shut down

I don't even know anymore. I don't even have fun on this site anymore after being here going on 6 or 7 years.

It moves to damn fast which leads to lackluster moderation, there are too many generals, and too many shitposters.

I'll just go to the smaller Cred Forums clones.

I had fun on samachan till it died

P-please don't leave me Cred Forums. You're all I have now.

I'll probably fuck off if Shkreli buys it.

It's time to move on, user.
off to another Cred Forums

I'll be probably be happy that Cred Forums is no more and then find myself looking for some alternative. I just want to be free ;_;

>google chromosomes
>league of lolbabbs

I have a bad feeling.

>100+ brides
I'm glad I dropped this.

>Albanian jew offered gookmoot 5 million for this site

Guess this is how it actually ends.

Moot was a fag but fucking hell man.

Hiroyuki has been bad news from the start. I can't believe there are people here who thought he wouldn't change things for the worse.

>not interested in selling the WHOLE site
Yeah, just interested in selling most of it. What a piece of shit.

Honestly, if Cred Forums and Cred Forums fucked off to God knows where, I really wouldn't mind.

Cred Forums has legitimately ruined Cred Forums over the past 2 or 3 years.

I just want Cred Forums with less Reddit and Cred Forums shit, and that's where the majority of this bullshit comes from.

>I can't believe there are people here who thought he wouldn't change things for the worse.

Me too.

The problem is you can't ever get rid of them. They're containment boards, because if you got rid of them they'd all come over here and ruin everything. Moot managed to run this site for, what, 11 years without resorting to the bullshit (malware ads, Cred Forums pass attentionwhoring, selling the fucking 404 page for god's sake, selling the fucking site to shkreli, etc.) that Hiro has in his first two.

Truly, I don't understand. I expected bad when he showed up, but so far it's been worse than expected.

Cred Forums died when moot left

They're not containment boards, they're breeding grounds.
They'll shit up other boards out of spite for a while but after a few weeks they'll go somewhere else. We need to build a wall against the Cred Forums refugees. I think they'll appreciate the irony of being the unwanted migrants.

That was just the final nail in the coffin. Cred Forums is already vastly different that when I first started lurking the board nearly 10 years ago, but I hang around because obviously I don't fit in in real life society (nor do I really want to) and because I hate the rest of the internet and don't fit in there.

I know of plenty of alternatives, but this is still the Cred Forums that I've always been on. It really sucks knowing that you'll probably lose your home when it finally becomes unrecognizable.

I just want m00t back.

Can we get m00t back for christmas if we all be good little girls? ;_;

moot isn't even a little girl anymore, he's a dirty normalfaggot.

moot has grown out of Cred Forums. You should grow up too

As far as I know Cred Forums is now just a home for 14-year-olds looking for "that cool edgy gore!" kind of shit. Cred Forums is the issue, and always has been. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll be having much worse problems soon.

>being this autistic

/biz/ here. I'm glad we got the Pharma Bro to buy this site.

I already miss Hiro. So is this a new game? Seeing what unfortunate soul can hold on to this cesspool of a site long enough to not mentally destroy them?

>They're not containment boards, they're breeding grounds.

Honestly, anybody who cares about politics and other IRL stuff is a normalfag who doesn't belong here.

God, I can't believe I used to actively welcome new users. I wish I could slap my past self.

So is joot actually buying this place?

Guess I'll stick around if he does just to see what happens. Maybe the guy is an oldfag who knows how to fix shit.



couldn't agree more with this user.
If Cred Forums is kill I will just gain free time and start being productive

Look at this shit
He found Cred Forums a year ago and views Cred Forums as just Cred Forums and/or Cred Forums with a bit tacked on (like all other normies). This is not a good change. It could be better than Hiroyuki, but we will never get another moot.

They're dead and stale as fuck. They'd like anything at this point though they'd never admit it.

I promise, if the time comes, we'll talk long about where we'll go and be there together.

