OPT - One Page Thread



If only MC didn't look like some scrawny, beta Negima clone.

Love the female designs in this manga.

is she ok?

yes and also it is not she it is jack






my sides


I'm sick of people posting this shit. I don't care if it's a meme, it's fucking gross.




it's also a goldmine of reaction faces

Fuck, I thought this was Bonnouji for a second, but that's another girl-falls-for-glasses-guy manga.
What is this? It looks so familiar.

Oh and last update was 25 February 2016 - 09:31 PM.

Never cared for gender-bending stuff, but from what I've seen in these thread, that manga looks like fun.
Not sure if I want to go down that rabbit hole, though.

Shit, thanks. I read that a while back, but I forgot the mc had glasses too.

Do it faggot. The art is amazing and it's genuinely funny.






Sauce? Google, Yandex, Saucenao, IQDB, and Tineye all give nothing, and searching for Takane just gives a completely different manga.

She was so hot. Why'd she have to die? ;_;

It's a pity the translations are so slow.


it's in the picture
just learn japanese
takane to hana

What is this? I can't find it anywhere.

sauce? reverse image says no




Thanks, user.

That and the MC wins all his battles by either being a Gary Stu or an asspull.

literally filename, are you blind?

>not inherently retarded




Why do people post the same pages every thread? Is it really so hard to save a different page from the same series?

That too but he's not the reason to read it, the old man is.





>God tier color artwork
>shounen comedy

Wooow, holy shit, he does look like Negi, glasses and hair color and everything. Just missing the short status.

what manga is that?


boku no pico



Why doesn't he just watch porn with her?

user, that isn't a she

Now why would you lie on the internet, user?

> what did you forget to tell me earlier
this some shitty french.

Nah the french is correct

Just not something a normal person would say. sounds unatural. Also shouldn't the verb "oublier" be at least in "passé composé" instead of "présent" or something?

Let me guess, these chapters are only available at le sekrit manga klub? that megami goddess thingy.

I haven't even found out how to be a member. It was hard enough getting animebytes.

>I don't know how to google the title and chapter number

you need to be above a certain IQ to get in the club, sorry buddy

I'm French and I see no problem here. He asks her what she keeps forgetting to tell him, it's a figure of speech to let her know that he is aware she is hiding something from him (and thus "constantly forgetting")

I have an IQ of 132 :3

So I have to get into IRC, message a bot to make a username and password, and log in? Sounds pretty hard to me. Especially since I was using #lurk before you were born you newfag :3

woah calm down there pal


Nah I could say that man. And I'm the froggiest.

do it, user. Mizuki is a cutie and deserves your erection.

try googling the names, one of them might be the title

You had an IQ of 132 when you were a little kid. That's what the school psychologist told you. Your parents were very proud. Back then, you had tons of potential to become smart. But your talent has worn down due to lack of exercise. There is no way you can change that, it's too late, you're just as dumb as everyone else, if not more. In fact, you have become so stupid that you cannot even muster the willpower to do anything else than shitposting. You are pathetic.

Check out this lukewarm shitter

Someone give her a glass of water.

Actually I had an IQ of 120 ten years ago, and now it's 132. It went up because I got older. I guess age bonus points. Stay mad bro.

What's the purpose of your post? If you want people to find the source, just put the name in your post. If you don't, just don't reply to people asking for source.


Isn't that the secret fear of everyone here ?

No? My secret fear is japan cranking full time on internet anime piracy.

Nah, I'm smart and I've got an education. I'm just here because I like and watch/read anime and manga. I'm not an elitist, secrit aspergers fanclub member, weeaboo or escapist like the other losers here.


forgot to say you are an autist too

if you were smart you wouldn't be replying to posts like this

Exact thing a shut-in without any friends would say

Intelligence doesn't necessarily correlate with wisdom.

Literally everyone would have been better off if these two had never met. She doesn't deserve friends.


How about teaching people how to find the source on their own? Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime



Millennials have found Cred Forums. They expect everything to be thrown at them, and get flabbergasted when they don't get everything for free.

