Tomboys Thread

Would you become best friends with a tomboy?

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Absolutely. Dating a tomboy is like having a guy friend without a dick

based upon past experience I'd say yes as it's a win/win all round.

>wanting a guy friend without a penis
but that sounds terrible



i'd rather a a girl friend with a penis

I don't see why not?

nah, bc im gay for the tomboys

That's a boyfriend no matter how you say it, user.
Me too, user.

I would, to low key fill her with insecurities about herself and the sexually (and psychologically) abuse her

Tomboy best friend still hangs out with me and always jogs with me in the morning. Always cries to me about her height complex (She's 6'0) and how people think instantly that she's a raging dyke.

Reminder Tomboys never win

No, because I'd fall in love with her and then I'd prefer to date her.


then what's the point

yes but not this bitch

Yes but not just best friends.

Trips don't lie, user.

I think there's a difference between tomboys and punk girls.



Sure, but not that one.

My best friend was a tomboy at one point, but now she's a girly girl.

You know what to do

Yeah except real life tomboys are disgusting fat lesbians

But only if she is friendly.

You need to tell her your love her man.

She'll definitely dig it

No. I'd become her doting husband

tomboys are for boys
kuuderes are for men

Sauce? Is it like Tomo-chan?

Time to [SPRAY]

are boring as fuck user well to me they are

Yes, Tomboy is my fetish

I hate penis freckles
It's just a one-off, I'm afraid.

Tomboys with no tits are the worst.
Might as well be dating a man.

I like tomboys, but this girl's a cunt

Why? She's just trying to protect her friend against an older brother who is perceived as a total jackass and a bully who beats people up daily. She even got the courage to go up to the girl and ask her to be her friend after being turned down.

I would do the same shit too.

>Does nothing to figure out the situation
>The girl she's protecting doesn't even ask for it
>Makes it her job to misunderstand the situation by never hearing the other side's story

her heart's in the right place, but she's a dumb cunt no doubt about it

>doesn't have a /fit/ one

Not in Burgerland

Kanbaru is why anime exists. Hell, she's why the universe exists. There will never be a more perfect girl

Nerawareta Gakuen begs to differ

Let's be honest
Short hair is ugly for a woman



>hating short hair on a girl

Go sit on a dick and die in a grease fire, you uncultured swine.

>That image
Funny thing is that image is also why guys who like tomboys are nothing but homos

>forehead anal queen talking shit about anyone else

Tomboys are great, except for pic related. She was the worst fucking girl in the manga.

>liking women is homosexual for men

Don't be silly, user. Tomboys as we know them don't exist in 3D anymore.

>One user hating on best girl
She's a caring girl who wants to protect her friends

>Finds excuses to be slow everything down and get in the way

nobody's especially great in that series, but she really hurts the pacing

gay as hell family shaking my head to be honest

the vagina, no all of us are cum guzzling faggots

My short-haired, tall, track running ex-gf will never come back to me
Fuck that hoe tho

I'm gonna take the bait and say that none of those four pleb-as-fuck things have been discussed in this thread nor have they probably ever been on any tomboy-related thread Cred Forums has had.

Why haven't you made her your wife?

>liking women is gay
I bet you like your women with a "feminine" penis

>Implying Im taking insults from some rachet ass 2bit nigga seriously

No but wanting a girl who acts like a guy is projecting. It's screaming "I want dicks"

I use to know a tomboy when I was growing up we both moved away cause parents jobs... all I remember is her first name.

Probably for the best that I dont try to find her.