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>Read the Guide
No thanks


Why is there no scales for any of the Overlord meidos or any floor guardians except for Albedo? Is suffering just the fate I have been given?

Not popular enough

Anyone bought the 1/35 GuPs?

>Velvet with the exclusive claw is on the Koto US webstore too
>they ship internationally
>shipping to Europe costs 40 dollars and in the end it's about the same as importing from Japan with shipping
Oh well.
At least it's in english and I don't have to use a proxy.

You murricans have it easy.

kinda regretting not buying a second one

Sonico a cute!

There's something off about that neck.

that's going to bother me eternally now

I don't really see anything wrong there.

> buying koto

> ever

Wait, Alter isn't making Tales females figs anymore? What the shit

Is this like the cutest Nendo?

They made Edna recently. They probably just couldn't get it done on time with the game's release.

At least top tier cute.

the angle of her head in relation to the rest of her body makes her neck look a little too long, pretty small gripe

Hoppou is the cutest.

The white one's body looks like a sausage too and I can't work out if the angle is fucked or if her tits are just in the wrong place completely.

She's not even as cute as #09 OG Haruhi

Here's hoping that all the buyfags who pre-ordered this are going to get numbered editions.

>tfw I only ordered mine 2 weeks ago and was probably too late.

I see what you mean but it's not even something to complain about. Those plump thighs make up for it ten fold anyway

I ordered two copies, going to return any that aren't numbered.

I really don't know why I didn't buy her.
I think I'm just getting more cautious about buying nendos of things that are probably going to get "Like the nendo but better" scales.
Already fucked up buying the Yoshino Nendo and now the scale is going for 30k+

I've done the same, UK here ordered from Amazon and Book Depository but chances are i'll have to send them both back.

Too bad I bought the last 2 books before this came out, I might have bought it then.

Muh heart, it's too goddamn cute.

Same. It's hard to consider paying such an amount for a nice-looking paperweight (Since I'm sure as hell not going to read on that clusterfuck).
I would like YenPress to do better paperback releases though. They are the cheapest looking and feeling books I've ever had the misfortune to handle.

I pre-ordered mine on the 18th from the Canadian amazon, not really bothered about the number's desu, one thing i never realised is how damn big it is, like i figured it'd be big, but not that big

Got my charge last night from Rightstuf via debit. So I'm hoping that I did get one, just waiting on the shipping confirmation. Now if only GSC would re-release their Korbo, so I can set up a nice spot for her, her book, and her nendo.

Can you say no to her?


Fairly easily considering anything involving that show bothers me

Same boat so here is hoping. Gotta get that Holo nendo and scale too.

Is this a sequel to the anime or ?

>buying plastic dust trap

I destroyed dust ages ago

I don't want this place to die, guys.

I love reading anime

Left or right buyfags?

Buy a pass?

It's simply the 17 volumes in 1. Anime stops at the 5th volume and skips the 3rd

I know you're shitposting but at least try to shitpost properly dumb cunt

Rightstuf announced that anyone getting charged now recieves the numbered edition.
The remaining orders are getting charged in November.

>shitpost properly

Right is cute.
Left could die during sex from a heart attack.

Phillip here guys, rarely ever post anymore but this month, The logo for the Guide needs updating, anyone have any character or idea that should be this month's logo for it?

>Being this new

user, I..

I loved the pics we got from the back, I can see why we didn't get any from the front until now though.

I really like the colors.

>>shitpost properly
>what does it mean

It means you should go back to wherever you came from newfriend.

>tiny fucking cowboy hats

This makes me far madder than it should really.

I can't resist this outfit.

>no shot of cum in the hat


I want the first print one but I'll be happy with the reprint. The book over all looks amazing and would look really nice on my shelf.

I found people on other sights saying they called B&N and were told by CM manager that they have not met the max quota in there system. If anyone gets the lions share of copys it's going to be B&N because they out of everyone would have the strongest distributor agreement in the book market. It's good business to ship more to big box stores. Also reports are on Amazon its only sold out on the US store front.

I'll find out tomorrow.

Why do you care so much about numbered prints? Are you guys autistic or just plain retarded?

The entire point of the release is it being a collectible. You're not going to replace everything with it

They haven't sold out of the book, they sold out of the numbered edition because there were fewer than 2000 copies sold to the public m8

You're in a buyfag thread and don't you understand why people would want an exclusive copy over a standard one? You're clearly the retard here.

