Is this how American witches travel?

Is this how American witches travel?

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No, they travel in flying fat cars.


American women could never pull off that outfit

>the butt
>the thighs
I would like to grope

Only the blacks and the Mexicans ride automatics.

So are they gay?

That's how they breed.

Gay witches ride rainbows. And each other.

Why F/a/ggot are so obsessed about this yuri animu?


from what i gather it looks like a blatant clone of strike witches.
Im definitely going to watch this, I hope they dont butcher the story like they did in SW S2

Do you think the site hurts her bat and groin?

>yfw she turns it upside down, rides the trigger and uses it with her magical vagina

Of course not.
We killed all the witches in 1693!

>horriblesubs link greyed out
oh well

Granted she's siting backwards, yes. Muzzle should be the propellent

>>yfw she turns it upside down, rides the trigger and uses it with her magical vagina
Well she would NEED to turn it upside down, that part of the gun she is sitting on gets really hot when firing.

Fly without pantsu is soo good.

It's the only decent one that aired on this season so far.

She is Austrian, you mongolid.

because you're waifu is gay too

Turns out princess design goes back even further than Wakaba.

That is to say, either he likes it or bunbun sameface strikes again.

But its boring shit

Threadly reminder that Hitler only slaughtered 3 gorillion jews.

>Threadly reminder that Hitler only slaughtered 3 gorillion jews in Poland


So, is this just another anime about useless princess who wants to start a rebelion but can´t do shit alone?

Threadly reminder that the holocaust didn't happen.

No, this is Austrian witch.

No, Fine seems to be capable princess.
She's not walking Deus Ex Machina tho.

Does your princess´s princesses give hope and desire?

>two not-ww2 post apocalypse witch anime this season

>Both mediocre

You are, without a doubt, a sad and despicable man.

So, German will win this time?

I would like to remind you to consider where you are

Is this the Junketsu no Maria sequel?


Sha la la laaaaa


>So, is this just another anime about useless princess who wants to start a rebelion but can´t do shit alone?

Gundam would KILL to have princesses like Fine (or even Yui from Regalia)

is she riding an anti-material rifle?
does she fire it while she's riding it?
if so, where does the expended brass go?

i'm so confused

Fine will end up getting married to the Emperor in order to save her country, but on the day of the wedding Izetta will blast her way into the ceremony and save Fine from that terrible fate.

Anti-tank rifle, and she hasn't fired it yet.
The brass would probably just get ejected as normal and then go wherever it goes.

You'd rather that she do it side-saddle?

The only Yuri in this show is on the Eastern front user.

Witches don't ride on brooms, they use them to levitate.

A sad and despicable man with great taste.

I thought witches need at least panties to fly.

>So, is this just another anime about useless princess

It seems so. The aldnoha zero vibes are strong in a bad way

>actually watching this lazy garbage

threadly reminder that german anons could get arrested for saying this

>Witches don't ride on brooms, they use them to levitate.
And the only reason they used brooms was because it was the feminine counterpart to the masculine pitchfork. Devils used pitchforks and witches use brooms. That's where it originates.

Of course it is. She indeed is about to annihilate Germania.

>what if instead of hitler austria made a yuri mary sue

There's no supr-speshul autist MC yet, which places it head and shoulders above Aldnoah in my book.

Does someone from the animation studio have a foot fetish?

Do you?

kill all the goyim.

Who's the Mary Sue? the princess?

was about to pick it up. Thanks for sparing me the trouble, OP

>the capital is neu berlin

Only because he has no hope to truly grope.

What a cute pair of boys!


I don't think this is animated that badly to be honest.

>Not being Nazis themselves and joining Germany voluntarily

Yeah, after the war, apparently everyone was an anti-nazi justice warrior.

I guess so. It is the Saori Hayami character after all

They just followed the orders you fuck.
I swear to god, if I see some foreign shithead talk like he knows how people felt back in WW2, I get so mad.
My great grandpa died in Auschwiz he fell down the guard tower.

But that still doesn't give you faggots the right to blame our countries.

When's the main male MC going to come in to this anime? Is he going to be one of the Nazi's and go over to the bad side with the two other girls?


Even today, they are openly proud of being nazis and proud of being racists. Just Germany itself is barred from doing that forever.

This show is historical revisionism, trying to twist the war-guilt of these small countries and load it off on Germany.

In reality, the Princess was voluntarily sucking the Emperor's charismatic cock, and sending her best men to serve in the SS Einsatzgruppen.

>post apocalypse

Is this Kiki's Delivery Service in WW2?

No, Kiki wears pantsu. Izetta, not.

German uniforms were so fucking cool.

No pan best pan

He is here though.

This one and what, Vivid Strike?

I thought the ancient G̶e̶r̶m̶a̶n Belkan wars were just some generic conflict and not anything specific to say wwii about 'em

Brave Witches you dolt.

Wow, this season's drowning in magical girls.

The fuck happened?

One of my brothers in arms has assumed direct control of anime. Now it's moe way, or highway.

It would be nice to have some fact and speculah charts like with Sora no Woto.
This serie have some potential

guns don't kill people
witches kill people

did you not catch the end credits? its going to be a rom-com with nazis and lesbians

It's not. Just like Haifuri and GATE, whoever animates the military equipment does a great job.

