Am I full of shit or DDY subs for this show are shit...

Am I full of shit or DDY subs for this show are shit? I never had any problems with their subs but I also never compared. Or it is just me? Am I dumb for prefering HS over DDY?

HS are consistently better than most sub groups these days.

First comparison: Need to know what they're saying because the subs are completely different.
Second comparison: DDY
Third comparison: Both are shit.

For the provided examples, DDY looks like english sentences, HS like machine translation.
Not like it can be generalized with such a small data set anyway.

Great episode tho

How can you say that if both subs are one step away form being as bad as dubs?

But no one says platonic or sweetheart chocolate, this is beyond retarded.

They were fine. I'm not autismal and can usually infer the intended meaning/tone even with imperfect subs, you see.

No one says obligation chocolate either.

>saying platonic and sweetheart in casual conversation makes more sense
Found the literal tist

Japanese people say a lot of shit normal people don't say.

In pretty much every anime I've seen it's 'obligatory'. 'Obligation' is indeed weird choice here.

>people say chocolate for that special someone and obligation chocolate in casual conversation

Just because one's dog shit and one's bird shit doesn't mean either is acceptable.

These days "fansubs" are pretty much (over)localized edits of official shit, so take your pick.

>Not that I heard... let's say
That doesn't even make sense

Everyone knows HS just rips off the subs from streaming websites.
Fansubbing is dead.

Fansubbing deserves to die.

It's 2016, stop using fansubs

And they still push the "help us out with all the hard work guys donation drive" bullshit as well. Not to mention the faggot running the twitter has shit taste. Fuck them.

Translation is too straightforward and translator took "let's make it awkward as fuck to match how best seiyuu in the industry said it" route.

>Am I dumb for prefering HS over DDY?

You simply suffer from a case of weeabooitis, which can lead to thinking that awkward and stilted translation is somehow more "accurate".

>weeabooitis XD
Fucking kill yourself

Great taste

Nah. I store everything I watch, streaming is fine but I don't trust online services to keep old shows available for years.

HS version is truly horrible
People don't talk like that

CR seems to be going with the same people who did the amazing subs for Working S3 in WWW. You all remember how amazing those subs were.

Horrible's subs are like machine translations. DDY is much better even if that "sweetheart chocolate" line is retarded.

Even the names should tell you. One's Horrible and the other is ダメ.

Isn't Aniplex providing them with scripts? I honestly can't remember what exactly is so wrong about Aniplex.

Crunchyroll didn't even make an attempt to localize the joke about the dad.

Can't really remember much about the second scene to be able to tell the difference.

I think CR are being too literal for the chocolate scene, which would go over the head of anyone who doesn't know about Japan's Valentine's Day culture. DDY simplify it quite well.

Pretty much every Aniplex translation phones in it hard and barely put in minimum effort (if even that) into the script. Just look at pretty much any official subs for Monogatari stuff from recent times.

You can store horriblesubs files instead

Taking the japanese chocolate giving holidays in account, someone could say such things.

Looks like I found a crunchyroll employee.

>>"Fuck HS guys only cool kids like me pay for anime."

Fuck off shill.

If there is no need for fansubbing why should people bother.

Is this a joke?

Ooh, someone's a little angry.

>>Not that I heard... let's say
The fuck.

Looks like I found a HS dev.

>"Oh shit he's calling my bullshit, I know, I-I'll just call him crunchy shill even though no one was mentioning about it in that."

Fuck off shill.