>tfw I dont lurk 24/7 so I don't really know or care about stuff like that

I literally said I wouldn't care either way.It would just be nice to have. Its one of my top five favorite LN/animes.

It will be numbered, as they only released the numbered version until now.
The unnumbered version is slated for end of november.

Lurking 24/7 has nothing to do with you being a retard who is incapable of using his brain.

>Why do you guys care about this? Are you all autists? btw I don't know anything so please don't yell at me

You literally described 90% of Cred Forums. Congratulations.

Thank goodness, that's some great news to start my day. Thanks, user.

>being this butt blasted

Aww im sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?

I don't know, CS told those people they still have numbered versions available. I guess alot of people will be disappointed.

Quit projecting you retard.


>being this butt hurt

Have a nice day faggot :)

But its a fact though shouldnt you be proud of your site that you shitpost daily?


The damage control is real.

I do. You're all faggots.

>(This is the 40th IP in the thread).
>States exactly the same thing
There is no purpose in samefagging this even if it was true.
Fuck off and kill yourself you dumbass newfag

>CS knowing anything

As someone who works CS my primary function is getting you off the phone, not providing accurate information

Quit projecting you retard.

Is that foam?


fucking kek

It's soap.

That faggot blatantly knows fuck all or is shitposting.
All assertion on her ass is justified.

>merchant meats spicy wolf

I knew it, this substance is too foamy to be cum.

I know buyfagging is supposed to be...a "selfish" type of hobby in which we save money to buy all the plastic butts we want. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that at all!


We are also HUMAN. We humans feels. We humans share emotions ranging from being lost, to feeling loved. We laugh, we cry, we share....WE ARE UNIQUE.

That ESPECIALLY goes for this community!







there is a lot of things I can say about this community, but the one I love the most is:

We come from different places, we come from different countries, we all come from a difficult past. We are different, but as long as this hobby exists, we can empathize with one another because we are unique.

We are

Cred Forums buyfag thread.

Theres always the resales for desperate people.

Shut up and post butts

Shut up and post pre orders

sorry if this is a stupid question, but how long is a back order on amiami on average?
I want to get one of those crystal things and I'm wondering how long it is until they get them back

Should I get the exspring bike 07 (or something) to go with this Miku?
It's meant for a dogma so it's quite small, but the Miku stickers on the bike are this exact Miku so I'm wondering if it's a good fit. Any user tried it before?

Ex ride spride, pic related

Back-order means you order something, they look up at the producer if they can get it, if yes, you get your stuff, if no, they cancel the order.
It can take two weeks or more for them to tell you if it is still available.

What a cutie

hmm, ok. that's sort of ruined my plan, thanks for the info tho

>Make a wishlist for the next 2 years
>Suddenly grail, unopened for a reasonable yet unreasonable price appears online
>It's been unsold for 3 years



Completely the wrong size.
Just find a nice scaled model instead from any hobby store.


No good Pre timeskip Nami figures

Please tell me this isn't a GK, I'm a sucker for all things Nero.


Mine says it'll be delivered tomorrow.
It kinda sucks I'll have to wait a bit longer but fuck it, I look forward to it.

The pre timeskip nami in anime was not meant to be sculptured nicely anyway

is there a decent one at least?

Non-nendoroid Rem WHEN?!

We'll probably see both of her scales, not painted, during winter WonFes.

>probably won't see mine until Thursday
It's going to be a long week.

It's a normal scale by Flare

She's getting ones from both Alter AND GSC. Rem hit the scale jackpot. Just be patient.

all I find is decent post timeskip
but long hair is disgusting

Bottom right is a cast off
I'd recommend both the bikinis and Muguwara v2 but you're specifically looking for pretimeskip

The first Mugiwara fig is decent.

Hopefully one of them has her brandishing her ball and chain.


I want the Thriller Bark nami

I want alabasta nami

I was kind of looking forward that Griffon Suigintou.

My preorders, onsen Momohime came today and she is gorgeous.

Yo. Is anybody going to buy this?

There's that prize figure

I think he meant a scale figure. which there isnt any.

show sucks kisama.

I want it to be a 'Miku bike's though. I'd have to hunt down the stickers and apply them myself somehow.
I'll look into it, haven't thought of getting a neat regular, bigger bike model

The hell is it?

The entire manga in one big, cheap looking volume

Seriously? Sounds like a nightmare to hold and read.

is this copypasta in the guide anywhere? its beautiful

This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Screaming for a broken spine.
But it's pretty cheap at 2700 yen.

