Why is this allowed?

Why is this allowed?

Do you think they will kiss soon?

My heart can't take this pressure.

Have they made up yet? I haven't read it in weeks because I can' take unhappy shit in my fluffy Coreen internet scrolls.

It's Japanese.

How does format make money?
If they were to print not only would the pages be awkward in length but it's all in colour so it's costly. The anime was netflixed from day 1 so I doubt people would buy many blu-ray.

I vaguely remember them shilling some emoji pack in the manga literally how does the author eat??

That's the joke.

I think there are people who would buy it.

It is some pretty good women shit. And of course faggots like us like it to.

pretty good healing user. soon, very soon.

someone want to spoonfeed me what chapter to pick up from after watching the anime?

Just read them all you dipshit.

why would I want to revisit material I've literally just seen though

so you can relife it.

Read from 100
o baby

Every time I see this series come up i'm always reminded of that god awful volleyball arc that for some retarded reason took up almost as many chapters are the main story. Not only only that, the main characters were barely involved or seen throughout the whole ordeal.

What the fuck was the author thinking?

Showing how the main characters are actually influencing the other characters through their path of finding their innerself and making their bounds stronger.

So you can actually feel the struggle in the future and why they would want to be of help to the main characters-

I hope this dumb nigger apologizes right away and explains himself

>explaining himself

the fuck did you do user? how can he explain himself while keeping away that he is an adult?

she will surely understand that he is an adult the moment that shit happens.

Holding the hands of a cake is so lewd.

I don't mean that he has to explain exactly why he has an issue with neck ties but he should explain why he slapped her hand away even if he doesn't give a reason for his neck tie problem

Plus it was a pivotal point in Hishiro's character development.

That's quite a lewd hand hold. Has she realized she's in love with him yet?

Ads, first and foremost. Secondly, published webmangas keep the original .psd (or whatever) files, and they get rearranged for printing.

That will probably be the last stage of her development. Understanding romantic love.

I mean, she's already googled the symptoms and talked with he friends about it. They're pretty much in the same boat with Kaizaki distancing himself because he thinks she's a student and Hishiro not revealing that she is also part of the ReLife program due to risking both their ReLives. The most recent chapters have just been a build up of Yoake and Onoya trying to close the distance between the two.

It was fucking boring is what it was.