Megumin Monday


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First for best girl

In my pants


Cool general, yo.

Aqua > Meg

I like my women fit, sturdy, and lewd.
Your Megumeme is worthless.


Needs more sauce


Megumeme is the worst.

I want to explode inside megumin

>That lewd look on her face
>On her knees
>In front of Kazuma's foot
>Legs spread
Is she begging for a cunt punt? Given that we're talking about Darkness, that's actually possible.

She actually would be hoping for a cunt punt
The only way you could disappoint her is by not kicking her hard enough. If you don't kick her then you can say that's some kind of emotional torment because she wanted to be kicked

I'm about to watch this, how disappointed will I be>

You won't be

Go in expecting DEEN. It'll be impossible to be disappointed.

It's crude, but funny.

That's just, like, your opinion, man.


Why is she sitting on that melon?




I wanna make friends with yunyun

I wanna bully Yunyun

It's funny, ecchi, and stupid and there's no relationship drama crap. Worth watching.

>no relationship drama
What about the episode where I fuck Wiz senseless?


Bullying accomplished.

> Combat log for Explosion
> smaller than a 30 page essay
Step it up senpai-dono

Megumin is literally the only chuunibyou character I can stand

What Paladin kit (if any) is Lalatina? Cavalier?


Kek. That reminds me of this. Has anyone here played it?

I want to kiss Megumin

I want to hold Megumin's hand

Back off, buddy. She's already taken.

Pretty much this
A lot of the animation is crap, but that's mainly budget related
still a funny and comfy show


I want to steal Megumin's hat!




How much cute romance will be in season 2?

Hopefully they skip vol 3 and we can end with the huge hhhnnnngggg of volume 5

Cute romance doesn't happen until volume 5. Season one only got to the end of volume 2. Pray for multiple cours.

Cute flirtatious bath scene with happen however.

You know what's really neat? She's wearing a tunic and ONLY a tunic.
It's ye olde equivalent to a long t-shirt.
She's a bedroom slut all day long.

I have it downloaded but I've been waiting for a translation which should have popped up by now.

This one?

I mean she has a tattoo on her ass being a slut is second nature to her race.

Name of the game? Can I play it on PC?


Best girl. Best wardrobe. How does Kazuma keep with this everyday

By regularly going to the succubus shop.

The aftermath of volume 9 has a fun little argument where Megumin gets mad at him for rushing to the succubus shop after their heart to heart and Kazuma is like "why do you think I need to go there so badly in the first place?"

>Can I play it on PC?
Yes. Not sure if it has an specific name. It's an extra that comes with the DVD/Blu-Ray.

Do they ever leave the starting town?

>Cred Forums liked Konosuba
>Cred Forums hated Danmachi

Plenty, but it stays their home base.

Konosuba is a comedy. Danmachi plays all of its shit straight. It's not so trashy I couldn't enjoy it though.

I stopped enjoying Danmachi the moment that blacksmith showed up. Or maybe when Bell acquired that oneshot skill and became an even bigger Gary Stu. Either is a good reason.

Konosuba doesn't take itself seriously and most characters are really likeable.
Danmachi tried to hard to be serious, fun, and fanservicy all the time, and both Hestia and Bell got boring after a while.

Why would you do that?

I like KonoSuba
I like DanMachi
I like Re:Zero
I like No Game No Life
I like Overlord
And there's nothing -NOTHING- you can do about it.

Konosuba leaned towards the comedy side which is why its so popular to the other Isekai's.

I enjoyed all of those, just DanMachi was slightly more painful to get through. I still watched it though.

>I liked Re:Zero
>I liked NGNL

Neck yourself.

best day of the week

I have enough anti-psychotics on hand to make you like nothing at all.
But I also both have no way of giving you them and like all of those things anyway.

I had a lucid dream where I fucked Megumin after cuddling with her for like 30 minutes.