I guess just having it as a collectors item would be nice, but trying to read it would just fuck that spine all up

Koto and Alter have both always made Tales figures. Really depends on the series.

really like this one
where is the best place to buy it from?

Buyfagging gives you purpose.
Up until now, you've stumbled through a meaningless life, just trying to survive. But the day you buy your first fig you change. Now you move with purpose.
Every dollar you earn, every day you work, it's all for your beautiful plastic collection. You know that no matter how hard life gets, there's always another figure there, waiting to brighten up your day.
Whenever you get home from your shitty job, exhausted and thinking "what's the point", you see your collection, and you know that it wasn't for nothing. It gives you courage to keep on going, no matter how hard it gets. Because there's somewhere even you will be accepted. Because, no matter what, you belong here.
On Cred Forums.
In the Buyfag thread.

Mandarake has one.

You could also look at Amiami or YJA. third party sellers also have some. Just search for Mugiwara Nami. Be sure to go with a Japanese seller if you go that route.

Oh look a Nazi witch

I just got a nendoroid and she came with these weird plastic bear ear things, what the hell is it? They also can be taken apart into two pieces. I have gotten one before with similar cat ears, so I am wondering what its for.

How bad are bootlegs?

Never change Japan.

It goes in between the front and back halves of their hair to give them an animal ears headband.

Depends on the bootleg. They range from sader to almost passable.

Cheap PVC stuff is bad to horrendous. E2046's bootleg resin casts are pretty good, but they aren't exactly priced cheaply like most bootlegs.

Some of them are okay, but even then you'll forever be staring at them thinking about how it could be better, or how it's only a bootleg.

China actually

did kaichou wa maid sama ever get figures?
has ore monogatari got any?

Easiest way to check is to just search mfc

Nope, it doesn't fit at all. I thought that too but it doesn't work. It's too big and doesn't attach in any way.

This is a nice Fate, I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

It's a stand

Oh, I get it! Mine came in a bundle of two with Mugi and the stage so I just assumed they were supposed to get pinned to that. Thanks.

I love that GSC tries to act like the box is an accessory for the Galko nendo

Why couldn't they have just used a hardback? This shit is going to fall apart completely.

I despise the old nendo stands so damn much

In what way

Thats a lot of names

tl note: keikaku means plan

Well, that's different.


Depends. They range in quality based on who's making them and the model.

She's got a nice box.


Ah yes it fits well with my idol and Miku scales.

I had to update my payment info before they could charge me for it so I called in and took the opportunity to ask if mine would be numbered.

Rightstuf employee basically told me that the first shipment is numbered, so anyone who ordered at Rightstuf getting their payment in likely has a numbered edition.

fuck you.

Cannibal Holocaust figure? That's actually kind of cool.

>WinRar !!1K381Pf34pv

How's she look from the back. You know, from below.


I dare you.

I still say that the face looks like a trap.

Fuck off try hard.


>new Velvet figure coming

Oh good, she'll go well with Ludger. They can suffer eternally together on my shelf.

Hopefully never, we don't need anymore Maid outfits.

You speak like a real faggot.

No he doesn't you seasonal faggot

I know what all of those words mean individually, but when you put them together in that order they cease to make sense.

It's almost like you're implying the world does not always have need for more cute girls in maid costumes, seasonal waifubait or not. That would be a silly thing to say though.

Nice samefagging faggot

Agreed. I want a bikini Rem or a casual wear instead of her boring maid outfit.

>he wants another almost naked figure instead of cute monochrome frilly clothes.

Sure thing Remfag.
Good luck remembering anything next year

I said bikini OR casual wear. Learn to read faggot.

>i want generic bikini instead of generic maid

You are the worst.

So, has anyone heard of the pre-order window for this?? Its on the main goodsmile website but not the shop.

This thread became very hostile quickly. Let's all try to be friends guys!

>Doesn't want more skin

What are you gay?

The berseria char designer went full retard on this one.

Fuck off.

Don't worry. We're all good.

Well, just got my shipping notification from rightstuf. I also ordered earlier on amzn so ill probably be getting 2 numbered copies. If i do, ill be posting a sale here for what i paid for + shipping.

I hope Alter picks up Magilou.

I want a Beryl figure.

Check ThreeZero's site, but they typically stay up for about 6 weeks or so. They usually announce a few days in advance when they close preorders.

