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>It's not even the last chapter
Damn sense


Beggars can't be choosers, user.








Get that shit out a my house


>tfw Ohtaka has to rush out all of Sinbad's Djinn before the series ends.

>you're an ordinary human being
What was meant by this?

What the fuck are you saying? Sinbad was challenging God, it would have been absurd and meaningless not to use everything he has.


Coincidentally using only the ones he's never used before.

So, I guess we'll never know about this.

It'll come into play in the Epilogue.

Use the most powerful Djinn and what he keeps hidden. That is, he has to fight against God. It seems normal the way he acted. (And I add that he also used Djinn that we have already seen)

>Sinbad checking out the world of the living from the beyond

he's probably using it to Voldemort his way into another body when he dies in the Holy Palace

What the fuck are these pages? I'm reading a comic book, not a book. You can not put like pages in a comic book, it's absurd. Fuck Magi. Stop reading. I've seen people say they are the best pages. What? Is this a joke? What's nice in these pages? Nothing! I remind you that it is a comic, not a book. Magi is a comic that I would never recommend.

>American """literacy"""

I'm pretty sure your Djinn is no longer usable after you die.

or is it?


>I do not want any book in my comic

>It was Alibaba the whole time

>Sinbad will come back through whoever this guy is

Are they really going to kill off David like this after all that build up?

If it means that Ugo was the final villain the whole time, then I'm all for it.

It would be funny though.

Ugo is not a villain though, he's just protecting a place he was meant to

I want to kiss Alibaba.

How come you talk so much about Magi lately?

Reminder just like before Ugo was destroying Judar like this too, he will get BTFO soon

Magi has always been pretty popular, I find it odder that people didn't talk more before.

The last few chapters were Ugo shitposting Sinbad to death and now he's about to BTFO David, maybe. Basically, it's hype again.

no rukh to power it up

It's updated.


Does it really matter?

Shipper tears sustain me, user.

Magi is a good shonen manga? My favorite shonen are Fullmetal Alchemist, Shaman King and Gashbell. Magi is close to the level of these shonen?

>Shaman King

Really? Like, I like it to, but it's not really on the same tier as the other two.

Other than that, I'd say Magi is good, yeah. If it manages to tie shit up well by the end, I can see it getting close to FMA and Gash-tier.

They apparently need redrawers so updates slowed down. You know the triangle between fast, cheap, and quality? You only get two.

A little text never hurt anyone user.

>Tfw a ship you hate dies
>Tfw a ship you like gets made canon in the same chapter

hell be fine

>Magi is a good shonen manga
Yes, it's very good, it's only notable flaw is the massive amounts of exposition in it because the creator (Shinobu Ohtaka) doesn't seem to have faith in us understanding the story by ourselves.

>doesn't seem to have faith in us understanding the story by ourselves.
With good reason, considering how retarded many in the fanbase are.

>David comes back as fake Sinbad with all his djinn.

Ugo talking down on Sinbad like he's trash. So good.

Basically what I had been thinking. How do you beat the guy who made all the stuff you use and the rules that govern them? Granted bullshit is more than likely going to ensue but still a fair question.

Is Ugo Omnipotent or just vastly more powerful than anyone in Magi?

Probably both.

That's fucked, the only scene that can rival that is when Tess died.

>The reincarnation of the BBQ King gets BBQ'd himself.
Pottery, thy name is Sinbad.

What will happen if Davids gets defeated? Arba's useless and Sinbad's dead. How will the MCs even be relevant if Ugo takes care of everything?

There is still Judar and his ball of black ruhk magic, he could accidentaly Ill Ilah

What's even happening with Judar? He hasn't been around for over a year.

Power leveling for the last arc

>tfw I just posted this picture in the wrong board

Post it in every board, user.

Not everyone has patrician taste, user. Some can't appareciate best girl's perfection.


I am legit retarded today.

You're legit retarded everyday. Fish best and strongest girl forever and ever.

user, yes.

A fish is very good too but I just can't ignore this masterpiece.

Hold this ultimate L now and forever.

Fish is now paired with God's literal son and best boy. Ugo knew all along and that's why he jobbed to her like the faggot he is.

Ugo is a top tier wingman.

We can have peace.