The way her thighs tightened around my hand as I slid it between her legs, and the way she squeezed my back and trembled while I rubbed through her panties made me abundantly aware of my own mortality.

Even if I became the ultimate Chad and became master of 3D, I would never be able to match that experience. My own imagination can't get anywhere close to the real thing and dreams are too fickle. By the time VR is advanced enough to replicate it I'm probably going to be a rotten husk seven feet deep underground.

Honestly I wish it never happened. It's like eating perfectly prepared food with top-shelf ingredients. Even if you thought the cheap stuff was good, after that experience you can never forget how much worse it is.

I've been depressed for days.

Sorry for blog

haha what a loser

I always hated mondays. I can't hate them anymore thanks to Megumin.

I have mixed feelings about this. In one hand I can feel your pain, on the other hand I feel jelly as fuck at the same time.
Have you tried forcing yourself to have lucid dreams and dream with her? There is usually threads with advice on that on /x/. I probably should start trying too.

I want to walk Megumin's path of explosions with her.

user you're not cynical you have great taste and I love you good job

Fuck off Garfield. Go bully Jon or something.

I don't deny this

The way I see it, there are three stages to being an anime enthusiast. First you're a wide-eyed kid who loves everything and thinks Japan is cool and secretly practices Naruto handsigns (come on, we all did it at some point). Then you become a grumpy teenager/early twenties edgelord and you start recognizing the flaws in the things you enjoyed. You start whining about shit taste, wishfulfillment, haremshit etc. Then you hit your mid/late twenties and start accepting shit for what it is: shit. You recognize what makes an anime good or bad and you can clearly distinguish which anime is better or worse than others, but you no longer worry about it as much.

When you can watch total garbage and still have a grand ol' time watching it, you've reached Nirvana.

I agree 100% with you. I have reached a point where I can enjoy anime even if I know is really bad. Is the mindset you have when you watch it what makes the difference. If you set your expectatives too high you will end grumpy and bitter. If you only care about having fun you will end pleased.

She's 13...

I like you but you make me feel old

>Have you tried forcing yourself to have lucid dreams and dream with her?
I think spending so much time obsessing over something as unpredictable and uncontrollable as a dream would just make it worse.

Blame my subconscious.

I'm early 20's and I'm still pretty open-minded except I didn't practice Naruto hand-signs what is wrong with you nigger

user, is a dream.

Enjoy the lesser things too, dude. Longing for unachievable results and turning down everything else is ridiculous. Sturgeon's law is for finding the good 10%, not the 10% of the 10% of the 10%[...]

Having good food does not mean you can no longer enjoy cheap sustenance. Plain rice or oatmeal are great.

Not to mention there still good be better past that. Dreams, hallucinations, VR, plain old fantasy.
It could even be objectively worse and still feel better.
Having done a ton of drugs I can say from experience. Set and setting are never perfect, all it takes is a little emotion to make things better or worse. Don't let everything be worse, don't be afraid of the sobriety from the lack.

Just seeing her face when something else has you down could be the most happy epiphany of pleasure to ever dawn on your soul. More than cuddling and sex would ever give. And then you'll just feel downright silly.

What about the scene where Lazuna stares down the Demon King Boss girl in the bath

That's the official extra? Damn the art sucks.

This. Is not bad at all to have goals, even if they seem unachievable. But blinding yourself to everything else and only focusing on that goal is not healthy either.
Is ok to have Megumin as your biggest happiness, but don't see her as your only source of happiness because that will hurt you. You can enjoy other things too.

Megumin can, look how happy she looks here and she is not blowing the fuck up of anything. Learn from her.

>Having good food does not mean you can no longer enjoy cheap sustenance
Questionable example but didn't having that super good meal in SAO fry Kirito's taste buds?

It doesn't take super good to fry senses, only super strong or inherently damaging.
Realistically, the tongue will probably heal itself in time given no more damage and a diet to rebuild. Not sure about in game worlds though.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the art either.
As far as I know the game was made by a guy that usually makes doujin games of series he likes. Seems they just got him to make the it for them. Is good for an One man army obviously, and for something you get for free I guess, but is a shame they didn't go with official art made into pixel art and some small voice clips.

