Nanatsu no Taizai

It's out.

>Mel is final boss after all




i was hoping for this the entire time, i'm actually glad they delivered.


Why is now in every NnT chapter thread the first post a spoiler?






Shit power


I like these two pages, they make you think that's a hole in his chest and it's just a mini hole in his leg.

>Mel can finally take revenge
He's going to destroy him so bad.


He's at the same level as Zeldris and Estarossa though, 60k in base form.

Thing is, none of the good guys could fight those three, and those three gets turboraped by Escanor. So best option would be a Meliodas vs Zeldris.

Nakaba really need to stop with the curbstomp battles. Hope Dolor's and Gloxinia's fights will deliver as well.

Aside from that, next chapter title seems to hint that the focus on the Liones battle will end here, so switch to the fairy/giant side?



>Nakaba really need to stop with the curbstomp battles.
I know, but he is so good at it.


So logically, he used his magic right before Drefus attacked.

Which means Fraudin let them talk until Zaratras' death without moving in the first part of the chapter?

And in the end, Zaratras didn't even see Gil. Godamnit Vivian.



>Merlins needs Balars eyes for reading powerlevels
I thought she has a spell that allows her doing that.


I don't really get the first panel. Even more than his previous powerlevel, but then how can she deduce that it's a clone?


End. This was actually a good chapter as we got a bit of Mel Vs. Fraudrin and him releasing his demon mark, but it kinda doesn't feel as hype as NnT chapter usually do.


Because it's less than before? Base Mel before dying was at 34.000.

There's also this.

>Mel will not be allowed to stay this way up to the end of manga
At least let him be an asshole against all other Commandments who are still alive.

>You go to the club and this guy smacks you waifu's ass.

Dying could have also decreased his power level.


I don't care if he's evil, I hope this Meliodas stays.

Derriere looks great here.

Where the hell is Gowther? Last commandment he could have fought 1vs1 was Fraudin, but from what it looks he'll die next chapter. Or Derriere and Monspiet will come back later and he'll fight one of them?

Fraudin will be killed by Mel because he "killed" original Liz.

King was right.

Nice avatarfagging, you cancerous crossboarder

Mera is dead. Galan is stoned. Esta is roasted. Derriere and Monspeet are roasted (and may be dead as well). Gray Lord is trapped.

Zeldris is still alive and probably in a good state, just MIA. And Gowther will get activated any moment now.

Gloxinia and Dolor lost once before, so who cares what happens to them. Fraudrin is getting his ass handed to him.

I know people think all the TC will come back and there will be a final fight, but I think Nakaba is rushing this as the Saga was already long enough, so we'll only get the brother conflict and Gowther going all out, before the goddess saga starts.

>Meliodas Black

What's next? Is he going to turn pink?

Why waste your mana when you can do it effortlessly through magic item?

Liz will save the day with the power of love.
You know it's true.

>coming back from death increased his power level

we shaman king now

More like getting rid of the two commandments affecting him increased his power level. Probably.

>Smacks ass
We all know Mel is a tits man.

Yoh is a better MC though. He impregnated his waifu when he was 13 years old. How can any other shounen MC even compete?

Maybe, i don't think he is full on evil, his dad probably didn't manage to eat all his feefees.

Maybe he'll stay like this.

Only one is confirmed dead, so that wouldn't stop the others from becoming allies or irrelevant after Mel finishes up.

Nah, his dad gave him more power. Or at least ate the emotions that he used to keep that power suppressed.

did he really change that much though? Pic related is from the Bezel tournament, him being a smug batard in dark mode isn't new.

No need for that, considering how he was the leader of the 10C before that means he got back all of his powers.

wtf thought Derrier's boob got bigger, but it's actually just her knee.

He looks confident here, but looks like he is being smug and looking down on his opponent. That's a difference.

It's like going from "I'll fuck you up" to "I hope this is a joke dude".

He's literally toying with Fraudrin, although that's justified since his waifu got speared. Other than that he doesn't seem too different. He at least has his priorities straight, and he would have totally left Derrierie and Monspiet alone if they hadn't come after him and attacked his pigs + destroy his house.

He himself said he is not the same as before when he blew up Derriere and Monspiet, which is the complete opposite of when he fought Gloxinia and Dolor when Glox even called him out on going easy on them.

And even though it's understandable that he wants to kill Fraudin for what he did, he is even going out of his way to be cruel and torture him.