>Fish is now paired
She ain't paired with anyone. She'll die alone like the hag she is
>with God's literal son
But Ugo's God, not Solomon
>and best boy.
But that's Baba.

>Fish is now paired with God's literal son and best boy

But Aladdin worships Alibaba, no matter what Alibaba will always be his first love

>She ain't paired with anyone. She'll die alone like the hag she is


Ugo is just a shitposting GM.


I think that no one is a homosexual in Magi.


There was that Freddy Mercury looking cunt who made Mor's womb barren with a punch.

Game Master. It's a role playing term for the guy who handles the rules.

Man, it's a good thing they've got Aladdin there to magic that right back up or that would really suck

It's literally made up. People only make assumptions and jump on bandwagons over nothing.
When was it implied that Zurmudd was gay?

How accurate will this be?

Solomon --> Aladdin
David --> Sinbad
Ugo --> Alibaba
Sheba --> Yunan
Arba --> Haku kids
Red Lions --> Fanalis

Sinbad, you aren't vegeta

"I'm gay." - Zurmudd, chapter 107.

user, it's a joke. No one actually thinks Ohtaka's making gay ships canon.

came so far, tried so hard, and in the end it really didn't




>alibaba is sinbad
>david takes over ali with all of sinbads jin
>david has sinbads jinn and solomans hax powers after assimilating baba
>kills mor at the alter
what happens next?

Why are you lying? He didn't say that.

What's being paralleled here?

He went to conquer the multiverse while everyone was busy sucking Sinbad's dick and Arba/David where laughing alone in a dark room.


>Solomon --> Aladdin
>David --> Sinbad
>Ugo --> Alibaba
>Sheba --> Yunan
Magi does not equal reincarnation.
>Arba --> Haku kids
>Red Lions --> Fanalis

Nah, dude. I even put in what chapter he said it in.

I want to fuck this dragon

>conquer the multiverse
A ruler doesn't need to conquer the multiverse (especially if he is Omnipresent in it), he already rules over it, unless some entity/being from another universe/dimension is trying to stir up trouble and the creator feels the need to protect it from the anomaly that is roaming in said universe.

You're a bigger furry than Baba.

How does the dragon put on eyelashes?

Yeah I know, I'm reading it, but I can't find it.

Butt-of-joke virgin who can't get girls but is best friends with the son of their world's God, and they look like each other.

>Butt-of-joke virgin who can't get girls
But he did.

Because he's the true Singularity. He was destined to forever be a beta but overcame that fate and chose the path of the alpha instead.

That just proves he truly is the best boy.

>true Singularity
>overcame that fate
A singularity can't overcome things.

So is Sinbad really dead?

His death felt definitive, but at the same time not.

This one can.

He is, hell Ugo even put him up for reicarantion right away

Yes, and it's not fair.

It just seems weird, I dunno. Doesn't seem like a true death, despite all factors pointing to it.

It's because he didn't get a 7 page long monologue like most major characters do before they die.

How does it not seem like a true death? He got completely disassembled and told to stop being a faggot and shoved back into the reincarnation cycle when he kept being a bitch

He sorta did although Ugo constantly interrupted it. Still, the fact that it was in the middle of a chapter, and all the buildup, strikes me as odd.

It's weird because Sinbad definitely was special to some extent, at worst he just put himself up a little too high on the pedestal.

Ugo brutalized him and basically told him he's just some regular non-special human.
He died like it was nothing, and in one of the most painful and dehumanizing ways as well.
Ugo is quite the cunt.

Sin could've at least gotten a second chance.

So Sinbad isn't going to come back, Ugo is fucking up alter-david. Is this the end? Fuck man. Sinbad was the best character.

It's extra strange because he died mid-chapter. After all those chapters explaining his mind? Just not feeling it.

He'll hopefully return in some way.

At least we still have Sinbad no Bouken, although I don't know if I'll be able to look at it the same way after knowing how his life ends.

>tfw no one thinks about how Ja'far will react to all this

>Promises to kill Sinbad if he fucks up
>Doesn't do shit
Useless manlet

Isn't it possible Sinbad survives? If he only went to the palace in his spirit form, his physical body should still be there in the real world. I bet Aladin goes to stop Ugo and brings Sinbad back in the process. There's no way they'd kill off Sinbad so quickly and easily.

