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Bless you.

Would her snot taste like dagashi?


Stop that.


Don't ever do that in front of me ever again.

holy shit this girl literally just sneezed her face off


>yfw this is actually possible

Hotaru needs to blow her nose and my dick


Do it like a proper Japanese, will you?

she only have eyes for candy

Dicks can be candy too.

Wash your fucking hands you filthy whore.

Don't these japs know to sneeze into their shoulder or atleast the crook of their arm?

>Commenting on the hygiene of the Japs of all people
Remember that this is the country where you have to wear a surgical mask even if you have a mere cold.

Is it their inferior genes or are they just retarded when it comes to hygine?

This is just a filthy gaijin's perspective, but I assume it's because Japanese culture is so collectivist and shame-centric. I assume they believe that if you're sick, not only should you not expect special treatment but you should at the very least be polite enough to not infect everyone around you.

Where the West has gone too far with individualism, Japan has IMO gone too far in suppressing the individual in favor of the collective.



cannot argue with that

>in the west you just spread your disgusting germs around without regarding others

Well, spreading infection help creating collective inmunization at a controlled rate... in certain cases so it's not THAT bad, in fact, we should encorage that so we, as a society, become stronger in our inmunity system.
Imo that is a bad decision japan has taken as a culture


so we become stronger at an inmunity level*
fucking sleep deprivation.

I bet her snot tastes bittersweet

so hot

>Don't these japs know to sneeze into their shoulder or atleast the crook of their arm?
No. Never seen anyone do it. They'll even take off their mask to sneeze into their hands.

>japanese cold
Well, she's dead.

did she achoo some cum

Japanese girls doesn't have snot but cum.


I'm gonna barf