You're killing me here, Amazon

You're killing me here, Amazon.

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Amazon's next day is a fucking lie.

Delivery for user

I'm concerned because it takes two days to ship anything to me. It's got less than 48 hours and it hasn't even shipped yet.
It's supposed to rain on the 4th too

I really. REALLY hope the driver isn't retarded.

You dealings with an internet store isn't anime & manga

Not if you live in a area where their warehouses are located. I sometimes get my shit same say even with their normal free 2 day prime shipping.

>I'm concerned because it takes two days to ship anything to me.
Amazon doesn't care. I ordered something, a book I think, or something. It had that next day order now in the next 6 hours. Took a full week.
Scamming shit.

I don't care if it says guaranteed and it's not guaranteed that's bullshit.

>have prime
>shit takes a week at least to arrive
Such is the life of living in the middle of fucking nowhere.

>have Prime
>live in fucking Hawaii so they don't even offer the 2-day shipping
>it still costs the same as everybody else's Prime for some godforsaken reason

Why even bother?

i don't live i nthe middle of nowhere though either, and that shouldn't matter. They should do what they advertise.

Jews. If only America didn't decide to be a safe haven for them and had let Hitler finish his grand work.


Brother I think you clicked the wrong tab.

are you jewish?

How so? I've been posting about them being greedy and not making deliveries on time.
he probably is. Probably thinks Spezli or whatever the alien fucks name is is a great smart man for jacking up the price 5000% on medicine. Fucking capitalism is a cancer.

No, but there's a time and a place. Cred Forums isn't exactly the place.

For what?

Spice and Wolf sucks dick


>spic and wolf

The wall just got 10 feet higher

Anyone here order a numbered edition copy from Amazon Canada? Should I be worried if they haven't charged me yet? This is the first time I've pre-ordered anything from Amazon

No, Amazon always charges after they ship.



>Ordering manga or light novels from Amazon other than the market place

Enjoy having bent or torn corners. You can get them cheaper on the market place if you look around in brand new condition, managed to snag a Franken Fran omnibus one the month it came out for half the price and it looked brand new.

I've bought a ton of LN's and Manga from Amazon and none of that has ever happened to me.

enjoy not finding a limited edition item without preordering, or paying more.

For example, how to go from $56-70 to $400:

>Amazon mexico
>Get everything in 2 days tops
>So far only one delay because a car got assaulted

Such is life in Mexico

the final solution

Ordered from RightStuf on 8/30, no shipping yet. This is truly despair.

>Order not yet shipped
I am worried

>>So far only one delay because a car got assaulted

Don't complain.

>won't even ship until after its supposed to be released

Yours isn't numbered is it?

Probably doesn't have Prime.

No it is, and I have Prime.

You're getting fucked raw then.

I'm going to get mine autographed in NYC this thursday, What should I have him write?

>tfw both of these while wanting to secure a numbered copy
Hurry, Right Stuf! Before Amazon ships! You can have my money instead and save me $40 with that discount and coupon, but only if you HURRY THE FUCK UP

I know that feeling.

>they both ship at the same time

What do?

I still don't know why, but German amazon is terrible for buying English mango/LNs and almost always ships several weeks late despite preordering months in advance.

>live in Finland
>Amazon doesn't offer Prime, charges a buttload for shipping and won't even ship good portion of items here

Stop whining

Make like a guy who read some economics books and scalp?

It must suck to live in the absolute sticks. 2-day delivery is sometimes the same day for me, and it's next-day about half the time.

One out 30 is not bad.

Poor carrier guy.
Good thing that there is no prime in mexico.

It would be too expensive to be popular.

I'm so jealous rn, I didnt know about the special release until last week and they're not taking anymore orders

>Ordered it last week
>Got confirmation from seller that it is the numbered edition
>Still nervous as fuck
Ships in 1 day. Then 9 nail biting days to get to me

There will be another run.

You just won't get to be in the special club of 2000 faggots.

Last minute buyers go here.

O seven apples on a witch's tree

What is so special about the numbered edition?

Will that be the same price?

Has anyone gotten a confirmation from RightStuf today? I don't know if I made the first 2K or not.

Sometimes I wish I didn't live in buttfuck nowhere.

But I also get that comfy ultra rural life and can have a full day without even leaving my property.

Life is suffering.

Nothing besides it being one of the 2000 first print copies and having a number from 1-2000 written in calligraphy on the very first page

Guys I'm getting kind of worried.

I had the non-numbered reprint pre ordered on amazon, but I found out that target still supposedly had the numbered in stock for $90, as opposed to amazon's $150. I placed the order on target on September 30th

And it's still saying it will arrive a bit after release, but it says backordered. I feel so lost.