>panzer IV's were more or less accurate for mid to late 1930's
not bad

Agreed, seeing the early Panzer IV (probably a D) and Stukas was pretty good, though it was a bit obvious they only had budget for a few vehicle types.

Still, they even got the bomb dropping mechanism right.

>Bolt-action PTRS


>only had budget for a few vehicle types.
which was too bad. I would've liked to see some captured czech and french vehicles too

But she's a German riding on a Ruskie gun.

The glorious Austro-Hungarian Empire would like to disagree with you.

Eh, maybe some Panzer IIs instead.

>it has a bolt
>it must be bolt-action
it was top-secret material being sent to germany for study. doesn't mean it was german

Are you saying that just because it has a bolt-handle?

>Comparing Kudelia to Fine
In just one episode she's shown more charisma and determination than Kudelia did in the 25 or so episodes of IBO S1.

I think it's somehow to similar to call it sameface, and would go for just a design he really likes. And I would agree that it's a good one.

She was clearly fighting on the side of the Austrians and she was captured in Austria.
It's only reasonable to believe that she is in fact Austrian.

>Panzer IV's


and in season 2 she's still acting naive as fuck. the libertis guy told her some information to see how she would react and he she totally fell for his bait. in this anime, the princess doesn't fall for it all

There's a difference?

only after WW1, technically. a lot of the soldiers fighting for germany in WW2 were taking back their old birthplaces

The ones in
are pz4

until Hitler convinced them to do a fusion dance German and Austrian were VERY distinct ethnicities.

yes, and?

plus that part was taken from a flashback on the invasion of not-france, which would've been accurate as panzer IVs weren't their main tank at that point

Right there in your own goddamn image.

There is another scene where there is Panzer IV.

>they actually show them with the stub howitzers
Im disgusted, yet still impressed

Its interesting that the soldier's uniforms look WWI French.


Those are Pzkpf II

I had a bit of a brain fart there. I'll blame it on her covering the rest of the bolt.
Better question is, what are they doing in the hands of Germans a year before they entered service?

I thought that was weird too.

I was calling out your shit tastes in panzers
3 > 4

That's a Pz III MBT

>pz II
how the hell can you not recognize a Tiger when you see one?

Yes, the difference should be obvious if you consider how the Austrian empire managed to build their, considering their methods, ridiculously large Empire.

It wasn't convincing as much as it was "convincing".

they called it a prototype

thats definitely a famas

American witches travel of flying scooter

>He can't tell those are Stugs

imagine if hitler wasn't obsessed with the panther and just focused on the chassis' they had with continuing to use mobile, combined warfare. I'm convinced hitler was replaced by a reptillian sometime before the first winter in russia, and purposefully made bad choices so germany wouldn't win.

>Better question is, what are they doing in the hands of Germans a year before they entered service?
This Kraut put it nicely.

I'm pretty sure these are Königstigers.

It's a deagle, retards

Is cleary a sherman revalorisé

those are some cool warplanes, those are called f35s right?

they weren't exactly friends. germany might have thought so, but russia sure hadn't forgot ww1. the only reason they held back was because their horrible defeat had let the bolsheviks get control.

germany didn't have any problem letting the russians know what they were doing often letting them go on grand tours of their panzer factories, but the germans had no idea about the T34 until it first showed up on the battlefield. they also didn't know much about their production capabilities east of moscow

looks like a Glock to me


thats some CSI level of technowizardry user. how'd you do that?

For having perfectly natural interests? This demonization of sexuality needs to stop.

Those are cleary Ha-Gos

was there a pre-screening for episode 2?

Where the hell did Germany Shermans from in 1939?

These are clearly T-34

Less shit magic and more politics.

can be ?


So like are people absolutely sure this isn't a Sunrise series cause first episode animation quality aside, I mean like......

>Action Princesses
>Starts with country on it's heels against a Germanic faction employing previously unseen tactics against it
>Vaguely sinister "ally" country that seems like it'll be more of a lawful evil than anything like an Earth Federation
>Saori Hayami Speeches
>Just when things look hopeless savior Macguffin arises out of a capsule and shit starts exploding everywhere
>Shochiku as a producer

W need a mysterious masked NotChar character.

I thought the Berckmann dude that was following her around all episode is the Char. They're also bringing in a supporting character that's voiced by one of the Love Lives soon so yeah.

>a supporting character that's voiced by one of the Love Lives
Which one?

>that butt
it could receiver my cleaning rod

fucking nazis m8 are you even giggle m8? I'll bash yo fucking ead in i swear on me mum.


Neat. She was one of the better ones.

That's not a dick, so no.

Is that a FAMAS?

Yes, the ones in the rear are Panzer IV Ds

thats a colt SAA
its got 6 shots and can kill any living thing

So far witches are rare with only one witch confirmed.

Magic seems to not be reliant on technology.

Also WW2 where Germania are antagonists (And totally !NotNaziGermany)

>Izetta saves the princess at the last second, and together they fly into the besieged Eylstadt. Thanks to her sorcery, Izetta is able to push back the invading forces. Now known as the "Red-Haired Witch", she has become a symbol of hope in a world where opposing the Germania Empire was but a pipe dream. She demanded but one thing for her services: Princess Finé herself.

