How much value do you put into visual direction?

How much value do you put into visual direction?

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1 value. maybe even 2 values.

Helps that the soundtrack is great
Re:Zero really was the AOTS

At least use shots from different episodes, hell, use shots from different scenes.

Visual direction is for casuals. Visual direction is matter only if you can't tell the story.

Why not both?

Are you retarded?

I don't put values. Only references.


Depends entirely on what I'm watching and what it's trying to do. I look out for it, but it matters more or less depending on how much is shown.

values are valuable, obviously. so i only ever put in 1 or 2 at a time. it's pretty simple when you think about it.

Why did re:ddit zero looked DBS levels of bad in the second cour? The animation was okay in the first cour, but took a huge dip in the second cour. It was uncomfortable to watch.

Just buy a fucking Audio book, why don't you?

Who said I didn't?

I prefer these kinds.

White Fox

That's the opposite of what you should do.


No. Google cinegrids.

Because TV shows on the whole aren't auteur works.

Film is different.

Because then people like you wouldn't get baited into replying by the same image every time this thread gets posted.

enjoy your side effects imperative faggot

That is so fucking dull. People who enjoy this show really are bottom feeders, aren't they?

Too much to watch that shit show

Careful mate your superior gentleman is comming through.

The show wasn't bad but it certainly isn't worth the hype.


Why is this year so bad?


Not a whole lot, I guess; as long as the story is cool and I like the characters, everything is fine.

2015 was worse

Because 2016 is just shit in general, really.

I don't think so.

This. It only had one notable anime.

God, this looks very mediocre. Did you pick the worst scenes by purpose or what?

This isn't much better.

Which is? I could name a handful better than anything that has aired this year so far.

None whatsoever because I'm not dumb enough to be tricked by pretty visuals

name em


No, it does look a lot better.




Eupho, YKA, Somera-chan, Miss Hokusai, Little Witch Academia 2, various aniexpos and other short films. Not saying all these are "great" but this year has been dismal so far.

It's unquestionably a better show but I think you suck at making these.



I didn't make them, I just saved from another thread. It looks good.

Post yours, if your taste is so much better.

Evangelion is fucking great.



Stop this shitposting, we get it, Naruto is really uninspired and boring. However, spamming is against the rules, faggot.

The only one that looks nice, and it's almost cheating since it's from the movie.

At the end of the year I think 2016 will have the same amount of good things as 2015 barring expo and shorts.

Hopefully. Fingers crossed for Flip Flappers. I think down the line I'll probably regard 2016 as better (once we've got movies subbed) but for now, it's shit.

>spamming is against the rules, faggot.
Do you even know what thread you're in?

>spamming is against the rules
Better delete this thread!

A lot, that's why I watch Re Zero


this one is quite good actually

>newfag knows how to use archive
Do you want a candy?


None. I'm blind.

Reminder that Fate/Kara no Kyoukai has had the best visual direction in anime for a half century


I hope someday ufotable will make something I like, because their visuals are nice.

I put value into it but there is really nothing outstanding there when it comes to visual direction.

Is there a visual direction AOTS yet?

Koe no Katachi

>first episode ishihara/fujita
>second episode takemoto/ishidate
No one can compete.

>tons of filters and bad artstyle are nice
Sasuga, newfriend.

Fate Zero was amazing, pleb.

Too bad 3gatsu isn't really directed by Shinbo, it could have competed with Shinbo storyboards

Are you implying Eupho's first season didn't look good?

Spotted the casual.

Liking this year basically outs you as either new or a bottom feeder. Raise those standards, user.

It didn't. It was overrated shit.

We have this discussion every season

>seriously uses the word "casual"
>thinking he has any opinion on the matter

How's that blindness working out for you?

Ever considered the fact that maybe, just maybe, there is some truth to these complaints?

If you say so then it must be true.

Not every anime can have SHAFT's impeccable visual direction.

I'm sorry I know what good animation looks like. The characters all have kyoani sameface, the movement is mediocre and the background is ruined by filters.

Textbook pleb criticism.

Are you mentally retarded?

>first episode ishihara/fujita

You can't refute it because it's true.

>fate zero baby calling anyone pleb
Sasuga, newfriend.

tripdubs confirm mental retardation

Fate has been discussed on this board before you even came here newfriend.

Potential ED of the season

I don´t remember Steins;Gate looking that bad on it´s second half

Re:zero is entertaining

lowbrow trash

nope that's you

It can be entertaining without it being amazing. The 2 aren't mutually exclusive.


How's the life in the spectrum?

That isn't OP's, it's mine, and all those shots are taken from the ED, and are ordered to form a narrative. Don't listen to ,
yours does look nice, user.

The best looking Ufotable anime are the ones that don't look like Ufotable anime.

You tell me.

