Ghost In The Shell Thread

Rewatching Ghost In The Shell. It's been a while, and I don't remember much of it at all...

Which order should I start to watch the movies or the show from?

Watch 1995 movie and both S.A.C. seasons. Arise is optional and avoid Innocence like a plague.

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>Watch 1995 movie
which one: the original or 2.0? does it make a difference?

Original movie then Innocence

S.A.C seasons 1 and 2 then solid state society.

Arise OVA's 1 - 4
Alternate architecture's Pyrophoric Cult episodes.
The New Movie

2.0 fucks the music and colours in my opinion.

What design is best?

just drop arise.
it's shit.

Release order: 95 movie, GITS 2, GiTS S.A.C, S.A.C 2nd gig, Solid state society, ARISE OVAs, the new movie.

1995 followed by SAC 2nd Gig. The Major's swimsuit outfit in the first season was retarded as fuck.

2.0 did not bring anything new to the table, changed color palette from green to gold to match Innocence, and replaced male voice of 2501 to female to make the viewers less disturbed, I guess.

>1995 followed by SAC 2nd Gig.
Holy crackers, that's exactly how I think.

It also added a bunch of CGI for some baffling reason.

Oh, right, and that. And 5.1 sound, although the other user said it fucked with the quality somehow. Anyway, it was trying to change what already was perfect.

Hell, despite Innocence quotation/reference overload I'd watch the hell out of new GitS movie by Mamoru Oshii.


whatever the hell the release order was

Watch the 1995 movie and stop there.

>Gits predict the refugee crisis happening and hacktivism

It's honestly amazing how the rise of hacktivism of the early 00s and now along with the refugee crisis are paralleled so closely. I'm curious to see what would happen in a 3rd Gig.

I've been wondering what's the deal with "serious" anime and men in suits talking in offices about vague managerial shit? I can never figure out what kind of inter-organisational skullfuckery they are talking about and mainly doze off. Are those scenes important and I'm just retarded? Are they just a way to pad an episode without using much of the animation budget? I haven't notices a trend like this in western shows.

>men in suits talking in offices
I think you got your answer.

I get it, but do people who can relate to the office drudge watch actually anime?

probably, given that japanese men don't have sex