>But, there were reasons why witches all but went extinct. Izetta’s forbidden power comes with dark secrets, and what once brought hope may very well lay waste and devastation. How will this story about two girls trying their best in a cruel world end?

Is this legit? I found it on tvtropes so it's probably bullshit, but.

It's from the site.

The series' website? I don't see anything about Izetta demanding Fine herself in exchange for her service and whatnot there.

Oh shit, I didn't see that part. Yeah tvtropes probably added that in.

I do remember reading something about the nickname "Red-Haired Witch" and how she's destroying the notNazis on her own though.



I think I know why they added that in. The promotional line was "If you promise this to me Princess I'll fight for you" or something like that but the mistranslation on MAL was "If the Princess is promised to me then I'll fight for you".

>Izetta needs mana from the princess
I'd be on board with it.

She didn't seem useless at all. She escaped that train car by noticing a hatch and jumping at an opportune time.
She just can't stand up to armed gunmen or entire armies.

So, at least we can expect Izetta to ask something from the princess in exchange for her help. That's nice. I thought she was going to help merely out of loyalty. That would have been lame. I like that Izetta has a goal of her own.

It was pretty common to see the smaller European powers wearing outdated uniforms from a war or two ago, hence the Belgians showing up to WW1 in mid 19th century shakos. The French supplied a lot of arms and supplies to the entente and its allies in the great war, and licensed the design of its helmets out to like 20 countries after, so it wouldn't be all that surprising to see liechtenstein's soldiers rocking Adrian helmets.

Lurk before you post nigger

Why are you naming Attack helicopters when it is clearly an Boeing Ah-64 Apache

Feels like it

>inb4 she just asks her not to marry anyone
In all seriousness though, I don't think she has any goals other than "HIME-SAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA".

It's going to be something cliche like "Promise me you'll be safe".

Sitting on that site must be very uncomfortable / pleasurable.

Yeah, she's...what do we call it? Right, human.

She'd be a fine lead in a WW2 spy movie. Physically and mentally capable, very situationally aware (She was the first to notice the plane falling) and very strong willed.

I can only hope you're wrong. If only because that would be pretty fucking lame.

You must be mistaking it for the rare 1000 folded 1000 fold katana, which is way ahead of WW2 and our time

Just got done hearing two cours worth of "MUH HIME-SAMA", I suppose I can handle one more.

It definitely looks like a Famas to me.

Of course it's going to be loyalty user. Izetta as a character is tied to Fine.

Did you hit your head senpai because you're saying weird things

wow that's nice

changed my fapping plans for the evening

oh my

I know she must hold some loyalty. I just wouldn't like it if that's the main reason she decides to help. I would prefer if she has some personal goal as the reason.

But that's just me. Let's wait and see.

how can miki possible satisfy lori's anal desires?

Lori isn't into anal you retard.

>I would prefer if she has some personal goal as the reason
That would be lame and borderline treacherous. Fine saved her as a child and is the reason why she's free again.

Her demanding something more of her wouldn't make sense.

>Fine asks Hime-Sama to make her a promise in ep 2, but as she's a loyal witch who maintains her bargains, she won't demand payment until the job is done
>Izetta goes the entire show never telling Fine what she wants
>hangs over Fine's head in an almost disturbing way
>built as a secondary plot-point the entire time
>eventually, Germania are defeated, and Elystadt free
>Izetta finally tells Fine what she wants
>I already have it, Hime-Sama, you're my best friend!


Then why is she the Anal Queen (capital A capital Q)?

World War 2 anime with Thunderbolts when?

>Fine saved her as a child
And she saved Fine in this episode. They're even. Now if the princess wants more help, she'll have offer something more in return.

she could pay with her body

He must have gotten confused because of the voice actor.

>And she saved Fine in this episode
She would've never woken up if Fine didn't tamper with the capsule. Also because she recognized her voice.

They mentioned the legend of the White Witch was something unique to Elystadt.
She doesn't have white hair, but she is a witch. There must have been more of her.
Izetta's people may be withering and dying out, so the securing of their future, and protection of their mutual homeland may be a solid intersecting goal.

She woke up because they were flying about her forest. The spirits started gathering and fucked up the plane.

Izetta will just want something mushy like "Let me be your protector now."

In the preview Izetta asks if Fine will be her hope, so I think she wants Fine to do something for her. Not sure what could that be though.

In the summary Fine was traveling around the countryside with her grandmother when she was little.

I don't think the title is lying. Izetta having her own faction is unlikely.

I'm hoping the Nazis develop a science witch and she's the main antagonist

>nazi witch
already been done

Fucking this.

>In the summary Fine was traveling around the countryside with her grandmother when she was little.
You mean Izetta. And she travelling to hide her powers. Her people was probably chased away from her homeland and hunted down. If she really is the last of her people, maybe what she wants from Fine is to give back her homeland after she wins this war for her. If Fine becomes Archduke, she'll have the political power to make it happen.

Mahoutsukai no Yome already confirmed AOTY compared to this trash not even real witch shit

I'm hoping it's not something as boring and shit as that.

Nazis will probably hunt for and obtain a bunch of other magical artifacts similar to them in Indiana Jones.

Only healthy blacks ride those in the US.