First few fights were enjoyable and felt like he was actually working hard to overcome an obstacle

I want to smell Megumin's hat

Are you me?

>no relationship drama
only the part that was adapted

Konosuba is a comedy with funny characters.
Danmachi is a serious show with comically bad characters and gary stu haremlord shit.


>megumin loves explosions
fucking japan step your shit up god damn

What if, instead of explosion, IMPLOSION?

Megumin casted that on her chest once and decided it was enough.

14, on her way to 15

and 17 going 18 on the WNs

Yeah, all the artists focused too much on Kazuma taking advantage of Megumin after an explosion. Is a shame because there is so much potential to making up different scenarios, but everyone did the same thing over and over.

Am I the only one just now finding out about this spinoff?

Don't tell to many people Thief Gummin is out little secret.

All girls are best but Megumin is first among equals.

I want to lick her bellybuttom and have her go all Simon Belmont on me with that whip.


I'd call her name out whilst fucking her, just to let her retaliate. She is most definitely best girl.


Have bigger Megumeme.

>tfw no megumin wallpaper for my s7 edge


LFM, 860+, must link curve, bring consumables. No noobs.

Get ready for WNmin hair next volume

I'm okay with this. Was it because Kazuma likes long-haired girls?

Will Megumin win the Kazumabowl?

I thought she already won.


I want to see megumin with ponytail

Hair doesn't grow that fast.

I don't think something like logic has ever stopped some good, old-fashioned CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

Her hair was already mid lenght, in a month it'll get longer than shoulder. Maybe for volume 11, since 10 is a direct continuatiuon.

Luck was indeed Kazuma's strong point.

Maybe it does for crimson demons

This is a world where you can bring someone back from the dead with a shitty low level spell. Hair growth is easy.

>shitty low level spell
Priests that can ressurrect don't sum up to the tens, mate. Aqua is max level since level one.

Wiz < Iris < Aqua < Darkness < Eris < Megumeme

Mitsurugi < Dust < Artisan Weaver < Kazuma < Vanir < Alderp

I'm confused. Did Megumin win or not? Last thread some anons said she already won.

The author left it vague enough for the Aquatards and Lalatilovers to be able to grasp at straws, but Meme has already won, don't kid yourselves.

Is it going to turn into a relationship problems show in the next season if it follows the source material? I was really hoping for more comedy.

I thought S1 was a little too comedic desu

The relationships will change a bit, but only really to keep the jokes fresh.

That stuff is drowned in an ocean of comedy and adventure, don't worry, user. It took him 9 fucking volumes to reach this point with a minimum of relationship drama (usually at the end of each volume from vol 6 onward), the rest is pure Konosuba as we love it.

this author ain't falling for the traps yet

I hadn't actually laughed so much at an anime in a while. It was nice.


> Low level
It is literally a tier 10 True Ressurection with a Goddess bully perk to allow unlimited rezzes. There's nothing low level about it.

With how much Wiz and Yunyun they cut out it's clear that's not what they were going for. It'll be interesting to see what liberties they take with S2.

They didn't expect S2 at all, so they just cut it up like crazy so they could have a nice end with the Destroyer.

Every time I see Megumin it's her getting pseudo-raped.


If I fuck Wiz, would I feel her rigor mortis?

What about her liver mortis?

All her rotting blood would be pooling around your cock.

Do Liches get rigor mortis? She seems pretty soft.

Now I remember, Kazuma seem to enjoy her lap pillows.

2nd season when?

In hind sight, Wiz old party is terrible.

They are such a noob. Got curse and can't help themselves. Make Wiz use forbidden magic that cost her life (she would be dead by now if her Lich transformation ritual did not succeed). Then they retire, marry each other and live peacefully. Leave Lich rotten in her fail business afterward.

wasn't that in the abridged series, not the actual show?