>Aladin goes to stop Ugo
Why and how would Aladdin stop Ugo?

Probably because no one even really dies in magi so i can't see sinbad actually getting killed off

To save Sinbad and talk some sense into him

By asking nicely to give him back

Why would he try to save Sinbad?

Cause he's a cool guy

I do user, believe me I do.

Nigger, did you forget that shit physical body got fucking blasted and that was the only reason he was able to go there? He is dead, let it go

Fuck sinbad how the fuck is David getting taken out after all this fucking time in like 1 chapter? I waited too long to see this guy psychically show up

>Cause he's a cool guy
Their relationship has been kind of hot and heavy though.

He thought he was hot shit, but based Ugo showed hims what a real God looks like.

>but you no longer have hands
Was he trying to be cheeky?

Uvo is straight up a sociopath here.

He really doesn't have to be.
I.E Since the Sacred Palace is a place you need to be in some spirit form to enter, regular physical rules not not apply.

It's too bad the anime had to go to a piece-of-trash studio like A-1.

What was wrong with their adaptation?

Alibaba is not the reincarnation of none of Alma Torran. And it is for this that he will be the final solution for the world. Just read the manga to understand it.

>he will be the final solution for the world
The most you can be is Sinbad-tier or Ugo will take you down.

Alibaba is a potential substitute for Sinbad.

Then he will not be the final solution. He will be only one more to play a role in the cycle that Ugo and Solomon created.

There is no final solution.

That's what I said.

I don't buy this whole bullshit about Sinbad suddenly not being a special snowflake like he thought he was. The world literally had an orgasm when he was born.

He will be back. I don't think Ohtaka would kill the spin off just like that.

It was a prank, my dude. The first time he got super complacent with his singularity bullshit, he got sold to slavery.

Every time he buys his own hype he gets degraded and humiliated.

the world had an orgasm because David manipulated magoi to make him special.

the special snowflakedness rubbed off on him





>tfw satan commentates on your match

Nothing, its a good adaptation, the problem is the budget when its airing

Procreation when?

Does there even need to be a final solution? Just kill Arba and her Al Thamen faggots and you're good.

>alibaba impregnating anything

War will always be a thing though.

And now he's going to be part of the ocean.

Fitting since he mind broke a fish.

>implying he won't be a god in bed

Not when people can end up like the old Kou in the future as long as unconquered dungeons are around

Hasn't Yunan been closing down the dungeons he spawned? I'm pretty sure they are all but gone at this point.

>David manipulated magoi to make him special.
He was already special, that's why David chose him.

Yunan was the one who first put it in Sinbad's head that he's something special.

How hard is he gonna cry?

Yunan is so cute

Just reread the Alman Torra arc

Fucking David, man. Such a lovable trickster

I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't fazed to be honest.

The message of this series better not be
>Just accept your lot in life and go with the flow you should't fight the fate you've been resigned to so just know your role and shut your mouth lmao
That would be so disappointing and disheartening.

Yunan always had fatherly feelings for Sinbad, sure he acts like he disowned his son but there's no way he wouldn't be fazed.

>disappointing and disheartening
But this is how real life works user, and it's better than some make believe message.

I would, he had the same dream as Sinbad.

Holy shit, these last few chapters have been nothing short of character assassination.

thank you so much for this. first narusaku then ichiruki now hakumor. salty shippers are the gift that keep on giving.

So was he a hypocrite?

Sinbadfags are always so pathetic

Too bad he didnt do the furfag one.

>halfway through
>not a single Cred Forums screen shot
You skipped the sea over some table salt.

I think this is the only shonen of which I love all the characters. And not just because I like them, but also because many are just well written. Good work Ohtaka. In the future definitely I read any work of Ohtaka.

No problem, user.

I'm the DB user and I can guarantee the IR tears are still going there.

It's not done yet, I'll be taking from the archives once I think I've milked tumblr dry.

He just didn't know.

>anons make a reasonable statement
>''ugh, sinbadfags are so pathetic''

I don't see him attacking Solomon, so yes.

A hypocrite and quite the cunt as well. Deceiving bastard.

Shut up Komaeda.

