Spend season 1 world-building and introducing mysteries

>spend season 1 world-building and introducing mysteries
>season 2 is 10 hours of pic related
>no signs of season 3

What a waste of time

Read the manga, Nihei hands out some rather clever explanations for everything

>season 2 is 10 hours of pic related
At least she wins so it wasn't 10 hours of nothing for nothing.

Benisuzume best grill.

>no signs of season 3

S3 would be much, much, much worse than S2, which was at least decent. The last chater was as silly as an omake chapter, that's how bad it gets. Be glad that you misssed how Nihei totally trashed his own work.



And people bitch about their relationship not getting any foreshadowing.

It's even worse in the manga. Tsumugi takes over way more aggressively and blatantly, they managed to curb it a little for the show. Nihei also ends it abruptly because he wanted to go back to designing for Blame! now that it's getting a movie.

To me it was a bit foreshadowed? But only because I'm gay af so that probably gave me gay goggles. I only remember it being foreshadowed twice though.

1. When she touched Izana's new robo arm and said it felt warm
2. When she told Izana that she hadn't lost yet and held her hand.

I thought it was really stupid though that she got a fucking penis when Izana could've easily switched to male. Like wtf man?

My issue is that there's absolutely no reasonable explanation for why Izana went for it. She was friends with Yuhata, but two thirds of her character is wanting the protagonist but not getting him. It's established how strongly she feels about him despite regularly getting ignored, but off-screen we're just supposed to buy that she got in with Yuhata. This 'everybody has to be paired off' mentality is a mistake.
>when Izana could've easily switched to male
No. We know literally nothing about the mechanism of how it worked and most reasonable guesses based on how it's described make it sound one-way. Yuhata on the other hand is a massive mecha-slut, of course she would go for it.

To this day I'm still amazed by how accurate this actually was.

Foreshadowing is the least important problem, and it's not a magic spell that can suddenly turn it into something not freaking stupid. I think also the fact that you called it "foreshadowing" and not "build up" says everything.

That's the manga as well.
A little after Tsumugi is introduced the whole manga begins to revolve around her and it ends like that as well.


I just didn't understand Nagate's obsession with the hybrid in the show. Maybe it's explained better in the manga or something. I was pretty disgusted by the whole thing.

Harems are a mistake.

Manga is finished.

Just how did Izanafags miss the blatant romantic nature of this whole scene making clear as day that Tsumugi was, without a doubt, the girl that Nagate was in love with?

>the kiss is an accident!
This is Ichiruki level of denial.

She wanted a guy who cares for her.
She got one.

But ain't it made after the finale?

Everybody is happy in the end. What is so wrong with that?

to be honest Nihei work is really bad for anime, lot of it lost in translation. Much of his work is actually depend on background, thats why they used 3D but its not working great.

To be fair, Tsumugi is the canon heroine and wins the Nagatebowl.

I think it was made after the chapter was released. Not sure though.

Mai waifu is a guy now. All because Izana is a cock hungry slut.



She was too pure for this world.

Butthurt Izanafags had to shitpost the threads to hell.

Why did either of them need to switch genders? Don't they know two girls can have sex?

I dropped the manga because of the over focus on smugi and the fact that the Guana got reduced to zerg status instead of being unique individual enemies with different forms.

also the art change was awful

You did the right choice. The story devolved into Smugi drama at the last part of the manga.