Jan 2017

holy shit, i have to not kill myself till then

That one Korean doujin has them getting it on after the home visit in volume 5.

Don't you want to meet Aqua?

i want to meet everybody

Rigor Mortis only affects the recently dead, takes a few hours to fully set in, and fades completely within 48 hours. It's basically the muscles locking up until they physically can't anymore.

Wiz is presumably long past that point.

I know b-but I just want to talk about anime. Please don't take this from me, senpai.

It's all start from a necrophilia joke.

If I fuck that skeleton will it get a boner?

I feel like fapping to megumin today

I feel like fapping to Megumin every day.

it would be extremely erect



it's high in calcium


Volume 10 when?

Megumin's int is obviously maxed out seeing as how she can cast explosion magic.

What's her wisdom at though? Surely she should be sensible enough to get a few fireball spells. They're basically explosions, just on a smaller scale.

>They're basically explosions

fire crackers are not explosives

Soon. She looks good in that armor.

Is that Iris? Why does she look older?

I wanna make babies with yunyun

Is she finally going to win the Onii-samabowl?

Gotta admit though, Danmachi had some of the most beautiful artwork

What shit-tier armor. A simple chain shirt would have been far more effective and far less expensive.

Do they have condoms in whatever the fuck their fantasy world is? Would I need to convince Megumeme to let me put it in her ass? I can't be dealing with babies 'n' shit.

They don't, Kazuma tried to invent some but they ended up being too stretchy so he told Aqua they were balloons instead.


She's rich. Price means nothing to her.

>reading shitty isekai novels that are the same every time

>making shitty bait posts that are the same every time


Megunin Fags

Megumin Fags everywhere!

>giving ram tits.

Not just kind-of rich either. She bought a mansion with the money she had in her purse in one of the spinoffs.

I'm all for tits, but I hate it when artists fuck with well established characters just to add huge boobage and thicc hippocampus.

Thank you Mr Skeltal

this is now an aqua thread

If she's a water goddess then why she is so thirsty?

What was he planning on using them for?

no you misunderstand

she is thirsty for liquids to purify into the cleanest water!

POnOs. in VagOOO.

Patenting and selling them.

Didn't ancient people use animal bladders as condoms?

Stop giving me new fetishes Cred Forums.

>it took him thig long to develop an armpit fetish

i bet you don't even like feet either

Armpits really are lewd. You never think about it until someone points it out, but they're highly sensitive areas that are rarely exposed -- not unlike your genitals.

Not to mention that exposing them is inherently a submissive act. For your armpits to be fully expose you need to be in one of the most indefensible positions of absolute submission -- your arms above your head and your chest laid bare. When think of it like that, it's especially hot to force a women's arms above their head and expose everything.

This one's a matter of taste, but I think the muscles that make up the armpit are especially beautiful. The way their shoulder muscle transitions perfectly into their breast tissue and the shoulder-blade creates a ridge that travels straight into the pit makes me want to slide my tongue across it like a train on the tracks to it's destination.

Holy shit this post explained what I have tried to explain for years.

Thnak you user.

Closest thing to relationship problems this season will be Lala having no a marriage arranged for her unless we get two cours

Jump in front of a moving vehicle and get isekai'd quick

Does Iris join the party?
Still only part way through vol. 6

This is on point.

Maybe if all of us do it at the same time we will get isekai'd to a fantasy australia full of cute girls.

I don't know why, but she looks like a Jeanne.

Never really gave it a lot of thought but armpits still always aroused me
Now I can say I have a fully fledged armpit fetish
Thanks, user!

Not yet, volume 10 shows promise though. In the Volume 9 epilogue Kazuma finds out that Iris is being sent to another country to meet a prince that she's arranged to be married to, and Kazuma goes absolutely nuclear.

No one will remember you in three years.