Half images posted here have no characer names whatsoever to begin with. That teaching is as bad as learning science through religion

If you answer a sourcefag:
>X anime

People who get buttblasted over sourcefags
>10 replies saying lurk more
>People arguing back and forth
>Derail thread

I'd rather give source and end it there than have an elitist little shit thinking that telling someone how to google a fucking cartoon makes him a huge hero and thinks it's equivalent to teaching a man how to procure sustenance.

It's a nice tip, but I'm also trying to find that source and it really doesn't help this time.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use starting birth years ranging from the late 1970s to early 1980s and ending birth years ranging from the mid-1990s to early 2000s.

So you're either one or you're way too old to be here.


pic title, buddy.

>Up in batoto
>Up in helvetica's website
Nice bait user

Vinland Saga user, it's in the filename.

>So you're either one or you're way too old to be here.

u wot mate? how old do you think the oldfags hanging around here are?

My bad, thank you anons.

It wasn't yesterday, and someone said it was translated up to chapter 26 yesterday. Alothugh you have flawless reasoning, the reason for my mistake was because I was to lazy to check it out again today, not because I wasn't able to check out the websites.

If they're over 35, too old. I'm 25 and been lurking since 2007 and it's already disgusting.

But on a serious note, complaining about people based on their age is ridiculous, it's no one's fault that they were born when they were born.

why is she giving him the world's tiniest dinner table?


Revenge is best celebrated with gloating and ice cream sundae.

>But on a serious note, complaining about people based on their age is ridiculous, it's no one's fault that they were born when they were born.

No it's not, generations follow patterns. Millennials are ruining the world, they don't want to work and create growth. Our Western society is going to go down south because of the millennial generation.

That's a buzzer for quiz contests.

>I would rather make this place turn to shit than make it better

Asking for source is fine if you've tried everything and failed. Asking for source that can be found within 30 seconds through Google or Yandex is just making you look like a goddamn retard regardless of whatever excuses you make.

You ahev two whole names. Just type them along with "manga" into a search engine and you'll instantly get a result.

why would a buzzer have a miniature wineglass?

>Millennials are ruining the world, they don't want to work
They're fucking 10 year old


The western society is going down the drain because of many things, and millenials are really one of the lesser issues at this point.

Right now the main problems are idiotic pension, the idea of "independence" that can't be actually supported by the current social structure and incompetent handling of work positions that has experts with decades of experience doing menial shit that can be taught to any birdbrain in half a day.

pretty funny and im shippin the biker with mc girl


Translated, not typesetted, you dingus

> Search as hard as you can
> Only thing you find is old Cred Forums thread without the orginal source.

What do now?

Its about being an elitist autist

Ask for source or post on /wsr/

blame (((moot)))

>He actually does have enemies.

what manga is this

do they fugg?

It is a glass meant for containing waves of particulate lights rather than waves of liquid beverages.

Well, he didn't have any at that point, now it's a bit different


>Its about being an elitist autist

I think you should have written elite autist or autistic elite. Elitist autist sounds wrong.

This is pretty good.


Stop being an elitist autist

Do you know how i found the source of your image? A Cred Forums thread from 2014 with pseudo-elitist retared posters in it.

This manga is good guys?

is this Captain Tsubasa?

When's the new chapter?

never it got cancelled

That's not funny user.


There aren't enough manga translated in shitty backwater Australian.

>text posters

>not brown


Where can I find that translations or is it only a page like that? I found the originalUneasy Swelling

I think so.

Thats sad

ok, I've tried saucenao, tinyeye and google search; I also used the reverse search app and looked through the goddamn archives. If you don't want to give me the source at least give me a clue.

You see that filename? You can search it, you know. You don't HAVE to reverse image search when the name is right there.
Search IB on your site of choice, user.


Google, Yandex, iqdb, saucenao, "View same" do not yield the name.

In old times, the only emoticon allowed was ;_; . Now people don't even bother calling me out on it.

People probably just assumed you were shitposting, and you clearly were.

I managed to collect a lot of (You)s though.

>frankly, I want to fuck her

and she did.

But it actually works.
I image searched it, googled the names while in image search mode, found another page of the same manga and got the title from there.

how many years till it resumes?

holy shit that's hilarious.

>Search IB on your site of choice
So assuming this is hentai I searched in 3 different sites and got about 700+ results. Still nothing. Can I get an author name?



