I want to go on nighttime adventures with this thief

I want to go on nighttime adventures with this thief.


Do it, user

Do what? Adventure with Chris? I'm not in fantasy Australia though.

Don't we all user ;_;.

I hope she's in S2 some more.

Her tits are really fucking weird. Anyone else notice this? They look like oranges in a sock.

It's because in that scene, she's not wearing pads

I'm just stopping by to say that you are deluded if you think anyone other than Eris-sama is best girl.

Everyones tits except for megumeme and the rookie succubus look weird

I think we're on the same book here, user.

S2 will be vol.3 and vol.4 so I don't think she really appears to often
her next volume where she is actually important is 6

I think she appears early on for the court thing and then runs away from town to appear in like vol 6 or something.

So hope for a S3 then?

God dammit.

Eh volume 6 is a pretty low point in the series so itd be annoying to end the series at that. Its not bad but it drags on early on from what i remember. Though volume 5 would have some of the best stuff in the series.

I want Eris-gami to steal my virginity
> Implying I'm under 18
> Implying I'm under 30
> Implying she will steal something of no value

I want her to think she stole my virginity.

and then I'll follow the good man Kazuma and steal her panties

Author/designer is a woman.

I swear I'm not a lolicon but si far ly three favorite girls in this show are
>that succubus that got caught trying to steal Kazumas purity

p l u m p





Disgusting little flapjack titties has no business being publicly show in a brassiere

Who most likely has a PUFFY?

steal her panties and write her name on your wall with them until she comes to retrieve them.

Just admit you want to see a glimpse of the slut's pussy when she's not wearing anything (again).

That was a good Doujin.

Easily one of my favorites.

Or hope for 2 cour. I want to believe that we'll get Kazuma's imoutofu animated.


My niggas

Is an S2 confirmed?

Next season

Are there age of consent laws in fantasy Australia?

Because I'd risk becoming an outlaw to sniff that.

January. I hope the animation stays poverty tier and the characters keep looking goofy as shit. It's part of the charm.