Accepting one's lot in life is a given, but thinking that one lot is all you're ever going to amount to is stupid.
I don't think Ohtaka will attempt to get a message across in the very last chapters anyways.

Sinbads words and Alis words. Are very similar. Both wishing to have something no one else wants.

>Shut up Komaeda.
Not an argument.

Not really. It's not make-belief to tell people that it's alright to try and rise above their stations and attain a better position in life than what they've been granted. Telling readers that if they're unhappy with their current situations then they should try and make a better one for themselves is one of the most real and relatable things you can convey to an audience. Just replace words like "destiny" and "divine providence" with "society" and "establishment", and you have a message that countless people can identify with.

So far all he's done is protect the system Solomon put in place. Not sure why you think he's a hypocrite.

I'm not in the mood to explain to you why you're a retard who'll never amount to anything precisely because you think like this. Basically it's just like they say in One Piece. The world is a big place, there's no way you won't find yours if you look for it.
And I have to go to bed.

He denied Sinbad the chance of being God because he was human, just like Solomon, not because he thinks its morally wrong.

So little panel time, yet so great.

What gives Sinbad any right to be God over anyone else? All Ugo is doing is protecting that which he's supposed to protect.

Ok? Ugo has always been a somewhat amoral scientist anyways but the point still stands. How does him not letting someone violate the rules he's enforcing make him a hypocrite? The reason doesn't matter so long as he doesn't balk from that stance.

He even recycled Sinbad back into the world even though he could have just left his Ruhk to rot in the sacred realm.

I was actually talking about Solomon, though.

Ah that got lost in the replies.

For Solomon he effectively killed himself and created a new system. He's not a god as far as I remember and just created a world where everyone can affect the world instead of a single monolithic entity. He's no hypocrite.

Because not all people are equal and some have more worth than others.

>What gives Sinbad any right to be God over anyone else?
I could ask the same about Solomon and Ugo. That's fine after all its his words that make him a hypocrite not his actions.
>but the point still stands
His point of " you can't because you are human" falls flat when you look at Solomon and Ugo.
>How does him not letting someone violate the rules he's enforcing make him a hypocrite?
Because he's enforcing it with one and letting it slide with other.

I dont know if Ugo is an hypocrite. He is not being righteous about it, he is just doing his work. "This would oppose Solomon wishes." Of course he treats the rules he protects as divine providence and perfection, but well, again, its his job. What felt creepy for me was how Sinbad didnt argue at the end and just smiled. Sin could have said lots of things.

That said, it probably showed that Sinbad ended up accepting his fate and he loved Solomon world of adventure for him too.

user, Ugo is a glorified administrator. He doesn't make any rules he just enforces them. He has limits and restrictions on him as well, he's another cog in the wheel of existence.

Solomon dissolved himself in order to create a world where everyone could be equal. He's not a god either.

What Sinbad is trying to do is what David tried to do which is take all the power for himself and mold reality in his image.

>His point of " you can't because you are human" falls flat when you look at Solomon and Ugo.
You're going to need to explain yourself on this one.

He's still a virgin too.

Kinda creepy, eww

They are gods, they control the rules of the world. Plus, Ugo is a being superior to David, a legit god.
>You're going to need to explain yourself on this one.
He allowed Solomon to become god despite the fact he was human and denied Sinbad, not for being wrong or bad but for being human. That's textbook hypocrisy.

>thinking best boy isn't about to fuck over Ugo next chapter

Why is David so cool?

We really haven't gotten enough of him.

>He allowed Solomon to become god
That's the thing you don't get user. Solomon is not a god. He's not even around anymore unless there's a last minute asspull by the author. Since in this world God is a literal singular entity the fact that Solomon didn't go that route is proof that he didn't seek to become any type of God.

By your logic any Djin is a God because they all have the same power potential as Ugo, they just administrate smaller portions of reality. All Ugo does is make sure the clock keeps ticking on time.

Where is your proof that they are Gods?

My life is doing pretty damn well, but I have to tell you, a lot of people in this world are just cast as extras in one giant movie called ''Life'' with no memorable part in the greater scheme of things.
>Just accept your lot in life and go with the flow you should't fight the fate you've been resigned to so just know your role and shut your mouth lmao
What you described is basically how the real world works, I'll have to agree with more or less.
I don't see how that has to be considered a bad message. It's not optimistic, it's not pessimistic, but realistic.