Beryl and lailah alter ktnx

I'd want her but her book skirt is so stupid

I don't associate with dumb yryr posters.

That's not exclusive to Galko.

What's up with MFC?


MMMMMMMM just got my shipping notification and tracking number.

Yeah, I just found out some sites are not loading at all for me.

Is this a riddle?

Be more specific.

Tripfags should kill themselves.

My favourite one of these is Mashiro's because it recreates the ED.

How's the quality of Flare's scales?

Quite good. I'd put them just below the very best manufacturers.

>She hasn't arrived yet
Amiko better hurry her ass over here.

>well-dressed gentleman Ludger will go so well with hurricane-shredded Hot Topic edgelord Velvet

Contrast, my boy. Besides, a good pair of tits go well with everything.

I gave Beryl the swimsuit and sun hat in my game and I was horny 24/7.

It's on the way

When did you place your order?

Same for me
I ordered a day after it went up on rightstuf

I ordered it on 8/30

Shid, ordered it 8/31 on rightstuf, but it looks like it'll be the reprint.

>spice and wolf novel arrives damaged in shipping box

I think I'd shit myself if this happens.

You just had to post this when I was at work, huh. What a faggot, now my obligatory reply is a few hours late.

You should know buyfagging is a selfish type of hobby in which we save money to buy all the plastic butts we want. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that at all!


We are also ANONYMOUS. We post feels. We shitpost about emotions ranging from hating, to loving fictional characters. We lurk, we criticize, we shoop. WE ARE LEGION.

That ESPECIALLY goes for this thread!







There is a lot of things I can say about this general, but the one I love the most is:


We are

Cred Forums buyfag thread.

I find this a bit offensive so I don't like it.

Keep up the good fight, brother
Fuck off.

I'm not with you fags

buyfag ELITES


Wow why do you guys use offensive terms such as fag. Why not call ourselves buyfriends instead?

Do not reply to Germans.

This guy speaks the truth!

You're nuts. Friends implies we're on equal grounds in which we are not. That's why there are elite buyfags.

They are ones that have better figure organization and photography skills.

We can call ourselves figure niggers instead.

Elite number one here, Tom's a fag.

>why am I a faggot
Because if you keep this shit up, I'm going to fuck you in the mouth.

>figure niggers
I like that

I like this. Let's do it.

Someone post these smartphone pictures that some user posted and everyone thought they were stock photos please.



DSLR users did not get tricked.


Yeah let's go with fignig


If any one wanted to samefag they'd just use their phone. It's 2016, c'mon.

They are the worst type of autists though.
The money spent on meme cameras could've been used for more PVC.

As an Elite, I do not agree with figure nigger. Buybastard is the only acceptable alternative to Buyfag.

Meme doesn't mean objects you do not own.

Buybastard doesn't suit a board visited by so many little girls.

Hush buybitch

fignig thread : read the guide


I just got her and she came with a bunch of missing pieces
How did gsc fuck up that bad

I place my vote on Figure Nigger/fignig.

Same. I'm excited.

Lets see your figure rooms/ room, i would post mine but it's too messy

On a second thought, let's keep it buyfag.
You fags suck at creating names. I don't want nobody calling me a nigger.

>Thank you for contacting CDJapan.
>I'm sorry that I have no other choice available but to say that this is not possible.
>Once any package is shipped, it is impossible to undo it, or to modify anything.
>Your post office handles millions of packages and there is simply no way that they can make someone look for your package to change anything.
>So, they will be trying to deliver your package at the shipping address you have chosen.

Fuck, I missed my house number
What the fuck do I do now?

fuck off nigger

Check the tracking daily/hourly. Call/Visit the house number to let them know a package is delivered to them. Have them deliver it to you or pick it up.

As long as everything else in the shipping information is correct it will most likely find its right destination unless you live in brown country.

That was the movie that was supposedly so realistic that there was a police investigation into whether it was a snuff film, right?

Shitty photo, so you can't be an elite.

its a bitch getting you together though if you want to use all the parts. the big head has a hard time staying up.

I like how he tried to mask the blurriness by reducing the resolution.

Incorrect, it's great because I took it.

All my photos are that resolution newfag.


>Incorrect, it's great because I took it.
Not an argument.

I'm not arguing anything, I'm just stating a fact.

Your opinion is not a fact. Seek help.

Let's not get carried away with using an iPhone.

She's going to get delayed, isn't she?



Reporting in. Got my notification.