I'm pretty sure I heard the Nazi guy near the beginning say the Weiss Hexe, the Legend of the White Witch was unique to her homeland. So even if she was traveling, that just means Izetta was, too. The origination point remains the same.
It does contradict the title, admittedly, but I've seen shows pull similar things. Perhaps she's the last witch with power, or the last one able to act, and she wants Fine's resources to restore her clan? Would make for a decent meeting point of interests.

The sad and despicable man is you. I am sorry for your condition.

She's the God Empress of the Enastrian Empire, you cur.

>God Empress
I like how this isn't even an exaggeration.

Not that I really liked SAO but I do think that the animation character design was fine.

Nah mate, I've seen fat fucks of every race, sex and creed ride those things.

Well, the actual title is "Izetta of the End." The "last witch" thing is a subtitle, and it's in German so I'm not sure if it's to be taken as face value.

Yeah, it's a natural thing, far more normal than any kind of repression of sexuality.

I blame religion and more recently feminism.

For a first episode, I guess this was Fine.

It's definitely going to be the man with the golden gun that becomes a char.

>tfw this scene triggered my IL2 sturmovik PTSD

>the man with the golden gun
But will he have a kickass theme?

>Perfidious Britannia



Is Scaramanga even alive? He was in the tail section that got blown up, with no magical girlfriend to catch him on the way down.

If he survived, I hope they at least have a good explanation.
Or have Nazi Science turn him into a cyborg.

It would be funn if the guy with the golden gun turn out to be like Dr. Ver

The frying pan saved him.

If anyone's going to unexpectedly survive it's this guy.
The train scene where they drop into the car and find Izetta reeks of code geass already

>with no magical girlfriend to catch him on the way down.
That will be the twist when they bring him back in episode 9

How is the anime? Worth it?

Lolis doing cute things with their imoutos and nice 2D robot fights in the background. I'd say it's worth it.

It's great.

Sold. Thanks anons. Feels like either it will be so bad it is good or it will surprise me.

Where the fuck do you think you are?

Haven't gotten caught back up with the restart but the eps that aired last season were pretty fun.

is it confirmed yuri? im fine either way, just curious

Of course not.

>just curious
That's what they all say, lady.

>Princess has to make heirs
>Witch has to repopulate her kind
I wouldn't mind some tongue action between the two but it's not their endgame.

Getting pretty meh reviews, but I can tell all the casuals are not the target audience like I am. Picked up.

What if it's a witch (male)?

>Princess has to make heirs
Nope. She already has a pregnant relative.

If she gives up the throne or dies I suppose that would matter.

Calm down. Cred Forums isn't even that bad compared to the rest of Cred Forums.

Only 5 eps?

You do know that not all monarchs have had children, right? The important thing is that there's an indisputable legitimate heir, which there is.

It was from last season but got postponed, the episodes are back to being regularly released now.

Yeah they restarted the whole thing.

Do you know how succession works senpai?

Where the fuck do you think you are, normalfag?

Great, so I can catch up?

Yeah, ep. 6 is in like two days.

I look forward to the post-airing threads. Thank you good anons for recommending this.

>despicable person
>for wanting to grope that nice ass and thighs
You gay son?

>What is PTRD?

>What is PTRD
Not the rifle she's riding is what it is


Maybe it's not THE PTRD but it's obviously based on it.


>Selvaria 2.0

Is that a Tiger?

Here's your reply.

Germany sciene and magic



Just started ep 1. It is great. Cute girls.

No, it's a PTRS.

Stroheim vs Izetta WHEN?



Did somebody actually wear these stupid pastel blue uniforms in WW2?
Valkyria Chronicles has them too.

France. It's supposed to help you blend in when silhouetted against the sky. Helmets are French pattern.

Rifles look like some half-hearted MAS Mle.36 too.

The very early war German uniforms were a pretty light grey and the Luftwaffe ground forces wore blue uniforms. Most countries realized it was stupid during WW1, but it wouldn't be surprising if some of the perpetually-neutral nations kep them around.

>stupid pastel blue
The camouflage is on the back



What I find funny is the inaccuracy.
Eylstadt is supposed to be Austria from what it seems.
Now the thing is that Germany or the third reich only send troops to it after the government decided to go against the public vote to join and become a part of Germany.
Apparently a huge majority of the populace,something akin to 90% voted pro Germany.
The government body did not like that and that is why Germany send troops.

Nowadays Austria seems to not like to speak about this.
They prefer to take a victim role despite Hitler being austrian and the majority of the people back then being pro Germany.

>Apparently a huge majority of the populace,something akin to 90% voted pro Germany.
It was actually 130% in favor

It's not Austria, smarty pants. It's a fictional country around Tyrol's area. Austria is to its east.

Izetta is CUTE.

looks like free clay to me

>thanks user

>i'm going to print up that picture and cum on it til the ink runs

Cred Forums is 18+, you know?


Izetta who?

Well but is not the origin of witches more something of of middle parts of germany.
You know with walpurgis and so on?

>Now the thing is that Germany or the third reich only send troops to it after the government decided to go against the public vote to join and become a part of Germany.
That's completely wrong, though.

These witches are part of a legend belonging to Fine's country. So I think it's more than likely their original homeland was located there.

They were playing footsies with soldiers deployments, but the plebiscite won pretty fairly. People were cheering on the streets for a reason. (also, you only ever see the woman on the right, never the full image)

Wrong picture dude. That is what ever is polski in that vers.
Which they first attacked and then they fought against the Le G'ays

Yes, that's all true, but that wasn't the reason why they sent the troops to Austria. The plebiscite happened after the invasion.