>He found Cred Forums a year ago
Sorry to come off as if I knew something. I meant to say it SEEMS like he found Cred Forums a year ago and seems to think the site is nothing but Cred Forums and Cred Forums culture.

Moving Cred Forums to another website controlled and paid by the jew would be the best solution

seven minus one chan


Back into the cuckshed

Ghosting, then some Cred Forumsnon would make his own one.
Chans numbered 7 and 8 are also options, I suppose.

chan culture needs to fucking DIE

it's the only way it can be reborn

the 95% of this website needs to be stranded with nowhere to go because they are too dumb and out of the loop to find whatever new arises without it being a fad

easier said than done

I've been here for longer than I can remember. If this shithole really did close down, I would probably actually have to live a real life. Or pathetically fail at being social and end up a recluse.

if I can do it while the chan is still up then you can do it too. Tip: don't believe any shit you hear about "talent". Just do the thing and you'll eventually get pretty good at it.

What else did you expect? That shithole is filled to brim with newfags who don't give a shit about anything besides their ebin frogposts.

please come back

That's a lie and you know it. My problem with this place closing down wouldn't be whether I'll be able to talk to people irl. But a big portion of today's life, happens in social networks, that's true for anons and normalfags alike.

Talking to people online is something everybody does these days and I want to keep doing it.

The problem is, other sites are awful, imo, stuff like facebook, twitter or reddit, they're just plain awful.

I like Cred Forums. That doesn't mean I don't have friends I hang out with. But when I'm online -which is a lot- I like this way of socialising.

Anons are good people, I want to keep hanging out with you guys.

Reddit, myanimelist or other chans.

>he fell for the "dude hard work lmao" meme

How many people will commit suicide if Cred Forums dies? My body almost can't take it anymore, how fitting.

Not him, but like what? forums? reddit?

The whole reason I dig this site is because ideally it is the content that matters not whom wrote it.

The site does not require a login, your post history is not tracked and people who abuse the name or hash tag are generally shunned instead of being given special consideration.

There are many other image boards similar to this out there, albeit with smaller communities.

The pace is just perfect, not overwhelming to the point where you have to give it your constant attention, and not too long to the point where you have to wait an entire day or two to get a reply.

parts of chan culture need to die

le pepe le frog cuck jews shit needs to be destroyed

actual anonymous discussion and sharing of interests (the appeal of which i can only really enjoy on chans), along with abstract and interesting in-jokes and content, and occasionally just fucking around doing stupid shit, is absolutely wonderful

the problem is people realized chan culture was cool, so they came here and popularized it. and leaving for a smaller chan isn't much of an option either. while other chans may have higher average quality, they're also slower and much less fun. i don't know what the solution is, but it's definitely not to kill off chan culture entirely

>hash tag
Slip of the tongue, I meant tripcode

I might get closer to the edge.
At least some people actually will, that I know.

the strength of Cred Forums currently is how many active users there are.

if Cred Forums crashes and we have to migrate, please decide on one and actually all migrate. this way we can flip some small community dead imageboard into something usable

I didn't say work hard. It's not hard to plug in an hour a day into a hobby for a couple of years.

The solution is quite simple: learn Japanese.

I don't have any friends but online anons.
Reclusiveness help develop alcoholism
and I get pretty bad anxiety in public nowadays.

Maybe making a few moderately active chans would be best.
But Cred Forums and the other anime boards should definitely share one.

hypothetically speaking, all hiro would need to do is stop Moot's ill-considered Archiving process for the big boards and renive normalfaggot 3DPD porn boards and he's undoubtedly see WHAT A SAVINGS it would make. Hell, just the 48-hour auto-Archiving.

I just find anons and talk to them off-site. That way even if the site goes down I always have people with good taste I can talk to

>anyone who cares about politics, something extremely important in and out of real life is a normalfag
user please. Cred Forums is shit but that's not a reason.