>having to ask
Your name is now buynewfag

Does that make me a buyusedfag

Call your local post office and explain the situation and many times they will hold the package at the office and you can pick it up. You will need ID and sign for the package.

Ive had this happen to me when i forgot to change my address after moving and had something shipped to my old address.

Too old.

Goddammit I ordered it literally the day it went up on Amazon and now look. My order changed, it used to say 'Expected October 4th'. I think I'm screwed here. Thoughts?

I just bought a opened, non-ero figure off of MFC for the first time. What are the odds that it's been hotglued?

If the seller was a grill, slim to none
If the seller was a guy, 30% chance it was glued, most likely just touched with dirty hands/right after he fapped.


50/50. Either it is or it isn't.

MFC are a bunch of prudes, no problem at all.

Unless you bought it from someone like this

Interesting, I ordered on the 30th and is still showing on time. What domain did you order from?

throw a coin. if it lands on its edge it means your figure is hotglued

Please stop making fun of me, I have feelings.

Get like a black light to check if you are that worried

I ordered from the USA, so the .com domain. I can't believe it changed to this. And I definitely ordered it on August 29th too, no doubt about it.

The shipment from Yen press to amazon could be staggered over the week. I sure it was a large shipment.

sharo just came in the mail, and turned out much better than i thought she would.

She looks so soft, and the way her clothing is creased is great

Got my shipping notice from rightstuf too.

Pretty sure the 28th was the day they opened orders, so good.

She looks really great.


Glad I ordered her, she's probably one of the few Bunny Girl figures I can get behind.

>Livie and Remelia need to be paid for soon

Oh boy

>me on the right

Im regretting not getting her. All the other bunny girls have same clothes

I agree with you there. Most bunny girls are just sexified and boring. But she looks great.

Yeaa I am in the same boat, but it still hasnt shipped and it still claims being delivered tomorrow

Got my September AmiAmi order in today. Honestly Morrigan doesn't look too bad at all, though it is hard to take good pictures of her.

She's also a lot bigger than I thought she'd be, and that syringe makes me a bit nervous

My ass hole is ready for the avalanche of canceled orders. I'm just not holding my breath. Cant find the source but Yen Press said it was over prordered by a good number.

Asterisk butt anyone?

Is a big box..

>Just realized I haven't added my new card to PayPal
>October payment request soon(tm)

Wew, that would have been annoying


I Can get my money back if is not numbered, right?

Why are you people all so obsessed about getting a numbered copy? Whilst I understand it would be nice to have a numbered one, it's just a number, I feel like the only people who care are those who would want to sell it on in the future and maybe the super obsessive fans.

I'm guaranteed two numbered copies. Chances are I'll just return the copy that has a higher number to Amazon. I don't think I'll be able to scalp this for much.

I'm just disappointing that I missed out on RS's price drop.
17 novels+ for $150 is still a nice deal, though.

The Book Depository still has it for 134 shipped. Preorders end today though, hop on it.

You don't understand the collector's mentality. It's as simple as that.

That's not the numbered copy though. There isn't a single numbered copy online that isn't already accounted for.

Yeah, I know it's not numbered, just thought I'd alert you or I guess anyone else that actually cares that it can be snapped up for less than $150 plus tax.

Obviously they're gone, but that doesn't mean the book itself isn't worth it.

I'm not the user you originally replied to, but in any case I'd just wait for the non numbered version to go back up on RightStuf. They already said they'd be taking preorders for the second release.

oh boy. I can't wait to find out what's in this 20 dollar mystery bag

I bet it's random odds and ends that couldn't be sold.

Asterisk is QTs

Did anyone get their tougou? I'm having trouble getting her to stay on the pole.

What the hell... it displayed the picture in the correct orientation on my desktop.

>mfw i had a lewd dream about my figmas

actually bothering to look at my blanc figure for long enough to take a photo made me realise that it's not the best made figure

number 1. fuck this whole bag is probably shit.

You'll probably take a loss on Amazon; with ebay, you might get a spike in price if you do it right away.

Riina has some pretty cute pantsu. I wished I liked the Cinderella Girls cast enough to buy figures of them, I'm still a 765 purist though.

go on, it can't get any worse, right?

Why don't you just post it all at once?

The ones bundled with games never are. Im somewhat disappointed with my saber lily figma.

I don't think I'll ever buy another one of these eve again.

That's generally what happens with grab/lucky bags, it's usually a bunch of junk that they couldn't sell. Also those 2 mini food items are erasers.