It all started because of a different referendum.

>On 9 March 1938, in an effort to preserve Austria's independence, Schuschnigg scheduled a plebiscite on the issue of unification for 13 March. To secure a large majority in the referendum, Schuschnigg dismantled the one-party state. He agreed to legalize the Social Democrats and their trade unions in return for their support in the referendum.[24] He also set the minimum voting age at 24 to exclude younger voters because the Nazi movement was most popular among the young.[25] The plan backfired when it became apparent that Hitler would not stand by while Austria declared its independence by public vote. Hitler declared that the referendum would be subject to major fraud and that Germany would not accept it. In addition, the German ministry of propaganda issued press reports that riots had broken out in Austria and that large parts of the Austrian population were calling for German troops to restore order. Schuschnigg immediately responded that reports of riots were false.[26]

Well since their shit seems still germanic and having originated from the altlandish it seems okay.

You can see Eylstadt right there between Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

In fact Poland isn't even on focus on that map.


If Trump wins not only will he make anime real but there will be flying bitches riding guns nopantsu

If only I had registered to vote

>If only I had registered to vote
Its a fucking scam man, I got jury duty like two months after I did.

Are you kidding me?
Polski is right there with the arrows.
Also did you read the damn thread the majority of people here said that Eylstadt is pseudo austria.

Tied for third worst board, it's pretty bad.

>Polski is right there with the arrows.
On a corner and half of it (the half that got occupied by soviets) isn't even showing up. Not what I'd call on focus
>the majority of people here said that Eylstadt is pseudo austria.
And I'm saying that's fucking wrong.

An immensely popular site visited by many different kinds of people, most of whom are more than likely relatively normal. Do you actually still believe this is some kind of secret hideout for the edgy weird kids?

Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /r9k/, Cred Forums...

Cred Forums isn't that bad.


Nope. Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

>Polski is right there
I only see Greater Germany

Yeah, you've never been to Cred Forums or /r9k/ at all.

Cred Forums is worse than Cred Forums.

You can add Cred Forums to that list.

You should check /r9k/ some time.
Don't forget the tumblr board as well.
Cred Forums is better than Cred Forums solely because of a lack of shills.

Cred Forums has exactly the same kind of garbage as /r9k/ with a much heftier dose of undeserved superiority on top of it. I hope you don't actually believe Cred Forums is the tumblr board because the only boards that get more triggered over tumblr shit than them are Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

there's more than one meaning to grope. I don't think he's saying he wants to be a chikan or something

lurk more newfag
or even better, kill yourself

Cred Forums is worse than Cred Forums

freindly reminder to not reply to trolls, shitposters and crossboarders

I want to grope that butt and those thighs like a perverted chikan

I want to see the notNazis get progressively more desperate and utilizing dieselpunk tech to combat this one puny witch girl.

Won't happen though because budget.

How can this immobile piece of junk take on a cute witch powered by lesbian lust?

So, could you say... the witch crashed down the plane with no survivors?

If you see the map at the beginning, Tyrol is independent and that's where she's from.

His science is the strongest in the world.

Yes. Now shut up.

Their Poland is called Livonia even though it doesn't actually include Livonia, which is where Estonia and Latvia are now.

Isn't it best if the Germans take over? Is anyone actually rooting for Feylstadt here?

So far they have the most cute girls and thus I am obligated to root for their victory and well-being.

>rooting for irredeemable cartoon villains when you have fiery red witch and tomboy HIME-SAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

They're clearly based on Germany, even if they're in a cartoon they seem to be pretty good guys.

Surely their are cute girls in Germania too.

Is Hime-Sama's country based on a real country?


Based on the Germanians we've seen it can be reasoned that they are all asshole who want to rape the princess.


I'll pick this up if they succeed.

In other words, they're sympathetic villains since they have goals you can agree with.

I hope they portray the Germans as they really were - aggressive and evil barbarians. I'm getting tired of le Wehrmacht did nothing wrong meme.


Her vagina is touching the ejection port...

Well, they're still using Panzer IIIs. The war's got a long way to go.

>those collar tabs
Oh no! Its the Waffen ii!

The princess forget that saved the witch? How the nazis know about the witch?

Himmler loved him some occult

>Himmler loved him some occult
Bit of an understatement. No one has ever larped harder than Himmler except maybe Aleister Crowley.

She already destroyed one of their platoons in the past.

>She already destroyed one of their platoons in the past.
When is the flashback episode where the event is seen through the eyes of terrified German soldiers as they are torn apart one-by-one at the hands of an invincible wielder of eldritch powers?

>Battle of Dunkirk

Feels good to understand.


I'm sorry, the first time I accidentally quoted.

this shits going on youtube

Please no my family watches Youtube.

Unless you're laughing at me because it's not referencing the Battle of Dunkirk. I thought it was because Britain got fucked retreating.

The witch seems pretty OP.

I don't know how the Nazis will be able to keep up unless this is some sort of Hellboy prequel.

iirc they said she destroyed a company, which is about four platoons for the wehrmacht

I'm liking it so far. Plus Akino and May'n with the OPs and EDs are great. Izetta and Fine will end up being best girls of the season.

