Stella no Mahou

Today is the day.

Let's hope someone will sub first episode so we wouldn't have to wait one more week.

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So if the first episode is a week late, are they gonna have 2 episodes next week?

>those anime designs
What went wrong?


>What went wrong?
Fuck off with this shit, seriously.


Is her family obese?

Some of them look pretty accurate but others more of need the simpler eyes. Instead they all have the more detailed eyes.

Will they actually make games this time though?

Yes, it will have more game dev than New Game

It will be on daisuki, hence a hs rip .

Is this one of those meme cute girls doing cute things shows with a gimmick like making games or driving tanks?

Does it have yuri?


The patrician taste of the author is remarkable.

Who's the code monkey?

no, there is barely any subtext

>fansubs are dead
>daisuki latecast

Only dumb EOPs

>New Game: Doujin Edition

I'm already sold.

>how to draw your own smug anime girls

It says Shiina is the programer.


Gotta maintain the female cast to maintain yuri purity. Besides, she's got lv0 communication, so she's already leagues above karlie.

you said the same for new game