Zero kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho

First PV

Studio: based White Fox
Season: Spring 2017

It was the year 526. The world knew that witches existed, and that they practiced the notorious art of sorcery. Nevertheless, the world did not know anything about the study of magic.

Our story follows a half-man, half-beast mercenary; humans mockingly call his kind the "fallen beasts." He always dreamt of becoming a human, but one day, he met a witch who would change his life forever.

"Do you desire a human form? Then be my escort, mercenary!"

The witch introduced herself as "Zero," and explained that she was searching for a one-of-a-kind magical tome that bandits had stolen from her lair. Entitled "The Book of Zero," the grimoire supposedly contained valuable magical knowledge that could be used to effortlessly bring the world to its knees.

Thus, in order to realize his dream of becoming a human, the mercenary must accompany Zero on her journey—despite her being one of the witches he so loathed.

This is the story of a haughty sorceress and a kindhearted beast.


Zero - Yumiri Hanamori
Tiger-san - Tsuyoshi Koyama
Albus - Yo Taichi

Wait... This is completely unrelated to Re:Zero? It's another show that also happens to have Zero kara Hajimeru in the title that is also being done by White Fox?

What is this? A picture for ants?

2017 AOTY

Can't wait for beastality doujinshi

A medieval fantasy that

a.) isn't an isekai
b.) stars a cute witch
c.) witch is also the main badguy (?) but allied with the main goodguy in a promise to grant his wish
d.) isn't an isekai
e.) isn't an isekai

Sign me the fuck up.

>Shimakaze clone

Of course, this is the same artist.

Yes, and it's weird how he just draw another Shimakaze and went with it.

She also doesn't really look like shima at all in the animu. She's got points on her eyelashes, fluffier bangs and less of a deadpan look in her eyes.

Probably the best recent novel series. I was sure it will be getting anime soon.

Witch Shimakaze is fucking amazing.

White Fox seem to be the kind of studio that does about 1-2 shows per year. I think Steins Gate is also next year.

My body is ready.

So is mine.

Imagine a threesome with her and Shimakaze.

They're also going to adapt more Kurogane next, right?
I doubt we'll gonna get new S;G next year, probably on 2018.

wait this really isn't related to Re:Zero?
it's not a prequel?

That eating scene already has sold me.

Does anyone know when in 2017 it is released?

>spring 2017

Yes, you silly.
It's just an unfortunate coincidence that the name is similar and the studio is the same.

Hopefully the production isn't as rushed as Re:Zero's.

Re Zero was still one of the best LN adaptations.

Sequel to re:zero?

Hopefully next year the translations will get a boom.

I predict this anime will have tons of threads next spring

Well it's no 10/10 absolute masterpiece but what we get is pretty good as far as summer titles go. The shame is that it could've been so much better without QUALITY plaguing the second cour. It's really fortunate WF is able to pull their shit together for episode 25.

So do I self insert as the tiger in this one?

At least the second cour wasn't plagued with cg like it was at the start.

No, the little girl

I'm getting Wolf Children vibes, and therefore foresight of bestiality doujins. Is there romance in the story?

>it's not an isekai

Looking forward to it

I'm sold, definitely watching.

What is it with White Fox and white-haired heroines?

Oh hey, it's another thinly veiled battle haremshit!

>Let's throw buzzwords at the story I haven't watched, and see what sticks.

>big loving beast self insert
>multiple girls
Fantasy setting is not important anyhow as nips can't write one decently for shit, and even if they could, the anime will be unfinished like they always are, so it will be nothing but waifu wars and shit.

If you hate it so much what are you doing here? Did you get tired of posting the same in re:zero threads?

>Hanamori Yumiri
As much as I love her and wanted her to score some main roles, sadly it appears she only gets casted for the worst series.

Nice, Zero a cute.

Is that tiger the MC? I have to self insert as a beastman?

They're co-protagonists.

Hope not "co-protagonists" like NGNL's siblings.
That is 90% male, 10% female.
Though the PV alone makes me think they are actually even this time around.

The beast guy is fast and powerful but magic fucks him up. The girl is one of the most powerful witches in the world but she is as strong as her frame indicates and has personality issues.

Ich bin überrascht und verwundert zu gleich, im Gedanken verweile ich.

Well, at least this one is actual fantasy


The beast guy is a pretty cool guy. He has a reasonable personality, is actually pretty tough, and he's overall a cool guy. The only issue is that he's a furry, but one of his goals in life is to stop being a furry, so he's cool in my book.


This has the potential to become the second fantasy anime series I enjoy since Slayers, if they don't go full trainwreck.

>Not wanting a knotted cock
Bitches love knotted cocks, yo. Probably why Witches like making animal familiars.

Fuck off, the furry fagbase is the worst because of their lust for cocks over pussies, gay pride animal fuckers.

How fast is she?

Being a furry has a lot of problems. Can't marry, ostracized since they're abominations born from regular humans, and are hunted by witches because their head's have a magical quality. Doesn't help that they're a furry.

Yeah, I don't fault the guy for not wanting to be an abomination shunned or hunted by all. Just thought it's not so bad to look on the bright side.

The bright side is that he has an extraordinarily tough body, which is why he works as a mercenary. He's not that jaded, it's just that he realizes that being normal would probably be less threatening for him.


>Zero kara Hajimeru
>Made by White Fox
>Genre: Action; Fantasy
>White haired witch is the main girl
Is this some kind of conspiracy? Have I been meme'd?

She created an entire system of fast casting that completely revolutionized magic.

I'm serious.

>trapped in a video game


user, tigers have barbed dicks.

But yeah, I bet witches love those.

Fuck you auto correct...

Fucking hell, I'm dumb.

Yeah, I can't imagine barbed dicks being any fun. Just knowing that cats have rows of tiny claws along their dicks proves to me that there is no god.

Are there summaries of the novels?

I was reading the manga a while go but I wasnt a fan of the art. I might pick up the LN.

Why the fuck do Elevens use "Zero" so much in titles? I've watched like 15 or 20 series called zero something.

There's also the plane.

Is the artist Yoshinori?

>furry shit


Novels are being translated at the glacier nanodesu pace. At least they're being translated. MC furry is a cool guy and not a faggot.

>“If it was okay for ya to slaughter the people who lived in that village without distinction, then it’s okay for them ta kill you witches without distinction too. In the end, it’s just them takin’ revenge for yer revenge, so in other words it’s a just war. Against the witches, that is. I don’t care whether the humans or the witches started the conflict…but that’s what turned the skirmishes into war was the ‘Revels of Revenge’. You witches started this fight. There’s no changin’ that reality.”

Is she going to become Satella or something.



Yen Press'll likely acquire the rights to license the light novels.

As long as he turns into a human, I don't care tbqh.

Anyone else scared the tiger would be a bitch-ass nigga who won't give Zero the knot or at least not have Zero floofing the tiger?

At least he isn't self-insert boytoy #867-5309 who faint from the sight of tit

The tiger is a virgin, not even street whores sell themselves to beastkins.


Seems like a trick to get people into watching. You pick something with similar name and premise despite them having no relation. Like a bandwagon thing.

So, this is all about young Satella, right?

>giant tiger dude

Yes. The tiger MC is Toyota's descendant. Also there is already an anime spinoff where Satella becomes a ship.




thats the reason re:zero was thrown away from whitefox, so... what now?

barbed dick is amazing though

You'll get a better show than the old re zero ever was.