It's the United States of Atlanta.

Done already.

>The War of Georgian Aggression

Herr Himmler loved his occult shit.

I thought Eylstadt was fake Liechenstein, not fake Austria.

Apparently its what would have happened if Liechtenstein had joined in on the post WW1 dogpile and anschlussed some of the Hapsburgs' land

Yep, it seems its not 1939, not germans, are trying to secure gold/land resources from neighbouring countries to support their (not) crumbling economy

their only creed is food

I sure hope there are a few sadistic women in Third Reich regalia. That's an instant boner.

>everything is in proper German
>characters clearly say Weisse Hexe
>subs: Weiss Hexe

Dont forget not trying to prevent masscres of ethnic not-Germans and not getting drawn into a repeat of the not-Entente's plan to counter not-Germany's growing not-European power.
It all those damn not-zs faults

Be careful!

It's fake Tyrol, which is part of fake Austria

The Nazis are all about mystic magic shit.
Himmler was a proper madman.

Gas the witches

>not calling it Ameria

Heyaaaaa happy hunting!

Land of the airport and the home of the Coke bottling plant.

The pseudohistory is confusing. Is she archdutchess of totally not Austria-Hungary?

why are heretics not being burned at the stake?

more like greater liechtenstein

It's just a bit of the Alps.

Picked up

Wrong Witch and Warfare show.

>Doubting Not!Germay science

france used them during all the war

oh nvm, its ww2,not ww1 my bad

Kinda want an Izetta themed Battlefield or War Thunder game. Where one side is more numerous and stronger but the other one has an overpowered witch hero unit.

What was the point of this? And why did it sound like she was orgasming in Japanese?

>why did it sound like she was orgasming
>implying she wasn't

Izeetta will never join with NotNitght Witches

But they were dirty pinkos bombarding civilians during nights to demoralize them.

Izetta is honorable.

Well...Stalin only give to the unit outdated planes.

It's already AOTS because they took infantrymen together with their tanks and the tanks stoped before shooting.

Im impressed by the correctness

>What was the point of this?
This is written by Yoshino. You think there was a point?

That may be so, but it ruined the whole sequence. The song/chant awakening made me hyped, Izetta converting a rifle to fly cranked it up a few notches, and then HIIIMEEEEE SAAAMAAAAA happened, ruining the whole fucking thing.

I love it. Every single time.

I agree. It was stupid. But I think people are setting themselves for disappointment if they think this is gonna be serious show or anything like that. It's gonna devolve into nonsensical dumb shit pretty soon. All the signs are there.

This doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna suck. But I wouldn't expect too much.

Not a nazi or even close to one.

That's second reich, not third.

Not expecting seriousness, just good execution.

Don't expect good writing execution. Be grateful you get good art execution.

Im hoping for brutal ww2 SoL where they go around raiding german positions and have happy fun times

That`s what germcucks tell themselves.


I wonder what Fine's actual role is gonna be. It's not like she can tag along with Izetta to the battle field. That would be pretty fucking retarded.

Moral support.

She seems pretty good at that subterfuge and diplomacy stuff from what we saw.

She'll probably handle every aspect of war that isn't actually fighting.

>She seems pretty good at that subterfuge and diplomacy stuff from what we saw.
That's cool and all, but I'm not sure how much of that there's gonna be. Remember that her country is already under attack now. The time for diplomacy is gone. Episode 1 was interesting but I don't think it reflects the kind of show we're in for.

doing the political work

I'm pretty sure that diplomacy and intrigue don't suddenly stop when you're at war with someone.

This show is promoted to be battlefield action focused though and her "clever" political plan failed in the first episode and is now in an all out war. I think Izetta will become a proper MC unlike in the first episode.

Her plan only failed due to circumstances far beyond her control. She played all her pieces very well.

That's besides the point though.


When "" was around clever it seemed to be part of the point.

I doubt it's going to be only action all the time, there's going to need to be someone doing the political work.

There's no much politics to do when you're already getting bombarded. Episode 1 was Fine's last-ditch effort at a political solution.

she could be using izetta as leverage to get others to help her

Sure there is. Finding logistical support for a resistance and finding ways to get supplies through enemy lines are diplomacy. More sneaky diplomacy than others but diplomacy.


>This show is promoted to be battlefield action focused though

I think you're projecting your own ideas onto a handful of flashy trailer shots culled from the first episode, especially when it clashes with what we saw in the actual episode and isn't even the focus of most of the trailer.

>There's no much politics to do when you're already getting bombarded.

Are you being serious right now? That's exactly when you need to pull together allies and outmaneuver your foes.

But just like Leia she will be exposed and captured eventually.

This show is gonna be the GATE of this season, isn't?

That's logistics and it has nothing to do with the princess. I assume her country has a proper army with people to take care of those things.

Fine as a close connection to izetta. All the other nations won't want to help her because of how bleak it looks. But with izetta doing her thing on the battle field she could use that to making others feel like they actually have a chance.

I don't really see many similarities, feels more like it's trying to cash in on the Brave Witch hype.

It's important if those supplies are coming from other countries.

Your mom's vagina is the gate of the season.

What the fuck are you even talking about?

Where can I find this book ? . . online :3

I'm talking about the discussions, not the show itself.

Well it's literally set in 'not WW2' so yeah, expect shit.