Also he now has his old 10 TC leader mark back.

No, his mark isn't the same. It'll be complete when the two dots on the side connect to form the other tail end.

Man the artstyle has really changed.

Letting Fraudrin spaghetti out will be Mel's downfall.

I doubt he can out-keikaku evil Mel.

With Mel out for blood I don't think Fraudrin is getting away. It's entirely possible if say Mel decides he's hungry and eats Fraudrin's soul for certain death once he's done charring the body with that black beam of doom that obliterated Danafor.

I don't see much change.

>Thinking any of the Commandments during the Liones defense have died

So this is Fairy Tail 2?

No, not really.
It's just a matter of giving these characters proper, good fights.

Fraudrin is a replacement. He is shit compared to the other Coms. He is only holding Gowther's power back.

>reunited with husbando

beautiful ;_;

>Fairy Tail was more hype than NNT today


> He is shit compared to the other Coms.

He's low tier, but not that bad.

Fanbook stated he was at 34.000, considering how he was getting his shit pushed by Dreyfus and that he was roughly even with the 30.000 clone, I guess, 34.000 is his max strengh.
senseless drama and Grey beginning a fight because's a retard

Not really.

>fighting for literally no reason

>reading FT

It rather seems that Break is just hax in that it can just pierce through defenses.
That said, I wonder how much Full Size affects his power? I'd assume it at least gives some sort of a boost there.


Already done that.


She still needs to spend mana to activate spells.
She just doesn't pay for upkeep.

Maybe I misunderstood but I thought infinity referred to the duration of her spells, not her ability to keep casting?

He is 31000. Merascylla is 34000. Fraudrin is the one who said he is the worst.

Oh come now, he's not as bad as Galan. The old guy's at 27000, and Critical Over isn't even a permanent boost.

Probably more-so just the difference in scan quality between those 2 pages there 2bh

Wait for the CR pages at least

For a fight Critical Over does give him a massive boost though.

is fraudrin kill next chapter?

I hope not.
He was the best commandment.

This. King fucking called it. Vivian called it.


He's the mountain. The three heroes will be Estarossa, Zeldris and the Demon King.

I want to marry Elizabeth and raise a family with her.

This latest arc seems rushed as fuck, but I don't think he's limiting himself to 100 chapters per saga. He hasn't even covered most of the Sin's side stories and keeps throwing in all these hints at backstories for the TC.

I have to wonder how quickly he'll wrap up this "Meliodas is evil" plot, because there's absolutely no way he can cover everything he's hinted at in 6 chapters. We haven't even seen Diane, King and Gowther and there's also the Demon King.

And I just can't believe that half the cast has been killed in the span of 15 chapters.

>Gloxinia and Dolor lost once before, so who cares what happens to them.
>Gloxinia is the former fairy King with a still vague relationship to Gerhard has a banter between fairykings before him.
>Dolor as the creator of his dance and problably the trigger to Dianes memories coming back.
I sure as fuck care. Who gives a ship who already won or not. What I love about NnT is the characters, their establishments and developments. There is still a lot we don't know.

What was the fucking point of Zaratras?

>this will never be explained

No way this is a forgotten plot. If there was only the wanted poster I'd doubt as well, but then Nakaba showed that. Even if Estarossa got humiliated by sunbro it doesn't means he won't serve any purpose later.

If it is any consolation for you the Sinful Testament fanbook does confirm that to be Estarossa in Estarossa's profile, and also mentions the connection between him, Meliodas and Elizabeth, so there's no way it's not going to be explained.
Likely it'll tie in to the reason why Mel is avoiding him like the plague.

I doubt that, we didn't even get any resolution for his "think like a human" drama yet. But he'd better hurry up and release this titty monster's soul. He can keep Ruin's, that guy was a dick.

Very interesting. Does the fanbook go into any detail about the other Commandments?

this. i want her back,

Not him, but that is good to hear, I was afraid that it was Meliodas and Estarossa would turn out to have no connection with Liz.

It's probably his fight with Escanor that made me think so, even though he did pretty good in it.

all i want is for Dreyfuss and Hendy to live happily ever after and raise Griamor

>not Dreyfus and Fraudrin

> release

He ate her soul, there isn't really anything to do now.

Remember he also ate the soul of the sexy thighs girl from Dawn Roar

I thought Mel was avoiding Estarossa to avoid triggering his commandment.

