Real history lessons

>real history lessons
>millitary strategy
>real social issues
>war and violence not glorified
Why dont americans show their children tv shows like this instead of spongebob?

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Because the first three seasons of Spongebob are brilliant, you fool.

>amerilards ever priding education

no. americans are stupid fat fucks.

>>real history lessons
No user, it's fiction. The show is interesting to watch but the story is made up.

I was with you until you started talking shit about Spongebob.

because america is the empire.

Too gay

IDK man to me america is so obviously the Alliance.

Which of course was shown to be just as incompetent and corrupt as the empire in its own way, so I guess the point stands lol.

LotGH is genre fiction at mediocre level, maybe try reading a real book before thinking it's a masterpiece.

>children show
are non japanese people really this stupid?

Kids are bored by economics and politics.

Uhhh, I never called it a masterpiece. Try upgrading your reading comprehension you retarded fuck.

fuck you you fucking faggot!

OP never said it was a children's show, only that parents should make their kids to watch it. I don't see why Americans can't just strap their children to chairs and force them to watch C-SPAN with their eyes pried open Clockwork Orange style.

But spongebob does touch on history and politics

Please tell me what "educational" cartoons euro children watch

This one

because this anime was overtaken by stormweenies

This. I don't remember watching kids show for information. I just wanted to see stupid shit and fighting like in Tom n Jerry.

Are you implying Spongebob is lacking for any of these things?

>tfw they would have showed this in Germany during children's programming uncut in the 80s
It worked with Rose of Versailles, nowadays though this would be censored to insanity, let alone because of the pro-germanistic imagery.

Could a German LoGH translation even work in Germany, or would the publisher face crippling public outrage and legal sanctions?

The strategy in LoGH is fucking nonsense and you know it. Be open to your favorite cartoon's flaws instead of overpraising it as an untouchable masterpiece.

Unrelated, but:
>Yi Zhongtian, a history professor from Xiamen University, commented on this incident in his book Pin San Guo (品三国) in response to criticism from Fudan University history professor Zhou Zhenhe (周振鹤) and an online commentator known as "Hongchayangweili" (红茶杨威利).
>you will never ignite a religious debate over Cao Cao while namefagging as Yang Wenli

Historical debate* fuck

the author based it on naval warfare I think, thats why it feels like they never use the third dimension.
But still I think its VERY fucking difficult to imagine what space war strategies with battleships would look like, and impossible for a single person

>Why dont americans show their children tv shows like this instead of spongebob?

>war and violence not glorified
>Why dont americans show their children tv shows like this instead of spongebob?

There is your answer


LoGH would bore children to death.

Americans surround their kids with enough imperialist propaganda as is. They really don't need more.

>real history lessons
The formation of the Free Planets Alliance isn't that crucial.
>military strategy
SEMI-CIRCLES, and even if that wasn't the case what good would it do?
I don't remember any
props for acknowledging that democracy isn't one-size-fits-all perfection but beyond that there's nothing particularly cerebral.
>real social issues
spooks that are only good for politicians
>war and violence not glorified
by the end of the show Reinhard is a fucking lion-god of pure might and victory and Ruental's rebellion is treated as a personal tragedy rather than a clusterfuck that got the equivalent population of a small modern nation killed over spooks.

>why not this over spongebob
Who's going to pay for 100+ episodes of dubbing? You? Timmy doesn't need to question his freedoms, he just needs to be assured that he has them every now and then. And lastly

Fang of the Sun Dougram > Legend of the Galactic Heroes


Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it's not real.

Reminder that Trunith did nothing wrong.

He fucked the alliance.

I respect that

>Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it's not real.

Children don't like politics and think its boring and stupid, they would rather watch something funny or something with lots of action and fighting or both.

Source: I was a child at one point.

Pretty much this. LoGH is a bit too much talking/thinking and not enough violence or comedy for them. Teenagers maybe

teenagers exclusively I'd say

Children should watch pic related

>can't actually make significant choices in the game
>lol you could just quit this game is deep
I wanted to see where the story went, but it was just too cawladoody and forced

You're right. LoGH is for kids and circlejerking.



Take your pills already.

>Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it's not real.

Finished watching this yesterday. Yang Wenli is a faggot

>Reminder that Trunith did nothing wrong.

Is the new manga shit?

Yang Wenli is a pretty cool guy eh fights tha empire and doesn't afraid of anything