Why would they be lacking on supplies? The war is just starting, and they have been getting ready for it for sometime now.

I guess if the plot bends itself to find something for the princess to do, they could find something, but it would probably end up taking the show needlessly out of focus. Episode 1 covered the princess attempt at a political/diplomatic solution, and now her country is fully under attack. It would be best to keep the focus on the war now, I think.

I wish they went with a better color palette.

I wish Izetta's voice wasn't that of a generic anime girl.

I wish the male politicians and generals to have a big role, and that Henry guy to rightfully nail the Fine Ass.

I wish will happen but we all know this is going to be a morally unambigious story and the two will be best friends forever while blasting the nazis back into Neue Berlin.

I wish nothing but good things to the one in charge of the soundtrack.

Thank God you're not in charge of anything.

>Why would they be lacking on supplies?
Yeah, why would a tiny mountain country need help fighting the German war machine?

>Episode 1 covered the princess attempt at a political/diplomatic solution
It covered her attempting to make an ally to defeat an aggressor.

You realize she's basically hugging th eejection port with her crotch, right?

Putting aside the "henry nailing fine ass" thing, most of what user proposes sounds considerably more interesting than whatever Yoshino could ever come up with.

>It would be best to keep the focus on the war now, I think.

And she's the heir to her country (If not the leader if I'm reading between the lines right about her father). She's kinda gunna be a pretty big part of it.

>It covered her attempting to make an ally to defeat an aggressor.
To me the only possible ally defeat the aggressor. Now that possible ally has rejected her and her country is fully under attack.

Now her best bet is to let the witch blow up some nazi ass.

How is two people working together 'morally unambiguous'. It's the witch's home as much as the princess. She doesn't really NEED more reason to fight for it.

>Now that possible ally has rejected her

Less 'Rejected' and more 'By the time our troops would arrive the country would have fallen'. As he said, he was moved to agree to help but it was too late.

Now they have something that's going to make it a much longer fight.

>licensed the design of its helmets out to like 20 countries
Because the Adrian was actually a rather good all-purpose helmet

I think you might have linked the wrong post there.

Clearly not the only possible ally since we know that one of the main characters is from not-America. But even if it were, the deal was impossible because her country was about to fall anyway and then she was kidnapped. What about after Izetta beats back the attack?

I love magical Soviet anti-tank rifles

Relax, user. Gili/pol/las do appear in every fucking anime even moderately related to WW2. Remember how hey even tried to enter GuP threads back in 2012 when they thought it was gonna be a war anime?

Yes, that's what her arm was eaten with when she turned into a cat for a fight with a Russian witch that had turned into a bear.
No, seriously.
Kutsuzure Sensen

>gold-plated Lugger
>not giold-plated, filigreed Astra

>not a C96

Astras were better, you wehrboo
>m-muh German eng-
I'm cutting you short, you pleb. Your vaunted German gun had no full auto capabilities. That was another Astra adition they made when they improved that originally lackluster design, just like the extended magazine, and later the removable box (10-shot mag loaded with STRIPPER clips? For fucking REAL?).

>b-but muh mauser had the Schn-
Cutting you again, nogunz. Both were later copied back by Mauser in an *actual attempt not to be lefft behind* in sales. Pity they never had the idea of copying Astra's cycle reduction mechanism that kept the rate of fire down form an unmanageable 600 RPM (that basically allowed a single uncontroled burst and gave the gun its undeserved "not as accurate as its publicity claims" fame) to a more manageable 200 RPM that (when engaged) allowed to place several 5-shot bursts in the torso area of four targets at normal combat ranges.
So yeah. Astra. Keep that shitty C96 for you.

Now, if you were talking instead of any of the shitty brandless Bilbao-made knockoffs of the original Mauser that were made in Spain before Astra and Azul made copies that were FAR better than the original, I'd be teh first one to say you were right, user.


99% of C96fags are wehrboos that don't know it's not a German design. His lack of knowledge regarding the improved versions of the Mauser made me 999‰ sure he's one of them.


don't bully /k/ this is the only time we can bond with them

>it's not a German design.
The Feederle brothers would probably disagree.

Get out of here Tintin.

>What about after Izetta beats back the attack?
Then the show ends. I mean, you don't expect Izetta to beat the Germs in one episode, right? And we still don't even know if the Emperor doesn't have supernatural weapons of his own.

Anyway, I'm not saying there won't be any politics and diplomacy, but I expect it to secondary. The main things will be the war itself and Izetta kicking ass.

will the emperor be not-hitler or not-wilhelm?


Not-Wilhitler. They aren't going to bother with enough historical research to make him anything more than a generic villain.


The show ends when the first strike is repelled? Why on earth would it do that?

You're asserting something quite contrary to what we saw in the actual episode.

is Cred Forums dead?

C91 is next, I don't think this series will be relevant by the time C96 rolls around.

>The show ends when the first strike is repelled?
It's an all out war already. The Germs won't retreat just because Izetta beat some of them.

Hopefully Not-Bismark


It's dying, but top tier shows with yuri action like this are doing their best to save it.

Witch war



Being at war does not mean you cannot be pushed back. They're using Blitzkrieg strategies to quickly overwhelm all resistance and use the captive princess to ensure submission; with Izetta on-side, that strategy does not work, and there's no reason that allies cannot assist once it becomes a longer-term conflict rather than a sudden coup.