I just want spicy wolf bible

Honestly at a loss as to why people like this so much.

Why would a german website sell english books?

Overall, It's actually cheaper to buy it as opposed to each individual novel. So it's a collectors item that is also more convenient and cheaper for people that have been meaning to get into the novel series.

Christ. I remember back earlier this year when Rebuild 3.0 finally got released here in burgerland. Did the pre-order and ended up not getting the fucking thing until at least a month after release.

I might buy more than one then just flip em. Autographed copies of the numbered releases for 300 bucks.

I gotta steal back those neetbux

Bitches and riches

>Hasekura sees you have more than one numbered edition
Do you think he'd be more "fuck yeah economics" or "you are a ass"?

He will barter in a service fee for extra signatures

Is Amazon JP the best place to buy manga?




>Spezli or whatever the alien fucks name is is a great smart man for jacking up the price 5000% on medicin
Guess who is buying Cred Forums.

Amazon is a godsend. I remember when I had to rely on ML.

Those were dark times.

How much was it in the first place?

I payed about 175 for it. So 150 ish usd


Poor brits,I ordered the book for 100€ from de while in britain its like 130€

I wonder if they fixed the formatting differences between novels.
The fonts / sizes aren't the same throughout the series. Plus there's errors like art being on the wrong pages (swapped) and other fun stuff from our ever professional friends at Yen.

I'm too poor to be a buyfag.

>i see you've learned a little about economics

>Spice and Wolf Anniversary Collector's Edition (Numbered Edition)
>Delivery who knows when

Did I get the second batch here?

They wouldnt call second batch a numbered edition,right?

Is this a fake?

>tfw I had to cancel my order today because I need the money somewhere else
Being poorfag is suffering


>had a similar concern
>opened an Amazon
>also got a $40 gift card to put towards it

Living in a country without Prime is suffering.

uk,deutch etc amazon still rock numbered editions.

Are those fake as well?

Book depository? I checked and it seems to be, I'll get my money back if it isnt

>he doesnt live in a major metropolitan area
mah nigga

Try living in Russia.
>two days for parcel to get from Tokyo to Moscow
>twice as much for it to get through dreaded Russian Mail
Returning is even worse. You are almost guaranteed to not return it within window amazon gives you.

Rightstuf just hit my credit card with a pending transaction for the purchase price. I think I'm good.

>live in alaska
>Standard shipping is 2-3 weeks
Fucking hate it

>cancelled me amazon and rightstuf orders in favor of
>'s page for the book is literally gone

>book coming from amazon
>"better cancel the one from rightstuf now that I know that's coming"
>card just hit
Well shit.

How do I know which books online are the numbered ones?

RigthStuf charged me the day I ordered a month ago. Wasn't expecting that.

This user, finally got my order invoice email. Good luck everyone else.

please respond

>non numbered print
Doesnt that say numbered though?

I live in London and most of the time it actually works.

For 50 bucks I will write a number on your unnumbered copy. Even the only quad, 1111.


Damn, they charged me too, but just waiting on the shipping. Even went with expedited shipping.

Still no shipping confirmation. I ordered on August 31.

>new email
>"Your order of.."
>open it
>it's something I ordered a few hours ago

man, it's taking forever

Shipping confirmation received. Boom.

Being yuropean is suffering

Scratch that, got my shipping an hour ago. Can't wait.

>His tome is unnumbered

What a fucking pleb.

For 200 dollars I will buy an user a numbered copy, then get it signed on thursday.

>tfw 3 hour shipping

literally no reason to leave my home

If this is with prime, then every time your order is late, shoot them an email, and they're supposed to give you a extra free month.

I live in NYC so this has never happened to me though. Good luck on your farms.

I live in NYC and I just lie. Never pay for prime.

But it says when it's delivered on amazon, how can you le about that?


I got this ordered too.
I can't wait since I've only ever seen the anime and want to experience the entire story.

You blame the post office. I once ordered 400 dollars worth of parts. Got home and it said delivered but it was nowhere to be found.

I complained and they just sent me a new part next day. Found it a few days later in the backyard.

Late fag here, if I wanted to pick one up should I go here or wait for second print on amazon/rightstuf? This user was questioning it's legitimacy. Don't care about it being numbered

So will this be available again? Or is this a one time deal?

It will be available again, but not the limited numbered edition. There's only 2000 of those.

Do we know when that'll be yet?

It's already up for sale on Amazon for shipping around November 8th.

Might be available other places, too, for cheaper, I haven't really been following the second edition.

>arriving tomorrow
>still no despatch email


>Shipping soon

Amazon please hurry

You're not alone.