>Gamble Scrumbe
Parody to School Rumble? Granblue Fantasy?
Or another LN I don't know about?

Jokes on you i'm a e celeb


Randomly found it for you user

Fucking love this pape
Looks awesome and hides your powerlevel

I'm rapturous having converted another brother to the cause and onto the path of enlightenment


She could easily get all sorts of other magic. Really powerful stuff too. Her mana reserves and magic power are massive even for her mage clan. In fact, most of them wouldn't even be able to cast explosion. Megumin just likes the spell.

holy fuck

Iris is cute


>Iris became a better Darkness
Old cow should just kill herself now

>kills everything from giant frogs to one-hit bears with a swing of her sword
>her magic spells aoe and damage potential exceed explosion and she can use them repeatedly
>can buyout the entire town of Axel with her pocket change

I liked Iris until they turned her into a Mary Sue.

Iris is stronger than everyone in his party, except maybe Aqua.

Iris isn't minmaxed like a retard and is actually competent. Of course she's the best all-around adventurer. She still can't tank like Darkness, burst like Megumin, or heal/buff like Aqua.

She's maxmaxed.

So she is like friendless semen demon minus the spaghetti?
Where does the info that she is that good came from? From what was translated from the main LN you would think she is just your everyday cute sheltered imouto.

The spin-off where Megumin makes a thieving group to help Kazuma and Chris without knowing it's them.


Arue-shill detected

If I nuked Japan would Megumin notice me?

Nuclear explosions are cheating.

So are dynamite and firecrackers.

Megumin just wants to be a special snowflake and hates any explosions she doesn't cause.

She's fine with other people who use the explosion spell.

She was jealous when Wiz's explosion was bigger than hers.

She still accepts it as a proper explosion. Stuff like firecrackers piss her off because they're "fake" explosions.

How about a reproductive explosion

Well she made her best effort and even had extra energy given to her, and Wiz still was better, is obvious she would been a little bit down, because she wants to be the best at explosions, but she clearly admires other explosion users, that's why she started with that shit in the first place.

What the fuck, I hate imouto-chan now

Well, as of volume 9 she's the best at explosions.

Day 2

48 hours remain

Friendship ended with MEGUMIN

REM is my seasonal waifu now

Megumin monday is a event that lasts the month.

>Started watching Konosuba the other week
>Apparently this annoying loli becomes the love interest

Why? How? What?
I would've thought Aqua and Darkness had better chances.

He literally can't see her as a love interest in the slightest. More like an annoying sibling.
"You are boobs."

>He literally can't see her as a love interest in the slightest.
That's too bad. I was hoping there would be more hidden depths to her other than

>"You are boobs."
Now this I disagree with.

She is the best at everything to me.

Last one it lasted until Thursday. Let's see how well we do this week.

Darkness still has a small chance, but Kazuma got caught up in Megumin's cuteness and passion for explosions. It also helps that he can have a serious conversation with her and not have it ruined by her sperging out. Darkness is less capable of reigning her bullshit in.

>Now this I disagree with.
Well, that's how Kazuma sees her.

re:zero would have been good if the MC was kazuma

meh, I don't see it
but at least it doesn't sound disgusting like those footfags

By episode 5 he already fucked all the girls in the series. Killed himself and fucked the Witch too.

By episode 10 he's crowned king

>Now this I disagree with.
Now then, Darkness is truly only worth her slutty body if you aren't into hard S.


Darkness is an upstanding Knight with a strong sense of justice and responsibility to protect those around her.

If she would tone down her M tendencies, she'd be a 10/10 girl.

There's nothing she can do about being less cute than megumin

She's Hero class. She would technically be main character strength if she wasn't a side character.

>He fell for the "hating popular shows helps you fit in" meme

I would keep that one chained up to play with, but rarely ever touch it directly.

>Those thighs

or lack thereof

Will she steal Kazuma's virginity?

Is this dumb bitch corrupting Iris?

Why would you do this?