I prefer 765pro but I'm still game for some of the CGs, like Anya, Kaede and Mika.

Don't explain things to the retard.

Ive never heard of these ever being worth it. Always full of the most random cheap junk

>he actually bought one

>You'll probably take a loss on Amazon
Are you talking about when I return it? I can just drive to an Amazon drop-off center and return it for free. Only thing I'd be losing money on is gas.

Looking at eBay, seems like a few people already have copies up. I could make a small amount of profit if I really wanted to.

At least that DRRR! mug is pretty cool.

Mine still has that big dumb plastic bag around they box I haven't had the chance to open her. She looks decent though had me scared for a month

So I want to start collecting doujins and I've gone through the guide. but each website seems lackluster? Where do the anons that post big hauls order there doujins?

>he hasn't been to Pen Island
Get a load of this newfag.

I always wanted to check out one of those but I guess you chose the worst place to get one.

It didn't help that they actually killed animals for the movie.


Why did you buy a blurry, out of focus figure?

why should I spend money on cameras instead on more figurines?

What does that have to do with focusing your shot on the box instead of the figure?

it's a shit camera, dumbass, it doesn't even has a flash so every pic looks like crap.

Even smartphone cameras let you change focus, user.


It's not even a smartphone, it's way older than that.

>daki has a listing on YAJ
>b-grade item

Should I do it?

I'm getting really worried about the spice and wolf tome guys. I ordered on the 29th on Amazon, the same day it went up, even while it was still pretty low on the top sellers list and my delivery date is pending now instead of tomorrow.

That would be akin to marrying a divorced woman.
Literal used goods.

I wouldn't.
Cumstains can be hard to get out if you don't wash them right away.

And it's going to take forever to stop smelling like the house of whatever fat Japanese cunt owned it first.

Unless you like to close your eyes and imagine you're snuggling a greasy otaku

Wait is that an actual upcoming figure?

From the listing photos it doesn't look like there are any stains on the sheet but the box is damaged on the outside.



I cannot wait for Videl.


Yes, it was announced early this year and the prototype was released a week ago.

not bad, though i don't like the fact that they're that small.

I really wanted to get this but the face just puts me off. Getting Lunch though from the same line, even if I don't think the body sculpts are all that accurate I guess they aren't meant to be.

Did not mean to reply to that oops.
Anyways so I also ordered one for a friend through my account and it's still saying his will be delivered tomorrow but it's not shipped, but mine has no delivery estimate.

But I only paid RS's price which was less than 150 and it is the numbered version. "Limited" is an attractive word for collectors.



is this figure worth 13.5k?

I'm not too sure about her face.

If you have to ask, it probably isn't worth it for you.

Agreed, not great.

>Missed 1st edition pre-order

Fuck me, I knew I should've checked the dates.
At least I still have my non-shit Holo figure.

Is the 2nd run of prints worth ordering the book for?

I took one but I need more light in my room

What the fuck? I just got charged $50 in duty/tax for Saber Bride.

It is literally the exact same book, just without a number on the inside cover.

It's NOT.

I'm guessing the declared value is over $100 CDN. CBSA charges you a flat $9.95 handling fee on top of duty/tax based on the value and type of merchandise for anything imported from outside Canada over $100 CDN (not 100% of the time but like 90%).

Next time:
>Ask the sender to undervalue it on the declaration
>Ask them to mark it as a gift

Source: worked as postal clerk.

it's a special fee for not opening your plasticbutt-box

I thought that only the 1st editions will be hard cover, etc.


>It's the cameras fault that I didn't try to take a less shitty picture

holy fuck, retard.

PO will open today

I thought it was Reimu from the thumbnail.


>yfw that one site everybody forgot about still has numbered editions for sale

Dude, the quality of the pic is more than enough. You just fucking suck at focusing. You didn't have to put the camera right next to the fig's face and it would've worked. Stop blaming your incompetence on your equipment

>yfw you know he's paying +$50 more than you cuz he was too late to PO on all of the good sites

my local fig shop only had paint brushes. are they any good for dusting or did i fuck up?


I have no idea who this is, but she sure is cute.

I fapped to that movie when I was a teenager

Sure you do boy-o.

There were some titty scenes in between the blood and guts. My bro put it on my PSP and it was the only access to titties that I had so I rolled with it. Can you blame a guy?