So I'll just say that this sort of message isn't necessarily bad even though Shinobu probably won't push it down our throats at the end of the day regardless. She might not even convey one per se.

Some people aren't made nor meant to succeed, however, your version of success might be radically different from mine.

And it never changes.

It explains why he's so ridiculously OP. He's a countless millennia-old Wizard.

I want to touch Alibaba's body.

>Some people aren't made nor meant to succeed
But in terms of the narrative, it's undeniable that Sinbad achieved unprecedented success for an individual in his world. Yet the contradiction here is that, insofar as Sinbad's ultimate ambitions, he didn't succeed at all.

irts better than
>you kept working hard because no one thought you were special, but actually succeeded because you were super special and gifted but you didnt realize it yet
shit that keeps getting regurgitated in shounen series

Yeah, but if the message is implicitly to just sit back and let life roll over you, then that simply encourages people to not work hard all.

> then that simply encourages people to not work hard all
no it doesnt
you sound like a person that doesn't believe in fate or destiny

The message so far is to take control of your destiny, move forward in a positive manner and don't hate world for your problems. Everyone needs their own chance to create their future and while you can help them and push them towards a goal you can't force it on them because that would be wrong.

Sinbad is literally trying to enslave the world to stop wars. He is a control freak beyond reason.

>Sinbad is literally trying to enslave the world to stop wars. He is a control freak beyond reason.
nothing wrong with that eiher
such is destiny

Solomon developed new magic to take out Illah whereas Sinbad thought he could take on Ugo with the same djinn system Ugo created.

He deserved to get utterly BTFO.

If you don't see what is wrong with one person trying to impose their will over every sentient being, regardless of their intentions, they you are missing the point of the series.

Sure he wants to end all war but if people are just going to go back to living under mind control domes like when David was in power it isn't worth it.

Sinbad wanted to be a dictator with ultimate power for the rest of eternity. If you can't see how that could possibly be a bad thing, then there is seriously something wrong with you.

>all this could have been avoided if he just let arba ruff aladdin the fuck up and take him away to use him as the access to sp

there is literally nothing wrong with a capable person taking the helm and leading the rest of humanity for as long as he is able

To be fair, Arba was about the worst wingwoman in the history of wingwomen.

>Muh 1% chance

So this is what Sinbad gets for trying to be a nice guy

In the way he did where he created the U.N. and led the world to economic prosperity and peace. Sure you are 200% correct.

Allowing any person to declare themselves God-king and able to overwrite reality at his whim. You are wrong. I don't want any fallible person to become a diety. Even Sinbad realized that he isn't doing this for any noble reason and is doing it just because he's a greedy son of a bitch.

Which don't even make sense, he becomes the bad guy when using fish like a tool but aladdin is a no go for him

Don't blame arba when sinbad was the one who stopped her from securing that 100% chance

>Sure he wants to end all war but if people are just going to go back to living under mind control domes like when David was in power it isn't worth it.

Why do you think changing destiny would be so limited in practice as simply being mind control domes?

How does it not? If you have a "role" to play in the world and you have no choice but to accept that role regardless of your own efforts, how isn't that a discouragement from working hard?

Looking back, that number is sketchy as hell too.

Everything is wrong with it because no one ever has been or ever will be capable of competently holding dominion over the entirety of humanity.

Because Aladdin already confronted Sinbad about that exact issue and Sinbad said that he thought the mind control idea was a great idea.

>I don't want any fallible person to become a diety.

How's that really any different from the current system? It's all Solomon's design and values being forced upon everyone without anyone really having a say on any of it.

It's an analogy user. But that is in essence what Sinbad will be doing. Forcing people to think the way he wants them to think.

We've seen that the world of Magi is founded on rules. Nobody can just compel anyone to act a certain way, they either assume direct control via some form of posession or they use destiny. Destiny takes a long time though since it's an incredibly complex system, but mind control is quick and gives immediate results. Sinbad plans long but for him to make a world without war he'd need to do things like get Reim to agree to a treaty and disband their armies. Destiny would have that happening farther down the line but making everyone in Reim complacent has immediate benefits.

