I would _______ Yui

I would _______ Yui.

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share toast with

First toast best toast



sleep in with

bump into

Should I watch this?

You're actually not allowed on Cred Forums if you haven't watched K-On.

K-On is the pinnacle of anime.
No, not only of anime, but rather, it is the pinnacle of mankind itself.
So yes, you should.

Don't, it's a meme like Boku no Pico but worse.

I miss Azunyan

No watch jojo instead its better than this filth

you're trolling is of low quality

I didn't get that memo. I have no excuse.


I was going to say "watch Azunyan cuddle with", then I remembered I don't really like that couple and MioRitsu is was better.

Cum on the toast of


good post

give a nephew or niece to


listen Weedeater with

Ui > Mugi > Yui > Mio > Azusa > Sawako > Nodoka > Ritsu > Jun

i hope you're implying jun is the 9th best in existence and is in no way whatsoever bad

Of course, all Keions are good, but some are better than others.



reminder that ui is THICCest k-on

I would cum on Yui's toast Yui.

If we still had MDGeist, you'd be permanently IP-range banned for even saying that shit ironically.

steal strawberry from cake for

haha losers

I sure hope those are just big donuts.

Can't Stop
He's just a sold'jah[/spoiler/]

rape, impregnate, and abandon

jam with


go away



Hell yeah Cred Forumsnon

eat rice with

Did not expect to find fellow fan here.

Good taste

ask what the origin of the toast in mouth meme is, i think i saw it earlier than NGE

Serious question, is Azusa a lesbian or not?

Silly user, how can i marry her if she is a lesbian?

All the keions are lesbians, user.

I can't tell if this is bad bait because jojofags really are this retarded

But Azusa is the only one who constantly reacts and comments on how cute the other girls are.

If you could have one day with a K-On, who would it be and what would you do?

Personally a Yui-fag myself, and I would go to several concerts with her and finish the night with a nice meal.

Eh, the only Keion that I would call a lesbian is Mugi

She's not as good at hiding her feelings, the others have had longer to practice. Mio and Ritsu have been in love since they were small so they've had ages.

Ui, I would propose to her.

Only for her to leave at midnight the next morning?

Oh, you mean she would disappear from existence after 1 day?
In that case I'd help her cook a meal, take her to a HTT concert, nap on the couch with her leaning her head on my shoulders, play trivia games and drink tea.

she's fun and will keep me entertained all day.
and she'll become my contact to mio and i will make mio my wife (and probably add ritsu as a concubine if she begs)

It would be Ritsu.
But only having one day with her means I'll have to say goodbye, and I don't think I could handle that. Finishing the series was hard enough.

like to fuck Ui instead of retarded


ask if universals exist as real and distinct entities or only as mental constructs to

Read the manga

She's like the audience insert character, not only with this, but also with letting the keions go and all her bullshit with the band practice.

Mugi. I'd just hang out with her like Ritsu does in episode 14, maybe take her to an escape room or to watch a movie about detectives, she seems to enjoy mystery and case solving a lot.
nice trips

I would go around town with Yui all day
and fuck UI before I leave

delete this

have oiled anal sex with

Eat a nice dinner meal with

What kind of meal? Would you cook it yourself or have Ui make it?

That's a good question, user, I don't really know.

I guess it depends on what she's in the mood for, I would prefer to cook it or go somewhere really nice and eat it there. Cannot be much of a man if I am asking the date's sister to cook for me, eh?

It's a meme. I absolutely love the SoL genre but K-On just did not work for me at all. Watch a few episodes and decide for yourself

>Cannot be much of a man if I am asking the date's sister to cook for me, eh?
But what if she offered?

Shit, I guess maybe.
Dunno, chances are I would feel bad for Ui if I say no, and would give in. They are just so pure and innocent.

Jun. I'd take her to a zoo. I think she'd find it interesting.

What animal do you think she would spend the most time looking at?


my elephant



Lamas. Cute girls love Lamas. Plus they have fluffy hair too.

Would you let her ride one?

impregnate Mio, the friend of



Keions are NOT for lewds

ritsu is poor and she'll drop out of college

Trump is making anime real

Don't you just want to snap Azusa's neck because she's so cute? These feelings are normal, right?

That sentence made absolutely no sense

i want mio bullied to tears
she needs a good bullying

Don't worry, I'm sure Mugi's father owns the university they're attending too.


not watch an anime involving

And he'll see how much of a useless brat she is (also poor and has no money)

I'd love to slap her around only for my hands to turn into fists and and hurt her a little, then I'll tell her that I didn't mean it and thought it wouldn't hurt. This normal human reaction and feelings, right? I want to do this because I love her, not because I hate her




Why is it only Ritsu? Where are the other girls' MAGA hats?

because Ritsu is the only Trump supporting white trash

Every single one of them would see Hillary for who she is -- a Muslim immigrant-loving, demon-worshipping, anti-American, old pig. They would all vote Trump like all anime girls would.

>Trump wants to make Japan pay for American military occupation
hahaha Japs all support Hillary

They will gladly pay

>yank politics
confiscating your (You)s for these terrible posts


Try to remember, Cred Forums. Whose legs are these?

All Keions are for Trumps

Because they support Hitler.

Reminder that Azusa x Mugi is canon.

Drummer girl.

I'm not against this. Just explain

Oh I get it. Ritsu is not there because she's a Trump supporter

But Trump is already on the picture?

t. Clinton supporter

Genius, she was the one taking the photo.


She's cute.

what the fuck am i watching?