I don't watch to crush your dreams but its not hentai

Well, going from "IB" to "Instant Bullet" isn't a trivial step.

Incidentally, searching the filename only brings another result, a thread where people ALSO complained why someone didn't read the filename.

Well since you tried, it's ib - Instant Bullet, it isn't hentai. Enjoy, user.

It's on Batoto bro.

yeah, you'd be shooting bullets instantly through his dreams...

Instant Bullet is fucking shit anyway and nothing like what that page posted. Just go read Kaguya Wants to Be Confessed To instead.

No, but ib is usually included in the title when searching for it so I figured people would be able to find it that way. It's also about getting people to try different methods before asking, that way they don't necessarily have to rely on someone giving them the answer. If they still can't find it after putting in the effort I have no problems telling them what it is.

Looking at all the opt threads I'm pretty sure the whole point is to trick people into reading shit, axed, and dropped series

What's the consensus on crops here?

>Read Immortal Hounds because this chick is posted every other thread

>She's a minor character who promptly gets BTFO after her appearance
>Wasn't even disappointed as superior girl was main girl

Then it got dropped by the scanlators the day I picked it up. That's my life.

>Posting image of worst girl
I didn't hate cropping but now I'm not so sure.

My personal view is that if you're gonna post a crop, you should leave some information that can be used to find it.


where the FUCK are the updates for this? its been fucking ages

poor lancer bro

I think he means this which seen very familiar but I can't remember its name or story at all.

>the bloody butterfly chapters

It updates spradicaly. Basically whenever the author and artist make time to make a new chapter. It's scanlations are current.

That being said It's not very good.

When Cred Forums dies because ads brought shit revenue, I hope you all realize that these pointless arguments were part of 4chans downfall.

Also, that one manga with the super horny chick posted earlier? Updates never.

>When Cred Forums dies because ads brought shit revenue, I hope you all realize that these pointless arguments were part of 4chans downfall.
Cred Forums will die for a lot of reasons. It's arguably dead now and just circling the drain.

But shitposting isn't one of them. If that were true then Cred Forums would have been the death of us years ago.


What kind of disgusting manga is this ?


This shit looks pretty kawaii nigga


The author and artist of that manga do it for fun, there could be a new chapter tomorrow or in a year

Shit is irregular

I hope this doesn't get shit.

This is going to get 100x gayer isn't it.

There's a Raidou Kuzunoha manga?

Thanks for the clarification.

vol6 never

Still searching for the Hentai parody of itself.
Can find the other shit from the author but not for this series.




>it is not hentai
You giant niggers made me lurk like a faggot for a piece of shit non-hentai manga? I had to read over 20 doujinshis with similar art from the IB results I got from exhentai, nhentai and hitomila. My dick has been erected for 2 hours hoping I would finally find this shit and stroke the pain out of my balls. My dreams of fapping to a cute porn addict loli have been crushed. I didn't think it was even possible to be blue balled in Cred Forums goddamnit.

I'm not falling for this again faggots.

If only this wasn't an edit...

Source for this page?


This shit is great.

Well, you could still fap to it. Use your imagination.

if you really can't find anything, then someone would help you out if you posted the image or linked to which one youre talking about

IB - instant bullet, by the author of kaguya wants to confessed, as well as the #1 manga thread on Cred Forums.


>Wow this looks cu—



That kind of manga where demons gets raped (by humans) and does the rape (to humans).

I remember dropping this cos i couldn't get past the age difference. still in my backlog. who's the fellow though? i hope he's not actually a love interests. looks like one of their imaginary kids

>dude what are you doing?
>im dancing with a ghost

The kangaroo one

haven't been in one of these threads in a while. I see saucefags still derail threads. luckily not as much as before

If you are looking for something to read, please consider
It's really rough at times, but it's kind of its own things and I'm glad it exists,

Makes me glad when I see more people posting it

That shit goes into tragedy, dawd.

Saucenao > Yandex > Tineye > Google > Desuarchive > Ask for sauce WHILE contributing (post an image, don't be a lazy cunt)

easy steps. apparently too complicated to follow

stopped coming to these threads because of saucefags.



Nothing on Google, Yandex, iqdb, saucenao.






>Love is Hard Between Otaku
anything to help me out?