Thanks for reading my blog

>thinking any site still has numbered editions

Kinda small, but they won't hurt your figs or anything. You can use them for hard to reach places if you want to be real thorough.

Just go to a department store/drug store/etc. and get a makeup brush.

>You don't understand the collector's mentality
I do, just not really when it comes to a localized version of something. While I did care enough to buy the first editions for xxxholic since they had color pages, that still didn't matter to me as much as some of you with this number shit.

Just strikes me as strange considering how the general attitude here towards localized items usually is.

How'd I do

too small.

Never underestimate the power of a bandwagon.

So I emailed gsc over this and told them a big problem is that the support part they gave me barely is support but they told me that I should just connect them anyway?? Am I missing something?
>pic related

>makeup brush
would i have to buy more than one? like a more general sized one and then one for hard to reach places?

Have you asked at MFC?


Buy more than one.You get like 20 different sized makeup brushes for 8 dollars online.

Has Japan stepped their ass game up recently or am I just noticing it more?


No, Should I? I saw some videos of her and it obviously has a longer piece than what I got

The japs fell for the thicc meme
My dick is glad

I don't know what you're trying to say here.

there is an extension for it in the little plastic bag.

Unfortunately only thing that came in the plastic bag was the extra piece that usually comes with it and the stands that hold up the phrases


I found mine in a separate section of the bag that had the extra phrase stands. If it's missing I'm sure they will send you one.

Start with a big one.

>just noticing it more?

Go spend some time on Meoyo if you have any doubt.

I hate her
She should lose weight because her ass it too big.

that is a very nice sculpt

How are figures made nowadays?
Are they still sculpted by hand or they are using software like Zbrush?

The quality has improved a lot in recent years.

Post shrines

>Asuna shrine
>Mug isn't filled with several years worth of semen
It's shit, right?


>That feel when I like Asuna's design because it's a girl with armor but I never ever ever plan on watching SAO

Eagerly awaiting Iwaizumi nendoroid pre-orders

I'm glad I have a dick, fujo figures look like ass.

Saber 2.0 rerelease, up for preorders on Amiami right now. I'm so happy.

Why does your Silica shrine have so many Asunas?

Not lately

I got two.

And the other.

>Not liking cute 2D boys
What a faggot

I agree with you, her SAO design is rather nice. But both the character and the series are bad.

but user I own that shrine and I have a dick.
They are just prize figures, I wish they made a good scale Iwaizumi


Sometimes I wish I had an iphone so that I can easily buy an endless variety of nice cases, but then I remember that an iphone is an iphone,



Buy one and make it into a really expensive photo frame you have to replace every six months. It's what any true waifu fag would do.

Nice tomato shrine.

Ha ha yea.

She's a fatty

You don't need to own an iPhone to collect iPhone cases. If you wish to be truly elite you will not let such trifling concerns impede you.

You have an unhealthy obsession with overly metrosexual sports anime.

I don't have a shrine because i don't like mixing scales but here is all my Ui stuff together from valentines day




is this it?


Honestly, that's a pretty good idea. Like just buy one with the case and use it as a really nice paperweight.

>Pending stock arrival

Cmon playasia, please stop my suffering

Haikyuu doesn't milk the homolust as much as Free, Kuroko no BasuGay and Yowamushi Pedal do.

Haikyuu doesn't even have obvious gay undertones.


That's one sexy russian.

I think your goggles are on too tight.

What's with the disappointed face?

European/Japanese hybrids must be some kind of master race

>Pre-order Amazon for Spice and Wolf book at the end of August
>Look at bank account today
>This will dip into my rent money

Shit, boys. I need to break it to my landlord that I'll be delaying my payment a week.

>can't afford rent

Aw shit, is that fig still available anywhere?

It's more that I spent more money than I expected this week and forgot about this item.

He's a mellow guy. He'll understand.

Just ask if you can have an extension. If they ask a reason say you had something like a health issue or car trouble come up. Ideally you shouldn't be such an idiot in the first place but we all know that's not going to happen.

>No figma
>No Cupoche
You aren't even trying, mothafucker

>own 27 nendos only have 2 if them out and 10 if them have never been open
I should probably stop buying them

Excuse the potato.

what sort of comments do you get from people you know about your shrine?




It's not much yet. I might do a window box or two for the flat stuff then I can have it/them beside a shelf if he gets a figure.


raitafags will buy this

>item in customs for less than 5 minutes
>10$ "handling" fees
I always use either rSAL or FedEX

close enough

yee haw

>naked with gloves
Just perfect. Awesome taste.