Why would Mel hate Esta? Esta should really be the one avoiding Mel so he doesn't trigger his own commandment.

Sorry but he's Weekend Dad, now.

Might have something to do with Estarossa appearing in Elizabeth's dream. Considering that Mel told Dolor and Glox something along the lines of "once you go black we don't want you back" it wouldn't be much of a surprise if he hated all of the commandments. Whatever the case Estarossa used his commandment to nullify Mel's revenge counter so clearly Mel was angry at someone, though not necessarily Estarossa. The demon king also confirmed it.

>He can keep Ruin's, that guy was a dick.
Fuck you.

Most of what's mentioned has already been covered in the manga, though there are some stuff the manga very obviously hints at that they confirm, like Estarossa's twisted feelings, the name of Galan's weapon "Halbard", Gloxinia's relationship with Gerharde, and Monspiet's relationship with Derrierie.

Also Galan's body is his body, meaning there's no one inside even if it looks like armor.

Halbard? Not sure if that's a typo or intentional

>Gloxinia's relationship with Gerharde, and Monspiet's relationship with Derrierie.

I'm interested in these, what does it say?

Fairy Tail is literal garbage that is worse than the worst Bleach chapter.

Fucking off yourself if you actually like that series. How fucking low can your standards get?

NNT might be retarded with the power levels at times, but it doesn't drag on and the stories are largely coherent, the characters consistent. It's far superior.

The Three Stooges clearly said that soulless bodies were still alive and, according to Fraudrin himself, extracting information from a consumed soul is possible, so those souls might be perfectly fine inside Demons but yeah, Dawn Roar lady and that cute no-name maid-turned-demon were great losses to humanity and reviving them should be the heroes' #1 priority.

I can repeat it, Ruin was a dick. Beating up Elizabeth wasn't cool (unless you are some irrational Liz hater, I guess). At least Second Generation fags had literal Demon powers to explain their unnecessary brutality. Even Dogget was better.

Well, Dawn Roar is, in addition to now having their souls consumed by Fraudrin, dead. So I don't think they have much hope coming back.

Intentional. The kanji for it is ハルバード.
Nothing much that we don't already know.
>Gloxinia Servant: A flower doll created during the Great Fighting Festival as his representative. It has a similar appearance to Gerharde...? As they are both from the Fairy Clan, they may have some sort of secret relationship.
>Derrierie: When Meliodas unleashed Revenge Counter, he rushed to protect Derrierie in the face of the attack. The two of them might have some special relationship. The fact that he can understand and communicate with Derrierie is also something that only he can do.

Note these are rough translations.

Elaine can sacrifice herself to revive them and all dead cuties.

Oh whoops, just realized the typo.

>Dawn Roar lady
I really liked Jillian's design, and I sad about her and Weinhardt's deaths the most (latter because I love archer characters)

I have a feeling that mel is partially possessed or something.


Where the fuck is King?

> I can repeat it, Ruin was a dick

He'd probably have gotten better like Nenbutsu Banchou, except compared to the latter he didn't get the chance.

g-goodness... is this official?

>Might have something to do with Estarossa appearing in Elizabeth's dream
Maybe the original Elizabeth was seduced by Estarossa.

>he also ate the soul of the sexy thighs girl from Dawn Roar
no he just killed her, tha was before people knew he was a demon.

Gay as fuck.

>love bro
>so I must cuck bro
Seems too autistic of Estarossa.

Reminds me that in NNT, main characters are literally immortal while side characters die left and right without anyone caring about them.

Regardless of how I feel about him, if Freesia gets her soul back, then obviously he gets his soul back too. And now that you mention Kongou Banchou, it's ridiculous with how much shit the Cowardly Banchou got away with, without even getting punched by the MC even once.

They're not even touching. Their friendship is pure.

More like the other way around. Mel mentioned to Ban that Elizabeth once converted the entire demon clan or something along those lines.

Oddly enough, I'm loving all the curbstomp battles.
It's either fast win or fast lose, no in-between dragging struggle chapters.

as much as i was happy to see him come back, i thought for a moment it was ballsy of them to kill Hawk.

Thought maybe he'd return but revived as a different animal.

But yeah...that's the downside with this series that has so many great characters, the side ones are most likely all fodder.

>I love my bro
>thus I must protect him from hoes
>must test her loyalty to him first

It makes perfect sense, user.