Can some please tell me what the shit is happening in this image? The curiosity is killing me

by definition, a crop isn't a page, so.




post some pages with character designs, I've learned those get me interested in a series better than lewdness or shocking gore.

He's raping the girl and he shoots in her mouth with a shotgun while cumming






I got you yo
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii


Man, it feels so good when after a really long search you find the manga you where searching for

>instead of just ignoring them
bahaha that's pathetic

Next month, we only got Canine Saga this one

Don't get your hopes up, though. Translation never, it's been out for about a decade.





is this a hentai?


No, something new from the author of Haganai about imoutos.

Does that mean all the best girl threads and posts are made by females?


>why complain about shitposters instead of just ignoring them
>why care about furries and ponyfags instead of just ignoring them
>why care about Cred Forums posters instead of just ignoring them
>why complain about shitters and newfags instead of just ignoring them

you're part of the problem


What the fuck is this manga


He's raping a girl, but it's not really the person he thinks that he's raping.
The girl befriended a demon without knowing and the demon took her form (while she sleeps), saving her from certain death.

>Latest Release(s)
>c.3 by Ravens Scans (130d ago)
>c.2 by Ravens Scans (149d ago)
>v.1 c.1 by Haru Haru Scans (260d ago)

>Status in Country of Origin
>1 Volume (Ongoing)
>Ends at Chapter 13

why'd he wait till after he got raped to kill them?


Because it feels good


Feels good


>use neat pages
>get lazy dumbasses begging
>report them

works every time

got me to chuckle
picked up

>uses emoticons

Has anyone actually read this and can explain that page? I'm not nearly that far along and I don't intend to finish it but what the hell?

Ah, this is by the author of SE. He has the same overall plot for all of his manga (Early 20s adult male has crazy romance with High School Girl) yet I can't stop reading.

Didn't read the fucking thread please delet

OPT in a nutshell, everyone.

Im pretty sure its LittLE 13. I don't think there is that many chapters of it out. I think its ongoing with only a volume so far

OTPs aren't for baiting people into shitposting or begging though.

I dont think this deserves its own thread ao I'll ask here; I'm looking for a manga and I'm pretty sure it was posted in the last OPT.

Guy studying for tokyo u cant study because of his childhood friend who does kendo.


Before your post is deleted for asking:
Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!


gratitude, friend.

goes to shit in the "school survival arc"

you're right. and it's a quick way to get banned making a thread asking to be spoonfed. try contributing next time when asking for help too

answer is Amano megumi

theres only 3 chapters translated

Why do only the source asking posts get deleted and all the other shitposts stay?

Of course, they're for baiting people into reading series that have no translations or get axed quickly.

Descending upon faggots like a swarm of angry bees is just the only good way to handle shit hats.

Well take a look at OP, then tell me if a cropped image actually fits the purpose of the thread.

Because the mods are the biggest trolls on the site.

this looks interesting

Is it over, right?
how did it end?



His nephew I think.

143 reporting in


Kutsuzure sensen




Translations never

pretty recent one

more of that shit

Ito Junji


S(he) wins

132 :3 so... 44?

cute not yandere.

Mishiro-san to Yamada-kun



That's pretty kinky. Why go through the trouble of reaching into another dimension to take off your panties instead of just reaching down?



>remember this image from years ago thinking it was hilarious
>just now noticing for the first time his shoe has a knife in it




Does not change the fact that she now has four usable holes.


S-so, is Cobain a rival or a friend? I need a last push to read this again

What the fuck man

God I hate "Cute girls in (insert any scenario here)" stuff but the expression on the black haired girl in the third panel is too fucking good. The perfect "What the fuck, man?"

>hours of my time wasted
>they dont end up together
Fuck you man like seriously fuck you


Wait how does it end? Did she turn back to a guy for good or something?


>not raping his cute friend that now has a tight vag

he really was a bro





Yeah just states he's going to big tits girl. It was a real bummer and it ruined my night

Everyone in this thread is now drafted into the skeleton war.


Did Takeru win?

It was all an elaborate ironic ruse, r-right?


If you were to summarize this as "guy giving girl head" without the picture, I totally would've expected some /d/ material.


Source? SOURCE?

Googled it, cant find shit.

>that shitastic ending

the author finally went off the deep end.