So my money is on Sinbad taking over via mind control of some kind so that people think the way he wants them to think.

He created his role himself. His life was only his role after it ended.

And that's the same as going into a metaphysical realm and potentially rewriting how the world fundamentally works, how exactly?

Except people do get a say. It's already been explained that in Solomon's system people can exert a certain degree of control over their own fates. Sinbad didn't anyone aside from him to have even a modicum of control. His world would be much, much worse.

That's a really narrow thinking of what it means to affect destiny.

You have to give credit to Ohtaka for her story, she makes people think and argue a lot with the whole fate thing and the culture thing back in the Kou arcs.

Great improvement from her previous work.

>How's that really any different from the current system? It's all Solomon's design and values being forced upon everyone without anyone really having a say on any of it.

Because Solomon didn't become god with the ability to constantly change everything. He gave god to people allowing them to control and shape their own destinies. People actually have a say now unlike under a god manipulating destiny.

>His world would be much, much worse.

Based on what? How do you know people are any freer in the current system than they would be in Sinbad's? Just because people believe they are making free choices doesn't mean they are. Even in our world believe this but science mostly points to us not having any choice.

Not really? What is destiny but the fulfillment of a particular plan or outcome over a long period of time. If someone is destined to be a great king they don't just put on a crown. They develop the qualities to be a king, learn to lead, learn the values they will use in their rule. Gain allies, etc. IT takes time, and having the right elements in the right place at the right time.

If Sinbad taking over requires using Destiny then he won't realize his ideal utopia immediately because the conditions for that type of world aren't there yet. He's laid the groundwork already for a utopian world, but even now people are not conforming to his vision. It will be generations before things get to the ideal world he wants, and there will be more wars and conflicts before it happens.

He wants to skip the destiny route and just make things the way he wants but the quick route leads down the path of David.

>Based on what? How do you know people are any freer in the current system than they would be in Sinbad's?

Based on the entire narrative and what we have seen and been told. If you want to throw everything out as a potential lie with no truth then you might as well throw the whole thing away.

How does placing God in everything somehow prevent everything from acting according to God's will and destiny? If anything, wouldn't placing God in everything simply ensure that absolutely everything acts according to God's will. If they are God, they want and act towards what God truly wants.

Picture it this way: Before their was one God who controlled all of destiny. Now everyone is their own small god with only control over their own destiny.

Quite literally just that. He's not a special snowflake singularity (incidentally, that was just him channeling David's keikaku vessel).

>Even in our world believe this but science mostly points to us not having any choice
What are you talking about?

>actually going through the archives for 314's thread

I forgot how bad it was.

But following the logic that everything is is God and everyone perceives parts of destiny, everything is ultimately headed for the same conclusion anyway, the same one Sinbad sees. His vision, drive and skills have all led up to this. His allies and all the countries have brought him to the point where he could potentially affect destiny. You can't just say he wants to skip destiny when he and everything leading up to this moment is the basically the product of destiny.

No, he was a special snowflake.

However every snowflake is just an ordinary snowflake because they are all special. It doesn't matter how awesome he is, he is still an ordinary human and not god.

They're all the same God though, aren't they? On what basis exactly are they supposedly somehow unique and different enough to want different things? Just because on the micro level they may go about their goals differently and in seemingly different ways doesn't mean on a macro scale they aren't all simply acting in accordance to one will.

And that is a fair point and something Aladdin addressed with him.

If it's his destiny to be a great leader and unite the world in peace he can do it without becoming God.

But if it's his destiny to become God then Ugo and Solomon are standing in his way.

But if someone can stand in his way is it his destiny?

Have you seriously never heard of determinism?

But your basis for Solomon's system being no different from Sinbad's is essentially your own conjecture that asserts
>"Just because you were TOLD you can control your fate doesn't mean you CAN"
Yeah, fine, you won't believe it until you see it. But we don't actually have a reason to believe Solomon's system is dictatorial in the way that Sinbad wants his system to be, since his vision of destiny is literally just him controlling everybody else in the world, bending their wills and thoughts to his whim. That's quite radically different from what we know about the current system.