Author sure cares about them. Dead Dawn Roar appear again when Denzel casts his spell and there's that page spread where everyone in the Kingdom are celebrating, while Threader & Simon mourn their comrades, Hauser feels sad about Dreyfus being evil and Zeal EATS ALONE SINCE GOWTHER MADE SURE NOONE SUFFERED FROM HIS LITTLE EXPERIMENT. That page spread was great.

>I love my bro
>No one else is allowed to have him
>He is not allowed to have anyone else

Coming back from death has always increased the power level.

>Mel is using his old clothes again
I actually preferred the previous one since it looked more appropriate for the time period and more suited for fighting. The trench coat he used in the flashbacks was pretty cool as well. I seem to remember his clothes back during the demon war also being pretty decent.

He only had those in the destroyed Boar Hat, I guess.

To have someone relatively capable while we were out of characters of the same tier as the commandments.

Will Elizabeth have to teach him how to be kind again only to die in his arms because destiny?

At this point there is not a single character that wouldn't be humiliated by sunbro.

>ywn eat alone because a doll is pounding your older sister upstairs
why even live

>two retards that both want Zeref dead fighting each other because no reasons is hype
wat, it would've been hype if Gray had just told Natsu to team up with him.

>fanbook does confirm that to be Estarossa in Estarossa's profile
Damn. Judging by his expression, Estarossa probably admired his bro as much as he liked his waifu. Double the betrayal.

Good thing the swords aren't touching, it would be gay as fuck otherwise

Yeah, with the Commandment getting defeated people forget that they've pretty much laid waste to all Britannia

It really is super gay

Back off, cunt.

pls nakaba, get them together

>Implying Elizabeth was the one who pacified Mel

But user, the original Elizabeth was hinted to be every evil and the one who ordered the demon children massacre.

Would you have liked this?

Nah, she forgot she had a brohter so she was nowhere near. That Gowther is worse than Fraudrin.


i rather like the designs we ended up with, honestly.

>titty monster merlin

hnngg...but her current look and new outfit just fits her perfectly.

>likes mature ladies best

Merlin looks pretty good in glasses

She converted demons instead of killing them, though.


Taking the backseat for the first time ever. He was basically the main character until this arc started.

When will they fuck already?

You mean Hawk and Ban?

Gowther did nothing wrong.

So Jeema was the only one completely erased, the others were just changed like Jehan becoming King.

Don't you forget where we are. Myrddin, Diane (totally different) and Jehan can definitely stay. Lusty Kongouscanor and ultra pretty Ban are maybe.

>Warlock Jeema with the role of secretly guarding Meliodas
>Jeema turned into Gowther
>Gowther and Meliodas were commandments before being sins
Holy shit I bet Gowther is still secretly keeping an eye Meliodas for when he goes full demon.

Notice how the next chapter says the defense of Liones is done? And not the entire arc? Exactly. Also, just because we're almost at chapter 200 Doesn't mean the arc is ending. Just because the first saga was 100 chapters doesn't mean this one is, but apparently some of you idiots don't understand that.
Oh yeah, and the Commandments are alive. Peace.


Nakaba must be looking forward to FFXV

Nah, I think it'll turn out that Gowther left the TC to help Meliodas in some form, be it when he was still evil or not.

Gowther seems to have left before the war started. His leaving might have triggered Mel's betrayal in a way.
What would the rest of the Commandments feel, if they knew two of their most OP members are still alive and now on the other side?

Is that from Nakaba?
Based-gent sure likes his height/age difference with the ladies

>Gowther seems to have left before the war started.
Why do you think so?

>His leaving might have triggered Mel's betrayal in a way.
I think it's already implied that the original Liz was the one to do that.

>What would the rest of the Commandments feel, if they knew two of their most OP members are still alive and now on the other side?
Hmm, Fraudrin was pretty happy about it actually. Though it's really interesting that the others don't know it yet.

Dawn Roar's Jillian and Simon confirmed for fucking.

Estarossa is ugly as sin.

I'll believe all of his lies, now and ever. Surely he has a good reason for it.

>Why do you think so?
I vaguely remember Fraudrin saying something to that extent. I could be wrong.
>I think it's already implied that the original Liz was the one to do that.
That would be the main reason, but there could be other motivations. I don't think Meliodas is that sort, especially when he feels guilt towards Zeldris.