The right way.

Why does only japan contain the true stories of hitler?

Pretty sure that's goblin slayer



Is there any other cool manga like Groundless?

I like old school guns and cute girl snipers.

The Sansons will only get gayer, Antoinette and von Fersen will only get straighter, and our boy Louis will only get more NTR'd.


>Google says it's monochrome photography
>SauceNao says it's Ane Ana
I say it's probably neither of those things.

Could I bother for source I couldn't find anything



Last time I checked into late night Cred Forums there were several of us discussing how we miss the days of hard subbing anime character using college equipment. There's too many of us that are far too old here.

try this
WWI era military academy

it's more like the early 1800s



I'd say 1850s or something like that.

Old-style thinking and tech is on the way out as newer, deadlier tech moves in.

it's in the picture (just search for komori)

Holy shit.

>lurking since 2007

Kill yourself cancer.

You mean to tell me she lived through that?

Thanks I'm having Internet problems so I can't see anything that well


>Elias looks like a modern gentleman shaman
>Is actually some kind of horror that even he can't identify
>Expected some kind of story-driven plot
>Get cute wizard girl doing cute things with story bits here and there instead

I like this series, I really do, but what the FUCK is the point of the story anymore?

Judging from the artstyle, it seems to be by Takeda Hiromitsu

When will things ever get better for her?


S-sauce, please?









She didn't

Haven't caught up yet but looks like As The Gods Will Second Series, I've always been a fan of these sort of survival game manga so I liked it. The faction arc was dumb to me though. I'll probably edit if I'm wrong



What is this again?
Imagesearch gives nothing.


>looks like As The Gods Will Second Series
that's correct

Seriously? It looked like cute romance

kill yourself

Is this the new god tier?
Shall it close this gaping hole in my heart?

But srs mc best girl

Where the fuck are the mods nowadays?

Have you guys seen any forum where spoonfeeding is allowed?

Basically every other fucking question is a someone asking a retarded question and given an answer.

I don't want to go on a rant on why we DONT PROVIDE SOURCES, but you should understand.

OPT threads are not about providing fresh materials for newfags, this is intended to spark discussion and let someone know of new or obscure works.

Anyways here's some gold for you, if you can find it.

sauce? Google or iqdb give no results.

Why does she hold the baguette like a retard?

Bocu no Pico

Elfen Lied

This manga is cute. Thanks user.

meh, I prefer the original pic

Thanks a lot.


wish they'd scan more of this
I need more teacher and student provocation

how do I search desuarchive?
....source. All other options have so far only supplied copious amounts of yaoi...

>courtesy of user
I don't know which one of you faggots did this but thank you

Ah, got it...that saito-kun series


>OPT threads are not about providing fresh materials for newfags, this is intended to spark discussion and let someone know of new or obscure works.
haha good one

>not having an IQ OVER 9000!
pleb plz

>A male yandere appeared


>author introduced three yandere
>got bored of it
>introduced another one but a male version

Oh wow will MC's male friend becomes one too?

How i miss this manga so much

Sugar mafia man was the best thing out of Monster.

Start a One Crop Thread if you wanna do that.

>no Misato
Fuck these guys.

Not a picture of a crow.

He hasnt met the MC yet so who knows


Rip and Tear, you say?

I'm going to keep posting this until someone picks it up.

Source for this?


Mob Psycho?

Everyone's reading that already


>barely anything translated or released

I just read this. It's kind of pointless shit.


Can't believe this got canceled two vol in

download page you want to find
go to desuarchive and on the search menu, drop the page onto image hash

Yeah, also scans never

Every thread

I should read this i guess


The Demon monk had it easy there.



The uniforms are from anywhere between the 1700s and the 1800s, the weapons are a mixture of early-to-late 1800s (they're using some kind of early bolt-action style rifle, except it's carbine-lenght for whatever reason, and the machine gun-like weapons are clearly based on French Mitrailleuse volley guns from the 1860s), and the tactics are roughly what where used in 19th century battles (they're forming an infantry square, probably best known from the Napoleonic wars but it also remained in use in one way or another afterwards).


>not about providing fresh materials
>let someone know of new or obscure works

>I'm sorry, we can't operate on a baby filled with spaghetti sauce