Yeah, it sure is kino how they filter out backgrounds uploaded from Instagram and then just paste the girls in so it looks like an old green-screen/rear projection effect.

Oh wait, Hibicuck was made in 2015 and not 1965?

Don't you have video games to be playing?

Very interesting meme, Cred Forums

Very interesting Cred Forums bogeyman. Almost as interesting as the Antichristplex meme.

>kyoani wins another year

>Implying Filters are a bad thing
>Implying background art is bad

Maybe next time you would say Ufotable is bad too because they specialise on special effects?

Why are you memetexting like a Cred Forumsermin newfag?


You are retarded.

Can you be any more cancerous?

Cred Forums is really fun sometimes

>Implying that re:zero had good visual direction

I could be you.

>no you
Nice, freshcunt.

Will we ever start talking about editing?

How can KyoAni compete?

Back to Mexico, ESL.

I speak 4 languages, ASD-kun. What about you?

I didn't think either were anything too great. I guess I prefer Mob because formalism is rare.


This. Re:Zero, Kizu, Kiznaiver even Amanchu were better directed.

>avoiding the question while using entry level memes
Must be sad to be a dumb, narrow minded, incapable amerillard. Oh, before I forget: upvoted!

I would say the intro to Kizumonogatari is the best thing from this year but the rest of those are pretty shitty.

Ufotafags are delusional.

I didn't know this was a reddit blog. Unsubscribed

>Re: Zero

movie, not even top 3



Not even top three what?

Movies of the year

Amanchu is literal garbage.

Are you counting things that haven't come out yet?

But user it had long takes and cute girls, it was so healing. One of the greatest animes ever alongside Aria and NNB. You just don't understand iyashikei.

Only this was notable out of TV anime.

Even then Kiznaiver was very basic.

>film is different


Anyone have the Mob Psycho 3x3 imgur link?


>this entire post
Oh god, I'm sure that you will fit in in here in no time, brain damaged autistic manchild.

Don't lump in trash like NNB with Aria.

nah now that's too much

They're all trash, user.

I really like the collages people put together of anime, can we post more of that instead of shit flinging?

Anyone have a Mushishi one?

Aria is a masterpiece. Get some taste.

Not even fucking close.

>half the screencaps are from the op

Like I said get some fucking taste.


>Visual medium of storytelling
>Visual direction is for casuals

Please go.

Re Zero's visual direction fell apart after episode 15 where it peaked

muh visual medium

damn Hyouka was a legitimate masterpiece

that show was great
fuck what people say

I wouldn't go that far but the visuals were mm mm good.

The hell is wrong with you?

A lot which is why I don't watch Isekai garbage

Kill yourself. The plot and characters were garbage.


>Guardians of the Galaxy

No it's true. The art direction was great but beyond that Hyouka was zzzz.

Your critcism is zzzz.

Your spelling is zzzz

>I can't refute his argument so I'll give a half assed reply

Hyouka is literally the most exciting and enthralling anime ever. Each episode genuinely had me on the edge of my seat, more than Kaiji even.

>replying twice

So you've only seen 5 series or is your taste that bad? Some people like to collect stamps but that doesn't make it exciting.

I agree. That coupled with the beautifully subtle character development and fantastic art directiozzzzzzzzzzz

Other than Hyouka, what else makes autists sperg out?

a lot. i watch great looking(and sounding) shows with meh stories a lot mot pleantlya lot more enjoyable than show with meh visuals and sound but perhaps "better" storytelling

You're making yourself look more retarded with each post. Go to bed, don't you have school in the morning?

The word "pretentious"

Stay in school.

And you are a cancerous pleb.


Hyouka is Reddit tier garbage that's why Cred Forumsnons "sperg" out


Visual direction is storytelling.


>zzzz is a bad argument only when you do it

my imouto can't be this cute
re zero

>Visual direction is storytelling.


It is.

The quality of the discourse in this thread is fucking embarrassing, holy shit.

lmao the quality of your dick is fucking embarrassing

your life is embarrassing

pretentious rezero fags should die

Congrats, you really showed me up with these witty retorts. I guess Cred Forums truly is the place to go for insightful anime discussion.

Someone do one for Non non Biyori

I got insight into your mom's pussy last night ayyy

Non Non is bad even as iyashikei, though. It's just bland, pure escapism. A secure blanket for otaku.

I enjoyed the visuals more then anything else about the series... I should go outside more.

bless daiki konno

wow, so deep!

This is a good thread.

Who are you quoting?

I didn't think NNB looked all that good

Mirai Nikki

How are you going to make a thread like this and use literally shit tier blatantly corny visual direction for an example. Kill thy self,

Why do people make such a big deal about Kyoani like it's the new Studio Ghilbi?

Because it's consistent and easy to single out.

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