That explains why he's rushing his own manga. The Goddess will defeated in 5 chapters most likely.

fuck you.

I pray to God that he doesn't wear yellow in the anime. That's hideous.

The last few chapters would have been a lot better if the fanbook didn't literally spoil merlins and fraudrins magic

It also spoiled that Dolor's current goal is to take down the demon king :)

Would be better with Mel colors but Derrierie should have white hair.

I don't know, Full Size doesn't really feel right.
It's pretty much the opposite of what you'd expect from a smart guy like Fraudrin.

>Derrierie should have white hair

Elizabeth is only mine, you back off.

She's basically a female Ban in black and white pages.

Found it. Fraudrin mentions that Gowther was a Commandment before the Great War, but vanished.

Fuck. Can the old man take a father of giants head-on and win? He already won once, but it was probably just luck.

How can gowther survive that long

iirc this was a mistranslation, actually.
He disappeared 3000 years ago, which is around the time the War happened, not 3000 years before it.

Im not a doll but don't push me.

Well, that's a bummer. We know that Mel was evil when the war started and if Gowther fucked off before that, he must have done so for a reason unrelated to Mel becoming good/MelXLiz. Shit.

Yeah, it's a mistranslation. It's supposed to say Gowther was a Commandment 3000 years ago before the Great War. But it still stands that he vanished sometime during then, either before or somewhere after the start.

He actually disappeared before the Great War 3000 years ago.

Does niggerstream ever have a chapter without a plot important mistranslation

>Gowther was a Commandment 3000 years ago before the Great War
What am I typing seriously. Meant to say
>Gowther was a Commandment 3000 years ago, around the time before the Great War began.

Thanks user, I laughed a lot.

I claim ponytail jericho as my wife.

What if Meliodas never wanted to betray the demons but was actually purged and brainwashed by liz

Not gonna lie, I thought that was her neck, weirdly peeking from the side.

Exactly. She could have casted it 3000 years ago and just kept using it. Maybe there could be an incredible hard spell that allows her to know where her enemy is going to strike, or one so powerful that let her change the enemy's loyalty just like Zeldris' commandment.
Merlin is broken as fuck

She's my favorite character, but yeah I'm waiting for something that shows a weakness for her and her abilities.

Fraudrin could have easily killed her before running away
In fact he could have killed everyone in the room by combining Breaks pierce with fullsize

I wonder if he couldn't use fullsize in Dreyfuss's body and that is what prevented him from using it.

You saying that from your ass

Who says he can use Fullsize while being in Dreyfus body?

I'd rather say it into her ass.

If anything, these past chapters show that loving Liz/Ellie isn't incompatible with him being evil.

He did both. He killed her team and later on her soul came back for him because of Denzel's spell, and he ate her soul like very others haunting him.

Elizabeth truly is best girl. I love her.

Myrddin's prim and proper milf design is much better than slutqueen Merlin and the glasses are a nice touch. Jeema is also much better than twink Gowther. Other than that the proto-designs are clearly inferior, especially Escanor.

Is the demon king going to end up like dokyu banchou

Our current Sun Escanor is based

i can still see current merlin wearing glasses

Glad to see people are finally realizing and jumping on the Ellie-train. Her haters are all ignorant edgelords.

> tone of his clothes is full dark
> cover have them yellow

What the fuck?

>that Derrierie
That second season can't come soon enough. Hopefully in spring or summer considering they've been planning it for about a year now.

Yellow should be white in the manga, but imagine estarossa with a white suit. It would just look way too odd, that's probably why he inks it in as if it was black/red like Zeldris'.

Then he just shouldn't be yellow to begin with.

Well he is also apprently a sandnigger but not shaded at all in the manga

It gets burned off by the sun so wardrobe change is imminent.

>ater on her soul came back for him because of Denzel's spell, and he ate her soul like very others haunting him.
[Citation needed]

> speedreader

According to who?

The pink eyes are even worse than the yellow clothes

He said that to Mel back in the chapter where he and glox fought him I'm pretty sure.

This looks like a shitty recolour for someone's oc donut steel. Nakaba pls

Nakaba is always awful about that stuff. See Gowther's hair, Elaine's dress, Oslow, etc.

The fight was from 171-173. Dolor didn't say anything like that.

Wasn't it Mel who said it? I 100% remember that Dolor became a commandment for losing against the DK, and it wasn't from the fanbook.

Nothing of the sort was said, no.