I used rsal and I got dinged at customs for my muramasa order. Any other Canadians getting dinged hard on their fig purchases?

H-H-Here I go

What is this and how/where can I get one?


What's the one right above the Rage of Bahamut fig with the delicious midriff?

Needs more Pochacos but good start 8.5/10

So I was thinking of buying a figure on Amazon because it seems like the cheapest option considering the free shipping.
The seller of the particular one I'm looking at is a storefront of StoreJapan and looks pretty reliable, but it's not fulfilled by Amazon.
Should I go for it?

Sanoba Witch - Ayachi Nene - 1/7 (Broccoli)

Lucky I'm still browsing

How did you get her sword to sit like that?

Looks like a cozy for a water bottle.

I basically stole it from a retard who was selling a lot of his shit before moving.
It came with the box, and all parts, with no signs of wear.
I got it for $50

ayy lmao


Does anyone know when we can expect this to come out/how much longer?

Gentlemen, how do we stop Koto's Street Fighter Bishoujo series of figures from creating more monstrosities?

I know this feeling as well, user. Jesus, I haven't been keeping up well enough with it. My love wasn't deep enough.

also the first GSC Fig is going for $400 now

By not buying them?

>no one at MFC has made a po her yet(there are three users but those are wrong)
this time you shuold blame shunya, his illustration was equally horrendous.

there was a cospa limited colour edition one on mandrake the other day for about 9K yen. Was quite hard to resist buying that since it sells everywhere else for an insane price.

Good, hopefully them and their fucking awful faces will be discontinued.

How do anons in the thread safely sell to each other?

I'd be interested in a spare numbered edition if anyone is getting an extra.

How much you willing to pay senpai?

>tfw still no payment request from about S&W
anyone else still waiting or am i just getting shafted?

> ordered 31/8, as soon as was available on this side of the ocean
> get mail confirming order set up, expected delivery end of October at best
> 4th for 8 hours already
> not credit card payment yet, no shipping confirmation mail, no guaranteee of numbered copy
Waiting to get this one in Yurop will be unnerving.

No idea, but if we're lucky it will be up for preorder by the end of the year.

Depends on the number.

Pretty sure an user in this thread was asking face + shipping, but if you were looking to flip we could talk it out.

mfc name?

AlphaCentauri haven't decided what I'm doing with my second copy yet. We can discuss it.

Rightstuf got two entire pallets at the same time. Freight mail is meant to handle large shipments like that.

So did amazon fuck up the spicy wolf anniversary numbered edition orders?

What makes you say that user?

Well I ordered the numbered edition from de and they dont even have the batch yet according to support. Makes me wonder if theyre trying to send 2nd ed for those who ordered numbered edition

It's possible they're trying to deal with all of the .com orders first. I'd imagine they're giving priority to those orders as the .com listing was the first one to show up.

She looks TERRIBLE

Holy shit do my eyes deceive me or is the saber figma back in stock?

>Saber 2.0
You've got grail!

You just read it in the voice, didn't you?

Saibah 2.0 got a re-release user. Congratz.

at least they got the most important part right

Koto's Olivia and Forte are massive for 1/8 scales.

I hope thats the case. Well if it isnt numbered then I might try to get them shave little bit off from the price or return it

I bought best daughterfu.
Gonna be my first figure.

Are you the same user who was looking for her on manda or something last thread? I'm glad you were able to find her.

I'm the guy who missed the $40 preowned Reset figure. Although with shipping, it would have been something like $55, whereas I got free Amazon Prime shipping here.

>I'm the guy who missed the $40 preowned Reset figure
Oh shit, I was looking for Kouhime yesterday on a whim and when I didn't see her I bought that Reset because I've been meaning to get her too. I'm sorry user, if I had paid attention to the thread I would have left her to you.

I'm still waiting for mine.The package departed Jamaica, NY at 2pm yesterday so I thought it would come today, but there still haven't been any tracking updates since then. Hopefully tomorrow.

Is that the new Homura figure I see in the background? I've also got her coming in the same box with Syaro.

h-haha, it's okay.
At least it seems like it went to someone who actually played the games.

>tfw bought one on amazon de so I'm saving 35$, not including shipping to yurop

>>tfw bought one on amazon de
>de completely fucked according to

Sucks to be you I guess user.

In other news, new captcha is really fucking weird.

Finally bought a home for her.