There is no one will. That's the point. Aladdin has stated that there is no set destiny in Solomon's world

The biggest difference between Solomon's and Sinbad's world is that in Sinbad's world, everything will go according to what Sinbad wants as opposed to everyone collectively deciding where they want to go. It's why they've been repeating the "Let us share the burden with you" shit for awhile now.

you have to make effort in a role user
we're all cogs in the system
if you dont turn, you get turned and crushed and replaced

>Cred Forums - Existentialism, Destiny and Politics

That's the thing though, are Ugo and Solomon subject to destiny? They made the current system, so are they outside of it? Can they rig it? Can they change it too? Or are they just as subject to it?

And even if they are or aren't, they are flawed as humans just as Sinbad is. They fucked up so bad they had to basically reset everything. The current state of the world is just as arbitrarily decided upon as it would be under Sinbad. Also, we don't even know if all of that was basically setup by destiny as well. If destiny is all about a process, about coming towards a single end of perfection, how do we know a singularity that can reach the potential final state isn't what is wanted.

How do I become Ugo mode?

But there is. Or at least one of you said that there is a final version of the world coming where there will be peace. Everything is going towards that one goal, that one will, that one singularity. Just because it manifests in different ways doesn't mean it isn't one. It's like saying one ant colony isn't acting according to one drive, instinct or will, just because some ants do one job and some other ants do another.

>about coming towards a single end of perfection
Destiny is always ruled by whoever is in charge. When it was tentacle monstrosity Destiny meant everything being consumed by it.

Under Solomons system the collective bears the burden of destiny. Every individual can influence the course of the world, but that doesn't stop noteworthy individuals (king vessels) from arising.

Ugo is definitely part of the system since he manages the white rukh that comes through his realm. He also directly manages the Magi which are meant to act as wardens of Solomon's world. However, Ugo has limits of his own and can't directly intervene in things happening in Solomons world. Much like the other Djinn he's bound to the other world unless he has a metal vessel.

So my current understanding is that Ugo and Solomon chose to remove a singular destiny and leave "destiny" in the hands of the people. So they are within the system not without it.

Its a far more interesting read than some faggot who reads Cred Forums all day then whines about words in a manga, presumably because he had to stop to look up the meaning of a ton of words he didn't know the meaning of.

I think Sinbad is misunderstanding himself toward the end. He feels like what he "really wanted all along" was to change the world, not to make it a better place etc., but he definitely was trying to fight for world peace back in the day. Once he got it he went kind of stir-crazy, and he's retconning his original motives to rationalize his current actions.

Not according to Aladdin. The future utopia could potentially derail into something else if people start shitposting too hard.

Never, ever, ever have sex.

Oats and Squats

Ugo picked up david's bbq techniques i guess

I know what determinism is, but what scientific evidence is "mostly" pointing towards it?

This is what Ugo is doing but only calls Sinbad on it.

Ugo can't even control his magis. Hell, he doesn't seem to even bother controlling the reincarnation cycle since he just wished Sinbad was revived as part of the ocean as opposed to just forcing it himself. What are you talking about.

And Sinbad can't even control a kid who isn't even a Magi.

He also isn't God yet. Also, last I checked, most of the cast were chill with him being the current alpha jew, even unironically thanking him for doing such a good job at it.

ITT: Babby's first philosophy class.

This got deep.

>323 still not scanlated by someone who can actually speak moon

Also these angels are creepy as shit, what the fuck is wrong with Ugo? It's disturbing. Magi is so fucking disturbing at times, like that scene in alma torran arc, too. Fucking ohtaka.

>alpha jew
He wishes.




I just want Fish to be happy. ;_;

Have some creepbads.

Nice catch user! Fuck now I'm curious, fucking ohtaaaakkkaaaaa draw faster you twisted little cunt.

It's clear you're autistic. The poster meant that his djinn introductions should have been spaced through the manga instead of all saved until the last chapter.

You were here last time. Stop posting.

I still think they're troll translations. It sounds so out of character.

He's not talking tdown to him like he's trash, he is telling Sinbad the literal truth.

Sinbad is just a human and that is not a bad thing to anyone but Sinbad. Arba also knew he had zero chance but just told him that so he could Trojan horse David into the sacred palace.

>I still think they're troll translations. It sounds so out of character.