I understand now. Everything

>Takatsuki High School Culture Festival - Electrophysics Club's Tesla Coiler Musical Performance

>uses friend to afford university bills
I'd say she's more of a manipulative bitch.


Yui and she most probably had the old man to manipulate their score in order to get into same college.

How did they conviced him to do so?

azusa bends over, yui and ritsu take one leg each, spread her legs, and he puts his penis insider her vagina. yui and ritsu develop a nice, flowing rhythm and help him fuck her. mio and mugi take turns eating his asshole

love until the rest of my days



Can't wait until the doujins are released.

Waifufags on suicide watch.


You better be right. I'm screencapping your post and this one Cred Forums has never failed me.

i understand why they named her yamanaka. it's because she never stops yammering

Jun is my #1

i need more jun pics for my folder

jun just wants to hang out

commit to a mental institution

Is someone working on this now?

Don't we all.

Mine too.

>If you could have one day with a K-On, who would it be
>what would you do?
Play drums for a bit, then lots of buttsex

Have some of my own fellow Junlovers

It's nice to see where gets some love.

Jun is literally a bland copy of Ritsu. She tries to be funny, but never succeeds. Such an annoying and disgusting character.

worst thing i've ever read

Fuck off cancer.

amuses me when the runts get angry after their (You)s are confiscated
go on, squeal again


Jun is fluffy and gets all my love

Wow so fuwa fuwa

newfag detected

how ironic

I miss him

I want to give Jun all my love.

Jun deserves love and care and I would like to spend a day with her shitposting online and eating popcorn

Not unless Mio drops out too

And in the evening fill her ass with cum.

I want to hang around with her all day reading manga and feeding her doughnuts.



I-it's not like I wanted your (You)s or anything, baka!

Only if she wanted it.

Jun is for cute, not lewd

I mean she is a little bit for lewd

But mostly cute

make cookies and tea for

so this.... is what they meant... by fuwa fuwa time


She is for cutelewd.


7 is a good number

REMOVE censor


Mugi is my wife!

only for mio
k-on is like a generic butt-indie band that sucks but you still keep an eye out for because the bassist is hot

I totally would.

I'm a fan of your wife

obligatory mugi post


it is THE anime, everything else since then is just trying to reach the heights K-ON attained

My wife Yui Hirasawa is the best K-On!


Ask Yui out on a deito

Post more K-ON. Gifs preferred. I'd go to /c/ but it's full of awful fanart.

nah she dumb


N-n-no you


c u t e




Depends on what girlthread you are visiting.

Excellent puffy vulva impression, Mugi!


How dry is Sawa-chan's honey pot?


She's my wife first

I guess we can share.

Yui > Ri-chan > Ui = Mugi > Mio = Azu-nyan = Sawa-chan > Nodoka-chan > Jun >>> new girls from the Highschool manga

Then how would you know who's the child's father?


I will take the first one, he can take the second.
As long as its Yui's, I wouldn't care, as long as it isn't black.

But what if he's a melanin-enriched Nubian gentlemen?

>as long as it isn't black.
Is it possible for the kids on this site to go one post without mentioning their super edgy racism, no matter how far removed from discussion it is?

Buddy, would you claim a black baby as your own? The user asked how I would tell if is mine or not, being that I am a white with mostly german roots, how would a black baby be mine? It would obviously be Yui-Husband #2's.
It would be obvious that it isn't mine, so no.

>super edgy racism

That wasn't super edgy. It was lukewarm at best. Grow a pair or fuck off faggot.

it's not racism. dark-skinned people are generally more unintelligent and less civilized. Hell, 72-some percent of black fathers leave before the baby is born and rarely pay child support. I've seen it first hand, as my family has owned businesses in both Compton and Inglewood. People in Africa put tires around each other, douse it with gasoline, then set them on fire for everyone to view in entertainment. Arabs are one of the most sexist in the history of our earth. Who would want to bring this upon a woman -- on mankind? I actually know the answer, but I won't say it. Not Caucasian btw



god i hope he makes anime real

perform with


Ritsu and I could could stay home all day and watch movies, play videogames, or just loaf around the house.

>projecting your politics onto your waifu

disgusting, man

you have your own board for a reason

Keions are too pure to be dragged into burger politics

you are the one who was triggered by "racism"

>best girls have red, patrician hat

pls sir may i have some more



Make an porn video of rough hardcore sex treating her like just a hole and ending up with her giving me a rimjob and sent the link to her club friends

>2 hours and 7 minutes without Junposting


I was panicking for a moment there without Jun.

I'm watching it now.

It's pretty good, but sickly sweet.

lurk before posting, nigger




The keions are not racist, nice try reddit

I wan to see Azusa smile

>Sees an Indian man

Liking Trump and knowing of facts is not racist. If they say "haha blacky black niggerboy," then that would be racist.
How does a person even become so conditioned to think the way you do?

I always get a sensible chuckle when someone claims to deal only in facts. Not everything is the world is known or particularly knowable. Some things have to be based on subjective analysis.
In short, Cred Forums is a Sith

Fine conditioning. I wish they would use this sort of conditioning for good

They do it by pumping a tranquilizing gas through all buildings via the ventilation system. They call it air conditioning.
If you want to really redpill yourself, tape a plastic bag over your head to keep the government out.

Could you people stop with the politics. Cred Forums is apolitical.

>majority of a certain people do bad things
>subjectivity kicks in and tells us that their doing those bad things aren't bad

what else would they be? shit covered dildos?

I'd fill Jun's doughnut with my cream

Hold hands with

I don't really care for Jun too much, but her in those socks and outfit does things to me.

What if the keions and MD Geist swapped places?

perfect taste

platonically cuddle