There's way worse boards that only take up space and eat money that should get kicked out. /vp/, /mlp/, /soc/ and /lgbt/ are the worst offenders. The former 3 are users in other garbage sites anyway so killing those boards wouldn't hurt them.

New Cred Forums when

Some people will, that's for sure.

>please decide on one and actually all migrate. this way we can flip some small community dead imageboard into something usable
You mean crash with no survivors?
There's no way that any of the idle imageboards has hardware and software adequate to handle any large Cred Forums board.

If he really wanted to make money, he'd merge high-traffic boards into condensed super-boards with greater chance to capture normie attention due to them being such bustling and accessible hubs of activity for the pertinent topic.

how about all of Cred Forums comes together to crowdfund 1 billion dollars to buy Cred Forums from hiro, tell him to fuck off forever, then make me the supreme King of Cred Forums?

>stop Moot's ill-considered Archiving process
Where is he going to put the malware ads?

Sometimes I'm really glad I can't really handle alcohol.

That too, but if, god forbid, this place actually does close, we need to have arranged for a meetup place. From what I can tell, 8 is the most likely candidate, for now.

>flip some small community dead imageboard into something usable
Bad idea.
Most people who make minor chans don't do it expecting to become a major forum and wouldn't have the resources to deal with a massive influx of users. It's possible we'd get lucky but most likely we'd just cause the site to crash and burn.
The best option would be to have no planned migration and instead have everyone split off to wherever they find best and then have people slowly conglomerate onto a couple of main sites, giving sites time to adapt or die without major consequence.

>something extremely important in and out of real life is a normalfag
>real life
>caring about real life
You just said it yourself.

Tempted, but I can't help but feel it is waste of time when I could be working on a more valuable skill.

user how the fuck will I afford things for my waifu? NEETbux don't exist where I live and if I have to slave away for her I don't want to get killed in the process.
At least not until I'm done with my backlog.

Being here is a waste of time too, so is having fun. Dunno, Japanese doesn't seem that bad comparatively.

best option is suicide imho

I'm going to Google Plus. Not a bad place, in my opinion

Your waifu is a pretend drawing who doesn't require sustenance.

You can always just sell your body. It's for your waifu so that shouldn't be a problem, right?

I'm saying just don't go anywhere else. Reddit, SA, neofag. They can't compete so just stop there.

Cred Forums has no danger of shutting down.

7 seeds to plant inside of me

Not unless Cred Forums does

Fuck fuck fuck

Maybe it's a good time to rewatch Chaika.

Do people who learn Japanese stick to Cred Forums or do they leave Cred Forums for Japanese Cred Forums?
/djt/ has been around for like a billion days now, surely by now at least a third of Cred Forums should be fluent in Japanese if they all remained.

hey Cred Forums, which Cred Forums and new chan we should move on to?

pls respond

i most probably will stop posting in here since im afraid to get data mined.

Your waifu is a part of you. By giving sustenance to yourself you are likewise giving it to her and if you die then she dies too

Looks to me like a lot of people are going to Ghost and fufufu.

You guys panic way too easily

>no one has the balls to emulate the site
>he thinks Cred Forums is still a toxic pit of depravity

He's a newfag

how do you get to ghost again?

/vp/'s not that bad.

It will crash quickly.

>implying Cred Forumsnon had that much money

Your waifu is a part of the minds of thousands or even millions of people scattered across the globe who have the show in which she appears
She will not die until she leaves collective consensus completely
You are a cog in the machine of your waifu
You mean nothing to her, she is a modern-day mythological figure akin to a Greek God but cuter
Your waifu is effectively a whore

Would it be okay with an influx?

Is their more to this? I'm curious what it says under "Revenue" (seriously, how does he expect to convert edge and memes into revenue?) and "New Rules"


Google havent dump that shit social network?

Just like Cred Forums is full of expert programmers because of the daily programming thread