Mel says that Dolor lost to """"someone"""". But the fanbook explicitly says that Dolor, one of the TC, wants to take down the Demon King himself. That wasn't outright said in the manga and you'd expect all TC to obey him.

That's pretty obvious when you think about what he said.

Mel said it, Dolor strives to be the strongest. He consider the demon king the strongest being he ever met,so his dream is to become stronger than him. Fanbook doesn't mean it in the way "he's a traitor".

>Fanbook doesn't mean it in the way "he's a traitor".
Overthrowing someone you work for, literally means betraying him.

What if Papa won their fight in Purgatory and this is him in Mel's body, while the real Mel is trapped in Purgatory?

That's why he kills his own subordinate right

That 34000 is probably the level of his max size. Human sized Fraudrin must be pretty weak, about Holy Knight level.
Break is like a video game move that ignores defense. High attack PL means high Defense, but Dreyfus ignores defense and can harm otherwise untouchable enemies. Problem is, he still has low attack and low HP.

Galan gets a free pass, becouse his everyones favourite grandpa. He was probably really powerful at his prime too.

What if Elizabeth was originally Estarossa's girlfriend, and Mel took her from him?

he is a very charitable brother

>the commandments are not only the Demon King's decrees but also describe the respective commandment's fetish
What changes?

I would drop the manga.

>Fairy Tail thread dies in 10 minutes
>NNT thread is flourishing

Is this opposite day or something?

That happens every week, and thank god for that.

NnT threads are usually faster than Fairy Tail threads. FT threads onyl survive long, because of that one faggot bumping from page 10 all the time and the other one posting the same qt grills every thread. Also you got your chapter on saturday.

No, that's because the FT chapter came out 2 days ago, with the thread lasting until today.

I don't really see any reason to assume that though.
The fanbook specified 27k as Galand's PL, so it doesn't take Critical Over to account. So it'd make sense that Fraudrin is 34k at base, and Full Size increases that. When Diane was shrunk, her 'Power' fell to roughly half of what it's normally. I don't think it'd be entirely unreasonable to say that Full Size would give a similar boost, so double the 'Power'? That'd put Fraudrin with Full Size at ~44k total, slightly above Galand overall.

Doesn't Break also affect his defenses though? It's Break that gives him immunity to stuff like Acid.

Fairy Tail came out days ago. Plus, they post waifus and shit because the manga isn't interesting. It's basically a fap thread.

Nanatsu no Taizai is the only shonen manga thread where people discuss the series. Well, maybe One Piece sometimes.

Dance battle when

NNT is better because we can discuss the storyline as well as talk about all the superior waifu and husbandos from the series.

So Gerharde is going to be the tree right

You mean the personification of the Fairy Tree? I don't think so.

W-why nobody want to discuss Fairy Tail in Cred Forums??? Even with Natsu vs Gray is happening.

What would you think if all the Commandments get defeated through tricks and permanent debuffs and none of the sins get significantly stronger? Next enemies could be slightly above Holy Knights and still have balanced fights, with the non-sins being more relevant. Take away Mel's evil-power and have the goddesses debuff Escanor, and it could continue without the powerlevels increasing. The demons alone fought on par with the rest of the clans, so it would make sense that 10C/Demon King are the upper limit in power.

fuck off from this thread

Well, she does is by very far the oldest character of the series.

I wonder how they're going to handle the second season of the anime. The first season covered just about 100 chapters in two cours, catching up with the manga in the process, but it also had to skip and change some minor details to make it fit. In order to have the second season cover 100 chapters as well Nakaba would have to conclude the current arc very quickly, which doesn't seem likely. Alternatively the anime could either end in a cliffhanger or be 3 cours long so it could catch up to the manga.

I've thought about that before too, but she didn't die when the tree did. It's more likely that she's Glox's sister or something.

Well, she said to Ban that King remains the Fairy King because the Tree didn't choose anyone else yet. Plus she should be much more powerful if she was the tree Glox and King get their powers from.

>Glox's sister
I'm 100% sure they were lovers. Gerharde lost an ear and probably an ye too since Glox last seen her and it's not healable. She was probably sacrafised so humans can flee from demons, and that's why Glox changed sides.

Where was the manga when the anime was first announced?

> Nakaba is rushing the arc so that the Anime can rush again 100 episodes in one season

He does look really upset when the flower doll thing dies in the second tournament.