Yeah ugo is well, kinda sounding way to based and talking too much smack compared to how he talks in alma torran, we'll see when sense scans it

I'm kinda happy with how sinbad died, in the end he just wanted to be in an adventure forever and he wanted to struggle against his destiny and his own limits as an human. He had a pure heart in the end and he was the pinnacle of the humans of the world that ugo and solomon created.

Speaking of which. If after all that shit this furry cunt still pops a litter I will be pissed. Talk about lack of consequences.

Thank you for a cute new picture of my husband as a shota!

Just a thought. How arba said she can only possess her own children? What if she and sin made a lovechild? They were left alone for two years, he's a womanizer and she's a hot crazy bitch. Is this crack? Would their kid be the most based character to ever exist?

She consulted David before proceeding with the plan. Sinbad getting BTFO is 100% calculated. It's David's fault for getting outplayed by an eternal virgin muscleman.

>sinbad dies but kouen gets to live

Sinbad dies in his top form. Kouen lacks appendages and looks like he has magical cancer now.

>It's David's fault for getting outplayed by an eternal virgin muscleman.

Bit early to say this ain't it? He was only grabbed, no way he would expect ugo not to put up a good fight

So tell me Cred Forums, how many of you believe in destiny?

Stuff like "things will occur as they should"?
Elaborate if possible.

Either way, it will be a battle of two condescending assholes.

>She consulted David before proceeding with the plan

Oh yeah, arba and david were plotting behind his back. Sinbad got conned. I mean we knew arba was gonna stab him in the back since day 1, but still. And he just passes quietly into that dark night without getting revenge? I hope his waifu jafar does something.

I'm really not liking this final arc much.

Fuck destiny. People should get the life they walk towards, not be handed a predetermined path by some head-up-their-own-ass arrogant god.

Reminder Hakuryuu was right about everything.

Accidentally committing suicide because you got tricked by loli Arba isn't such a bad fate. I'd take it any day.

In other news, I can't find any decent fanart of her in loli form. What is this gay shit, Japan?

How is Hugo condescending?
Sinbad was trying his hardest to become god and enslave the world and Hugo tells him he is human. In what way is being called human condescending?
He also tells Sinbad he has zero chance because its true. Arba tricked him and he doesn't want to hurt him.

I'm not talking about Magi version of destiny which holds you responsible for your actions and expects good rukh from you.
I was speaking of the concept of destiny in our lives.

>I'll grab it with my own hands!
>lol u dont have hands anymore dude

>Reminder Hakuryuu was right about everything.
But Hakuryuu didn't fight againsy destiny as a whole, just one brand of it. He still played right into the hands of David's version of destiny.

>outplayed by an eternal virgin muscleman.
How can anyone stand a chance?
This is a world if magic and Hugo has evolved so far beyond a wizard's power it's crazy. David let his wizardly powers grow but he eventually let some slut steal his magoi to give birth to Alladin.

>played right into the hands of David's version of destiny

By falling into Depravity.

I'm not a fishfag but she deserves happiness at this point.

Not really.
David had no control over him at any point when he was in depravity.

I'm a Morfag if anything, I just pity her and want to see her happy.

I'm not saying that David had tangible control over him but he still fed into another variant of destiny.

Well it's hardly being manipulated when there's no one doing any 'manipulating' and more over it's the only other option.

I understand what you're saying. It's just that I disagree that black rukh has an intangible sense of "destiny" that Solomon's white rukh has.
Black rukh is like liberalism. It has no form.

After that one page during the proposal chapter, I'd like to think that any relationship would be Fish verbally talking about how amazing Alibaba is and then getting frustrated that Aladdin only keeps agreeing with her instead of getting jealous.

I'm still surprised at how much fanart that ship generated. I have at least 200+ pieces and I'm sure I haven't seen it all.

This was meant for , my bad.

>Speaking of which. If after all that shit this furry cunt still pops a litter I will be pissed. Talk about lack of consequences.
She's been hanging out with Aladdin who can rearrange Hakuei's fucking cellular composition. If it ever even was an issue, it would be easily dealt with

>this furry cunt still pops a litter
You and I both know they're going to have kids.

Did he know the true extend of a Fanalis' physical superiority? Did he even know she was a Fanalis? Blows that should tear humans apart are like friendly slaps to a Red Lion.