>Is this how American witches travel?

no, this is

>not riding it trigger up

Good way to have a negligent discharge.

Well, it won't become a longer-term conflict just because Izetta beats one attack. It'll probably take half the series of Izetta kicking Germ ass before any potential ally starts feeling confident enough to get involved. And by the time the Emperor will probably play some supernatural card and everything will go to shit anyway.

Alternately this could be an Über situation.

Super nazi science vs. folklore magic

That'd be cool.

I hope you're joking.

Remember that time the Nazis thought they were the descendants of 10 foot tall people who live in the center of the earth only accessible in the middle of the Himalaya and the South Pole?

It's why they Swastika is one of their insignia.

This is the one you meant to post


>It's a "Japan makes commentaries on WW2's European theater" anime.

Yes, it will. Lightning war involves overwhelming, pinpoint force to ensure rapid local victory before a full response can be mustered. If that initial strike is defeated, the foe has time to mobilise and defend fully. With Izetta to push back the surprise attack and no royal hostage, it doesn't work.

Über has been surprisingly good.

>mfw Über-Patton was revealed

Don't forget Über Alan Turing. Try to poison the gay out of him now, motherfuckers!

Anyway, when is it coming back. I love the crazy russian sniper lady and her antics.

>episode 2
>Fine slaughters 100s of Germania's forces
>bloody scene fades to black

>rest of the series is about a single corporal who survived the battle
>series ends with him taking power in Germania
It's adolf

>he survived by playing Amazing Grace

A synopsis going around says Izetta will fight many battles and become a source of hope for the people. If that's accurate, I doubt they'll get any external help for a while. But we'll see.

>Yeah, she's...what do we call it? Right, human.
She's the MC, though. She needs to be angry and strong and immune to bullets.

And male.

And she needs to vote for Trump.

>She's the MC
Fine? I wonder if she really is the MC. The credits list Akaneya first.

The site too

Is Hitler-kun in this?

I don't actually watch this anime so I didn't know who that user was talking about. I just need to tell people not to enjoy anything that portrays women as people. It's part of my initiation into the inner circle of the alt-right. They even promised me a solid jade Pepe if I can make 1000 shitposts.

You are expecting the person whom show is named after won't be the first in the list?

I see. Well, here another (you) for your collection. Keep doing the good work.

The leader of Not-Germany has been only mentioned so far, but they refer to him as a monarch, so it's very unlikely to be him or even a facade of him.

Generally the MC gets billed first even if the show is titled after someone else. There are some exceptions, of course, but that's usually how it goes.

I like his way of thinking.

>h-hey guys maybe the !nazis will be portrayed as morally ambiguous and the whole conflict will be in a neutral gray area!
>this scene happens

Who the fuck would expect moral ambiguity from Yoshino of all people anyway?

Desperate naziboos.

>Fictional country set in western Austria
>No we neutral, don't want to be part of the fatherland

"Britannia, the Emperor is evil"

>Princesses from austria!

Wait. Here In Austria we don't have any princesses and they don't take part in public gangrape events.

There aren't enough Broomstick/Boomstick jokes!

>Here In Austria we don't have any princesses and they don't take part in public gangrape events.
How would you know; they're probably all locked in basements bearing the cannibalistic Archduke's incestuous children.

Eylstadt is Not!Liechtenstein.

Austria was not even on the world map...

>Not fat
pick one

episode 2 when? This is a goldmine if you like blonde bitches with blue eyes.

how long did it take you think up that zinger, user?

t. assblasted amerifat

You do know crossboarding is a bannable offense, right?

Calm down, autismo. I can feel the heat coming from your buttcheecks from here.

>posting Cred Forums and Cred Forums memes on Cred Forums
>calling anyone else autistic

Please lurk more.

can we please talk about European princesses please?

monarchism is haram, user

>monarchism is haram
it's not?
It's still in place in some ME country.

It's Tyrol.


The same way a lesbian can satisfy every desire: Fisting. Yes, even oral

funny how the roles in history are reversed, the Habsburg dynasty ruled over Germany for a long time.
Not to mention that the only reason they didn't get all of Germany in the 19th century was because people were incredibly scared of something like this happening.

Austria after WW1 had its own, by comparison fairly tame totalitarian dictatorship. Joining Germany was in no way something people wanted, the Nazis were the sworn enemy of the Christian fascists in Austria. Obviously Germany is a little bit stronger militarily than post-WW1 Austria, so there really was no way for them to avoid getting annexed one way or the other. But I'm rambling here.
What everyone more or less does remember is that in the end the dictator got assassinated by a bunch of Nazis and his successor decided to avoid a military conflict with the Germans.

It's not Tyrol, you imbecile.

We had lots of fantastic princesses in Austria.
You might remember the one we married off to France and then subsequently got herself beheaded in the revolution. She was a good girl, I think.

>We had lots of fantastic princesses in Austria.
>You might remember the one we married off to France and then subsequently got herself beheaded in the revolution. She was a good girl, I think.

I remember the one princess who dressed as a black-haired reverse-trap with a fake little Chaplin-stache painted on who proceeded to kill the jews.

I mean, there is a reason why Austria is not remembered as the fascist aggressor and is treated as one of Germany's first victim's in WW2.