That's what I was hoping for when the Pleiades were introduced and they took down Fraudrin with cooperation but that's not the direction the series decided to take and it's unlikely to change at this point. The goddess that Derrierie fought was a low ranked one so there should be fodder for the holy knights to fight as well, but the archangels are probably going to be 60k+ in power levels.

Isnt gerharde like 4 times as old as fairies normally get

Nakaba said that the Fairy Kings are the longest lived species, I assume that includes all the fairies that are that big, like Elaine, Helbram, Gerharde etc.

> but the archangels are probably going to be 60k+ in power levels.

Nah. Remember that the goddesses are dangerous for demons because of ARK. I highly doubt their PL is on the same level as the demon king's family.

60k+ wouldn't make sense. Unless Nakaba says that the 60k Zeldris and Esta have are still less than what they used to have and the Goddesses were amassing power for all of the last 3000 years.

7 Deadly Sins
10 Commandments
4 Great Archangels
12 Knights of the Round
I wonder if Nakaba is held hostage to write the manga, and this is his attempt to tell us a telephone number or coordinates.

He's not really rushing it though. Next week it will have taken 4 chapters for Fraudrin to go outside, get purged and get killed by Mel. After that there's Gowther's commandment business, Glox and Dolor doing their thing, Zeldris vs Mel and probably Derrierie and Monspiet coming back since they never used their commandments. If he wanted to rush things he could've just included all of the commandments in the Liones assault and had the remaining ones go all out and get killed. At this point we would be looking at those fights concluding and Mel vs Zel starting instead of Fraudrin getting BTFO.

is this arc gonna end at 200?
every arc 100 chapters
i hope not because there is still a lot to get out of this arc

I think it's pretty obvious after his talk with Mel that he doesn't care about the 10 Commandments. But he probably didn't win completely, Mel still seems like Mel, just more evil.

>be demonking
>take over son
>kill demons instead of my retarded sons friends


He doesn't take over though, he just eats his feelings or some shit so he becomes evil, and he clearly didn't completely succeed.

>53 IPs

That was the original argument though . Follow the discussion.

>is this arc gonna end at 200?
Actually, it ends before that. Last arc has to end on 200, so next chapter is probably the last from this arc. Escanor already killed Galan, Estarossa and Zeldris, Ban killed Mera, Merlin killed Greylord, Mel killed Derriere and Monspiet. Next chapter Mel kills Fraudrin, and we see a few panels of King killing Glox and Diane killing Dolor. With this chapter confirming that Mel is evil, we now know that the last arc will be 5 chapters of Mel vs Escanor.

It makes perfect sense. The goddesses were supposed to be the rivals of the demon clan. There's 10 commandments but only 4 archangels, so you'd expect the individual archangels to be strong enough to offset the difference. Who else could've possibly held back someone like past Mel? Demon enhanced Dolor and Glox are both something like 40k so they were probably weaker in the past and humans come nowhere close to that. It's also necessary for them to be that strong in order to provide any kind of challenge to Mel, Escanor and possibly Zeldris and Estarossa. Either that or they need to have something else to make them stronger, either completely broken magic like Merlin or some kind of commandment like abilities.

> Remember that the goddesses are dangerous for demons because of ARK.

Do you really think the next antagonists are going to be weaker than the 10 Commandments? Come on.

Chapter 73.5, King's backstory.

>some kind of commandment like abilities.
There probably will be some theme behind them, like we have the sins for the sins and the commandments for the 10C. Maybe 4 elements? What else has 4?

It was King's Gaiden where it was announced, so April 16th 2014.

3000 years ago: 10C > all of the other clans. I can see it.

That's why I mentioned Escanor. He's the strongest man in Britannia right now and he's not a demon. If he gets brainwashed or something you might have a point.

Didnt dolor and glox originally fight the demons, so the goddesses alone dont have to be THAT broken

They roughly ended on chapter 100, so they announced it 27 chapters prior. I can actually see this arc concluding in 27 chapters, if the only things remaining are Mel vs Zel, Diane vs Dolor and King vs Glox. But they would need 3 cour for that. Either this, or things will be more complicated and the second arc gets 2 2 cour anime and will conclude later than chapter 225.