What would be the best way to please Darkness in the bedroom?

Why do people like Megameme so much?

She's literally just Takanashi Rikka but her powers are real.

High impact sexual violence followed by NTRing her by gentle handholding another girl right in front of her.

Whoops, wrong one.

Strip her, tie her up, douse her in kool aid, and toss her to a pack of niggers.

Tie her up, whip her just hard enough to break the skin, then rub her with chili oil. Be sure to wear a condom, chili oil on your dick is not for everyone. Afterwards wash the both of your bodies off with alcohol.

I like KonoSuba
I like DanMachi
I like Re:Zero
I like No Game No Life
I like Overlord
I like Grimgar
I like Log Horizont
I like Sao

Why redditors and edgy faggots only hate anime and not enjoy it?

More than half of those anime you named are shit, you should kill yourself!


Answer: Because you legitimately have bad taste.

T.underage in edgy anger phase

Force her to get naked in front of all the town. Make it look like you are going to fuck her. Start fapping instead, tell her you would take a good fap before her any day. Have a really hard time doing it, telling her all the time she isn't even good to for arousing you. Jizz on the floor. Tell her she has to lick it clean if she wants it, because that's the only way she can get to taste semen.


I like KonoSuba
I love Re:Zero

the rest were shit, dropped, or both

Stop user, everyone knows you have shit taste and problems in the school.


season 1 good season 2 bad


Nah (A good fap)
First 15 Episodes or/and Abriged


what did she mean by this

Why does Cred Forums worship this girl?

Aqua is a slut

No user, it would get your boner

that he'd like to get a private room as soon as possible

>still no latest chapter scans

volume 10 when

Have the chinks translated it yet?

how should I know
I'm asking

what spinoff is that?

I never see Drunk Godess of Autism and Partytricks get any love?
Granted, I prefer Meme as well, but does Cred Forums hate her? She would be second choice for me

Why not Chris/Eris or Iris instead?

They aren't as stupid. A big part of Aquas charm is her pure, unadulterated stupidity.
And her butt.

Monday has long passed, go to sleep Megumin.


I want to sniff Komekko.

I'm surprised Megumeme gets so much love, when it first aired I figured anyone who said they liked Megumeme would be called a redditor.
Aqua is superior by far.

> Midriff
> Bones
> Flat
> ZR
> chuun
Is this what perfection looks like?

She's prime buddy material and I'd berry my dick in her ass without hesitation.

But I'd fucking kill her if I was in a relationship with her god damn.

fuck off reddit

I think it would actually be more fun to be with Aqua in general. Megumemes adhd might become trivial and annoying in the long run, but with Aqua you could always get binge eat and get drunk and make her do party magic.

Useless goddes

I'd be best friends with Aqua but I'd still marry Megumin. I like autistic chuuni girls. They hold a special place in my heart.

I like Aqua because she's a selfish retard played straight and seems like a fun person.
It sucks that they cut the parts where she's a good goddess from the anime

>Not Eris
>Rookie Succubus

Why are the three best girls flat?

good choice

TLnote:"I love taking advantage of the mentally handicapped."

MC of the year.

No, I said I'd befriend Aqua.


Does it not bother you that she has below average intelligence?

Sure she's pretty but her brain is lacking.

>you'll never steal a godess's pantsu

I don't think I could be in a relationship with a complete idiot

Lord Kazuma disagrees with you

I love how everyone in this show is a massive piece of shit and they don't try to pretend otherwise. Literally the only time I've felt even remotely bad for any of them was when Megumin and Yunyun had their little moment during the OVA.

She got bumped off of my list when I saw that she moonlights as a Succubus.

Impure whore.

if he does how come he's in a relationship with flatty mcflatface

Truly a man with refined taste

>spoiled the whole fucking ending of konosuba bakuen

fuck you

The ova was bundled with volume 9, you're supposed to have read all that already.

>Lord Satou "Not A Lolicon" Kazuma
Yeah, I'm sure he disagrees.

>you'll never be vaporized by a megumeme burst

nobody reads shitty handwritten stories. the series is better off animated

>without actually saying anything specific

Do you have autism?

>Does it not bother you that she has below average intelligence?
Don't think it would. She's still functioning, she's just a moron, which is charming in its own way.
Plus other people seem to really like her, as in she goes drinking with random adventurers and the other partymembers enjoy her company. It's really just Kazuma that bullies her because she's dumb as a brick

Kazuma bullies her because she started it.

I do find her cute sometimes, like when she stopped crying and started following Kazuma like a lost puppy as soon as he showed that he isn't useless. I share the same sentiment towards her as Kazuma though.

>she's just a moron
Aqua's a bona fide asshole though. Dumb assholes are more annoying than smart ones.

I tend to get it's always sunny in Philadelphia vibes from this show.

>Does it not bother you that she has below average intelligence?
No, she would be the funnest to be around and the best one to have as a girlfriend.


but she's very easily intimidated and put in place.
Like, whenever she tries to fuck them over Kazuma literally just hurts her physically and she's back in line. She is devious yeah, but she lacks the mentally capacity to ever do anything serious. Don't think it would be a problem

well, she was broken in 3 panels



Her lack of coherent thought is one of her biggest assets.
Also, friendly reminder that undeads are strictly for bullying.
The weak should fear the strong


megumin and kissing is still better

>konosuba character
>implying they have any int or wis
Megumin is a ritual caster in GURPS with very high Energy Reserves (Magic; once a day) and 21+ skill in a homebrewed explosion spell.

>The weak should fear the strong
Aqua Hyde?

Purge the unclean



Elevens will get it in late october, can't pin point it though.

There is only one (1) best girl depicted here.

Good one user.
I actually laughed.

As soon as you get past the first chuunibyo reference, it gets good.

>not a Yotsuba spoiler image



drunk useless godess is best useless godess

I wanna nut inside of Megumeme.

I like them all too. Well, SAO took forever because I kept dropping it, but ended up finishing and liking it anyway.
Being easy to please is nice sometimes. Pun intended.


Oh lich you wouldn't if you had that body. Doing a little sexy on the side is pretty much a given at that point.

I had thought she was a nice pure girl. I was lied to and feel betrayed. She is gutter trash to me now.

That is how you use luck properly.

I think aqua is actually cuter. She's so proud but inept, so nobody can take her seriously.

this user knows

Iris and Megumin decide to follow Kazuma's path as chivalrous thieves, Yunyun gets dragged in as well. That's all I know.

Ah right. There's no anime for it?

There's 9 volumes of the LN plus 4 spin off volumes. The one anime we have covers only the first two volumes.

No, there's no anime for it.

Was volume 10 released already?

It's from Continued*Gifting this Wonderful World with Explosions!

I missed it when it aired. Watched a couple of weeks ago. Loved it, very funny.

Darkness best girl but Megumin is daughteru territory.

*Darkness is best fucktoy.

I know we can do more user.

Put the pregnancy test in her right hand (shoop it in) so she sticks it up to the viewer. Have her (yes, her) futa-cock sticking out between her own tits. Have her jizz in her own face with hot, sticky semen dripping down her elf ears. Also ahegao eyes rolling back in her skull.

Make me proud, user.

Friggin' furries, even then.

>her (yes, her)

Get that vile thing away from me

user this s blue board, I can only do so much.

Aight, then just the meme hand that offers her money and ahegao eyes.

What's wrong with you, user

Megumeme is for gentle cuddling, not fucking.

Fucking an underage loli with a monstercock as thick as her thigh can be gentle.

Great taste my friend

Trolls and hate mobs started with forums and annonimous, they believed are superior to everyone for "enjoying" edgy and intellectual themes/history just like them and wanna be acknowledged for that, because nobody gives a fuck about these loosers.

Should put quotes around edgy, not enjoying.