Took like a year for it to actually start airing but this time might be different. Back when Nakaba announced another anime series the staff that was supposed to do it was different from the one that made the specials. I'm guessing they were going to make a proper second season but ran into scheduling issues, but since they already promised an anime they figured they'd just make some specials instead. The specials also served the purpose of fixing some of the mistakes in the first anime. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually started working on the second seasons quite a while ago but I'm a little worried about Nakaba using the term "green lit".

It was actually announced September 27th 2015, more than a year ago. That's roughly chapter 142.

No, that was the announcement for "something" coming and that turned out to be the TV special.

These specials fixed fuck all, mind.

I would estimate season 2 to begin next summer, based on general trends.

No no, it was the announcement for the second season, that's why the staff was different form the special episodes.

It was specifically season 2 though, confirmed several weeks later. Note that the special had a different team from what was announced for this.

post the sauce, I don't remember that

This arc feels rushed as fuck.

>The specials also served the purpose of fixing some of the mistakes in the first anime.
I'm said that the only fixing they actually did was including Pelio. At least that about confirms that he will play a role later. Otherwise they did foreshadowing instead, with Hunter fest and Vivian's ring.

I think they were strengthened by turning into demons but they were probably pretty strong prior to that as well. The problem is that most of the non-demon side were complete scrubs, even if the races were supposedly stronger in the past. Humans are nothing with the exception of the best of the best, fairies are really weak aside from the king and some servants, giants are alright overall and have some serious power houses. The goddesses had to do most of the heavy lifting.

Even Kongo Bancho had better fights than this arc


i hope its not because he has to end it quickly til 200
that would be dumb

For fucks sake. Shut the fuck up you cunt.

I haven't read this since the demons were introduced and there was that vampire interlude with Escanor, is it still good?

Demons killed the Sins and now Arthur is the MC. Final boss is resurrected Mel. Good.

you havent met escanor yet
his fights are epic
and the 10 commandments make good enemies

This arc is going too fast, and some characters don't live to their hype. It's still fun, though.

That guy whose strength changed during the day wasn't Escanor?

It's shonen in it's more rawest form.

Yes but the Escanor you know is nothing compared to the based Sungod Escanor we have know


I seem to remember Danafor in Mel's flashback being assaulted by dragons or something when Fraudrin was tearing the place apart. Where did they even come from? I don't think we've seen any proper dragons in the series outside of that.

Tyrant Dragons were mentioned back at Baste (That the Orb could hold 10 of those in, and that just one of those could destroy a town) and later briefly seen during Merlin teleporting Viviann around.

>Where did they even come from?
We don't know yet. There have been dragons in some chapter covers, even in color ones. There's also Hawk's potential past life.

Probably Fraudrin brought them to attack Danafor.

>Almost 200 chapters in and Ban still doesn't have his ST
Did nakaba forget about it?

By actually winning and not being a living failure living at his brothers wimms

But they reached their goal at the end :)

Add Toriko to that, that series is peaking in hype these days

No they still had to please Hao every day that's not winning

>No they still had to please Hao every day
no they literally didnt

Not really. That's Black Clover.


But so did Melodias.
He'll he probably impregnated his waifu of several incarnation.

Meliodas wasnt 13

Does Gowther still have his commandment power?

No, since Fraudrin holds it.
The moment he kicks the bucket (There may be other ways), Gowther should be regaining it.

i really hope he's not killing off fraudrin next chapter


Seriously though what the fuck is this shitfest?

The commandments are a fucking joke. And can the auther not do proper fights instead of "WOW HIS POWER LEVEL IS MUCH HIGHER; MATCH DECIDED"?

He isnt as cool as Yoh

Retard alert.

Idiot, 2 previous fights were decided not by power levels, but I doubt you remember that or remember who the Commandments are fighting, exactly.

>and the 10 commandments make good enemies
They're a bunch of fucking jobbers

The 10C better start thinking of how to form an alliance with their estranged leader. As it stands, if the 4 great angels enter the picture and they don't have Mel backing them up, they're going to job even more.
Actually this Holy War might be the opposite of the one in the past, where instead of the Goddess Clan it's the Demon Clan that's allying.

So, who Zeldris and Estarossa jobbed to exactly?

Did you skip a few chapters or are you just a retard escanor took them both out in the same move.

>Estarossa fought Escanor long enough that going back to the capital to help became impossible for him
>Zeldris didn't even lose his clothes
>somehow it means they jobbed when fighting the strongest character in the setting so far

Derrière becomes a walking contradiction

I want people to stop lewding the ass. It's pure.